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I wrote my most recent story, “Bi One, Get Two Free” (https://.com/s/bi-one-get-two-free) after a forum discussion of male bisexuality. My hunches are that:

More guys have bi- leanings than admit it; and
Not owning up to being bi- is far more attributable to cultural bias than to biology.

After writing “Bi One,” I browsed through an online swingers site to test my hunch. Of the 100 couples nearest to me geographically, 83 of the women listed themselves as bisexual or bi-curious. 93 of the men listed themselves at straight and 7 as bi-curious. I find it hard to believe that biology even remotely accounts for that discrepancy.

Certainly this wasn’t a randomized sample of the population at large–it was taken from a group who registered as swingers, purportedly to hook up with other swingers. There were likely fake profiles that misrepresented both gender and orientation. Still, it paints an undeniable picture of “OK” vs: “Not OK” orientations. Being bisexual as a woman is more “OK” than being bisexual as a man in our U.S. culture, even to those who shun the boundaries of traditional relationships.

I think that’s sad.

This is a story of two couples who struggle with that discrepancy and find their way to a fun, open, and lusty accommodation. It’s loosely based on personal experience with a few bisexual guys, but the plot is pure fiction. There’s FF, FMF, M/M, and MMF play–give this a pass if any of that turns you off.

I’ve written again from a 1st person male perspective. I HOPE I’ve edited all the gender slips into oblivion, but please forgive me (and message me) if some slip through.

Many, many thanks to Wordmerchant2 for editing! This is far more readable now after his work! (I’ve done another post-edit edit, so any fresh flubs are all mine!!)

All sexual activity is between consenting adults.


Straight–With A Twist

Sex wasn’t on my mind over Saturday morning coffee–not anything relating to my sex life and especially not my daughter’s. I was contentedly reading the paper and it took a couple of seconds before Becky’s announcement soaked in.

“Really!?!” I spluttered, and just barely avoided spewing coffee in my surprise.

“Pretty sure,” my wife answered, chuckling at my shock, “but I didn’t see it coming either!”

“Well we’ve always hoped, right? But I thought he was completely out of the picture. So give–” I went on, “what’s the scoop?”

“Arie got home early last night, heard some lovemaking that stopped as soon as she walked in, then heard their back door slam and saw Evie heading back over here in Luke’s T-shirt, clutching her bra and panties!”

“Hope they keep it up,” I laughed, “might make her easier to live with till she graduates!”

“A little dick is always a picker-upper,” Becky agreed, giving my thigh a pat.

“How do you know he’s got a little dick!” I teased.

“Asshole-you know what I mean,” Becky poked me, then added “actually, I’m feeling a little, umm, edgy myself. You know anybody with a little dick?”

“Reallllllly!?!” I said, for the 2nd time in a short conversation.

Becky stood, turned, grinned over her shoulder, and started unbuttoning her blouse as she walked toward the bedroom. I didn’t need any more conversation–when she dropped the sex hints, there was a hot time coming!

And it was a hot time! We’d fallen into that middle-age slump where constant horniness begins to fade away, and the “so-many-things-to-do” mindset gets in the way of play time. So there was that, but there was also the fact that our libidos seemed to be perversely out of sync lately. Still, by damn, when we’re hot, we’re hot, and everything clicked that morning!

Lying next to each other, well satisfied but not ready to get on with the day, I asked

“So what got you revved up this morning? That was great, but it’s been a while!”

I had a shudder of regret as soon as I said it–afraid it sounded accusatory or whiny–and she took a while to answer.

“I dunno, really. Thinking about our darling daughter sneaking off to get laid got me thinking about how much fun we used to have. You know? Lordy, I was already wet when I told you about her. And maybe I projected myself back into her body. You gotta admit she’s gorgeous. I miss my young self. Glad you were ‘up’ for some fooling around!”

“Happy to oblige!” I gave her still-naked thigh a pat.

“What’s Arie think?” I asked.

“We might have worked each other up some talking about it,” she laughed. “Luke was still in his room so we were whispering and kept our clothes on, but yeah–she was turned on too! I’m guessing she and Steve had a good time. Could be they’re still having one!” My mind wandered to our close friends and neighbors naked and enjoying each other!

“You think they’d ever be up for another go?” ankara evi olan escortlar I asked.

“Steve and Arie or Luke and Evie?” Becky laughed.

“Oh Christ, don’t take me there,” I groaned. “I’m all for Evie getting laid, and I’d love it if she and Luke were finally a couple, but don’t go putting images of my naked daughter in my head!”

“Not even if she’s my mini-me?” Becky teased, grinning again and rolling over to press her breast into my arm. “Not even if she gives little Lukey the best blow jobs on the planet?”

She reached down to cup my balls.

“Arghh, Becky, stop it! Don’t wanna go there! I hope Evie gets all the lovin’ she needs, but I don’t want those images bouncing around in my brain!”

“But putting images of naked Arie in your head is OK, then?” she asked, “and how about if I go here instead?”

She put her head on my stomach and began stroking my dick.

“Naked Ariella is a great image,” I agreed, using Arie’s full name, “and you’re welcome to go anywhere you please.”

My dick began to stiffen again.

As Becky gently stroked and sucked my dick, I let the memories wash over me.

Becky had been coy two decades ago when we met during freshman orientation. I was attracted to her right away. It took weeks of chatting and joking before she agreed to go out with me. But when we finally did go out, things went very, very well. She gave me a chaste kiss at the end of the first date, made out with me in the lounge on the 2nd, and let me play with her tits on the third. But those dates were all in the space of 2 days, so I was encouraged. On the 4th weekend of class, praise the Lord, her roommate went home.

We spent all that weekend in the sack, exploring each other. Thoroughly and delightfully exploring each other! Late bloomers, we took each other’s cherries. Nearly everything was new to us, and what a delight!

We were inseparable after that. From the 2nd quarter on we scheduled classes together. We found places–barely private places sometimes–to screw. We were each other’s closest friends. We got married at the end of our sophomore year and in the cramped privacy of married student housing we fucked at the beginning and end of every day until we graduated!

If Evie has half the passion her mother does, our neighbor’s son would have to be fucking crazy to let her slip away. If they’re really starting a relationship, that is, and not just being FWBs.

Damn–Evie really is Becky’s “mini-me.” My mental images of young Becky, petite and athletic, were hard to separate. My dick didn’t seem to care. Becky edged me for another 15 minutes before she finally took me over the top for the 2nd time of the morning. She reads my responses like a book, and my orgasm curled my toes!

“Do you really want to try for something with all 4 of us gain?” Becky asked as we climbed back into our clothes for what was left of the morning.

“I dunno, hon. It was hot, that’s for sure. And it doesn’t seem to have screwed things up with them–or with you and me. But maybe that’s because we only did it the one time? And we had the excuse of alcohol and spontaneity? I really did enjoy seeing you with Arie, though. I always tried to imagine what it was like when the two of you were going at it. The reality of it was way hotter than my fantasy.”

Arie and Becky had known each other since high school. Arie had been in our wedding and Becky in hers. We were thrilled when she and Steve moved in next door in the “before kids” days.

After Evie and Luke came along, Becky and Arie found their way from morning coffee and being new moms into girl-girl play. They kept it hidden for years, guilty and embarrassed. They’d sworn off more than once, Becky told me, but kept coming back to it. Steve and I were flabbergasted when they finally took us into their confidence.

“Arie and I are lucky gals that we can play without weirding you guys out,” Becky observed, not for the first time. “You read things, you know, about jealousy and possessiveness and things, so we still worry about that. And after that night with all of us, even she and I had to admit we had some of that stuff going on. I mean, it ought to have been fine, but I got a little jealous.”

“You?” I asked.

“I was upset watching Arie make love to my husband! God, why was that!?! I told her she could! I told you to go ahead–had to push you some in fact. So–I was jealous at seeing her with you, but I was upset seeing you make love to my Arie! In some weird way, I felt possessive about both of you! She said the same.

“So I don’t know what to predict about a repeat”, she continued. “Arie is way hotter than me–I know you’d have fun with her.”

Uh-oh. Time to snuff out that damned self-doubt and body shame shit!

Truth is, Becky and I are both in our Mom and Dad bods now. We’re both packing some extra pounds. Becky never had monster boobs, a killer ass or looks that would make traffic elvankent olgun escortlar cops let her off. I didn’t have a monster cock, 6-pack abs or rugged handsome looks either. We’re pretty ordinary and always have been.

“Are you shitting me!” I wrinkled my brow. “Becks, Arie can’t hold a candle to you!”

Becky slowly turned her face toward me, lowered her chin and raised an eyebrow, silently calling “Bullshit!”

I went on.

“Honey, you make me so horny I can barely stand it sometimes. Maybe we’re not gonna get a couples spread in Hustler or something, but I love everything about you! I love those boobs that you let me play with when we met. I love your soft, sweet curvesl. I love your wonderful bush. I really love giving you orgasms. I love that you know everything about me and love me anyway. If you think you need to hook me up with Arie because she’s better than you, then screw it–I don’t even want to go close to her.”

This wasn’t new ground. We both had our insecurities.

Becky softened. Then she hugged me.

“Love you too. Thanks.”

“I got a little jealous seeing Steve give you more dick than I could, by-the-way, so there’s that too,” I added. We abandoned the bed and finished getting dressed.

“He’s longer, but you’re thicker and I wouldn’t trade your dick for one twice as big, so stop that crap yourself,” Becky said as she headed down the hall.

A car door slammed in the driveway. I peeked out. Evie’s ride was reversing back out of the drive.

“Evie’s back,” I called out.

“Good morning, ‘rents!” Evie sang out as she burst through the back door.

“‘Morning honey!” Becky greeted her. “You’re chipper this morning! Shift go OK?”

Evie had a job on a packaging line to help with school. It was grinding, monotonous work, and she usually wasn’t in such a great mood when she got off.

“Oh, same old stuff, just in a good mood today, I guess.”

She skipped across the kitchen to give me a kiss on the cheek–not her everyday greeting, and I accepted with a smile and quick hug

“Must be something in the air,” I offered, “Mom’s in a pretty good mood today too!”

Becky quietly choked, struggled to contain a laugh and gave me a “you’re in trouble, Bub” look.

“Any plans for the afternoon,” I asked, pretty sure there were. I was betting that they’d match Luke’s plans too!

“I’m heading to the lake with Dee and Jen. They’ll be by about 1. Anything to eat? I’m starved!”

Becky and Evie set about fixing lunch. Becks and I both knew not to bring up Luke’s name. We’d been trying to make the two of them a couple nearly all their lives, but they were more like siblings than lovers. Both of them had gotten tired of what we thought were pretty innocuous attempts to get them to date. They backed us off forcefully if there was any hint of heading that way again.

Oddly, Dee had “car trouble” and Evie gave Luke a ring to take her to the lake. After Luke and Evie drove off, Dee came by. She must have missed a text because she was momentarily confused when we said we were happy she solved the car trouble. She seemed to catch on when we said Evie caught a ride with Luke!

Hmm. I took that to mean the BFFs were clued in to Luke and helping Evie keep it on the down low–things were looking better and better. He was a great kid–great for Evie and great in his own right. And I should stop calling him a kid–they’re both 22 now!!

Arie strolled in the back door.

“Hi Al,” she greeted me. “Did Becks fill you in on our lovebirds?”

“I did!” Becky responded, coming around the corner to greet her friend with a quick hug.

“You OK with it Al?” Arie wanted to know.

It took me a long moment to quit staring at her chest and form an answer. Arie was clearly braless in a thin sleeveless shell. Her nipples danced under the fabric and there was a hint of side boob showing.

“More than OK, considering her mood this morning! She was positively glowing!” I answered.

“Yeah, Luke was pretty happy today too. Pretty sure there’s gonna be some heavy breathing going on this afternoon! Do you suppose they’ll even make it to the lake?”

“Hey–this where the party is?” Steve asked as he walked in.

“We can sure make it that way! If we’re reading the signs right, this calls for a toast!” Becky affirmed. “I’ll get some bubbly!”

“Who’d have thought when our babies were born,” Arie laughed, “that we’d be standing here about to toast them for having sex!”

“Sure took ’em long enough to figure it out!” I added.

“Here’s to youth, energy and lust,” Steve raised his glass, “may they fuck each other senseless and give us lots of grandchildren!”

“Steve!” Arie chided, flinching at “fuck.”

“Grandchildren in the fullness of time, please,” added Becky, “but right on Steve! Let’s keep ’em fuckin’!”

At this point in our lives, Becky just never dropped the f-bomb, our surprised etimesgut sarışın escortlar laughter was spontaneous, real, and everything felt just exactly right.

“So,” Becky turned to Arie as the laughter settled down, “did you and Steve…”

She left the question hanging.

“I jumped his bones at 5 this morning!” Arie giggled. “And again after breakfast! You?”

“I told him over coffee this morning. God, I was dripping wet! He got me off 3 times!”

“Good boy, Al!” Arie addressed me.

Steve and I blinked at each other. This was not normal banter from the girls!

“And was that enough?” Arie shot Becky a wink and an inviting smile.

“For the moment it was. Why? Are you maybe still in need?” my circumspect wife asked.

Becky’s smile, tone and posture made it clear she hoped that Arie was, in fact, still in need!

Arie, a head taller, simply strolled over, placed a hand behind Becky’s neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

Steve and I stared at each other, slack-jawed and speechless.

“Now you mention it, I’m still a little worked up,” Arie answered with a throaty whisper.

Becky returned the kiss, slowly slipped her hands under the waistband of Arie’s shorts and gripped her ass. Arie sighed approval, cradled Becky’s head with both hands and kissed her deeply.

Damn. I’d already gotten off twice and I was getting hard again. I tried to discretely adjust my bulge. Steve caught me, but he was doing the same thing.

“Are we really gonna give ’em a show?” Becky asked, pulling back. “Maybe we should excuse ourselves for a bit.”

“I never figured our kids getting it on would do this to me, but I’m so horny we could go out on the front lawn,” Arie replied.

To punctuate her statement, she pulled off her top.

Becky didn’t seem sure now. She looked over at me as if to ask permission, then lowered her glance and noticed my hardon. That seemed to get her over any reluctance. She cradled both of Arie’s breasts in her hands, bouncing them as she looked first at Arie, then again at Steve and me.

She gripped the left tit in a tight squeeze and, looking straight into my eyes, sucked Arie’s nipple–hard. She stretched that gorgeous breast out taut, gripping it with her teeth, and shook her head back and forth. Arie leaned back and strained against the pull as Becky made that tit quiver and shake.

“And who’d’ve thought, 20-some years ago, we’d be getting hard-ons watching out wives make out?” Steve murmured.

“Oh yes, baby, YES!” Arie moaned. “Bite ’em! YES! Pull ’em, twist ’em, HARDER! YES!”

Becky pinched Arie’s right nipple between her thumb and forefinger and twisted! Arie groaned in delight. Becky put a hand in the center of Arie’s chest and pushed her back as she sucked and twisted both of Arie’s firm tits, the breast tissue straining against her chest. Arie was breathing hard and kept up loud whispers of, “Yes, yes—-oh YES!”

Steve’s eyes were wide. So were mine! Arie’s were closed tight.

Arie unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop –commando. Not really a surprise at this point. The scent of her arousal filled the room.

Becky dropped her grip and Arie worked feverishly to strip her. It took a little longer to get Becky undressed–buttons on the blouse, bra, panties, shoes–but soon enough there were our gorgeous wives, naked in front of us, and Becky was right back at Arie’s tits!

Neither of us tried to disguise our boners, and Steve was unabashedly rubbing his through his shorts.

God damn! What a sight!

There was Arie– tall, fit, red hair above and below, moaning at Becky’s very aggressive breast play. Arie was a runner, lithe and toned, and her tits were just slightly bigger than my wife’s–C cups to Becky’s Bs.

And there was Becky– diminutive, with smaller slightly saggy breasts, salt and pepper hair, a little extra padding, and a dark, thick bush. The two of them were clinging to each other with a passion that I’d never have guessed was in them!

Becky dropped to her knees and began kissing Arie’s belly. With one hand still extended and pulling on Arie’s tits, she was working her lips and tongue down the inside of each thigh and using the free hand to stroke Arie’s thin red bush.

Becky leaned back slightly, looked up into Arie’s eyes, and began fingering her pussy lips. Arie quivered. Becky used both hands to gently spread Arie’s labia and delicately kissed around the edges of her bush. She kissed gently now, in contrast to the tit play, while Arie took over on her nipples, pinching, twisting, tugging and pulling.

“Don’t make me wait forever,” Arie begged. Droplets of moisture ran down the inside of her thighs.

With slow deliberation, Becky looked into Arie’s eyes, extended her tongue and moistened her lips. Keeping the eye contact, she began to slowly, slowly, move toward Arie’s waiting pussy. When Becky’s tongue finally reached the opening of Arie’s vagina, Arie was jolted, like she’d been shocked! A cry escaped her lips. Becky pulled back away.

“More. Please—more,” Arie begged.

Once more Becky advanced, but this time she closed her lips around Arie’s clit and sucked. Arie’s breath caught, then she began to pant. Becky ran a finger up Arie’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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