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“Eeeww! Get a room you fucking dykes! I mean, how gross is that!”

Rosie’s high pitched voice squealed across the Webster’s living room to where her younger sister Sophie and her lesbian girlfriend Sian sat entwined and snogging on the sofa. Sophie turned and screwed up her face at her older sister

“Shut up up you cow! It’s certainly not as disgusting and you going out nearly every night with a different lad! Which poor sucker are you prick teasing tonight!”

Rosie gave an indignant snort and flung her long red hair back before answering.

“Whatever! I’ll leave you two losers to the couch then shall I” with that the twenty year old stormed past them to the door but then she stopped and opened her small jacket to reveal a tiny, tight, white top that displayed an incredible amount of cleavage. She squeezed her tits together (she had had surgery six months previously to get them expanded) so the cleavage was huge and pointed it at her sister and her lesbian lover.

“And by the way, it’s Raoul that’s getting the benefit of these tonight!”

And with that she slammed the door and went out for the night.


Rosie and Sophie were 20 and 18 respectively and still lived at home with their parents (who right then were on a three week cruise around the Bahamas) they had never been particularly close. Rosie being an extrovert with really good looks (she had long red hair, enhanced breasts and almost model looks). Her problem had always been her attitude, she had always looked down on pretty much everyone and treated them like shit unless she could use them.

Sophie, by contrast, was much more likeable. She was quiet and scholarly and hadn’t gotten into half the trouble that Rosie had and certainly hadn’t shown her older sisters insatiable interest in men when she came of an age. She was by no means ugly but was not blessed with the stunning looks of her sister. Sophie had long brown hair and still had a bit of fat about her but was growing up to be a nice young woman. And then she had fallen for Sian, her blonde school friend. They had fought the attraction initially but eventually realised that they were in love and had been together for a few months now but so far only Rosie knew they were lesbian lovers.


Sophie and Sian spent the night in, supposedly watching a DVD. Only they didn’t see much of it because they spent the entire night snogging, fingering each other and drinking wine. They were hardly experienced drinkers and were pretty tipsy and merry very quickly. With this their kisses became sloppier and more passionate and they had their hands all over their bodies fumbling and fondling until eventually they retired to Sophie’s bed and carried on their liaison horizontally.

Meanwhile, Rosie had been having quite the drunken night too. She had gone to a club in town and met Raoul, loved his reaction to her skimpy outfit then spent most of the night teasing all the boys in the Club and letting her ‘date’ get angrier and angrier. He had been feeding her cocktails all night, knowing her reputation and realising if he wanted any action he needed to make sure she was pissed first. Then when they left the Club she flirted with a couple of lads at the taxi rank and he lost his temper, a brawl ensued followed swiftly by the police and arrests. Rosie loved it, they were fighting over her, how great! She celebrated with a couple more drinks then somehow she found a cab and made it home about 2 in the morning and she was very drunk.

By this point Sophie and Sian had moved into the parents bed as it was the only double bed in the house and were engaged in a very strenuous 69 as Rosie came home and neither of them realised she was back. Rosie had changed into her skimpy nightgown before it dawned on her that there were noises coming from her parents bedroom. Unsteadily she made it to the door and supported herself against the frame and watched her sister greedily eating out her blonde girlfriend. Neither Sian, who was on top, her pert ass pointing toward Rosie, nor Sophie realised she was watching and Rosie made no move to let them know. She was in a state of high sexual arousal herself. She had been hot just manisa escort teasing Raoul and the others all evening and then watching them fight over her had made her nearly orgasm there and then. And now standing here watching these two lick and suck each other so vigorously the red head could not help but reach a hand down and under her nightie and slowly rub at her swollen and wet pussy.

Sian had her hands on Sophie’s soft inner thighs, holding them open while her head was buried between them, her tongue flicking furiously on her girlfriends slick hole. At the other end of the bed this scene was repeated but with Sophie on her back. Suddenly Sian’s face came up, away from her lover’s cunt, that made Sophie look up to see what was wrong and both found themselves looking at Rosie smirking in the doorway.

“What the fuck are you doing? Were you watching us?!” shouted Sophie angrily, not realising that her sister had been getting off on watching them.

Rosie never had liked being questioned or shouted at and with a drink in her she could be real mean.

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m not the one in mum and dad’s bed eating some skank’s pussy am I? I’ll tell you what here let me help you.”

With that Rosie disappeared into her room and returned with a canvas bag and threw it at the naked teenagers.

“See if you want to use those on each other but you’d better make the most of it because tomorrow I’m phoning mum and dad and telling them everything, you, her, tonight, every fucking thing!”

Rosie stormed off and banged her bedroom door shut and threw herself on her bed and was very quickly in a drunken slumber. Sian opened the bag and gasped as a variety of sex toys and aids fell out. She looked in amazement at Sophie.

“What can I say, my sister’s a dirty bitch. I can’t believe she’s going to tell on us.”

With the alcohol still giving her a buzz Sian smiled at her lover.

“Let’s see if we can’t make her change her mind about us, shall we?”


Rosie was deep in a drunken sleep when they came into her room, both girls had taken another glass of wine to fortify them, Dutch courage Sian said as she convinced Sophie to go through with this. Sophie was usually very sensible but she was drunk enough and angry enough that Sian had managed to convince her that Rosie needed taught a lesson.

They crept up either side of Rosie’s bed and it was easy for them to take her wrists and use Rosie’s own kinky handcuffs (two pairs!) to cuff her wrists to the head board. The glamorous red head never even woke up as they did it.

She did awake however, when a naked Sian jumped onto her bed and ripped her lacy nightdress right down the middle!

“What? What the fuck are you doing?!”

Then Rosie made to get up and found her arms locked in place. She looked up at Sian eyes blazing, the elfin blonde just giggled and sat on Rosie’s stomach and began to fondle Rosie’s breasts and nipples.

“I mean it you had better get the fuck off me now or you are in so much trouble. Does Sophie know about this? You are so finished when I tell her! SOPHIE!”

Rosie shouted at the top of her voice for her little sister but the shout died in her throat when Sophie appeared at the side of the bed, sporting a strap on dildo and as naked, and drunk, as Sian.

“OH. MY. GOD. You have got to be kidding me!”

“Here Sian, put that on her, that voice is going to do my head in before long.”

Sophie handed Sian another item from Rosie’s kinky bag, an orange ball gag which the blonde neatly jammed in Rosie’s mouth and tied behind her head. The red head went mental, pulling at her arms, swearing in the gag and trying to use her eyes to simultaneously plead and swear at her little sister. Sophie just smiled at her, holding onto the side of the bed to keep her steady as she stroked the length of the strap on cock.

“You are such a dirty bitch sis! We know your thoughts on girl-on-girl action so what the hell did you need this for? Did one of your footballing boyfriends like it in the ass? Yeah, I bet that’s it, I could imagine you as a chick with dick!”

Sian and Sophie found that comment hugely amusing and giggled and laughed for nearly a minute while Rosie again strained against her bonds. Her head hurt now, she did not need this. Then Sian straightened up, now she had a dildo too, this time just a normal one and she was sucking on it very suggestively as she continued to twirl her fingers over Rosie’s nipples, then she took the slick didlo from her mouth and began to squeeze Rosie’s big tits together and slide her saliva wet dildo in between them. Then as Rosie watched this at close range she felt fingers at her shaven snatch and in horror she realised she could see both of Sian’s hands, and they weren’t anywhere near her pussy!

Indeed Sophie was tentatively touching her sisters cunt, prodding it with her finger and easing her pussy lips apart. Sian gasped as she realised what Rosie’s wide eyes meant and spun around of her stomach so that her ass was facing Rosie’s face and she could see what Sophie was up to. Seeing her lover was a bit unsure Sian took over, she reached down and started to rub against Rosie’s clit until she saw it was wet. Then she looked in Sophie’s face as she peeled the lips back and exposed Rosie’s cunt to her.

“Look, she’s soaking, get up here babe and show her what a real fucking is about, show her what she’s missing out on. I bet her boyfriends don’t really know how to treat her in bed, let’s show her we do!”

Sian was being mischievous. Sophie always had been easily led and with a few drinks in her and in a state of high sexual arousal the little nympho blonde was finding it easier than ever to lead her astray. She gave a little clap of joy as Sophie overcame whatever internal questions he was dealing with and climbed onto the bed between Rosie’s legs. Sian eagerly pulled Rosie’s pussy lips back to give the dildo easier access and licked her lips as she watched it slide inside, inch by inch until Sophie was (plastic) balls deep in her sisters snatch. Sian leaned forward and shared a long, lingering French kiss and when she broke it she gasped breathlessly.

“Fuck her babe, show her what we get.”

Sophie nodded and slid the dildo back before pushing it back in and starting to fuck Rosie with it. Sian watched for a few minutes, fingering her boobs and her pussy at the hot sight. She felt Rosie struggling under her and gently slid herself backwards so that her tight little ass eventually slid right over Rosie’s gagged mouth and settled on her nose. So as Sophie pounded her fake cock into her, Rosie was not only helpless but being pretty much suffocated by Sian’s sopping wet pussy as the lithe blonde rubbed her cunt back and forth over Rosie’s face. It was so hot under there, the heat, the proximity and the alcohol in her system were all acting on Rosie and she was desperate for fresh air very quickly. Sophie continued to fuck her with the strap on and Sian eventually adjusted her position and reached down to whisper to Rosie.

“Not like that bitch? Well I’ll remove the gag and my ass but if I do you are going to enjoy this and eat me out while Soph fucks you. You do or say anything otherwise and the gag goes back as does my sweet ass. Understand?”

Rosie was panicked now and would have agreed to anything not to go back under that ass. She nodded frantically and Sian smiled as she spun around and plucked the ball gag from Rosie’s mouth, before she could say anything that gag had been replaced by Sian’s soaking wet pussy and she had grabbed the front of Rosie’s hair and was pulled her mouth onto her pussy.

“That’s it bitch! Eat my pussy!”

Sian was transformed from the timid, shy blonde that has hung around with Sophie these past few years, first as her best friend then as her lover into a dominant bitch! Rosie realised that she had little choice but to do what she was told and began to tongue fuck the blonde, taste her juices and trying not to recoil. All the while Sophie continued her slow, hard fucking of her big sister, pumping her dildo in then back then in again. And there was clear evidence that Rosie’s body was starting to respond to this treatment, she was getting wetter and wetter and the dildo’s passage was getting easier and easier.

Sian was too far gone and after only a little tongue fucking she pulled her cunt off Rosie’s face and furiously started to rub at it with seconds later a gush of juices that exploded over the repulsed red head’s features. Sian flopped forward, drained for a moment before rolling off and turning to Sophie.

“How are you doing babe? Want to try her other hole next?”

Sophie nodded like a love drunk puppy while Rosie on hearing that comment began shouting and screaming again. Sian swiftly put an end to that by stuffing the gag back in her mouth and despite Rosie’s thrashing limbs, between the two of them they managed to uncuff Rosie, roll her over then re-cuff her so that her big tits were pressed into her mattress and her nice, round ass was pointing right up at her little sister.

There was a moment of hesitation from brunette Sophie, as if a voice in her head was telling her this was wrong. But it was soon drowned out by Sian, who was practically dripping sexuality by this point.

“Do it Soph! Give it to her as hard as you can! Show the bitch what it’s like. Let’s see if she looks down her nose at us now!”

Sian was insatiable now, she had been overcome with the heady atmosphere and a primal desire. Even this quickly she was already playing with her shaven pussy again and nibbling on her girlfriend’s tits as she tried to sway Sophie. It was too much for Sophie and she nodded and prodded her slick dildo in between Rosie’s firm butt cheeks.

Sian positively purred and got on the bed behind the kneeling Sophie and reached around her to fondle her tits with one hand while with the other she took up her camera and filmed Sophie’s anal invasion of her sister.

“Pull her hair babe, it’s long enough for you to reach!” Sian’s voice was a giddy mixture of goading and mockery and deep down she knew this would be the eventual end of her and Sophie’s relationship once everyone sobered up but right then she didn’t care.

Rosie had been a complete bitch to Sian when she was just Sophie’s best friend but since she had discovered they were lovers she had been a hundred times worse. She smirked as Sophie reached forward and grabbed her sister’s long hair and pulled back on it while forcing her dildo deeper in Rosie’s arsehole. Sian giggled infectiously and within seconds Sophie had joined in too only the distraught Rosie offering anything other than fun in the room. And she was distressed, this was just too much to be fucked in the ass like this by her kid sister was just so wrong, so humiliating, she was fuming and tried to convey to the two giggling idiots what she was going to do to them but her gag put paid to that.

Sian climbed off the bed and kept her camera trained on the action she got footage of Sophie pounding away and a couple of still shots. These would be dynamite she thought, her kinky little mind working overtime she wondered to what lengths both sisters would go to to keep these secret. Rosie may have been a grade A bitch but she was fucking hot and the petite blonde dreamed of a time when the red head was her lesbian lover as well. But all that was for the future and everyone seemed to be slowing up, the effects of the alcohol taking over.

Sian sensed it was time for the real money shot before Sophie conked out.

“Hey Soph, you know we always said your sister was a dirty little cocksucker? Well how about she sucks your cock!”

Sophie had a pretty vacant expression but was pretty much at the stage she would do whatever Sian suggested so she nodded tiredly and pulled the dildo from Rosie’s tight ass with an audible pop. Again the two of them were more than able to uncuff Rosie and turn her around and despite her struggles and protests Sian pulled her gag out and allowed Sophie to plunge the dildo almost straight from Rosie’s ass into her mouth.

Rosie’s eyes bulged and the two younger girls exploded in laughter at the look on the red heads face. Sian was sure to get a few pictures of the dildo jammed in Rosie’s mouth before Sophie’s eyes fluttered then she keeled forward and was in a drunken slumber immediately.

Sian decided to leave them like that for the night, it would surely be an interesting morning and she wondered what lengths Rosie might be willing to go to to prevent the pictures going anywhere….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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