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“Where have you been?” Coach Ryan’s wife tossed the question at him as soon as he walked through the door. Not in a harsh way, though. More curious and sincere.

Ryan thought about telling her the truth: I’ve been watching the new ball boy suck the dicks of all of my players, and then had a private visit of my own after everyone left. And then I had to shower, of course. The thought made him smile to himself. Obviously, that would not go over well.

“Practice ran a little late. Sorry, hun.”

She smiled, walked over to him. “That’s okay. I’ve been waiting to tell you: I have some exciting news!” Lacey proceeded to tell him that she’d been given a promotion at work, that there was a conference a few states away, and that she’d be leaving for a week, next month. Ryan was paying half attention, which matched the state of his dick, half-hard. He was amazed at how horny he’d been lately. Sam had made him cum twice after the team meeting, but there was something so intoxicating about him that caused everyone to continue to be aroused soon after finishing. It was weird.

“And don’t worry about the kids,” Lacey was saying, as she got undressed and ready for bed. “They said they wanted to stay at Amie’s place, at least for a few days. Will you be okay by yourself?”

Ryan thought about inviting Sam over, and spending a week alone in his house with him. No clothes allowed. They would call in sick to the school, and spend the entire time fucking in every position they could think of. Maybe they could also call up Derren and Freddie to join them. Maybe they had some friends who would like to join as well…

Okay, now he was being ridiculous. He could never invite these kids to his home. Where his family slept. He needed to calm down, he was getting too worked up.

“Lace, I’ll manage. But I am gonna miss you a lot.” He spanked her, not lightly, and added, “and I’m gonna miss this ass.”

“Oooh, well I’ll miss this thing.” She reached down through his underwear and wrapped her fingers around his growing cock. She pulled it out and into her mouth, the second person to suck on his cock in the last couple hours. He wondered what she would think if she knew.

After they both finished, Lacey fell asleep, and Coach Ryan was not far behind. As he drifted off, he noticed he was still hard, and was fantasizing about Sam’s lips engulfing his rod.

He had a strange dream that night.

It was, of course, of Sam, but Jake Hall was there, too. The two were naked, Jake sitting on a royal throne, with Sam sitting on top of him. Jake’s dick was balls deep in Sam’s ass, and Sam was twisting around to kiss Jake. They weren’t in a room, more of a void. The lovers on the throne were all Ryan could see. Soon, the void began to morph into the locker rooms at school, with everyone on the team naked and fucking each other. It was a shocking sight. Sam wasn’t the one receiving all the attention. Some of his team were “bottoming” (Was that the right term?, Ryan thought) for the others. The team began to melt together, combining into one being, a shimmering figure, tall and muscular, and blue. He stood in a field, locked in battle with another figure, this one orange. Ryan saw that the orange figure was beating the blue one, which was becoming smaller and weaker. The figures broke apart, and each moved to opposite ends of the field. The blue figure was met by another shape, a black one with a pink outline. The blue and the pink held each other, and a dick shape began to form from the blue shape’s crotch. Together they melted in together. Were they fucking? Ryan couldn’t tell. Whatever happened, the blue shape grew taller, and bigger, and turned back to face the orange shape, which was alone. The blue towered over the orange, and Ryan knew that it would now be able to defeat it. They approached each other, but instead of fighting, their heads moved toward each other. They almost might have been kissing. Again, the dick shape emerged, and the blue figure fucked the orange one.

“What in the entire fuck…?” Coach Ryan asked out loud, to no one in particular.

Everything began to fade away. Ryan found Büyükesat Escort himself standing in the empty halls of the school. It was night, none of the lights were on, but he could see. At the end of the hall stood a man, dressed in a sharp, grey suit, a wide rimmed hat sat perfectly on his head.

“Ryan,” The man whispered.

Ryan’s head was spinning. “What in the entire fuck…?” He asked the man in particular.

“The answers you seek will come in time. Follow me.” The grey man turned and walked into the library of the school, a room Ryan had never gone into. Ryan followed.

The library was not empty. Children sat around, staring blankly forward. Some of them, Ryan recognized, some he did not. He tried to read some of the book titles from the books on the shelves, but the words were formless, warped. He’d heard once that you couldn’t read in a dream. In the center of the library was an empty space, a carpet laying on the floor, with the words: “Reading is the gateway to another… Readers are astronauts, explorers, adventurers.” He couldn’t read the word in the middle. A pedestal sat on it, with an open book laying on top.

The grey man walked to the book and beckoned Ryan over. “Soon, you will be taken back to the place you think you know. But first, it’s important that you understand something.” Ryan stopped trying to understand. Instead, he approached the book and looked inside, but the pages were blank. The grey man continued, “You think that you are a leader, in charge of the world you’ve built for yourself. This is the first of three lies. You are, in fact, just as lost as the rest of them, being led by the hand you cannot see.

“The second lie is that your team is your team. For the most part, they are. There is, however, one who’s intentions lie elsewhere. You must find this one, and remove them from the equation.”

“Who is it?”

“As you undoubtedly expect, I cannot tell you that. But I will offer you this.” We waved his hand over the book, where words began to form on the pages: “Beware the horned viper.”

This made no sense to Ryan. He looked back up the grey man. The world was dissolving around him, he knew he was waking up, he didn’t have much time. “What’s the third lie?”

The man smiled. “Wake up, Ryan.”

Ryan woke up. He was covered in sweat. Lacey was shaking him. “Ryan, wake up.”

“I’m up, I’m up.”

“I was worried about you. You were shaking, talking in your sleep. That must have been some nightmare,” she wiped the sweat from his brow.

“I– yeah, it was. Talking in my sleep?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t understand every word. You were saying something about a viper…”

Coach Ryan made it to school the next morning, fueled by an extra cup of coffee. He hadn’t managed to get back to sleep after his dream. It wasn’t until he got to office that he realized just how tired he was. His first class wasn’t for another two hours, so he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He was close to nodding off…

There was knock at the door. Of course, he thought, sitting up straight. “Come in!”

The door creaked open, and in walked a boy Ryan had never seen before. He was short, and a little round. He wore faded jeans, and a graphic tee shirt with the image of some video game character on it. “Um, hey Coach.”

“Hi? I’m sorry, can I help you?”

The boy stepped inside, closing the door behind him. “I think– I mean, I heard about the, the tryouts? The new position.”

“Ah, I see. Well, unfortunately, tryouts were last week, and the positions already been filled, so…”

“Right, well, what I was hoping, is that, I don’t know if you could, but I mean, you could, I just didn’t know if you would…” He was talking too quickly, tripping over his words.

“Take a breath, son. Do you want to sit down?”

“Sure.” He did so, relaxed a bit. “Okay. Here’s the thing. I want to help out. I mean, I know that you already found someone, but I don’t need to be on the team. I just want to be able to, be… used. For whatever, I mean.”

Ryan was intrigued, Elvankent Escort a little amused. “You’re saying you want the guys to fuck you?”

The boy blushed. “I mean, I… yes.”

Ryan grinned. “What’s your name, son.”


“Okay, Eric, nice to meet you. I’m Coach Ryan.” He waited, but Eric said nothing. “I don’t think we really have a place for you. I mean, we had tryouts to find someone to fill that role for our players, and we did that so–“

“Right, but only during team practices, right? Or, like, on the field or whatever? What about the rest of the time?”

“Rest of the– What do you mean?”

Eric was getting excited again. “Like, when they’re not all together, just in their day to day lives. They might still need someone to help them out, or get them off, or whatever, and I think I’d be good to help them. I’ve been doing it for a while, and I’m good at it, I can show you.” He stood up and walked around Coach’s desk.

“Eric, we aren’t really concerned with what happens outside of games or practices. A lot of these guys have girlfriends, they can take care of themselves.”

Eric stopped in front of the coach. “What if one of them gets in trouble? What if they go out drunk driving, or get suspended from school. That looks bad on you, right?”

“I guess so…” Ryan was hesitant. It was true that he tried to keep his kids out of trouble. Sometimes, their lives outside of team was in his purview.

“So, if bad things are your job to look over, then, good things should be too, right?” Eric reached down and placed his hand over the stiffening outline of Ryan’s dick. “And I am good.” He squeezed a little, causing Ryan to jolt.

He was conflicted. He’d been willing to sleep with the other applicants, as that was part of his job as Coach. But this was outside of those responsibilities. This would be sleeping with a student, a boy, someone other than his wife. On the other hand, Eric was enthusiastic, and that excited him. And he was clearly aroused. Besides, maybe he had a point. Maybe he would need someone around to keep everyone satisfied off the field as well as on. It was an intriguing idea. He’d have to think more about that, but first, he’d need more information. How could he make a sound decision if he didn’t have all the data?

Ryan sat up a little, and pulled his pants down. His cock shot forward, and Eric’s eyes grew wide.

“Wow, you’re even bigger than my– than the other dicks I’ve seen.” Ryan liked hearing that. He also wondered what Eric had been about say. He didn’t wonder long, however, because Eric grabbed onto his hard dick, and began tugging on it, inspecting it. “Mmmm,” he moaned.

Ryan let his head fall back and enjoyed the sensation. Eric was skilled, that was clear. He stroked the dick in front of him like a pro. After making sure it was at full attention, he opened his mouth and began licking it, all around, in circles. Ryan loved it. He hoped every day could be like this: Sit down at his desk, have a hot slut boy work his cock until he comes, do a few classes, then return to his office to blast some more loads into his expectant dick worshippers. God, what was happening to him. He was becoming a pervert.

“This is a really nice cock, Coach.”

“Thank you, Eric.” Ryan said, awkwardly.

“You ever try modeling?” Eric asked, and then took the cock down his throat, all the way to his balls. Eric’s nose pushed against Ryan’s stomach.

Ryan winced with the unexpected sensation. It was like magic. “Ahhh… no, never modeled.”

Eric pulled back, the dick falling out of his mouth. He grabbed it, and stroked it, using his spit as lube. “You should. You should be in porn. I bet everyone would love to watch this thing in action.” He leaned forward, and began kissing Ryan’s stomach.

“That’s, that very nice of you, Eric.”

The boy shoved his head under Ryan’s shirt, and kissed up toward his nipples. A tongue shot out and licked one, then the other. He began sucking, the sensation sending electricity through Ryan. His cock pulsed in Eric’s hand.

“Ohh, Beşevler Escort you like that, don’t you, Coach?” Eric purred. Ryan could only groan. From this angle, he could see Eric’s back, arching and thrusting his ass up into the air. Ryan wanted to see that ass naked. He reached down and grabbed it. Eric responded by shifting out of Ryan’s shift, and sliding further up, to kiss him.

Their lips locked, as Eric ground his waist against the coach, dry humping him. Ryan felt Eric’s tongue shoot out into his own mouth. Their tongues danced together. This is so wrong, Coach thought.

“I can tell you like that,” Eric chuckled, pulling himself away. He looked down at Ryan’s cock, rock hard and pulsing his desire. “Someone’s riled up.”

“Eric, turn–” Ryan had to clear his throat, his voice was shaking. “Turn around.”

“Mmm, bossy.” Eric knew what Ryan wanted. He slid off of the man, and turned around, still somehow arching his back even while standing. His pants are too tight, Ryan noticed. It makes his ass look rounder, fuller. As if reading his mind, Eric unbuttoned his pants and, very slowly, began sliding them down over his mountainous ass. The next thing Ryan noticed is that he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Ooooh, this ass is ready for you, Coach,” Eric was using a sultry, slutty voice. “You can have it, whenever you want. All you have to do is ask.” The waistline of his jeans finally mounted his rump, and with a sexy jiggle, Eric’s ass was freed. Ryan didn’t think he could get any harder. Eric was (Ryan had heard this term used in jokes) thicc. With his back arched, and his jeans perking up his cakes, the boy could have been all ass. He leaned himself back and began rubbing his ass against Ryan’s dick. I get it, Ryan thought. He’s teasing me. He won’t let me fuck him until I agree to the deal.

“Eric,” he tried to sound stern. “I can’t just sign you up without thinking about it first.”

Eric stopped moving. “I get it. I can give you some time to think, if you want.” He tried to take a step forward.

But Ryan didn’t let him. He grabbed the boy’s waist, and in an instant, yanked him backwards. His aim was true, and in one swift movement, Eric was impaled on Ryan’s thick, yearning cock.

“OOOOOOooooohhh…” Eric made an animalistic sound, and didn’t move. Ryan didn’t move either. He shouldn’t have done that. Would Eric be angry?

After a few tense seconds, Eric turned back to face Ryan. “You’re bad,” he said, with a glint in his eye. But he didn’t get off of the coach. Instead, he began rocking back and forth, fucking himself against the the cock in his ass.

“Oh, Eric, that feels great,” Ryan moaned. It was true. The young man was not as tight as the other ventures he’d had recently, but Eric clearly knew his way around a dick. As he slid off of the cock, he squeezed himself tighter, milking the dick and sending Ryan up the wall. He knew he wasn’t going to last long.

“Mmmm, this really is a pornstar’s cock,” Eric was saying. “I think I have your dildo, sir. I’ve used it a million times.”

“Eric, I’m going toooooo–” Ryan couldn’t finish. Eric pushed himself back as far as he could against the man. An intense orgasm erupted from Coach’s cock, flooding Eric’s ass with his seed. It seemed to last an eternity.

After a while, Eric pulled himself off of the dick. Ryan couldn’t move.

“That was very nice, Coach,” Eric pulled his pants back up, paying no mind to the trail of cum oozing down his leg. He walked to the door, stopped, turned to face Ryan. “I look forward to servicing the other guys on the team.” He winked, and left the room, not closing the door behind him.

Later, after classes were over, and Coach was getting ready to leave, he remembered his dream. What could it have all meant? There was no practice today, no team meeting. He was getting ready to head home, when he found himself standing in the very hallway he’d been in his dream, where he’d met the man in grey.

“I wonder…,” he said to himself.

The library was empty. No students with blank expressions, no man in grey. He made his way around the reception desk, and found the center of the room. Like his dream, it was a large open area, with a rug on the floor. There was no podium in the center, so the Coach was able to read the word that had eluded him in his dream. The rest of the phrase was exactly as he remembered.

“Reading is the gateway to another world. Readers are astronauts, explorers, adventurers.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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