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This is a work of pure fiction. After seeing a documentary on Plato’s Retreat, I decided to cast my wife Julie as the star of the story. Unprotected sex with strangers was the “norm” pre-AIDS.


August 1978. It was a hot summer on Long Island. Julie and I had been married about a year. She was 21 to my 22. We were attending a party at her bosses house with his other employees, when the suggestion that started a new chapter in our lives was made. There were about 20 of us all together. Her boss, “call me Joe” was bout 40, tall and good looking. His very attractive wife was about the same age. Most of the employees were in their late twenties, early thirties. A few hours and many cocktails into the party, the crowd had dwindled to four couples, the boss and his wife, the chief accountant James and his wife, her bosses secretary Lisa and her husband Sam. We were sitting on a huge couch, Julie between her boss and me. In her halter top and hip huggers, Julie looked smokin’ hot. Joe was idlily stroking Julie’s arm. I pretended not to notice.

Angela, the bosses wife, asked if we had heard about Plato’s Retreat. Of course we all had. A club where swinging was openly engaged in was big news, even in NYC. She told us that one of her friends and her husband had gone and just “watched” the goings on.

James’ wife Sara guffawed, “I bet they only watched!”

Lisa, quite drunk, said “Is it really an orgy? Naked men? I’ve only seen Sam naked!”

Sam said, laughing, “And let’s keep it that way!”

“I would go.” It sounds like quite the experience!” said Angela.

“So would I!” said Lisa and Julie in unison.

Sam looked as shocked as I was. Even if Julie felt that way, I didn’t expect her to blurt it out in public.

Not wanting to get into a disagreement with Julie or her bosses wife, I kept my mouth shut.

“Sara? What about you?” queried Joe.

“Don’t think so. Not something I’d enjoy to even watch. Anyway, it’s tough for us to get a sitter for the kids.”

With that said, Sara told James she was tired and they left.

After they departed, Joe said, “Next weekend is Labor Day. Why don’t I get us a limo, we can grab some dinner in the city, then go to Plato’s. We understand they have music and dancing, as well as the sex. If it’s not our cup of tea, we can go somewhere else.”

Julie and Lisa readily agreed.

“It’s settled then! Let’s meet here at 7 next Saturday night, ” stated with authority.

Finishing my drink, I said “We really should be going.”

Surprisingly, Julie, who looked very comfortable, concurred.

As soon as we got into the car, Julie rubbed my crotch with one hand while she slid down in her seat with her other hand in her pants.

” I need you to fuck me!” she growled as we drove off.

“Yeah baby!” I said. “Can’t wait until I get you into bed!”

Un-zipping her pants, she slid them down and kicked them off.

“I want your dick inside me now!” she said, reaching for my zipper. “Find a dark place to park!”

Pulling my now stiff cock out, Julie applied her considerable oral skills to convince me.

Turning into escort bursa a dark parking lot, I slid the car seat all the way back as Julie climbed onto my cock, her wet pussy easily engulfing my dick.

Lifting her top over her tits, Julie was tweaking her nipples while bouncing up and down on my tool.

“Oh fuck yes! That feels soooo good!” Julie was practically screaming.

Grabbing her ass with both hands, I spread her cheeks, slowly working a finger into her anal passage.

“Mother Fucker!” I’m cumming!” Julie yelled, furiously rubbing her clit.

Orgasming with a huge shudder, Julie rested against me for a moment.

Sliding off me, Julie grabbed my dick, and before sticking it back in her mouth, said “Cum in my mouth!”

Swirling her tongue around, then rapidly bobbing her head up and down, she quickly finished me as I spewed my seed down her throat.

Purring like a satisfied cat, Julie said, “That was great!” as she pulled her halter back over her tits and slid her pants back on.

“Sure the fuck was,” I agreed.

“What made you so horny?”

Julie smiled, saying “All that talk about sex and the alcohol.”

“So the thought of watching others have sex excites you? Or is it the possibility of group sex?” I knew Julie liked to flirt and talk about having a threesome, but that was it. She would back off if anyone responded to the flirting and when I called her bluff on a threesome, she had said

“I don’t know. I think the thought of it excites me more than actually doing it.”

Still, we had discussed it.

Fast forward through an uneventful week. I’m waiting in the kitchen for Julie so we can leave.

She enters, looking like a red haired Debbie Harry, in a short black skirt, platform shoes, a deep V-neck skin tight tee shirt and no bra, her perky nipples clearly on display.

“Damn! You look smoking hot!” I said, stating the obvious.

“Thanks! I’m actually excited about going to Plato’s. I heard that there are sometimes celebrities partying there!” Julie gushed.

“That’s great! But I don’t know if I’d get my hopes up about getting in, because of that.”

Giving me a quick kiss, Julie said, “Oh, we’ll get in! Joe is the owner’s insurance agent!”

When we arrived at Joe and Angela’s, the limo was there, the other two couples already in the back. The chauffer opened the door, Julie entered and took the seat next to Joe, who was patting it as if to signal where she sit. I (not happily)took the seat facing her.

On the drive in, the champagne flowed freely, Joe seeing to it that Lisa and Julie’s glasses where always full.

As we crossed the bridge, Joe lit up and passed around a joint. I declined as did Sam, but Angela, Lisa and Julie shared it happily.

Instead of the main entrance, Joe had the limo drop off at a rear entrance where he spoke the hulking guy at the door. Less than five minutes later, the door reopened, a guy came out and warmly greeted Joe, who waved to us to follow him.

Going at first to the bar, where Joe bought the ladies more champagne and the guys beer, then led us all to the disco.

Entering bursa merkez escort the disco, first thing I noticed was the various states of undress the patrons were in, some women topless, others in extremely skimpy outfits. The men were equally garbed.

Exclaiming “When in Rome!” Angela removes her already revealing dress and clad in her bra, panties and shoes, pulls Joe onto the dance floor.

Not wanting to be outdone, Lisa pulls her top over her head, un-hooks her bra, freeing her ample tits and heads out to dance.

She quickly acquires a guy dressed in tight shorts as a partner.

Seeing that, Sam heads out to cut in.

I glance at Julie who is moving to the music. She turns to me, gives me a big kiss, then putting a hand on my shoulder, un-zips then steps out of her skirt, throwing it onto a couch.

“Now let’s dance!” she shouts over the music, dragging me onto the disco floor.

After a few dances in which the partners were changing constantly, the six of us sat down on a couch.

While dancing, Angela had removed her bra, displaying a nice rack.

“You’re the only one with a top on!” she teased Julie.

“Not for long!” shouted Lisa, reaching behind Julie to unsnap her bra and pull it off.

Playfully slapping at Lisa’s arm, Julie half heartedly says,

“Give it back!”

In response, Lisa throws it onto the dance floor, where it’s caught by this large shirtless black guy dancing with two women.

When Julie goes to retrieve it from him with me on her tail, he holds it away from her.

“Dance with me first mama, then you can have it back, ” he says grinning.

I’m about to intervene when Julie says.

“One dance, ok?”

Smiling, he grabs her hand and pulls her toward him.

“Dance with my bro here” he instructs his two former partners.

Before I can stop her, one of them wraps her arms around me and sticks her tongue into my mouth.

Seeing that, Julie begins to grind into her new friend.

Taking that as an invitation, he squeezes her barely covered ass with his large hand.

Instead of pulling away, Julie kisses him deeply.

I’m distracted by the two girls alternately kissing me and each other and rubbing my growing erection.

One of them pulls my mouth down to her tit, which, being after all a healthy horny male, I nibble on.

When I look for Julie, the scene has changed.

Julie has her back up against her partner who has one hand in her panties. Joe is sucking on her tits, Sam and a now topless Angela are making out on the couch while next to them, Lisa is straddling a guy in skimpy shorts and basically giving him a lap dance while he plays with her tits.

Our trio finds ourselves on a couch on the other side of the room, one of them on my lap, while the other has one hand in her friends snatch and the other on my cock.

Looking up for a moment, I see that “my group” has disappeared.

I tell my two new friends that I have to look for my wife.

“Terence likes the orgy room so he can show off his body,” the blonde tells bursa yabancı escort me.

“Let’s all go!” her brown haired friend adds.

The orgy room is just that. Amongst the many writhing bodies, I finally locate Julie.

She is riding Terence’s cock while sucking Joe’s, one of her hands rubbing her clit.

Terence has one of his big fingers in her ass.

The moment of truth! Another guy was fucking my wife. She was sucking someone else’s cock.

Was I jealous? Pissed off?

Instead I found myself turned on.

The problem of what to do next was solved for me by the blonde (to this day, I still don’t know her name) who helped me out of my pants, knelt down and proceeded to my cock a tongue lashing followed by some deep throating.

I gently pulled her off my cock and pushing her down, slowly put my raging hard on into her slit. Holding her hips, I begin to pick up the rhythm occasionally smack her ass, which she enjoys.

While I’m doing this, the scene before me has changed.

Terence now has Julie on her back, knees over his shoulders, fucking her hard as she seems to be in the throes of a constant orgasm.

Joe is now having his cock sucked by “brown hair”, Lisa is getting it doggy style, her big tits swaying and Angela is having her pussy eaten by Sam as she plays with her nipples.

No longer able to contain myself, I fill blondie’s cunt with my sperm.

Spent, I relax back into a sitting position.

No long after Terence stiffens, bellows “Here it comes bitch” and proceeds to dump a prodigious amount into my wife’s pussy.

When he pulls out, jizz leaks out of her gaping hole. And I’m amazed at the size of his tool.

I’m not small, but shit!

After pulling out, Terence gets off of Julie, and sits back.

Blondie leaves me, crawls over and proceeds to play with and lick Terence’s cock.

Joe leans down to his cock sucker who smiles and moves to me, rubbing her tits on my cock, then using her mouth to bring it back to attention.

As soon as Brown Hair leaves him, Joe is all over Julie, kissing her and squeezing her tits before mounting her.

My little friend now standing tall, Brown Hair pushes me back and placing him in her pussy, begins to ride me while feeding me her tits.

Lost in my own lustful world, I forget about Julie.

Rolling over into missionary, I glance over to see Joe fucking Julie doggy style, her eyes half closed in sexual ecstasy. Joe has a firm hold on her hips and is thrusting vigorously.

All around them are a tangle of bodies performing any number of sex acts. Sam, standing, is beast fucking Angela up against a wall.

God knows where Lisa is!

Feeling me stiffen, Brown Hair urges me to cum on her tits. Aiming to please, I shoot a stream of man goo all over them, then watch as she massages it into her chest.

Feeling sated, I want to relax and have a drink.

I wait until Joe collapses onto then rolls off Julie, then head over.

Joe is pulling Julie’s head to his cum covered cock. She smirks as me as she proceeds to lick and suck it clean.

“Think it’s time to go?” I ask both of them.

Julie stops administering to Joe’s cock long enough to say,

” I don’t think Joe is done yet. I know I’m not. Why don’t you go find Lisa? You’ve always wanted to squeeze those tits. Now’s your chance.”

To be continued……………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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