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For some reason, the first story was cut short.

This is the ending to Steve’s dirty thoughts, part 1, the beginning.

We still never got that answer to the big question..Did he ever fuck his sister?

“Honey, I’m gonna come, Kneel for daddy..”

Sophie gasp again and again as one orgasm after another overtake her.

I soon join her in her ecstasy. I try my best to be silent but as the first convulsion hit, I feel a sharp intake of breath followed by a very audible sigh. The load I shoot down Kate’s throat must be a personal best.

I swear the first jet of my cum impact deep inside her mouth. I close my eyes and hold my breath as I keep squirting over and over and over again, feeling my cum shoot out, hearing it splash against her pretty face.

When I open my eyes, besides being drained and satisfied, I am totally stunned.

I look down and see I the squirt, all of Kate’s face drenched in cum. White cum dripping down to Kate’s rock hard tits.

And the story continues

We’re both amazed at the amount of cum. It honestly looks as though I’d poured about a cupful of creamy white semen in her mouth, face, and tits!

For a few more moments I didn’t move or make a sound, did she hear us?.

We can’t look through the window since we’re both scared that she actually did hear or see us.

But, then we hear a loud exhale and a very audible – Mmmmm, come from the shower, It was Sophie and she sounds very satisfied. Her climax must’ve been a good one.

We peaked out the glass again, to see her lick her fingers off

Sophie starts to dry herself, singing and smiling. She looks in the mirror, puts one foot on the toilet, spread her pussy and gently starts rubbing it again.

I felt drained. But fucking horny still.

Part 3 – My brother Brad enters

Then, just as Sophie enters two fingers in her swollen cunt, the door suddenly opens and there’s my other brother, Brad. Brad is 10 years older than me and there with his wife and 3 kids.

Brad and Sophie are half siblings, they have the same dad, but not the same mom.

Sophie looks up at him, not the least shocked that he came in.

What the fuck..

They kiss and she quickly grabs his crotch bahis firmaları and pulls out Brad´s cock.

She gets down on her knees, starts licking around the head, then starts sucking on his semi erect cock.

My knees almost buckle, what the hell..

“Ohhh my, I didn’t expect that”, Kate said..

Finally, Sophie, young innocent Sophie, slides her lips down around his shaft and properly sucks him off.

I see her tongue licking around his head and on the underside, which she rubs with her tongue like a finger.

“Oh, God, that feels good, Sofe”

“She’s done that before, uhh,” Kate answers Brad’s statement quietly.


Before too long I feel my cock start to slowly swell up again.

I tell Kate to get on all four, she can still see the show from there as well, she gladly bends over and gets on all four, ass up in the air. Her hot and willing ass is right in front of my, by now once again, throbbing cock. Both watching my baby sister sucking my brother’s big cock.

I gently slide my cock into Kate’s wet, dripping pussy


I start to slowly thrust my cock as I watch my sister moans as her tits sway up and down Brad’s shaft.

“Oh fuck…Oh.. fuck!”

Kate’s soaking pussy grip my cock so hard, feels like she might rip it off.

I go faster and notice how sexy Sophie’s big bouncing tits are. Man, I would love to suck and fuck them right now.. I feel a sensation of jealousy against my brother that he can fuck her and now me..

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Fuck.” Kate’s moan wakes me up from my thoughts.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

My cock once again reaches all the way in, over and over again.

Kate moan in pleasure again before whispering

“Aww…fuck!….. Im CUMMMING…… Fuck my filthy pussy, Make me cum all over your cock, daddy..”

And with that her cum squirt out of her pussy onto my hardwood.

She pull yourself out, leaving my still pulsating cock all alone but quickly turn around, and start licking the cum off my cock, she wants it all…

My cock so far down her throat that she starts gagging.

Luckily, no reaction on the other side of the glass.

Brad got on his knees, Sophie on a sun bed, shoving his face in her cunt.

She moan as she threw her head kaçak iddaa back in pleasure and raise her hips off the ground, as if trying to get more of his face into her cunt. Brad’s tongue is deep in side her and sister scream with pleasure. She screams out her orgasm.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Thats right bro, eat your sisters tight fucking pussy, you fucking do it right fucking now!”

Kate’s still licking the head of my dick and this certainly is a fucking night to remember.

They switch places. Sophie once again takes his cock in her mouth.

So many thoughts are racing through my mind about my sister and her sexual, let’s say misconducts, shit, I fantasize about my sister. Stop it.

In a few minutes, Sophie completely deep-throated Brad’s cock.

“Damn sis, don’t you have any gag reflex?!”

“Ohh…fuck! aaaaaa, Sis, I’m cumming!!”

While holding on to Sophie’s head really hard, Brad shoots his cum deep down her throat. He shoots all his hot cum into the back of her throat which she gulped down while still sucking on his dick.. Gasping for air. When she eases off Brad’s dick, it’s almost completely clean, all the cum has been licked off and swallowed.

“Mmmmm…yummy” she said while innocently licking her lips.

“Brother…. I want you inside me…now.”

They kissed passionately, he fingered her ass while she fingered his. Sophie is fingerpicking my brother’s ass hole and he seems to love it… Holy fuck.

His boner soon returns and my God, it actually seems even bigger than before.

“Lay down”, Sophie takes charge

Brad lays down on the cold floor, Sophie then straddled his huge boner, slowly lowering herself onto his manhood.

“Love you too, sis.”

She continue lowering herself until his entire cock is deep buried in Sophie’s tight little pussy.

“Oh fuck yes! he said…. Your pussy is so fucking….ugh, god-damn tight!”

I realize that Sophie once again is facing us, we can almost smell her and the warm sweet air in that room.

But she hasn’t seen us..yet..

“Oh fuck yeah! Little bro, your cock is so fucking big! Do you fuck your wife like this..”

“Fuck no”

“Fuc…FUCK!!!” they both yell as his hard cock reach all the way into her tight cunt, Sophie winch in pain, and gently start bouncing kaçak bahis up and down on Brad’s hard cock.

After a minute of that she said:

“Oh…oh…oh, fuck yes! Let’s switch it up!”

She gets off his cock and gets on all fours, Brad put his dick in place and start thrusting forward.

“Oh fuck me, Brad, Fuck your little sister with that huge cock!”

“Make me take it, MAKE ME TAKE IT ALL!”

“Oh fuck sis, you have such a tight, wet cunt! – It feels so fucking good!” he moaned.

“Are you my little whore, you cunt…”

“Yeah, fuck my tight wet pussy! Fuck it hard, I’m your whore… Fuck your whore, brother..”

Kate’s laying down one of the benches, once again she slowly starts to fingering herself as she watches my sister and brother fuck the shit out of each other. I start to kiss and suck her tits, sticking three fingers up her soaking wet pussy, she moans, and when I push a finger up her ass, she simply couldn’t take it any longer, still watching them, she start to shiver and really trying hard not to make sound, Kate squirt right on my face. Payback time.

“Oh yes, oh fuck yes Brad!”

“Oh fuck, I’m about to cum!” yell Brad back, furiously fucking my babysitter hard.

“Shoot your hot cum into my womb. Impregnate me.”

“Aww…FUCK!!!!!,” Brad yell as he came in her womb, the hot sensation of him coming made her cum.

“Oh…oh…oh, fuck! I can feel it inside me, fuck, I’M CUMMING!!!” Sophie squeals.

Afterward, they just lay there, his dick still in her, both breathing heavily.

“We’re gonna do this more often, ok little sis?”

That was a hell of a start on a weekend we’ll never forget.

They never notice us, so we could get a shower afterward and then head up to the party again.

Sophie sitting at the bar, looking innocent.

“Did you get a shower, sis.”

“Did you….”

I smiled at her and looked down to her chest, Nice tits sis. I could feel my cock twitching again.

The story continues in the next little dirty episode..

The weekend isn’t over yet..

In the next story, Steve’s weekend at Mom and Dad’s summerhouse continues.

Kate and Steve are up for a big surprise when cousin Jen comes over, overly sexed Jen, with a schizophrenic disorder that sometimes can cause problems.

Jen’s Mom, Barbara, a 47-year-old MILF is also there, and she’s a bit on the wild side..

Follow Steve’s dirty little thoughts in the next one, and will he fuck his little half-sister, Sophie?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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