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It was Christmas break at college. I had just returned to my apartment after visiting my family for the holidays. It was my final semester before I graduated. I wanted to get back before the crowds of other students so I wouldn’t have to fight the lines at the book store.

It was a fairly brisk day and after sleeping in until about noon, I decided to drag my ass out of bed, take a quick shower and run to the book store to get my books for the spring semester. It only took a few minutes to drive there and parking was a breeze since no one was on campus. I grabbed my empty book bag and headed into the book store.

When I arrive, I saw Mary and Rhonda. They were a couple of friends that I had met while dining at the campus café. Mary and Rhonda were both BBW’s.

Mary was 5 foot 3 inches with 48 GG breasts. She had a bubbly personality that was infectious. Whenever you were around her you always felt good.

Rhonda was 5 foot 10 inches and pear shaped. She was easily double Mary’s weight. Rhonda was always kind of mousy and just kept in the sidelines until she felt comfortable with you and when she let down her guard she was a lot of fun to be around.

While at the book store, we chatted about the grades we received and how excited we were about starting our final semester of school. I asked the girls if they were back for the semester or if they were just in for the day.

Both girls, with a sluttish grin, said they were back for the semester and ready for action.

To play along with their flirting, I replied that I was back as well and I was glad they were back because I was tried of jacking off to porn at my apartment. I told them, with a thrust of my groin, they should stop by and take care of my constant hard on.

Of course, they couldn’t let that go without some type of comment or action. So, Mary grabs my cock and gave it a quick squeeze and Rhonda slaps my ass. The slap was louder than we all expected and the clerk at the book store glared over at us with a “take it outside look.”

We quickly broke off our conversation. I went about buying my books and the girls left.

I returned home, threw my books on the table and popped in one of my favorite porn movies. I thought about my meeting with the girls at the book store and was pleasantly surprised when the screen had a threesome with 2 girls and a guy going at it. I was watching as the guy was getting blown and eating some sweet pussy at the same time. I wondered if I would ever be in a situation like that.

I was pretty horned up at this point. I whipped my cock out and started stroking it. It was still hard from talking with the girls. Needless to say, I shot my load all over my shirt without much of a warning. I decided it was probably best if I just stripped down to nothing rather than risk getting cum stains all over my clothes. I quickly ran into my room and stripped. Then, I got my lube and some paper towels and got ready for a marathon jacking session.

I didn’t realize how much the flirting at the book store affected me. Over the course of three hours, I came several times. My cock felt completely drained. It was sore but I felt relaxed.

I must have drifted off to sleep. The next thing I knew I was awoke by the sound of knocking at my door. I was still naked and there were used paper towels scattered all around me.

I immediately jumped up and started picking up the mess. After a second, it came to me that I didn’t ask who was at the door or even look through the peep hole. So, I cleared my throat and asked, “Who’s there?”

To my surprise, it was, you guessed it, Mary and Rhonda. I quickly stated that I had just got out of the shower and to give me a minute.

They immediately told me it was cold out and they were sure they had seen what I had before.

Being somewhat modest, I quickly disposed the paper towels in the garbage, grabbed a towel şişli escort from the bathroom and opened the door….all within 30 seconds.

The girls quickly entered because it was indeed cold out. The cold air rushed in as I opened the door. My nipples hardened and my body was covered with goose bumps. However, the cold air felt SO GOOD on my sore cock.

The girls immediately noticed my attire and hardened nipples and praised my choice of wardrobe. Mary said, “We must have gotten you worked up at the book store. Look Rhonda, he has porn on the TV and is only wearing a towel.”

I said, “Busted!” In my hurry to clean the place, I forgot to turn the TV off.

Rhonda just looked at me and then at Mary and said, “Care if we join?” She promptly took off her coat.

I thought this was extremely out of character for Rhonda. She was usually the quite one. Mary, on the other hand, had taken off her coat, shoes and shirt.

At this point, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had flirted with these girls for three semesters and nothing had happened. Now, my wildest dreams seemed to be coming true.

While I was thinking this, Rhonda had gone to my room and grabbed some pillows and a blanket. She laid them out on the floor in front of the TV while glancing at a women being double teamed by two guys.

Mary was just finishing undressing and she walked over to me and whispered into my ear, “You like?”

I replied somewhat hoarsely, “What’s not to like?” I dropped my towel hoping my cock would spring to life.

Mary smiled and said, “Nice package.” After she stared for a few seconds, she heard Rhonda clear her throat and said, “It looks like Rhonda is over dressed, why don’t we help her.”

I immediately knew something was up. Did these girls script the events that were going to happen prior to coming over? My mind was racing.

We both approached her. Mary helped her with her shirt and bra. I helped with her shoes and jeans. We both were kissing Rhonda’s newly exposed skin. I heard a slight moan escape Rhonda’s lips. The heat coming off her pussy was incredible. I smelt the alluring odor of pussy juice and loved every minute of this.

Mary finished removing Rhonda’s clothing at the same time I did. She was behind her friend cupping the newly exposed breasts. I was kneeling before Rhonda with my nose inched from her sweet pussy. Rhonda shyly spoke, “Taste it, you will love it.”

Mary quickly replied, “You better get in there before I do.”

At this point, I leaned in and delicately spread her pussy lips and started to lick her clit. I would lick, suck, hum and repeat. She was going crazy. Her knees were trembling and her speech was slurred.

Mary began the same behavior as Rhonda. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with her since my face was buried in Rhonda’s pussy. So, I broke free for a quick second and looked. Rhonda was rubbing Mary’s clit and lips. The sloppy sloshing sounds were amazing.

Rhonda looked down at me and winked. Then, she asked if we could take this someplace a little more comfortable.

We all smiled and walked into my bedroom. I was in the middle of the bed and the two girls positioned themselves near my cock. Without a word, they both attacked my cock and balls with a fiery passion.

I was still limp from my marathon jacking session earlier. The girls didn’t seem to mind. Mary had my entire cock in her mouth sucking as there was no tomorrow. Rhonda had moved my legs so my knees were in the air so she could lick and suck on my balls. Their tongues were licking and swirling. I listened to the slurping, moaning and the sounds of passion. I began to feel a stir in my cock. I moaned for the girls to keep up their assault on my prick.

Mary popped off my cock and turned to Rhonda and said, “NOW!” She quickly returned to my cock and continued her blow job. Rhonda sucked and “popped” istanbul escort my balls out of her mouth and split my legs open. Without warning, she slithered her long tongue into my ass.

I had never had anything in my ass until this time. “WOW! OH, GOD!” I shouted! It was incredible. My cock was being sucked better than I had ever experience and I had an experienced tongue in my ass. I was on the verge of cumming. I screamed, “I’m going to cum!”

The girls went into overdrive. There mission was to make me cum. Seconds later, I gave Mary a taste of my cum. Once she was satisfied that she had gotten it all, she turned to Rhonda and they shared my treat with a wonderful kiss. I watched as their tongues danced and I saw my cum drip down the sides of their mouths. Each girl, not wanting to waste my seed, quickly licked the white gold from the others mouth.

After their shared meal, the girls assaulted my deflated cock again each taking the role the other previously had. This time the girls attacked with more vigor than before. I wondered how I was going to get another woody. Then, as Rhonda had my cock and balls in her mouth, Mary removed her tongue from my ass and suck one of her fingers up it and gently massaged by prostrate.

I was hard within seconds. Rhonda choked and coughed. She wasn’t expecting my 7 inch cock to spring to life so quickly. I heard Mary giggling and leaned over to see the expression on her face. She was definitely enjoying the show.

I decided I had better shift gears with these girls. The blow job and anal assault felt wonderful but I wanted to fuck these girls before I lost my woody for good. I asked the girls, “Who is going to be first?”

They looked at each other and Mary said, “We drew straws at home and I won. You are fucking this CHERRY first!”

I looked at Mary and then Rhonda and said, “CHERRY? You guys are virgins?”

They both nodded and said they decided during Christmas break that they had to lose their virginity before they graduated. They felt they were missing out on the ultimate college experience.

I excitedly replied, “Assume the position!”

Mary said she wanted her first time to be the missionary position, so she lay on her back as I quickly maneuvered between her legs. I wasn’t sure what Rhonda was going to do until she stuck her head down between my legs. She grabbed my cock, put on a condom (I have no idea to this day where it came from) and place my throbbing man meat at the door of Mary’s virgin pussy.

I slowly pushed my cock into her tight tunnel of love. It was so wet, warm and tight. I slowly moved in and out. I barely had the head of my cock in and she was panting and groaning that it hurt and to slow down. Knowing that both girls were virgins, I slowed way down. I didn’t want to scare Rhonda because I hurt Mary.

Because I was moving slowly to let Mary get used to my manhood, Rhonda had the opportunity to stick her tongue back in my ass. The attention my backdoor was receiving was fabulous. I was so glad she was doing that to take my mind off the mind blowing torture I was enduring by ever so slowly working my cock into Mary’s virgin hole.

After about five minutes of this slow, yet methodical assault, I finally reached the promised land of Mary’s hymen. I asked her if she was ready to become a woman and she said, “Give it to me big boy” with a rather sluttish grin on her face.

I withdrew nearly the full length of my shaft and pushed forcefully down with all my might. I felt the tearing of her hymen and I froze still only about half way inside. Mary yelped and was repeating, “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

I waited for Mary to get used to my size and for the pain to subside. As I was waiting, Rhonda was gently licking my ass and playing with my balls. I look down at her and she saw me. I mouth to her “Mary’s pussy.”

She immediately nudges her head into position beşiktaş escort and starts licking my shaft and Mary’s puffy pussy lips. I slowly reposition myself to remain in Mary but to give Rhonda more room to work. I watch has best as I can from my vantage point. God, it is sexy as all hell.

Finally, after a few minutes, Mary groans, “Finish what you started.” Rhonda had moved out of my way and I worked my cock into her oh so tight pussy. Each stroke was a little deeper than the last. Finally, I reached bottom; I felt my cock knocking against her cervix.

Mary was in heaven. She wrapped in legs around my ass and was really getting into it. This moment in time was all about Mary and what I could do to make her first time special. I felt her girl juice running down my balls and knew she had to be close to her first “real” climax. She was really vocal by this point telling me to “Ram that big fuck stick into her tight pussy and make her cum.” I answered the call and started “long dicking” her with long, strong strokes that bottomed out with every stroke.

With a sudden, “OH MY GOOOOOOOD!” Mary let the world know she had cum. I stayed in her to the hilt until she came down from the experience. Then, I roll off her and look at Rhonda who was fingering her clit like there was no tomorrow. I nodded to her and she leaped up and started cleaning my cum and blood covered cock.

After she cleaned me, she moved between Mary’s legs which were still quivering, and ever so gently caressed her swollen lips with her darting tongue. I just watched in amazement at the tender loving attention Rhonda was providing for her friend.

During this time, I was amazed that my cock began to inflate yet again. I thought to myself, “How in the hell can this be happening?” My next thought was “Who cares? This is fucking awesome!”

Rhonda had her big ass in the air eating her best friend and roommate. I reached over on my nightstand and grabbed a new condom and quickly put it on. I then slowly moved into position behind Rhonda and slowly started working my cock into her tight, wet pussy.

I worked just as slowly with Rhonda as I did with Mary. I took my time to ensure she was getting used to my size. After several minutes of slow strokes, I reached her hymen. I waited for a few seconds to let her enjoy the feeling. I was awe struck at the sight of my cock half way in her pussy and Rhonda happily lapping away at her friend’s pussy while Mary was tweaking her nipples and on the verge of another orgasm.

Then, Rhonda wiggled her ass drawing me back to my senses. I pulled back again so just the head of my cock was in her pussy and pushed hard until I broke her hymen. I put on the breaks when I broke the barrier and waited for the OK to continue.

I heard the “MMMFFF” as she groaned. Mary, who was just calming down from her orgasm, smiled and welcomed Rhonda to the Woman’s Club. Both girls started to giggle over that.

After a few minutes, Rhonda wiggled her ass again and I continued the slow process of devirginizing her. I continued to marvel at the tight, wet walls of her pussy and the incredible feeling it was having on my cock.

After some time, I could tell Rhonda was getting close to her first fuck orgasm. I started pumping like crazy. I had no urge at all to cum so I just kept hammering away at her tight pussy.

With an “Oh My GGGGGGGGGG,” she came. She barely got it out of her mouth before she slammed her face into Mary’s pussy and pushed her over the edge. These two girls were now cumming together. I thought this was the coolest thing in the world and wondered how many times they had achieved this “simultaneous cum” in the privacy of their own apartment.

As the girls came down from their high, I slowly removed my prick from Rhonda and lay down next to Mary. Rhonda and Mary quickly changed positions and Mary began to so tenderly attend to her friend’s puffy pussy lips.

Some time during this whole experience, I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning to another blow job and some serious fucking. At some point during the day, I thought this is going to be the best semester ever; and it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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