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While riding my Harley through Southern Illinois recently I decided to pull off in a small town and have a beer.

I cruised the main street of the little town of Harrisburg until I spotted the neon beer advertisements in a widow and knew I had found my stop.

I rolled up and parked right outside the front door and proceeded into the bar.

When I open the door a rush of cool air hit my face and it felt real good after riding for two hours or so with the sun blazing down on my bald head.

As with most bars the place was dimly lit mostly with the neon advertisements but from experience I knew my eyes would adjust quickly.

I moved to the bar where there was an empty stool and order a cold beer.

While enjoying my beer and cigarette I scanned the bar to see what it had to offer in the way of entertainment.

I went over to the corner and checked out the music selection on the jukebox and found for a small little town they had some pretty good old classic rock tunes so I put a couple dollars in and made my selections.

By the time I got back to the bar my eyes had adjusted to the lighting so I proceeded to check out the locals that haunt every gin joint in the world.

Of course there was the old guy at the bar that had probably been there since it opened this morning and if still conscious would probably be there tonight when they closed.

There were only a handful of people in there in the middle of the afternoon but I knew that each individual had their own story attached to them.

As I sipped my beer and checked out the patrons I noticed a woman sitting toward the other end of the bar and when she caught me looking her way she just smiled at me and I nodded my head and smiled back.

Damn I hadn’t been in there 15 minutes and already had been caught rubbernecking the local women.

In some small town this can get you a quick ass whipping because if they don’t know you they think you’re infringing on something they think belongs to them.

A woman may not even be with anybody in that bar but some guys take it personally when a stranger tries to talk to the local girls.

After ordering my second beer I asked the bartender if anyone in there shot pool and he said most of his shooters came in around 7:00 or so and I said I guessed I would just have to shoot a game by myself.

As I was racking the balls the woman at the bar asked me if I was going to play with myself and being the quick witted sometimes smart ass I can be I said that seems like a pretty personal question since I didn’t even know her.

She laughed and said no I mean in pool and I told her she was more than welcome to join in the game if she wanted so she slid off her stool and made her way to the rack of cues hanging on the wall.

I’m sure she could have found a cue quicker than she did I think she was just letting me admire her physique from the rear.

When she returned to the table I told her y name was Tim and she presented her hand and told me her name was Joey.

While gently shaking her hand I told her that was kind of an unusual name for a girl and she said she hears that all the time.

Joey was not a boy by any means with here tall stature and long legs leading up to the rounded ass packed perfectly in her Levis and her snug fitting t shirt that hugged her upper torso like a teddy bear.

She had long reddish auburn hair and sexy blue eyes that looked like they could capture a man’s soul.

Joey moved around the pool table very well and I could tell this wasn’t her first day of playing pool

One of the nice things was when she would have to face away from me for a shot so I could gaze at her ass and wonder what treasures one might find behind that denim material that she wore so well.

I Yozgat Escort was lost in thought when I noticed she was looking over her shoulder to see what I was doing and there it was, I was caught ogling her backside and as I looked away she told me I might shoot better if I’d keep my mind on the game.

I told her that I got distracted for a minute and she just laughed and said she had noticed.

I inquired as to what such a good-looking woman was doing in a bar at this time of day if she wasn’t the barmaid or waitress.

She told me that she had been sitting home bored to death so she just decided to run down here and hang out so she didn’t have to sit home alone.

I told her I could relate to that and I went over to shoot and when I looked back I noticed Joey looking at my ass bent over the table and I asked her what she had said about concentrating on the game and she just smiled and told me that two can play the game to which I answered its more fun that way.

We shot about three games of pool and had some pretty good conversation over the next hour or so and she asked me where I was riding to and I told her that I wasn’t going anywhere in particular just out for a day ride to get away from home.

She said that must be nice and I told her if she wasn’t scared of motorcycles she was more than welcome to climb aboard and go along.

She said she was not only unafraid of motorcycles that she loved them and riding a motorcycle was a stimulating experience for her.

I raised my eyebrows and asked her how stimulating and she said it just depended on the ride.

I told her I would do my best to give her one of the best rides she ever had to which she giggled and responded promises promises.

After firing the bike up she told me she loved the sound of my pipes and I told her I did too but most local law enforcement didn’t appreciate them.

I asked her if she knew of any good winding roads that were scenic to ride and she directed out of the towns center to the surrounding countryside.

We tooled down the road on the Harley with the freedom of the open road rushing through our minds like a drug addict getting his fix.

I rode slow and I rode fast and Joey seemed to love it all and I can’t blame her because there is no other feeling like it in the world.

After a while of riding we stopped for a smoke break and to let the body quit quivering from the big V Twins vibrations that it sends through your body when you’re astraddle of one.

I asked her if she was stimulated yet and she smiled and told me it took a little more than a fast Harley ride to stimulate to that point.

When I inquired as to what point she was talking about she just looked at me and said I knew what she meant.

I just laughed and told her I would just have to try harder and she said harder was good to which we both chuckled and remounted the bike.

It was almost dark when we tooled back into town and I asked her if she wanted to go back to the bar and she said no that I could just take her on home so in my quick to speak before thinking way of doing things I asked her if that was an invitation.

She giggled and leaned into me and asked if she thought she was that easy and I told her no but I thought with the right preparation that she could be had and she giggled and said you might be right and gave me a light kiss on the cheek.

We rode on towards her house with my mind swimming as to what to do when I got her home, should I ask to come in, wait for a possible invitation or what.

Upon stopping my question was answered when Joey asked if I’d like to come in and I told her I would love to but we might get ourselves into some kind of trouble in there without supervision and she laughed Yozgat Escort Bayan and said she wouldn’t tell if I didn’t.

We both laughed and headed in and just coming in from the sticky heat outside the air inside was a big change from the outside and I noticed Joey’s nipples had become erect so I just smiled and asked her if that was from me or the air conditioning and she said both.

I laughed and said it looked like I had a good start anyway on the stimulation end of things.

She giggled and said it was going to take a lot more work that that and when I asked her what it pays she told me I would be rewarded well if I did my job well.

I pulled Joey toward me pressing her body into mine and kissed her full lips and let my tongue dance around in her mouth which made soft moans escape from her mouth around our tongues.

I wanted to just rip her clothes off and throw her down but thought better of it seeing how I was a guest and everything.

After our lips parted I kissed her bottom lip and started kissing her cheeks and chin eventually moving down and around her neck.

She had her head back exposing her neck for me to do with as I pleased.

As I licked and nibbled my way around her neck she was caressing my head with her hands and softly purring like a cat.

My hands found the bottom of her t shirt and pulled it up and off over her head leaving her standing there in just her bra and Levis.

She told me that it wasn’t fair for me to still have my shirt on so with her help I removed it and tossed it on the floor.

She giggled and said that wasn’t very tidy of me and I told her before I was done there was going to be a mess of clothes on that floor.

She just giggled and threw her head back again and I started to lick her neck again then slowly moving my tongue down her chest toward her breast.

When I nibbled her breasts through her bra she gasped and I reached around and undid the clasps letting the bra fall to the floor at our feet.

Before laying one hand or tongue on her exposed tits I pulled her into me letting her nipples glide through the hair on my chest and at the same time I kissed her passionately on the mouth.

I could tell by the kiss that Joey was starting to respond to my stimulation of her body.

As we kissed I caressed her sides and breasts with my hands.

When our lips parted I moved my mouth down to trace the outline and every inch of her breasts, which had her moaning softly which just encouraged me to increase my assult on her tits.

I wanted to make this woman hot enough to beg and right now I had a pretty good start.

I moved her across the room without ever breaking our body contact and gently lowered her to the floor.

She looked at me and told me that she had a bed and I told her that we would eventually make it there but right now was right here.

Once Joey was laid out on the floor I continued to kiss and nibble at her breasts while caressing her sides and arms.

As my mouth trailed its way down across her stomach I unfastened her jeans and slowly unzipped them.

I felt her hand on my head so I knew not to move too fast although I could have mounted her with her jeans on.

I let my tongue trail its way in the V of her open jeans and down to the top of her lacy panties.

She was squirming a bit as I let my tongue slide between the top of her panties and her abdomen.

I reached up and slowly worked her jeans down over her hips and off her legs kissing each leg as the jeans came off.

Once Joey’s jeans were tossed aside I kissed my way back up her legs until my mouth was inches from her crotch, which I intentionally bypassed to start from the top again.

I slid up her body and Escort Yozgat found her mouth with mine and we kissed and nibbled each other passionately.

She pulled my face away from hers with her hands and smiled at me and asked me what that was pressing into her thigh and I told her that she would find out soon enough.

She released my face and I started to lick and nibble my way back down her body until I again reached her Lace covered pussy and this time I let my tongue run a trail over the lace and right down the center of her crotch which made her gasp and squirm a bit.

I pushed her legs a little further apart and let my tongue run around the outside of her panties leaving my moistness mixed with hers on her inner thighs.

Joey was caressing my head and moaning so I thought I could step the teasing up a notch so I slowly slid her panties down her legs and tossed them to the wind.

She lay on the floor in front of me naked as the day she was born and I thought to myself this has been a pretty good motorcycle outing so far.

With her panties removed Joey’s pussy was completely open for me to do as I pleased, ensuring that it pleased her too.

I kissed her abdomen and let my hands explore her hips and thighs as I licked my way around but not actually touching her pussy.

She told me I was teasing her and I told her this was just another part of the stimulation process, the second half of the Harley ride if you will.

When Joey felt my warm breath pass across her moist pussy she said she wanted me know and I told her it wasn’t time yet and then I let my tongue pass directly down the center of her pussy barely separating the outer lips and this had her moaning and breathing heavy.

I slowly toyed with her outer lips, kissing, sucking and nibbling until I thought she might be ready and then I let my tongue push past the outer lips to get to the second stage of her pussy and closer to the depths of her inner body.

I ran my tongue the length of her pussy and from side to side pausing every now and then to stimulate her swollen clit, which made her moan even louder.

She was so engrossed in what I was doing to her body she didn’t even realized that I had removed my own jeans with my free hand.

When I felt she was ready I moved my body up and over Joeys Naked beauty and while we kissed I moved my hips until I felt my dick at the entrance to her hot moist pussy.

With a slight movement of my hips I felt the head of my cock enter her velvety soft pussy and this made her moan into my mouth.

I slid into her until my pubic hair was grinding into her clit.

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her but we were both so worked up by this time that it wasn’t long before we were fucking like two wild animals.

Me pounding my pelvis into her and her grinding her hips and ass back at me to match my thrusts.

She was thrashing around under me like an epileptic having convulsions and it was making me so horny I didn’t know how much longer I would last.

When I felt her increase her tempo even more I knew she was close to Cumming so I fucked with everything I had and as she told me that she was Cumming I felt my cock start to throb and knew it was quickly going to release its load inside her.

As Joey thrashed under me I could feel my cock explode spewing its load deep inside her already dripping pussy.

As we came together I kissed her deeply and we were still kissing when the orgasmic waves subsided.

I asked Joey if she had been stimulated enough and she said very much so.

She pulled me up off the floor and took me into her bathroom where we shared a shower and then we went into her bedroom and lay down together with her laying on her side with her body pressed into me.

My cock was laying slightly between her ass cheeks and this was the position we fell asleep in with thoughts and dreams of what would happen when we woke up. You never know what van happen when a man wakes up with a piss hardon. Hope you like it Hon, Timmy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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