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‘Oh my god, Kimmie, you are sooo pathetic,’ I thought to myself as I sat looking at my phone inside the crowded Waffle House. There was not a seat that was not taken by other college kids, all talking and laughing among themselves. It was as if I’d walked into another big party — not unlike the one going on back in my room.

Spring Break, 2021. I had told myself that with Covid-19 still raging, I wasn’t even going to go, but my friends Katy and Chris talked me into it. And since I got here, hardly anyone was wearing masks. Even my two roommates gave up wearing theirs after the first couple of hours. As Chris said, “how do you meet a guy when he can’t even see your smile?”

Not that meeting a guy was difficult. After all, Spring Break, right? I had never been, but I’d seen all the videos on the news. Last year the pandemic had already begun, and no one knew what this virus was all about. We only knew people were dying. Mostly old people in nursing homes, but still. My dorm mates at the time decided it wasn’t worth going. I agreed, but I was disappointed. It was my freshman year; I’d come up to college with hopes of, besides getting my degree in Ocean Management, maybe meeting ‘Mr. Right’ and planning a future. But I didn’t want to be the one who died. So I’d spent Break in my dorm, studying and doing extra credit work.

Now it was a year later, and everyone was sooo ready to get out. Lockdown? Ugh! It was like being in prison for a year. How do you keep a bunch of eighteen- and nineteen-year-old kids away from a party? So when we heard that Spring Break was up and running, well… My friends can be very persuasive. Katy even threatened to tie me up, stuff me in a crate and ship me to Florida!

“Okay, okay,” I told them. “We’ll go. But we’ll all wear masks, and we’ll stay out of the crowds, if there are any.”

Crowds. Oh, there were crowds! From the moment we hit the airport coming in, it seemed like colleges from all over the country had just emptied out into Florida. The airport terminal was chaos, but at least 99% of the kids were wearing masks. ‘Okay, I can do this,’ I told myself. My misgivings were mitigated, temporarily. Chris put her hand on my back and said, “See?” and I had to admit, it seemed like they were handling things well down here. I started checking out the guys, along with my horny friends.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking to hook up with anyone. It was like the world’s largest candy store to me; fun to look at all the flavors. I knew Katy, and certainly Chris, would hook up; that’s all they talked about. I even set rules with them about the use of the room. I didn’t intend to lay there and watch either one of them bumping uglies with a guy half the night, while I tried to sleep.

We got to the motel, secured our already-reserved room (thank goodness! We’d have been sleeping on the street, otherwise!) and headed out to the beach, just yards from our sliding glass door.

My god, there were hot guys everywhere! The air was full of frisbees and guys rushing to and fro, making athletic catches and generally showing off for us girls. One guy even jumped right over me while leaping for the stupid disc! He caught it and apologized briefly; then, when I didn’t particularly encourage him, rejoined the game with his buddies.

“Kimmie, what the fuck?” Chris was scowling at me, while Katy smiled knowingly.

“Don’t even try,” she told Chris. “Now, if he came out of that book, she might actually notice that he was hot as fuck!” They both laughed, while going back to checking out all the other hot studs. It was like watching fish school; there was bare skin flashing everywhere. I had no problem understanding the attraction of Spring Break. It was like the air was full of pheromones!

I had worn my bikini, but I was feeling pretty self-conscious, even though I had more ‘going on’ than either of my friends. Frankly, my boobs mostly embarrassed me. They’d been bigger than any of my class-mates’ since eighth grade. I got teased by the boys that year; but from then on, I got hit on. Like, all the time! I’d had a few boyfriends, of course. They mostly wanted to get at my tits, but I ‘put out’ too, so I was pretty popular in high school. I had decided, college was going to be different. Now, here I was at Spring Break in Daytona, and the compliments (and the leers and the comments) were coming fast and furious.

That was yesterday. Both girls had hooked up at the dance party on the pool deck, and I spent the night alone in our room until about 2:00AM, when they both barged in, laughing and rehashing their evening of debauchery. I had been sound asleep, a fact they didn’t seem to acknowledge until I screamed at them to shut up and go to bed.

“Oh, shhhhh, shhhhh,” Katy laughed. “Kimmie is having a wild night with her fantasies!” They thought it hilarious that I was sleeping in my cotton nightie. As I got up to get a glass of water, Chris had plucked at my shirt bottom and told me to ‘tone down the sexiness before we have to get a fire extinguisher kaçak bahis siteleri from the hallway!’ Funny, yeah. Not!

Well, they were still asleep in bed together this morning, probably nursing a pair of massive hangovers. I had gotten up and, there being no Continental breakfast offered, headed out and down the sidewalk to find some. Good old Waffle House was half a block down; always one of my favorites, anyway. Unfortunately, it must have been everyone else’s, as well. Finally a table opened up and, though it was just me, I grabbed it for myself. I certainly didn’t want to sit at the counter. As I said, masks were nowhere to be seen by then.

The waitress mosied over and got out her pad. “You need a few to look at the menu, sweetie?” she asked. At least she was masked! She didn’t look much older than me, probably 25. Working temporary, I figured, making a little extra while she took evenings off to party. I ordered and then left my mask dangling from one ear as I stirred sugar into my coffee. When she returned with creamers, she looked more closely at me.

“Ah, there you are,” she joked. I smiled and grabbed a creamer packet. “I’m smiling, if you can’t tell,” she said, and as if to prove a point, reached up and unhooked her mask to show me. “I’m Kate,” she said.

She had a very nice smile. She was cute, with short black hair teased up and combed forward over her forehead, cut very short at the sides. She looked like a model, in that he was thin and very chic looking. “That’s funny,” I told her, “one of my roommates is named Kate,” I told her, and smiled at her again.

We had a nice little conversation, broken up by her almost constantly moving off to other tables, topping off coffee cups and distributing orders. She kept apologizing.

“I’m sorry, it’s just mayhem right now,” she said. I told her it was no problem. Actually, I had brought my book with me, but decided I wasn’t going to get to relax and read, once I saw the crowd in here. It was on the table, though. Kate reached over me for it. “What’s this? A new one by John Grisham?”

“Just came out, I think,” I said. “I picked it up in the airport, coming in.”

She flipped a few pages, scanned the pages, and handed it back to me. “I love Grisham,” she said. Just then she was called to pick up my order, so we got to talk a little bit more. Where was I from, how did I like Spring Break so far, where were my roommates — those kinds of questions, on her part. I found out she was originally from Baltimore, already had a BA in sculpture, and was staying here because of a residency grant from a local arts community.

“You should come see my little place,” she told me. “It’s not much; just a room to sleep in, but it’s got open walls that you can see outside through, and high ceilings with skylights. It’s like sleeping outside!”

I told her it sounded nice, but that I needed to check on my roommates. “In case they both vomit in their sleep,” I joked, “and I have to make sure they’re intubated properly.”

Kate glanced at her watch and said, “Perfect! You’ll have time to eat and go look in at your besties. I get off in 45.” She paused, looking at me hopefully. “I have a car; I’ll pick you up at your motel if you want to come.” She did everything but roll her eyes at me and whimper like a puppy at the pound. Which was cute, and made me laugh.

“Okay,” I told her. “I’ll just come meet you back here, save you that traffic snarl. I’ve got nothing else to do, honestly. It doesn’t look like the sun is gonna break through those clouds any time soon, anyway. Will you wait?”

She jumped up and down, going “Yesss! It’ll be so much fun, I promise!” She was so adorable, how could I resist? ‘I think I just got picked up’ I thought.

I ate and headed back to the room, where I found the door open, and both Chris and Katy chatting up what looked like half a dozen guys! I yanked Katy aside and asked her what the hell was going on?

“It’s Todd,” she said, by way of explanation.

“Okay, that doesn’t even begin to answer my question. Why is our room party central, at what… ten o’clock in the morning?”

She directed my gaze down the hallway, where half a dozen doors were wide open. Kids were coming and going, many with cold beers already in their hands. “It’s like a huge dorm party!” she exulted.

I threw my book onto the table next to my bed, made her swear that no one would have sex in that bed, and left those two to their own devices. I was dressed in a pair of orange Hooters shorts, a cotton top designed to down-play my bustiness, and sandals, so I figured I was ready for whatever. Walking back to the Waffle House, I got propositioned three times! Kate was there, standing next to her car smoking, when I got there. Ugh! I hated cigarettes! She must have seen the look on my face.

“Sorry,” she said as she stepped on the butt. “It’s a bad habit, I know.” She fished a pack of mints from her purse and popped two into her mouth, and nodded for me to get in. The car didn’t smell like canlı bahis siteleri smoke, thank goodness. We chatted the whole way to her ‘artist colony,’ about six miles down the road, as if we’d known each other for years. I found myself liking her more and more. It was nice to have a friend with a car, who knew the local sights. And she was so bubbly!

When we got there she showed me, first, the rest of the colony, which was a grouping of little separate rooms connected to a bathroom/shower room and a communal eating area. “They have everything,” she enthused. “Want a latte’?” I accepted, and a young man behind the counter gladly accommodated me. It was delicious! Then we went to her room, which was at the far end of the group of ‘pods’. It was… well, airy. One wall was completely glass, looking out at the palmettos and cypress trees that grew there. There was no door, which surprised me; just an opening that rounded a corner into the main room.

“Does this scare you?” I asked, nodding at the lack of security.

“Nah. Been here three weeks and not a problem,” she said, giggling. “We have security hanging around here somewhere.” She paused and looked quizzical for a moment. “At least, I guess he’s around. I only see him once in a while.” Then she laughed. She sat down on one of the two comfy looking chairs and invited me to sit. “Enjoy that drink,” she said. “We get dinner, too. It’s part of the residency package.” She nestled in to the chair and we talked some more.

“So what do you do while you’re here?” I asked, though it was obvious. There were three fresh clay sculptures, all of female figures, on stands scattered throughout the room. She was very good at sculpture, I noted.

We talked about her art for a while. She showed me the studio, also full of her figures, and then we returned to her room. This time she seemed to be studying me, and I was feeling uncomfortable for the first time in her presence. Finally, she broke the silence.

“You should model for me,” she said. The statement caught me by surprise.

“What… you’re kidding,” I said. She shook her head. I was sitting stiffly on the edge of my chair facing her. I couldn’t move as she got up and walked over to me.

“Nooooo,” she cooed, “I’m not. Your body is amazing, you know.” She slid over my lap with her feet on either side of me, leaned down and kissed me. And, without a pause, I reciprocated. Our lips met and our tongues came out of our mouths at the same time, meeting and embracing. She put her hands on my sides, sliding them up under my arms.

I’ve been with a girl before. Katy and I had ‘experimented’. So had Chris and I. I was no lesbian, but when you’re in college and around girls every night, you begin to notice just how arousing the female body can be. The first time Chris kissed and sucked my nipples, I decided I was bisexual. And she had taught me how to kiss a girl the way no boy can.

My mouth ground against Kate’s, and soon she was panting into it. Her hands closed over my breasts as I held her face with both my hands, working my mouth against hers. She was totally into it; she began to grind herself over the tops of my legs, stimulating her pussy against the smoothness of my bare skin. Just then we heard a sound. We both paused in our actions.

“Do you hear that?” I asked. She grinned at me.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, her eyes crinkling in a wry smile. “They’re at it again. Next door. Come on.”

She rose and grabbed my arm, then pulled me back out her door and around the corner, into the next room. As we entered, I saw a young man energetically thrusting into a cute girl’s backside, doggie style. They were both naked. She was leaning with hands on her knees, gasping and exhorting him to fuck her hard and deep. And boy, was he!

Kate slipped an arm around my waist and pulled me against her. She whispered in my ear. “He’s got an amazing cock, just look at how thick it is!”

I couldn’t miss it. As he pulled back, it looked to be the size of my wrist, at least. The girl was tiny; probably shorter than my five feet, and much leaner. She had almost no breasts to speak of, but it didn’t seem to matter to the guy. He held her by her sides, just below them, slamming his hips against her ass in a regular rhythm, despite her pleas to fuck her faster.

He turned and noted us, just for a moment. Kate did a little wave before he went back to the ‘task’ at hand. Kate’s hand slid up my side and brushed against my bra-covered nipple. I turned to her again, and we resumed our make-out session, as the other couple moaned and grunted and slapped flesh. The atmosphere was suddenly electric. I cupped Kate’s ass cheeks through her gray work slacks as she bent her head to my breasts. She pushed my bra upward, over my mounds, and she raised my shirt. In just a moment her lips were locked around one of my nipples, and I was pulling her hips against mine.

As the young man orgasmed, he groaned loudly. “Unghhhhhhh, fuckkkkkk!” The girl’s voice was a couple of octaves yasal bahis siteleri above his, praising God and warbling with lust as she trembled and shook under his groaning last thrusts. Kate continued to suckle at my breast, but I was aware of the silence as they turned to watch us.

“Hey, girl!” The guy greeted Kate with a welcoming voice that belied how hard he’d been panting a few seconds ago. The girl echoed his greeting with a much less hearty enthusiasm, but she didn’t seem upset by our voyeurism. Kate pulled from my tit with a pop.

“Hey, guys. This is my new friend Kimmie.” I reached up and pulled my top down over my boobs, though my bra was still crumpled up above them, making for quite a sight, I was sure. Then again, they were both completely nude. His cock hung down like another leg, dripping their cum onto the floor as he walked over to shake my hand. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. This prompted a snort from Kate, then a full-fledged giggle.

“I’m Justin,” he said, “and that’s Wendy.” She was still standing spread-legged, as if she couldn’t or didn’t want to move, but she was upright. She smiled.

“Hey,” she said.

I forced my eyes upward. Justin had searing blue eyes and a full beard, though trimmed neatly. His jaw was strong and his grip as he shook my hand was very firm, though not painful. I could feel the strength in his body, though, and I had a brief moment of… well, all I can call it is unbridled lust! I was jealous of Wendy, who had felt his strength in a way I could only imagine. I was tongue-tied, being this close to his hanging appendage.

“I… well, I’m sorry, I guess, for trespassing in your space,” I fumbled. “I mean…”

Justin chuckled and said, “No worries. We don’t make a big deal about privacy. After all,” he continued, “we’re all temporary lodgers here. We don’t own this place, like we don’t own the earth.” He stared deeply into my eyes, then dropped his gaze to my top. “You shouldn’t have worn a bra,” he said.

I turned to look at Kate. “No, she shouldn’t have acted like an animal,” I joked, and then we all laughed. I slipped my hands up under my top and pulled the brassiere down over my globes, then shimmied it side to side to settle myself into the cups.

Wendy moved to me then, and spoke. “Why don’t you just take it off,” she suggested. “Those things are so… mechanical, anyway.” Her eyes were light green, almost gray. I realized she was older than I originally thought.

I didn’t know what to say to that.

“Sounds good to me,” Kate said brightly, and removed her shirt and bra in seconds. I saw Justin’s gaze go to her breasts, then return to me. I felt his energy and I realized I wanted him to see my tits, so I pulled my top off over my head without thinking and unhooked my bra. I pulled the straps off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Wendy immediately put her hands on them. Her hands were warm. As she cupped me, I felt my nipples harden even more. She thumbed them both, staring at the way they seemed to burst forth from the surrounding flesh. “They’re beautiful,” she said, and licked one suddenly. I gasped, loud enough for Kate and Justin to hear.

I don’t know if it was from all of us being naked, or near naked, but I wanted…needed, suddenly, to feel someone’s body against mine. I looked down and Justin’s cock was rising, but Wendy was there before me, so I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. She slid her bare leg between mine. I sighed as her tiny hands kneaded my tit-flesh, barely able to contain them. She seemed fascinated by their heft. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. Then we kissed. It was a nice kiss; a long kiss.

When I looked over again, Kate was stepping out of her pants. Her little black thong followed, aided by Justin. His cock was rubbing against her hip as he slid his hands around her ass cheeks, gripping the full globes. He bent his knees and his cock disappeared, just as Wendy began to push my shorts down over my hips. She dropped to her knees and licked the front of my panties, bringing another gasp from my throat.

A couple of minutes later I was watching Justin’s amazing cock spear in and out of Kate as he bent her over and thrust into her. I crouched over Wendy, who was flat on her back on the floor now, licking my pussy furiously. My first climax, I bucked my hips in unison with him as I imagined him inside me. Wendy grasped my hips and held me against her face, moaning and stabbing her tongue into my sopping love tunnel as I gasped and fucked her little face beneath me. I am SO not dominant, but it just felt natural to use her mouth to get myself off as I watched the other two. I hoped Justin had another fuck left in him. I wanted him in the worst way.

I needn’t have worried. He was like a machine in that way! After bringing Kate to a shuddering, gasping climax, he flexed his ass once and released himself inside her, groaning out his dominance yet again. And immediately after, he pulled from her and turned, and presented that cock to me! It didn’t even bother me that he had two women’s juices coating his fuck-pole; I had to feel that massive thing in my mouth. I turned to him and took him in my gaping jaws, with his girlfriend still beneath me, licking away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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