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Ashley Danielle

Chapter 2: Eyewitness to a Bang

“This could be more brutal than we want to admit.”

Marsha stirred the cream in her coffee once as she nodded at the truth in Holly’s words. She shrugged and looked across the table at her best friend as she said, “The price of stupidity.”

“That she was,” Holly nodded, finishing off her coffee. “What a dumb bitch. Forty year old woman, schoolteacher woman, pops the cherry of a seventeen year old boy and expects him not to tell his mother? Momma goes berserk. What was she thinking?”

“Yeah,” Marsha nodded, still thinking, “but no way she could have figured this would be the cost.”

“What?” Holly laughed. “You think Momma would have thanked her? Either way she was going to pay.”

“True,” Marsha nodded again. “What a choice. Have your career destroyed by letting it out she’s a child molester or consent. Consent to all takers. Yeah, this could get real brutal.

“We’re going why, again?”

“We’re Barb’s friends, baby,” Holly said quietly, glancing at the clock. “She did wrong, but we’re her friends. Somebody’s going to have to clean up the mess. The aftermath. To get her home. It’s supposed to start in about half an hour.”

“Maybe we’d better get over there then,” Marsha said with another shrug, rising to put her coffee mug in the sink.

“You want to see this?”

Marsha stopped in her tracks as she realized the truth in her heart. She looked at Holly for a moment and then slowly placed the mug on the counter before she quietly said, “Yes.”

“You kinky bitch,” Holly laughed. “So do I.”

The two women laughed hysterically at their own curiosity, snatching their purses and making their way to Holly’s car. Two ladies out for an evening’s lark but deep in Marsha’s soul she wondered. Wondered where it was all heading.

Three months before she’d been such a “good” girl, the happily married woman rapidly approaching fifty. Now she was fifty and she’d had a lover. Not just a lover, a stallion Holly had turned her on to. Three times a week she went to him and let him. Let him do her, do her like a man should. She knew Holly got some now and then but John was her stallion. He made her feel so good, so very good. It was a one man gang bang every time she got into his bed and now she was going to watch a real gang job. Their good friend Barb, stupid Barb, was going to get her brains screwed out and they was going to watch it. Marsha shook her head and realized they were there.

She saw the look Holly gave her as they got out of the car but there wasn’t anything to worry about. She wasn’t going to try to stop this. Barb had been stupid, she was getting punished. If it would have been her, if it would have been Holly, it didn’t matter. You don’t go after a kid and expect not to pay. Marsha glanced at the driveway as they walked up the steps and then down the street. Apparently several were more than happy to benefit.

The form of a woman appeared in front of them at the door. Holly and Marsha stopped and looked into the eyes of a wronged mother.

“You’re the ones here to get her home or…..”

“Her helpers,” Holly said with a nod.

The woman stared blankly at them and then turned away without another word. Holly and Marsha followed Bycasino her through the house to a family room in the back. At least a dozen men and women stood in small groups, enjoying a drink as the stereo returned to the Eighties. The woman strode to the middle of the room, turned slowly once to look at all in attendance and then motioned for the stereo to be turned off.

“The party will now begin,” she announced. “As you know, you are here of your own free will. You may leave at any time. While you are here, there are rules.

“Your order of pleasure will be drawn by lot, Bruno will pass among you with a hat. Draw a number, that number is your place in line,” and a hulking form began to circulate among the crowd. From the corner of her eye, Marsha thought she saw Holly start to reach for a number and then suddenly stop but she wasn’t sure. The words of the hostess held her too engrossed.

“While you are engaged in your pleasure, there will be no harm inflicted on your party favor. You will not strike, cut, burn or any other deviant act. Bruno will insure you will behave, just as I have insured your favor is here for your pleasure.”

With that the woman looked to her left and tilted her head. Holly and Marsha looked, seeing Barb make her way into the room. She stared blankly at her friends and nodded just once before she glanced around the room. There was no emotion on Barb’s face as she surveyed those who would soon enjoy her.

“You are here of your own free will?” the woman asked and Barb nodded.

“You are consenting?” and Barb nodded again.

“With this all things of the past are forgotten, is that our understanding?” and again Barb nodded.

“Strip,” came the woman’s order.

A shudder of realization went through Marsha’s body as Barb began to unbutton her denim shirt. She was going to watch a sex act. The blouse was open and dropping, a simple white bra. Not just a sex act, a gang bang. The breasts were bare, Barb not big but not embarrassed either. Any and everybody was going to bang this stupid bitch. Most women cover their breasts with their hands but Barb was stripping off her jeans. Marsha had never watched sex, not even on a video. Little white panties.

“Number One, please.”

“I’ll pass.”

Marsha knew that voice. She snapped her head to the right and stared at John. She hadn’t seen him, she had no idea he’d be in on something like this.

“Thank you, brother,” some guy yelled from the other side of the room as Marsha continued to stare at her stallion. Her stallion and he’d drawn a number to bang somebody else. Another shudder went through Marsha’s body. Somewhere behind her the action was beginning but she could only watch as the stallion of her life walked over to her.

“Not into this stuff,” he shrugged.

“So why are you here?” Marsha whispered.

“Why are you?”

The world swirled and there was no answer Marsha could give that would answer her own questions. She just shook her head, vaguely aware Holly was coming on to him. Vaguely aware Barb was stripped nude and slowly sinking to the floor. Somewhere the radio had come on, the noise level increased and a guy was putting a condom on. A guy just as naked as Barb. A woman didn’t Bycasino giriş need reefer or a shot to have her mind spin. All she needed was this, a life as a peeper.

That’s what she was and Marsha knew it. She knew a lot of things anymore. Somewhere John was talking to Holly and the bitch was begging. Another guy was putting on a condom even as the first was just starting to spread Barb’s legs. She’d never dreamed the guy she let go down on her would want some of this. Marsha had needed it, needed it bad. Holly had turned her on to him and she knew he did Holly now and then too but it wasn’t like this. It wasn’t like she was watching them do it. Not like this. Not like what she couldn’t take her eyes off.

It wasn’t foreplay, it was a fuck. Marsha grimaced at even thinking the word, let alone saying it under her breath. All the guy had done was spread Barb’s legs, copped a feel and stuck it in her. His penis straight in and she never even grunted, she just kept looking off into space. The guy was humping away, Barb was making some half assed effort to get into it but it was just a fuck, nothing more or less. The guy came fast at least. Maybe the next would be better.

Another shudder ran through Marsha’s body as she watched the next guy moved into position. It was like judging a figure skating competition, the first guy got 3’s, this guy already scoring higher. She watched him mouth Barb’s breasts, at least getting some reaction from her, before he stuck it in her. A 7, maybe an 8, Barb grunting with his thrusts. The crowd seemed to like it but they liked the next one even more.

Maybe it wasn’t Marsha’s thing but the assembled seemed to take to the third contestant of the night, an absolute stud with a definite plan. He jerked Barb to her knees before he unzipped and hung out a real man’s endowment. A blowjob never had done Marsha any favors but it seemed to please about everybody in the room, watching Barb suck it down and swallow. Everybody but Barb. Give the boy an 8 and wonder how much longer she could handle it.

Another blowjob and then a bang went down on Barb before a thought hit Marsha. She wasn’t repulsed. She was watching a woman get screwed, get fucked, without any love or devotion and Marsha wasn’t hurling her guts out. It wasn’t at all like she expected. She just wasn’t feeling anything. No repulsion, she wasn’t even pissed Holly was off somewhere getting John. A judge at an ice skating show, that’s all she was. It was a long way from where she’d been just a few months ago.

“Ah shit, it’s almost over.”

Marsha turned her head to the voice beside her. The guy was shaking his head as he looked across the room. He glanced at Marsha, frowned and said, “Guess I don’t get my thrill after all.”


“Look,” he said with a nod in the direction he’d been looking. “The knockout is about to have her turn.”

Marsha looked across the room and felt her breath catch in her chest. A red-headed woman with a body to die for was unbuttoning her blouse and moving to take her position to have a go at Barb. Marsha looked back at the one beside her curiously.

“She’ll knock her out, you watch. That bitch is incredible.”

Blankly Marsha watched as the red-head uncapped Bycasino deneme bonusu her breasts. Perfect breasts like fresh melons and began to move towards where Barb was sprawled on the floor. From somewhere Holly had appeared and now stood beside Marsha but she wasn’t looking for her friend. She was too busy watching a world she never dreamed existed. Too busy getting far too excited.

She was. Marsha knew her nipples had busted through her bra and blouse but it didn’t matter. She’d never been around girl on girl action, good girls didn’t think about stuff like this and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Holly was saying something and Marsha couldn’t hear a word. She couldn’t hear anything. All she could do was go into heat watching a magnificent red-head do her thing.

Gentle as a lamb one moment, the ferocious tigress the next, the red-head totally had her way with Barb. A soft back rub led to a finger put so far into Barb’s ass her hips bucked off the floor and she grunted in orgasm. The red-head mouthed Barb’s breasts with a newborn’s tenderness before her finger pushed into Barb’s pussy with all the force of the most well endowed man. The orgasms flooded out of Barb as her lust grunts grew louder and louder. The grunts became howls as the red-head sunk down and began to eat from the buffet. The whole world suddenly became nothing but a series of snapshots branded into Marsha’s brain.

The red-head eating, even as Barb began to lose consciousness. Her last strength spent as the woman mounted her and pushed her own womanhood into Barb’s face. The music blaring, the crowd cheering. Women don’t get off on girl on girl action. She had been such a good girl. She’d seen. She’d watched it all. She’d heard, even the house mistress’ orders to get the tramp out of there. Clean her up and get her out. Dragging a passed out Barb to Holly’s car. Taking her home. Snapshots in the brain. Cleaning her again. Putting her to bed. Knowing what a good girl wanted. Knowing but having no idea how to admit yet another truth.

“He didn’t, you know.”

Marsha snapped out of her stupor and glanced across the seat, watching Holly as she drove.

“Honey, he didn’t screw me tonight.”

“Why not?” Marsha whispered.

A tear ran down Holly’s cheek as she said, “Because I saw how much it hurt you that he was even there. I can’t do that to you, dear heart. I do love you. I’m so incredibly guilty.”

“Of what, Holly?”

“Baby, I dragged you into this stuff. Fooling around. Seeing this. I’m sorry, I guess sinners love company. I wanted John. I guess I wanted to see what this looked like tonight. That doesn’t mean I had to bring you along for the ride.”

“Pull over,” Marsha ordered.

Holly wheeled her car into a darkened parking lot and sat stock still. She took one deep breath, turned to Marsha and started to speak. Before she could utter a word, Marsha slid across the seat, put her arms around Holly and kissed her as hard as she’d ever kissed a man. The women separated for just an instant and Marsha kissed Holly again, this time letting her tongue find its way into the other woman’s mouth. They locked in their embrace for a full minute before Marsha finally broke free. She looked deep into Holly’s eyes, slowly ran a finger down the outline of the woman’s bra strap on her shirt and then pecked her friend one more time.

“Baby?” Marsha whispered. “I think our adventure has just begun.”


Next time–Marsha enters the world of lesbianism….and loves it.

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