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The original story took a direction that I (quite rightly) received criticism for. I have re-written the story with a different direction. Any and all comments appreciated, as I like to take all opinions on board.


My name is Victoria, although everyone calls me Vicky. I am a single mother of one son Adam. I am 35 years old and my son is 18. I had Adam when I was 17. I was a young impressionable girl, when his father who was 32, seduced me with his smoldering good looks, class, charm, and his quite rich lifestyle. I was the envy of every girl I knew, that was until he got me pregnant and ran off like a scalded cat.

I pursued him through the courts for maintenance, which I receive and which helps keep us in some level of comfort. That however is no substitute for a man and father.

To get the descriptions out of the way, I am 5ft 2in. I am a brunette with a loose slightly curly style. This may sound a little conceited, but I have a very nice figure and I am also very pretty. I am not boasting, just stating facts. Adam takes after his father, he is quite tall and well made for a young boy, and has inherited his father’s dark swarthy features, and he is very good looking.

This lack of the traditional male figure meant that Adam and I had always been close. We always turned to, and leant on, each other. Throughout his childhood we cuddled and as a young teenager we would still snuggle up. Even now Adam was a young man, we still from time to time, watched TV together cuddling.

I watched Adam develop as a person, through the years, I was now aware of him developing as a young man.

I had seen him naked throughout his childhood, and then seen him in trunks and swim shorts with his friends in the pool as a youth. I always thought he had nothing to be afraid of in the showers so to speak. I know as a mother you shouldn’t do this, but having watched him grow into a young man, I had lately found myself wondering just how much he had grown. He was an adult now, yet he was still only young after all.

I was to accidentally find out.

One day I left the house to go shopping, only to realize when I reached the shops that I had left my purse at home. I returned home and let myself in the front door and shouted


No reply.

As we live in a single storey house, we have a hallway which lets onto the rest of the house. Along this hallway is the bathroom, and as I walked down the hall, I could see the bathroom door was open and hear music playing (This is why Adam had not heard me return.) As I approached the door, I looked at the wall on the other side of the corridor and realized, that through the full length mirror on that wall I could see into the bathroom.

Adam had showered and now stood naked rubbing his hair with a towel. My eyes worked downwards as I gazed at his muscled chest, his flat stomach, his thick black pubic hair and eventually his penis.

“Oh my God, he is so well hung,” I thought. My boy was enormous.

My eyes were fixed on his groin, and then I suddenly came to my senses and moved before he took the towel from his face. I crept back down the hallway and left the house. I got back in my car and found my arms and legs were both quivering as though either shocked or excited.

For the next few days I could do nothing but think about what had happened. The mental picture of my son, and more importantly his penis, would not leave me. When I masturbated using my own son as the focal point I knew something was very wrong.

Unsure of what was happening in my head, for days I fought with the persistent nagging need that I had, for him to see me as I had seen him. The thought would not go away, it was with me constantly, making me both nervous and excited beyond belief. I wanted, no I needed, my son to see me naked and to look at my body. I decided I would never rest, these all consuming thoughts would never leave me, until I had made it happen.

I wanted to exactly re-create what had happened before.

I knew what time Adam got home from his job as an apprentice electronics engineer. I put on music, so as to make him confident I hadn’t heard him come in. I worked out exactly where I had been stood in the hall and the point of the bathroom where he had stood. It got very close to the crucial time. I left the shower running and waited behind the curtains in the sitting room, peering through the gap, my heart leaping into my mouth when his bike came round the corner.

I ran down the hall and I got in the shower to wet myself and make it look authentic. I got out again and took up the pose that I desperately wanted my son to see me in. I heard the door close, but Adam didn’t call out to me, the music making it pointless I assume. He dumped his bag by the door and started down the hallway. As he approached I already had my towel over my face and head, leaving a tiny gap. I peered through this tiny gap to confirm he was there, I desperately needed to know he had seen me, going pendik escort through all this, only to be unsure what he had actually seen would have been torture.

Adam stopped at the point where the angle of the mirror showed me to him. I could see through the gap of the towel as his face took on an appearance of shock and surprise.

I was shaking like a leaf, my own son was watching, as my firm uplifted breasts bounced and jiggled with the action of me rubbing myself. I could see by the angle of his eyes, he was staring at my pussy, taking in my tight, black, curly mound. I was wet through, I was dripping in more ways than one.

We stood like that for as long as we both dared. I decided I had to be the first to make a move, it would be unrealistic for me to continue drying myself for much longer and it would start to look suspicious if I did. I slowly turned my back to him, so he could see my bum as well as allow me to remove the towel, which would be a warning to him to leave.

When I slowly turned around he was gone. I struggled to dress, my whole body shaking, I took time to compose myself and eventually summoned the courage and nerve to go into the kitchen.

“Oh hi mom,” said Adam.

“I was just wondering where you were, I have been home a while.” He was playing the same game of pretence as me!

All that evening, I could both see, and sense Adam’s eyes constantly on me. I was shaking inside with apprehension and fear over what I had deliberately done. What sort of person was I? What sort of woman would do this? The sexual tension between us was stifling. Adam had seen his mom naked, but had no idea that his mom knew this, or that she also had seen him.

“What are you doing tonight Adam?” I asked him, secretly hoping he would be in for the evening.

“Oh I think I will just stay home and watch a movie,” he replied. I secretly hoped he had changed some plan or another to be with me.

“Ok darling, you know what? I quite fancy a night in front of the TV all cosy myself.” I said.

The evening meal was out of the way and all washing up done, as we settled down to watch the TV. We have an L shaped sofa, and Adam lay almost flat on one leg of the sofa with his feet towards the TV and started to watch the movie. I was on the other leg at right angles to him.

“I am a little uncomfortable like this Adam, do you mind if I snuggle with you?” I said.

I know that he would have thought nothing of it in normal circumstances, but he sort of flustered and stammered.

“Oh err yeah, I um, err OK, sure mom,” he managed to blabber out.

I lay with my head on my son’s chest and settled with him.

“Oh jeez mom, that’s no good, I can’t see the TV like this, move down a bit will you,” he complained. I shuffled down a little, my head resting on his stomach.

“A bit further mom I still can’t see the bottom half of the TV.”

I moved further down his body and finished with my head on his lower stomach.

“Yeah that’s ok mom, you are ok there,” he said.

We settled down and watched the movie, the room was in darkness except for the light from the screen. Eventually my eyes became accustomed to the light, and I began to be able to make out the shape of my son’s penis under his sweats. It was right in front of my face, the long length laying flat to his stomach and almost touching my face. I began to be able to make out the actual shape of his big cock, he must have had no underwear on beneath his sweats. As the material clung to his dick I could even see the helmet shape of his circumcised penis in the material.

As we lay together watching, I was getting rather intimidated and unsettled with the situation. This was getting to me, and in a confused state my rationality and judgment was impaired. So with a heart thundering in my chest and a vagina that was more than a little damp,

I touched him.

Adam caught his breath and jerked slightly.

I had been pretending to idly pick bits of cotton from his trousers. I used this as an excuse, and pretended to pick at a loose thread right where his helmet was.

I keep my fingernails well manicured, and with my index finger I very gently ran the long nail over the helmet of his penis, on the outside of his sweats. I felt his body jerk again and then go taut.

We both said nothing, both probably scared out of our wits at this unnatural and unprecedented moment in our lives. I very gently scraped my nail backwards and forwards along the very rim of his helmet on the underside of his penis and made little scratching movements on his shaft on the very sensitive part where the skin meets the helmet.

His cock stiffened, I could hear his heavy breathing and I was sure he hadn’t got a clue how to react. I continued using my nails on the ever expanding shaft head. At this point there was probably a small escape route still. There was still a tiny chance it could somehow be explained away as me touching him by accident. In seconds I decided escort pendik I didn’t want that to be the case, I needed to see this through. I still can’t believe I did what I did.

I took all doubt away.

With trembling hands, I hooked my thumb into his waistband and eased the material away from his penis and pushed them down under his large heavy testicles. His magnificent cock was free and it was inches from my face. Gently cupping his balls with one hand, I enveloped his cock with my lips and drew my own son’s beautiful cock into my mouth.

I heard him draw breath and his body stiffened. I continued to caress his balls whilst I sucked the monster in my mouth. Eventually I left his balls and used my hand to grasp Adam’s penis, my hand was not even close to going around the girth. I sucked as much of my son’s cock as I could fit into my mouth, the rest I gently masturbated. This went on for a while, then I felt Adam, who had been quite still up until now, ever so slightly start to lift his hips to meet my mouth’s downward movement. Ever so slightly he was starting to fuck back at my mouth, I knew he must be wanting to cum.

As his thrusts became a little more pronounced, I felt his hands on the back of my head. He ran his fingers through my hair and gently grabbed two handfuls. I knew that this was it. With quickening thrusts, which I met with quicker, harder and more urgent sucking and masturbating, my son suddenly arched his back. He grabbed my hair tighter, made one last push with his hips and with a tiny whisper of,


He came in my mouth.

Adam came the amount you would expect given the size of his equipment. I could not contain it all and so I did not even try. As jet after jet of hot, salty, potent semen shot into my mouth, with so much power and force, I just slobbered on his cock, which at one time came out of my mouth. The semen flew everywhere.

My son slowly came back down from his orgasm, I could feel his body shaking. Then I could sense the awkward pause when he was thinking,

“What now? What do I do? Are we both going to run to our rooms embarrassed and ashamed for the rest of our lives?”

I didn’t want to give him much time to dwell on this. Until now he had only seen the back of his mother’s head as she had fellated him. Now I twisted onto my front, he could now see my face. He could see the cum on my face and in my hair. I lifted his soft penis in my hand and bent my head down. I started to lick up all the semen that had escaped my mouth and now lay in pools just above his pubic hair line. I licked the cum onto my tongue then made an exaggerated curl of my tongue and took it into my mouth. I noisily sucked the rest of cum from his stomach.

I slid to the floor and moved around between his legs.

We looked into each others eyes, then, cradling his cock in the flat of my palm, I licked up the length of his penis. Two separate lines of cum had escaped and now lay down the length of his cock. I held out my tongue and ran it up his cock gathering the first line of cum on my tongue, again I curled my tongue inwards and let the semen slide into my mouth. I repeated this with the other line of semen, all the while gazing into my sons eyes.

What I had done was a shock to him, but any thought he may have had that it was a moment of lunacy on my part, or if there was any doubt in his mind, that it was some aberration or careless act I hadn’t really meant to commit, this act of sensually licking his semen from his body, dispelled all doubts.

It was over, our lives had changed.

Adam thought that this was a one-off act of madness. He was really disappointed it was over, but I took my son by the hand, turned off the TV and led him across the room to my bedroom door. As subsequent discussions revealed, at this point the whole thing became clear to him, it wasn’t over, it was just the beginning.

That day I took my son into my bed.

Adam realized that the act of his mother taking him to her bed, was not just for a one-off occasion. I was taking him as my lover, we lived alone, we neither had a boyfriend or girlfriend, there were no plans on the horizon for either of us to go anywhere or change our life in anyway. He realized that for the foreseeable future we were to be lovers.

“Come baby, come to your new bed and take your new woman for the first time,” I whispered. I lead him to his new sexual home.

Adam stood facing me. I was shaking like a leaf and I was as nervous as a kitten. I grasped my t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head. I was braless and my son stared at my (if I say so myself) lovely breasts for the second time.

“Oh mom you are beautiful and so sexy,” purred Adam.

We undressed ourselves, each watching the other, as garments was shed exposing our bodies to each other. I slowly pushed my bottoms and panties down, my vagina came into view, my tight black curls giving it a modicum of modesty. Adam dropped his sweats and stood before me, magnificent pendik escort bayan penis hung heavy and long.

We hesitantly and shyly move into each other arms, my proud breasts pushing the hard pink, uplifted nipples into my son’s chest, as I put my arms around his neck.

We kissed.

This will sound totally nonsensical, but given the sex act I had performed on my son, (and given all the sex acts that would pass between us in time to come,) the most awkward, tentative and personal thing we ever did, was that first kiss. I had just sucked my son’s cock and here I was embarrassed and awkward kissing him.

We eventually relaxed in each others arms and kissed like lovers. He explored me, tentatively putting his tongue just inside my mouth, testing for reactions, and I felt like a young girl being kissed for the first time.

I eventually stepped back from him and guided his hands to my breasts. My head went back and my eyes closed as Adam tweaked my nipples and bent down to take each in turn into his mouth. I had to coach him slightly, he was a little fired up and eager and I slowed him down with advice on how to suck, tease and bite my nipples. I was enjoying the attention my breasts were getting, but it had been too long without a man. I wanted something else.

I put my hands on his shoulders and applied gentle pressure, the meaning obvious. We staggered back to the bed and I sat down. Adam dropped to his knees. I leant back on my elbows and watched intently as my son parted my legs. My sex opened before him, the pink glistening folds inside my vagina, the darker labia framing them and the curly pubic hair framing them in turn.

Adam leant forward and delicately touched my inner lips and the entrance to me with the tip of his tongue. It was like an electric shock, I moaned slightly and whispered,

“Oh yes baby, it’s yours, it belongs to you now. Kiss me there sweetheart.”

My son licked my pussy like a cat lapping up milk, he was too fast and a little too frantic. I understood he was inexperienced and desperate to please me and I continued my coaching. As he went at my clitoris like a bull in a china shop, I instructed him.

“Easy on me there babe,” I said.

“My clitoris is very sensitive, don’t put direct pressure on it unless it is very gentle.”

I taught him how to lick me all around the little bud, it was sensitive enough to respond to indirect stimulus, and only to lick my clitoris with light touches from the tip of his tongue. He sucked my labia into his mouth and probed me with his tongue. He was the most willing student, and before long, although I would have many more, the most wonderful first ever orgasm given to me by my own son happened.

Gripping his hair in both hands and pulling him into me as hard as I could, I screamed his name aloud as the climax ripped through me. I shuddered as he slowly decreased the pressure his tongue was exerting and he slowly brought me back down.

Eventually he raised his head and very self consciously (and in a way I found rather cute) wiped my juices from his face. He made his way back up the bed and we lay together, our faces inches apart. We didn’t say anything, we simply caressed each others faces. He kept moving strands of cum matted hair from my face, and we swapped little kisses, not long kisses but little pecking ones, as we explored each others faces like strangers.

We lay for a long time, happy and secure in each others arms. I then reached for my son, and found him, big and strong and hard again.

“Come my darling,” I whispered in his ear.

“It’s time to have mom.”

He climbed onto his knees, and then moved between mine. I opened my legs for him and pulled my knees up into the classic position. He shuffled forward and lay on top of me, bearing his weight on his arms. Wild passionate sex, in different positions would come later. This time, for the first time, we lay in the classic missionary position and I felt the large helmet of his penis touch my vagina.

As when you lose your virginity it only lasts a few seconds and a few inches before it is all over too quickly and the sex begins. I wanted to savour the moment my son took me, I wanted the act of him entering me to last forever. As his penis slowly pressed on my pink flesh and my labia and vagina opened to him, and as those first few inches entered me, it was the most magical moment of my life so far. My own son was taking me. I told him to hold his position a little while longer, my labia and vaginal entrance gripping the head of his penis. It was heaven.

I savoured the actual moment of him entering me for as long as I could, but other needs were taking over fast, so I then whispered,

“Yes darling now.”

I gave him the permission to enter me fully. The feeling of his penis sliding into my vagina for the first time was beautiful. All too soon that moment was over, my son had invaded me, his big manly cock sliding inch by glorious inch deeper and deeper into me.

Adam’s cock reached a part of me never before touched by a man, his pubic hair meshed with mine, he was fully in me, I had taken all of him. Slowly he withdrew a few inches and then plunged back into me.

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