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The first night Daniel came to our house was etched in my memory. Throughout the days which followed, I found myself reliving every moment, over and over again. There were times when I’d be driving in the car and I’d think about Daniel holding me on His lap with His cock inside me like I was His possession or something, and suddenly I couldn’t wait to get home, to masturbate to release from these wonderfully wicked, tormenting thoughts. One time I pulled over on the side of the road and pulled my skirt up, and slid my fingers into my wet pussy, bringing myself to a crashing orgasm at first touch. I was seriously affected by the experiences we’d had. Each day I asked Jeff when Daniel would return. He just smiled and told me soon. Then finally Daniel called, when I was in the middle of sun tanning on the back deck. The sound of His voice when He spoke made me feel funny in my stomach. It was difficult to sort my feelings out about Daniel, and even harder to think of where I wanted this to go. I was worried that I may become too enamored with Daniel and screw up a pretty good marriage with Jeff. But then, I’d only seen the man ONE time!

His voice was low, and vibrant, and strong, and so damned in control. “Little one,” He said. I swallowed. “Yes, Sir?”

“How are you, lovely one?” My mouth was dry. “Fine, Sir” I managed to squeak out. His laugh came softly and easily over the phone. “I want you to come to My house. Now.” He gave me the address and made sure I repeated it back to Him. He asked me if I knew where it was and I told Him yes. I was shaking so hard I could barely talk. He told me it would take 25 minutes to get to His house, and to not keep Him waiting. I asked Him what I should wear. He told me to wear one of my husband’s long sleeve shirts and absolutely nothing else. “And little one?” He said. “Yes, Sir.”

“I’m going to fuck you. Then I’m going to make love to you. And I want to hold you beneath Me, with My cock buried in your lovely pussy, and watch your eyes as I cum inside you, as a kind of claiming. And then I want you to worship My cock with your mouth and tongue. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered. I heard the click of the phone as He hung up. I could hardly breathe. I knew that whatever He wanted He would take. I realized that I wanted Him to do all those things He’d mentioned, and more. He made me want to be His whore, His slut. I showered and made my face and fixed my hair, all the while imaging what it would be like when I got there. My cunt was incredibly wet. I made sure my nails looked fresh, and donned a long sleeve black oxford cloth shirt of Jeff’s. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was flushed, and the shirt just Maltepe Fetiş Escort covered my pussy. I felt wanton! I got in the car, barefoot, my pussy throbbing, the juices so copious, my thighs were wet.

The house was in a better part of town, a sprawling split level ranch style, and as I pulled into the drive, a young man dressed in a white jacket and jeans stepped out to help me out of the car. His eyes took in all of my dress but his face was expressionless. I slid one leg out of the car, and the shirt rode up past my pussy. I watched as he looked, and handed me out. He escorted me to the door without saying a word. He unlocked the door and nudged me inside. The door clicked behind me.

The floor was terrazzo and cool to my bare feet. The ceilings were higher than I’d have thought, and mirrors and paintings tastefully adorned the walls. I stepped forward, tentatively, and His voice came from behind me. “Welcome, lovely girl.” I turned and there He was, smiling at me. Suddenly I felt like a small girl, not at all brazen, but more like a sacrificial virgin. I was acutely aware of my vulnerability, and how scantily I was dressed. He looked at me. He smiled, and His glance ran up and down my body. “This is for Me, precious one?” I nodded mutely. “All Mine?” I whispered “Yes, Sir.” He smiled. “Then lovely one, perhaps you should show Me what all is Mine.” I looked at Him dumbly. He wanted me to take the shirt off. My fingers went to the buttons as He watched closely. My trembling fingers unbuttoned them one by one, clumsily. When I’d unbuttoned the last one He said, “Stop.” I looked at Him. “I am going to teach you how to kneel, darling, in what is known as a presentation kneel. In that way you will display all that you have to offer Me.”

He took my hand and led me into a kind of study, where the carpet was thick and luxurious, and deep. The room seemed sound proof, and there was a calm air about the whole room. He sat me down on a loveseat and began talking to me. He told me that I would refer to Him as Master when I was certain that I wanted to serve Him. I said “Yes, Master.” He smiled. He asked if I realized what I was giving to Him by being His, and serving Him. I’d read quite a lot in the past weeks. I nodded, smiling. Then He began to teach me the form to use in this presentation kneel. I knelt, back straight, with my head held high, proudly, but with my eyes lowered in respect to Him. My bare bottom rested lightly on my heels, and my thighs were spread, so that He could easily see my pussy. God, it was so hot. I wanted to have Him do anything He wanted to me. I didn’t care what it was, as long as He wanted to have me, to use me, to own Maltepe Gecelik Escort me, possess me as He said. My hands were on my thighs, palms up, in submission to Him. He made me feel like the most special person in the world, that what I was giving Him was indeed a gift. I felt like I was created for this moment, for this Dominant, as if I’d lived my entire life in preparation for Him. I craved for Him to partake of me.

He walked over to where I knelt, and placing a finger under my chin tilted my face up to His. He caressed my cheek lightly with the finger. He took the shirt, still unbuttoned, and slipped it down over my shoulders, helping me off with it. My nipples felt hard as rocks, almost hurting. I was completely naked now, kneeling before Him, offering myself to Him. I could feel the heat emanating from my pussy, and I was certain I could smell it in the air. I was heady from the feelings coursing through me, and He reached down, one finger gently touching the outer lips of my pussy, tracing them, then finally, just barely dipping inside me, so slippery wet, and then deeper, the finger sliding effortlessly inside me, and He withdrew it, holding the finger in front of my face. I looked at it. It was shiny with the juices from my cunt. “Taste this, darling.” I closed my eyes and leaned forward, opening my mouth and took His finger inside it. The taste was electric, tangy yet sweet at the same time, and intermingled with the taste of His flesh as well. I sucked His finger, looking up to Him, and as I did, He moved it slowly in and out of my mouth. Then He slipped it out and placed His thumb inside my mouth, and as I licked it and sucked it, He slid it into the corner of my mouth, kind of holding it there, and began pulling up, until I rose from the kneel to stand before Him, the thumb still inside my mouth. He leaned forward and kissed me, and kept His thumb inside, and I nearly came from the intensity of the feelings it caused inside me.

Master took something from His pocket and I saw that it was a pair of black leather cuffs, soft, with a purple velvet lining. He pulled my hands behind my back, and fastened the cuffs. Then He went over to the loveseat and unbuckled His trousers, slipping them down and off. His thighs were chiseled with muscle, and He was tanned. He wore a pair of briefs and as I looked He slipped them down, stepping out of them. I looked at His cock. It was wonderfully shaped, with big, heavy balls. He sat down and beckoned me to come to Him. He reached out, placing His hands on my hips, and pulled me down on my knees before Him. Then He pulled me closer, between His legs, and He slipped first one then the other leg over Maltepe Genç Escort my shoulders. His strong legs pulled me closer until my face was merely inches from His cock. I looked at it, and as I did, it began to grow. He took it in His hand, and began to rub the head over my face, touching my eyes, my nose, and my lips with it. All the time it was growing harder, and already there was a tiny drop of precum in the slit. I slipped my tongue out and tasted Him. The scent of Him was beautiful and so damned masculine. He reached out and placed a hand on the back of my head, and with no more encouragement I opened my mouth and sucked His gorgeous cock into my mouth.

My hands behind me, His legs over my shoulders, He held my head in His hands and fucked my mouth. I didn’t suck Him. He fucked my face. I loved it, but even if I had not I’d have had no choice in the matter, helpless in the position I was in. He was gentle, allowing me time to become used to the size of it, and soon He was pulling His cock all the way out, then pushing it all the way back in until my nose and lips were buried in His pubic hair. As He fucked me and I sucked Him, He became more aroused and sat up, so that when He slipped His cock back into my mouth, His balls slapped against my chin. The feelings running through me were wild and incredible. I loved it! I had never been in a position like this, where I was unable to control anything that happened.

If I didn’t slide my mouth all the way down on His cock, the next time He would kind of slam it into my throat, causing me to gag on it, until finally I became used to the head of it touching my throat, and I was eager to have Him slam that beautiful thing all the way inside my mouth. My lips felt stretched, and juices ran out of my mouth and down over my chin, and down onto His balls. He pulled my mouth off it, and I whimpered. I wanted His cock in my mouth. I wanted to service Him. He pulled me closer, leaning back and scooting forward so that His balls were in my face and I licked each one of them and sucked them inside my mouth, swirling my tongue all over them. I licked beneath His balls, that smooth little place beneath them, and realized suddenly that there was no hair on His balls. He lifted His balls with a finger and I snaked my tongue down to His crinkled little butt hole and pushed my tongue inside it. I was starved for this man! Then He gave me His cock again, and held my head up more, and fucked my mouth hard and fast until I could feel Him tensing in the muscles in His thighs and He held the back of My head and pulled most of His cock out of my mouth and erupted inside it, hot, sweet cum splashing the inside of my mouth. I moaned, and incredibly with no touching felt myself crashing through a delightful orgasm, moaning and jerking almost uncontrollably. I kept His lovely cock inside my mouth, face resting on His thighs, feeling it jerk, and slowly shrinking. I loved the subservient position I was in.

(To Be Continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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