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I opened my eyes to a new day. Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” played on my phone at full volume to wake me up. I didn’t want to get up. I only got four hours of sleep the night before because my boss hadn’t bothered showing up for the day so I had to stay late.

As soon as the guitar kicked in, my German Sheppard woke up too. Her deep barks now filled the room, ensuring that I would now get up-as if I had any other option to begin with.

I let the song continue to play on my phone. I stretched out my arms and got up out of bed, the sudden cold of the air now just hitting my almost-naked body.

I walked up to the window in my bedroom and opened the shades to view a dreary and glum morning. The song promised a sun shining in the sky, but the reality was only dark clouds and rain.

I made my coffee and let Sasha, my dog, out. I checked the clock on my phone. 45 minutes before I had to leave for work. I went through my morning routine, feeding Sasha, showering, and shaving.

After I was done shaving, I took five minutes to do my morning workout, which was just pushups and sit-ups. At age 39, my body was trying to get me to accept a dad bod, but I fiercely resisted, trying to maintain my good physical fitness.

When I finished, I checked the clock again. 15 minutes. I had been unusually fast today. I picked out the suit, shirt and tie I would wear today for work. My wardrobe was not big, so it didn’t take long.

I almost never had this much time in the morning, so I decided to give myself a treat. I grabbed my phone, pulled up some porn and started jerking off.

And of course, as soon as I begin, I get an alert on my phone. There’s been an accident downtown. Heavy traffic.

“Fuuuck!” I audibly screamed out, causing Sasha to come running into my room.

I headed out the door as quickly as I could and sped to work, trying to minimize the delay. It wasn’t successful. Even with all that time I had to spare earlier, I showed up thirty minutes late to work.

The elevator doors opened to my company’s floor. I immediately moved my sight to my boss’ office. Her lights were off, so she wasn’t in yet. It was uncharacteristic of her, but I wasn’t complaining. The crisis was averted.

I walked up to our receptionist, a 32-year old obese woman named Martha who was an absolute sweetheart. Sitting behind her was a young girl.

“Hey, Martha, might I ask who this little one is?” I asked, having never seen a kid around the office before.

“This is my daughter, Belinda. It’s bring your daughter to work day,” she responded.

“Oh,” I said, surprised. “I didn’t even know we had one of those.”

“Just instituted this year,” Martha replied.

I walked away and took a quick peek into some of the cubicles. Sure enough, there were more young girls throughout.

“This is going to be hell,” I thought to myself, imagining the amount of noise that such a crowd could generate.

“Well, well, well, glad you finally decided to join us, Greg,” a voice behind me shouted out. I immediately recognized it as belonging to my boss, Erin.

Erin was a total bitch of a boss. She never did much work and always yelled at anybody for any small mistake. Instead of taking the blame of things, she threw her employees under the bus. I absolutely hated her from the moment she was transferred 2 years ago to the branch I worked at.

To make matters worse, Erin was also really hot. She was 46, but age never caught up to her. No wrinkles adorned her face, and she still looked like the absolute bombshell she once was. She could have easily passed for someone in their late 20s. Her chin-length blonde hair was always styled immaculately, and she wore short skirts to show off her nice legs.

Standing behind Erin was somebody that I hadn’t met before. It was a woman, or girl rather, who looked about 18. I assumed it was Erin’s daughter, because their faces were very similar. She had long, wavy blonde hair, and was even prettier than Erin. Her entire body was perfectly tanned, giving her an alluring appearance. She could have easily been a supermodel.

“Do you have nothing to say for yourself?” Erin asked me, snapping me back to reality.

“There was an accident along the highway that-” I started.

“It was a rhetorical question. My office-now!” Erin interrupted.

She briskly walked past me and to her office. Her daughter followed close behind.

I joined the two women in Erin’s office, shutting the door behind me.

“Tiffany, sit on the couch,” Erin snapped to her daughter. Tiffany obeyed, lying down and disinterestedly getting on her phone.

“Listen, Erin,” I began. “I’m sorry that I was a little late today. There was a big accident on the highway so traffic was stopped-“

“I do not want to hear your excuses!” Erin cut me off. “This marks two times in the last week that you have been late.”

“The other one was because I had to take my dog to the vet! You can’t blame me for that!” I insisted.

“I already told you that I want no bostancı escort excuses, Greg! Your work is going downhill, and you are not doing yourself any favors by being late. Get your act together and get back to work!”

I opened my mouth to protest again. Our company had nearly doubled in size recently and I was now doing the job of two people. Of course the quality of my work is going to slip.

“Is that clear?” Erin asked before I could speak.

I sighed, knowing that it was futile to argue.

“Yes, Erin.”

“Good. This will not happen again. Now get to work and get out of my sight!”

I immediately left Erin’s office and slunk back to my cubicle.

I stared deeply at the blue computer screen on my desk. I was sick and tired of getting yelled at. I was a defeated man. I slumped in my chair, allowing my head to rest on the desk. I slowly found myself slipping off to sleep…

I awoke sharply when my phone rang. I groggily wiped my eyes, still feeling the effects of working late the night before, something else Erin had done to torture me.

I briefly checked the time on my computer, realizing I had only napped for seven minutes. I checked the caller ID on the phone, and saw it was Erin. I begrudgingly picked up.

“What’s up, Erin?” I asked in a very annoyed manner.

“Listen, Greg. I feel like I was rude to you and unnecessarily abrasive. Please come to my office again and we’ll talk about it.”

I sighed, fully expecting a half-assed, likely somehow insulting apology.

“Be there in a minute,” I replied, and hung up the receiver.

I got up from my desk and started slowly making my way to Erin’s large office.

“Wow, Greg, you’re really looking ripped. Been hitting the gym lately?” Alan, a friend and coworker, asked as I made my way.

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, so I checked in a nearby mirror. Sure enough, my pecs and shoulders looked bigger than when I had looked early in the morning. I shrugged it off as the mirror playing tricks on me.

I walked up to Erin’s office. Her blinds were shut, which struck me as odd, but I opened the door and walked in, quickly shutting it again behind me. When I looked up, I almost shit myself from the surprise.

Leaning back in her chair was Erin, with both of her legs up on the desk and spread apart. Her short skirt was pulled up to her belly-button. One hand was holding onto the back of her chair, and the other was inside of her panties.

Erin’s hand was moving around frantically as she masturbated. Tiffany, her daughter, was sitting, facing away from me, on the edge of the large desk, watching Erin play with herself. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Now, Greg,” Erin said through labored breaths. “You’ve worked here for 15 years now without a promotion. You do a lot of hard work without much reward, so you don’t deserve to get yelled at like I just did to you. And for that, I sincerely apologize.”

I nodded my head slowly, still dumbstruck.

Erin gasped as her fingers found a particularly sensitive spot.

“As a result, I would like to offer you a little bit of a reward. You saw my daughter Tiffany earlier-” Erin gestured with a hand to her daughter, sitting right next to her, “Well, Tiffany just turned 18 yesterday, and my sweet baby is still a virgin. No more than a finger has been in her. So I’m giving you my daughter’s virginity, as a token of gratitude for the work that you put in for this company.”

I was legitimately in shock. I honestly couldn’t believe what was going on in front of my very eyes. The fact that Erin was being appreciative and grateful would ordinarily have led me to a state of disbelief, but this was beyond the realm of reality.

“Uh…” I let out, unable to fully form words.

Erin snapped her fingers. Tiffany got off the desk and turned around to face me as her mother rose from her chair. Standing next to each other, they looked extremely similar in appearance, with Tiffany just a little more youthful and fresh-looking. Erin was also two inches taller, about 5’5″.

Erin removed her suit jacket and began unbuttoning her shirt. As she made her way further down, I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Finally, Erin finished and slipped out of her shirt, leaving her topless.

I took a long stare at Erin’s breasts. They were pretty small, probably a B cup, but were still incredibly perky and full for someone of her age. Her nipples poked out from small, dark pink areolas.

Tiffany pulled her loose shirt over her head, and I immediately noticed another difference between the two.

Tiffany had absolutely fantastic breasts, by far the prettiest pair I’d ever seen. They were very big, at least a DD, firm, and perfectly shaped. Her pencil-eraser nipples were already hard, and protruded from her quarter-sized, pink areolas. She didn’t have any tan lines, telling me she must have sun-bathed naked. Tiffany’s breasts stood out even more due to her small 5’3″, 115-pound frame.

My dick was almost ümraniye escort bayan breaking through my pants just staring at the two women in front of me.

The two women walked around the large desk in the middle of the room and up to me. Erin pushed lightly on my chest, causing me to fall back into a chair behind me. Simultaneously, both women dropped to their knees on the floor in front of me.

Each reached a hand out and they started unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. I pulled my shirt and blazer over my head and flung them across the room leaving me naked as they pulled my pants and underwear down.

As they did, my erection popped out of its tight constraints, basking in its new-found freedom.

Tiffany gasped when she saw it.

“Mom, that’s way bigger than I expected,” she said, still slightly in awe.

I looked down at my own member and was a little surprised myself. It looked a little bigger than the eight inches it normally was.

“Yes, Greg is very naturally gifted,” Erin replied. “Now why don’t you help relieve him?”

Tiffany eagerly nodded her head and looked straight back at me. Erin grabbed the base of my cock with a hand, holding it still for her daughter. Tiffany leaned forward, opened her mouth, and locked her lips around the head of my cock. Her mouth felt so soft and warm that I almost came right there.

“That’s good, baby. Now keep going down,” Erin instructed.

Tiffany slowly pushed her head down, allowing my cock to move further back into her mouth.

“No teeth, remember,” Erin said.

Tiffany nodded her head and opened her jaw more. She continued to take more of my cock until she had about half down.

“Very good,” Erin encouraged. “Now slide back and forth.”

Tiffany obeyed, bobbing her head up and down my cock. She slowly increased her pace as she got more comfortable with the experience. Erin placed her hand on the back of her daughter’s head.

“You’re doing great, Tiff. Isn’t she Greg?” Erin asked.

“Uh-huh,” I grunted out, trying to concentrate on Tiffany’s mouth.

“Use your tongue to lick his cock while you’re doing that,” Erin instructed her further.

Tiffany did just that, running her tongue along the underside of my shaft as her head bobbed back and forth. My dick was throbbing, and I was extremely close to bursting.

“Keep doing just that, Tiff. Greg’s loving it. Now see if you can take all of him in your mouth,” Erin said.

“Okay,” Tiffany said, or at least as well as she could through the cock in her mouth.

With her mom’s hand on the back of her head assisting her, Tiffany slid her mouth further and further down my cock. I could feel my dick being enveloped by her mouth. The head of my cock met the back of her throat, as Tiffany gagged.

Erin pushed her hand down harder. “Keep going, sweetie, you’re almost there.”

Tiffany did continue, pushing forward the final one or two inches until her small nose pressed against my abdomen. My cock was pressing against hard against the back of her throat, and saliva spilled out the sides of Tiffany’s mouth as she choked on my dick.

Erin relaxed her grip on Tiffany. Her young daughter quickly pulled her mouth all the way off my dick. Tiffany gasped and took a moment to regain her breath. Long strands of saliva hung from her lips and connected at the end of my dick, like a spider’s web.

“Great job, Tiff!” Erin excitedly said. “Now keep on sucking him.”

As she said that, Erin crawled forward and positioned herself to the side of her daughter. The MILF leaned forward and licked my balls. Tiffany recovered and took my dick in her mouth again, working over my head with her tongue.

Erin quickly enveloped my entire ballsack in her mouth, sucking and licking on them. My head was all the way back, my eyes closed, as mother and daughter worked in tandem to blow me.

Within a minute, I was on the cusp of a climax. Erin recognized it, too.

She pulled her mouth away from my balls and spoke to her daughter. “Tiff, Greg’s about to cum. Stay on his cock no matter what, alright? And when he’s done, swallow all of his load up.”

Tiffany nodded her head in understanding. Her tongue continued to dart over the head of my cock, her lips creating a perfect seal. I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I let myself melt in her warm mouth.

The first rope hit Tiffany in the back of her throat, causing her to gag and choke. She tried to pull off my cock, but Erin held her head steadily in place. I unloaded a few more spurts onto Tiffany’s tongue, as she continued licking my cock.

I finished cumming, and Tiffany pulled her mouth of off my cock. A few small drops of cum dribbled out the side of her mouth and down her neck, but Tiffany swallowed the rest of my load eagerly.

“Fuck, you’re a natural, Tiffany. Your daughter’s an amazing cocksucker, Erin.”

“She takes after her mom,” my boss said back.

As if to prove her statement, Erin grabbed my slightly-flaccid cock and slipped it between kartal escort her lips. She almost effortlessly took my entire length down her throat and slid her mouth and tongue up and down my cock. I was hard again almost immediately.

“We’ll have to explore that idea more at a later time,” Erin said, her mouth creating a slight “pop” as it slid off my cock. “But for now, we have other matters to attend to.”

Erin stood up, as did Tiffany. Erin leaned in and kissed her daughter squarely on the lips. Tiffany seemed a little surprised at first, but kissed her mother back just as voraciously. The two women parted their lips, allowing their tongues to explore the other’s mouth. They kissed for a minute, before Erin pulled away.

“Greg, your cum tastes excellent by the way,” she complimented me.

I nodded my head, unsure how to take the compliment.

“Now let’s pop this cherry,” Erin said. She laced her fingers through the waistband of her daughter’s jeans, and pulled them to the floor, taking Tiffany’s shoes off at the same time.

Tiffany was going commando, so I got a good look at her beautiful pussy. It was completely shaved, and I admired her swollen labia and protruding clit. Her fatty lips were adorned with plenty of shimmering pussy juice. As if Tiffany weren’t perfect enough, she also had one of the best pussies I’d ever seen.

Erin quickly slipped out of her own skirt and panties, leaving everyone in the room naked. Tiffany moved to the desk, and Erin pushed on her back so Tiffany was bent over at the hips. Erin pushed her daughter’s legs open, her hairless pussy now on full display.

Erin stood next to her daughter and grabbed her hand. “Greg’s going to fuck you now. It will probably hurt at first, but you’ll get used to it. With his cock, it’ll feel really good, okay, sweetie?”

“Alright, mom,” Tiffany replied, somewhat nervously.

I stood up out of my chair and walked behind Tiffany. I ran a finger over her slit, feeling how wet she was. I certainly wouldn’t need any extra lube.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down Tiffany’s lips. She let out a small moan.

“Be gentle at first,” Erin told me. I nodded my head in affirmation.

I positioned my cock just in front of Tiffany’s pretty flower. I slowly moved my hips forward, guiding my cock into Tiffany’s pussy.

Tiffany let out a small squeal just as I put the head in.

“Oh, Christ, that’s too big, Mom. It won’t fit!”

Erin squeezed her daughter’s hand tightly. “Yes, it will, sweetie, don’t worry. Keep going Greg.”

I grabbed Tiffany’s hips for extra support and continued pressing forward, slipping my dick further and further into Tiffany’s extremely tight pussy. I was met with a lot of resistance, but continued pushing.

Tiffany was letting out loud groans and breathing very heavily. But Erin encouraged me to continue, and so I did. Finally, I felt Tiffany’s round ass meet my abdomen as her pussy swallowed up my entire cock. I stood still, letting Tiffany adjust.

Erin let out a small holler. “Great job, honey, you did it! You’re no longer a virgin! My first cock wasn’t anywhere near as large as that! How do you feel?”

“Bloated and sore,” Tiffany curtly replied.

“The pain will subside once Greg starts fucking you. You’re going to love it.”

I took this as my sign. I pulled my cock out about halfway, before slowly thrusting back in to the hilt again. Tiffany let out a low moan, a combination of pleasure and pain.

I pulled out again, going a little farther this time, before pushing in. Tiffany’s pussy seemed to be reacting and stretching as I did so, making each thrust easier than the last.

My pace increased as I started fucking Tiffany. She was now moaning heavily and murmuring obscenities. The pain must have completely gone away.

Tiffany began reacting to my thrusts, pushing her hips back to meet me, letting my dick go even deeper into her pussy. My balls started slapping against her clit, increasing the pitch of her moans.

Erin reached under Tiffany and started rubbing her breasts with one hand, the other still caressing her daughter’s hand.

“Do you feel like you’re about to cum, baby?” Erin asked.

Tiffany nodded, unable to produce the words.

“Good. Just let it flow through you. Embrace it. I told you it would feel excellent.”

I continued fucking Tiffany hard, and when I reached down with a hand and started rubbing her clit, she reached her climax.

Tiffany screamed out and squeezed Erin’s hand extremely tightly. Her pussy twitched around my dick, and I could feel her juices flowing. I continued fucking Tiffany right through her orgasm, about to reach one myself.

As Tiffany’s tight pussy squeezed around my dick, I thrust forward as far as I could, and released. I shot out a huge load of cum, and felt it filling up her pussy.

Tiffany’s body continued to shiver a little as she rode out the aftershocks of her climax.

“God, I’m so fucking wet. I want you to eat my pussy, Tiff,” Erin told her daughter. “Don’t worry. I’ll talk you through it.”

Tiffany nodded her head. I kept my cock still buried in her pussy, feeling the juices mix around it. A few drops of my cum started to leak from Tiffany’s pussy, clinging to her pussy lips and my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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