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I’ve had too much to drink tonight…I know this. Especially considering that I’m home alone. Drinking always makes me horny…and before I’d even felt tipsy I’d felt the tingling in my sex. The warmth of the blood rushing to my nether region causes me to be acutely aware of the fact that I am home alone, and that there is no one I can turn to in order to satiate my needs. I’m horny. There is no denying it. Though acknowledging this doesn’t make me stop drinking….

I’m sitting here at my computer, thinking about how much I’d like you to be here with me, but you’re so far away. I imagine your hands on my body, caressing my skin. I reach under my shirt, teasing my senses that have both been heightened and numbed by the alcohol. My nipples perk almost the moment my fingers find them, I love the feeling. I tease them for a while, caressing, playing, pinching, pulling, twisting…I admire the soft pink smoothness gathering into a tight nub at the end of my full breast. I’ve always loved my nipples being played with, though I love it more when it’s someone else, but I close my eyes softly and imagine your hands toying Casibom with me. I’ve gone to get my nipple clamps now…silver rings that pinch around my perked up nipples…keeping them alert and causing just a little bit of pain.

You know how much I like a little pain.

I trace my fingers down my stomach toward the top of my slacks. I’m thinking about stopping. I know you wouldn’t allow me to be touching myself if you knew. I’m yours, totally and completely…you tell me when I’m allowed to cum, when I’m allowed to play…when I’m allowed to enjoy myself. But what you don’t know won’t hurt you…right? And it won’t hurt me either…at least…not until you read this…and then it’ll only hurt in the way that I like so very much. I slip my hands under the soft grey cloth covering me from the waist down.

The alcohol is affecting me even more, it’s becoming more and more difficult to type coherently…one handed typing is difficult enough without inebriation. I find my panties are wet. I should have known they would be I was so very turned on. I don’t even remember really what triggered it. Just Casibom Giriş thoughts I suppose…of you, of the cuffs…of the vibrator. I slip my hand under my panties. It’s hot there, and moist….the smooth skin dampened by my own intoxication. I take another sip of whiskey and slip my middle finger between my lower lips.

Fire…electric fire. It washes over me in waves…both stronger and weaker from the booze. I both feel it and don’t…I have to stop typing for a moment…I NEED to touch my nipples. My god that feels so good. I could play like this forever…but you’ll be home soon, and I want to be done by then…I need to make this fast. I can’t let you catch me with my hand in my pants…not if I want to cum tonight,

I start rubbing my clit hard and fast…dipping my finger down low every so often to gather wetness. I slide over my clit in quick counterclockwise motions. I’m going to stop typing again to touch my nipples….I squeezed the rings down harder, the pain is luscious. I start to moan, moving a second finger to my clit. I can feel the wetness slipping down to my ass, pooling under me as I sit here in my chair. I steal a glimpse at the door, making sure you’re not home yet, and then slide those fingers up inside me. rubbing them rapidly in and out, I move my thumb over my clit, stimulating everything I can. I MUST cum before you get home…I’ve gone too far now and I know you’ll keep it from me all week when you read this.

You don’t really mind though, do you? When your toy pleasures herself…..when she reminds you what a bad little cum slut she really is…you know you love it….and love to punish me for it.

I’m close now…so very…I can feel the need burning inside me…I won’t be able to hold it back much longer…I hear your car outside…the beep of the alarm locking…just have a few moments now…I imagine what’ll happen when you walk in…and that’s all I need. Wave after wave of sweet release wash over me as I imagine my punishment. I can feel the muscle of my pussy pulsing around my fingers as I hold them there for a moment.

I can hear your keys in the door…I’m going to leave this up on the computer…you’re sure to see it as you walk in. When you’re done reading, I’ll be in the bedroom…naked, with my favorite vibrator buried inside me…I look forward to knowing what you intend to do to teach your little slut a lesson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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