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I work for a retail company and one of my responsibilities is performing regular audits of our retail stores. I know what your thinking, there’s a fun job, and your right the job itself is boring and sometimes the travel gets to be a pain in the ass but the pays good and as I found out last summer there can be some other benefits to the job.

My boss came to see me last March and told me operations wanted to increase the number of stores we visited. I wasn’t very happy as I was already pressed for time to complete the current number of stores plus the other projects I have to do. My boss suggested we look into getting summer students to do the bulk of the stores. I was happy about that as the store visits were getting boring and I had refined the visit program enough that anyone could do it with proper training.

I immediately contacted HR to send out a job posting to the local universities. We wanted someone still in school but mature enough to be able to work on their own. They needed to have their own car, so it cut down on the number responses we received. I reviewed resumes and selected six people to interview. I was suppose to interview them with an HR representative present but the HR rep had to cancel so I did the interviews myself (thank god for that).

The first three interviews were okay but none of the candidates were anything special (however you want to define special). The fourth interview was Erin. I took one look at her and nearly came in my pants. I think I had decided to hire her for the visual distraction alone, even before interview. I was given full discretion to hire who I wanted so I already knew what I wanted to do (and who I wanted to do it with).

Erin was absolutely striking. She had long light brown hair, with piercing green eyes. When you looked at her you could see the hint of mischief hiding behind. She was tall, around 5’9″, which was mostly legs. She had a beautiful firm ass that was hypnotic when she walked and perfectly proportioned breasts. She dressed to accentuate her assets without coming across as completely slutty (there was just a hint of slut, but that was part of her charm). To top it off, even though she was 21, she could have passed for 17 or 18. The touch of innocence on top of her looks was a killer combination.

During the interview, I tried to conduct myself in a professional manner. Several times I found myself drawn to her breasts or I would lose myself in her eyes and miss something she said. She smiled through out the interview, which lit up her face with a glow that could bring a man to his knees. By the end of the interview I was convinced, not just for personal reasons, that she was the right choice for one of the positions (I figured she would be great in any number of positions) and I had a raging hard on that I knew I couldn’t hide if I got up to take walk her downstairs.

“Erin, I’m very impressed and I think it is safe to say you’re hired for one of the two positions. I’ll need to confirm a couple of things regarding pay rate and start date but if you want the job, its yours.” I smiled and extended my hand to congratulate her.

Erin smiled and lightly took my hand standing up and moving around my desk, quickly locking the door as she passed. “you’ll fine that I’m very impressive in more that just two positions.” I’m sure I heard my jaw hit the desk but it was likely just the shock. Erin perched on the edge of my desk, dropping a shoe onto the floor and placing her bare foot on my chair. She pushed my chair back and rubbed her foot over my very hard and very sensitive cock. The position of her leg caused her skirt to slide up her thigh to reveal a bare pussy already glistening with juice.

I leaned back and gazed up her legs to her bare pussy, moaning slightly as she continued to rub my cock through my pants. “Erin, as much as I hate to stop you, I’m going to cum in my pants soon and I still have two more interviews to do.” Erin smiled and slid off the desk to the floor, replacing her foot with a soft hand.

“Well, you’re in no condition to do another interview now and it would do to have a stain on your pants would it?” Erin quickly undid my belt and pants pulling them and my underwear down to my knees. Erin grinned when she revealed my 9″ cock, the tip slick with precum. “I’ll definitely be back for this big boy.” She said as she slide my slick cock into her very warm and wet mouth. Erin slowly moved her mouth up and down on my cock, occasionally grazing the underside with her teeth, just the way I like it. Given the state of arousal I was in from the moment I saw her and her earlier rubbings, it took less than a minute for me to explode in her mouth.

I hadn’t had sex in a while and pumped a huge load into her waiting mouth. Erin was more than up to the task, swallowing the whole load before she cleaned my cock and stood up. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips, the slightest taste of my cum still on her lips. “Next time I want that beautiful cock of yours inside me.” She smiled again and put on her jacket, she blew escort bostancı me a kiss before slipping out the door, thankfully closing it behind her as my pants were still around my knees. I sat there for a minute until my phone rang; my next interview was there. I pulled up my pants, straightened myself up and met the next candidate.

The next candidate was a guy, and very qualified. I felt a slight twinge of jealousy as I knew the two summer students would be spending time on the road together. I thought of this guy going after Erin (I mean who wouldn’t) and thought if the next candidate is even half decent, I going with her. It was a terrible way to do business but after that blow job my mind wasn’t exactly working well.

The last interview of the day was at 5:30. She had a late class and I agreed to wait. Most of the other people in the office were gone and I would likely be the last one here by the time the interview was over. I met Holly downstairs and lead her up to my office. Holly was an attractive girl, about the same age as Erin but she didn’t have that same sexual presence about her.

Holly was about 5’6″, jet-black hair and a fair complexion. Her eyes were a bright blue (I figured they were contacts) but they didn’t hold the same level of complexity as Erin. Holly did have a great ass and she had larger breasts than Erin. Had I not already interviewed Erin, I would have thought Holly was a real looker. Thankfully Erin’s earlier attention made it easy to keep my cock under control. The interview went well but I was torn. The previous candidate would be better for the job but when I thought about Erin, I didn’t want to hire competition.

“Holly, thank you so much for coming in. Too be honest, I’ve already hired one person and I am torn between you and one other person for the second position. I’m going to set-up a second interview for you and the other candidate in the next day or so and I’ll make my decision then.” I stood to shake Holly’s hand to thank her again, she hesitated slightly before shaking and stopped before she turned to leave.

“Michael, is there anything I can do to change you mind? I really need this job, I’ve missed out on the other co-op position and if I don’t get this one I may not be able to graduate next year.” Holly’s voice suddenly became a lot more sultry and sexual, it was as if she turned on a switch and was suddenly little miss slut.

“Holly, I don’t know what else you could do to convince me tonight. I have to think things over and look at them with a fresh eye.” I said, trying to play it cool. I could feel my cock start to grow, part of me wanted to fuck her here and now but the situation felt so different that Erin. I didn’t want to take advantage of a vulnerable girl but Holly was not about to be put off.

Holly dropped her jacket on the floor and in one fluid motion had lifted her sweater over her head revealing a silky bra that barely contained her large breast. Her nipples were firm and clearly visible through the sheer bra. Holly quickly adjusted the cups, exposing her breasts to me fully. My cock was now straining against my pants, much to Holly’s delight. I have always enjoys large firm breast (I know, what man doesn’t) but breast are my favorite things on a woman. The softness and firmness together, the responsiveness of the nipple, the subtle curves, the feel of a nipple as you run you fingers or tongue over it. I could go on for a while but I knew Holly had me, and she knew it too.

Holly smiled and dropped her knees in front of me. Using the same practiced move as Erin, she had my pants around my knees before I could blink. She grabbed my cock and pumped it gently a couple of times, she smiled and looked up at me, “I see how the first person got her job.” I looked down and you could clearly see lipstick on my cock. I tried to argue but I was lost for words when Holly slipped my cock into her mouth.

Holly’s style was different that Erin’s, it seemed more mechanical but none the less effective. I reached down and began to fondle her breasts as she continued to work on my hard cock. After several minutes Holly stopped and got off her knees. She sat softly on the edge of my desk and slowly lifted her skirt. As with Erin she wasn’t wearing any underwear (got to love college girls these days).

“I was just planning on giving you a blow job in hopes of getting the job, but after seeing that cock, I’ve decided, screw the job I need a good fucking.” I was a little taken back by Holly’s bluntness but I was too far gone to get turned off. I kicked off my pants and dropped down before Holly’s exposed pussy. I thought it was bare at first but realized she kept a small heart shaped patch of hair at the top of her slit. Next to breast, the scent of a pussy is my next favorite thing. I dove into Holly’s cunt with reckless abandon. I wasn’t going for gentle lovemaking. If Holly needed a good fucking, then dam it that’s what I was going to give her.

Holly threw her head back and started to moan, I thanked god that the office was empty ümraniye escort because she wasn’t being discreet. After several minutes Holly grabbed my head and held it against her soaking wet pussy. I could feel her tremble as an orgasm shook her body. A minute later she released my head and feel back onto the desk. “Oh, fuck. I needed that something fierce. Don’t stop now, I’m dying to get that big cock of yours inside me.” Something about her tone and body language made me question her sincerity but when a good-looking woman is laying spread open on you desk, you don’t really care why.

I moved back between her legs and slide easily into her dripping wet pussy. I may not have had a lot of experience with women but it was easy to tell Holly had a lot of experience with men. I began to thrust into her cunt, wishing for a bit more friction but her well use pussy was definitely stretched out. Holly began moaning almost as soon as I entered her. I was convinced that she was playing me just to get the job so I decided to be a little rougher that I normally would. I began pounding into hard, rocking the desk back and forth. After several minutes I realized this was going to do it for me and pulled out.

Before Holly could say a word I pulled her off the desk and flipped her over. I re-entered her soaked cunt and started pounding again. Holly’s moans increased and this time I felt they were mostly real. From behind provided me with better friction but something about Holly demanded a different approach. I pulled out of her again and slammed into her ass. Holly cried out from the sudden intrusion, not expecting me to take her up the ass.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Holly cried out as I continued to drive into her ass. “Your cunt isn’t tight enough for me but your ass obviously hasn’t been used as much. Don’t worry, you got the job but it’s time to finish what you started.” I continued to drive hard into her ass, which was very tight. It would surprise me if I was her first anal intruder. Holly was sobbing lightly on the desk from the pain of my rough entry. I was starting to feel bad about taking her how I did but her tight ass was also starting to get the better of me.

I pulled her back off the desk a bit so I could reach around and finger her clit. After a minute or so she started to respond to my fingers and grind back into me as I fucked her ass. I kept up my assault for several minutes until I could feel myself building towards orgasm. Holly’s moans were growing and I figured she was close to a second orgasm herself. I slowed my thrusting and increased my rubbing, which had the desired effect of pushing her over the edge. As Holly came down from orgasm I pulled out quickly from her ass and exploded all over her ass and back. I fell back into my chair, my cock already starting to shrink.

After a very quiet couple of minutes, Holly finally lifted herself off the desk. I was starting to feel bad about what I had done, and was going to apologize but the look on Holly’s face changed my mind. She was wearing a huge smile and had a look of complete satisfaction. “I’ve never been taken up the ass before you know. But I have always wanted to be taken. I’ve always know I like it a little rough but no one has really taken sex from me before, I’ve always given it away. Thanks for the great fuck, and the job too.” Holly leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It definitely was not the same soft, sensual kiss I got from Erin but these were two very different women.

The next day I confirmed with my boss and HR the two people I had hired. Two long weeks later both Holly and Erin started. The nights leading up to their start date were filled with wild sexually explicit dreams. I woke up almost every morning with a wet spot on the sheets. The problem with wild sexual fantasies and dreams is that they seldom come true. I have a vivid imagination but even I didn’t conceive of what happened during Erin and Holly’s first week.

It was Monday April 21st when Erin and Holly started. We had limited space in the office and considering that Erin and Holly were going to be on the road most of the time, it was decided they would share my office (not that I complained). My office was large enough to squeeze in another desk and I had two more computer connections installed. The laptops I order arrived the Friday before and were ready to go. Erin arrived first and looked as stunning as I remember. She was wearing a very professional business outfit that made her look both professional and very feminine at the same time (from some of the outfits I’ve seen, its not an easy look to pull off).

Erin was all smiles and positively glowed. I took her up to my office and got her laptop for her, showed her how to get onto the network, etc. The whole time there was a slow building of sexual tension. Neither of us mentioned what had happened in the interview but it was just below the surface. Holly showed up a half hour late. Holly was wearing an outfit that could be classified as professional, if you consider a hooker a professional. kartal escort bayan Holly received several disapproving stares from both the men and women as I showed her up to the office.

I introduced Holly to Erin and I could tell right away they were not going to work well together. Holly shook Erin’s hand and gave her the once over, nodding to herself. “Michael’s got a nice cock doesn’t he?” Were the first words after hello that Holly said. I quickly closed the door and told Holly to sit down. She sat down and lifted a leg over the arm of her chair, her short skirt revealing her uncovered pussy. She winked at me and I just shook my head. Erin smiled and sat down as well.

“Holly, that’s interesting business attire you’re wearing, planning on hitting the streets at lunch?” I realized Erin might look sweet but she had a bit of a bitch in her too. “And you’re right, Michael has a beautiful cock. I’m looking forward to seeing it soon.” Me cock, hearing it’s name, started to come to life in my pants, obvious to both Erin and Holly. “Erin, would mind excusing Holly and me for a moment, we need to discuss a couple of things.” Erin nodded and left, giving Holly a nasty glare as she left my office.

“She’s a real bitch, where did you find her, the kennel?” Holly laughed the most undignified laugh I ever heard. I was thankful Erin closed the door on the way out. “Holly, we need to talk. First thing, the way you are dressed is not appropriate for working here. The company has specific dress codes and informal standards as well that you will have to adhere to. Second, you and Erin obviously don’t like each other but you have to work together. I will be talking to Erin as well, but you have to keep things civil while you are at work. I don’t care if you ever speak to each other after work but while you’re here, you will behave as professionals.”

Holly smiled and stood up, she turned and bent over the chair, lifting her skirt to expose her bare ass (my cock stirred again). “I’ve been bad on my first day, I think I need to be punished for that. Please, I deserve a good spanking.” My brain was slowly losing its battle with my dick but the right head won out (for now). “Holly, we can’t behave like this during work hours. I don’t know what you’re thinking but we still have work to do.” Holly frowned and then shrugged her shoulders, looking every bit of the white thrash she was dressed as. I opened the door to find Erin talking with several of the IT geeks. She saw me and said goodbye coming back into the office. Every man in range was watching her ass as she walked away.

The rest of the day went off with only minor incidents. The next day we were going on the road. I was planning on taking Erin and Holly to several stores throughout the area to train them on the store audit program. This was were most of my wild fantasies came into play, on the road, long drives, hotel rooms, hot tubs and saunas, you can fill in the rest. After the first day though, I was thinking it would be a nightmare.

Holly and Erin arrived on time at the office the next day, both dressed very professionally. I smiled at Holly and said she looked very professional. She smiled and pinched my ass as I walked past her. Erin shook her head and muttered something (I believe it was slut) under her breath. I went through the program with Erin and Holly before we left the office and then we headed out on the road. I decided to start us a full days drive away and we would work our way back to the office by the end of the week.

I started out driving with Erin in the front seat and Holly in back. Things started out pleasant enough but before long it became a silent and uncomfortable car ride. We stopped for lunch around noon, had a quick meal and headed out again. This time Holly was in front. About an hour after we left, Erin fell asleep in the back seat. I would steal glances at her in the rearview mirror, I watched the subtle rising and falling of her breasts as she slept. Holly also noticed Erin falling asleep and took full advantage.

Before I even realized what was happening, Holly had pulled my cock out of my pants and was pumping it to life with her hand. “Holly, what are you doing!” I admonished quietly, not wanting to wake Erin. “What do you think, and be quiet or you’ll wake Erin.” Holly unfastened her seat belt and leaned over, engulfing my cock with her mouth. As put off as I was, her attention still helped the lower head win out over the upper one. Holly’s technique was different than the last time she sucked my cock, she seemed more into it, using her tongue to tease and play. Several times she even hit that spot I like with her teeth, her sucking was building me towards a huge explosion but it was also diverting my attention from the road.

I closed my eyes for a second and moaned when Holly hit my favorite spot, she was a quick learner because she picked up on my reactions. I was nearing orgasm when I drifted to the side of the road and hit the grooves designed to alert drivers they were wandering. I must say they worked as it snapped my back to my driving but it also woke Erin up. I could see her in the rear view mirror, puzzled at first by Holly’s disappearance but she quickly clued in to what was happening (the sloppy sucking noises were the first clue, my moans the second).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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