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The Church Committee Pays the Staff

It was the second Friday of the month, payday at St. Blatherington’s Church. Well, it wasn’t payday for the Rector or the other two theologians who performed the services, just for the staff that maintained the grounds and cooked in the kitchens. There were three custodians and two cooks who maintained everything in the busy church, and they had become famous throughout the parish for their hard work and diligence. Other Church committees asked again and again how St. Blatherington’s managed to keep such hard working people with such low salaries, and The St. B’s Ladies committee would just smile and adroitly change the subject.

But if you could see a payday at the church, you’d know how such loyalty is earned.

Bernice Carrolton was 66 years old and of all the things she had seen, and done in her life…other than her children being born and all that yahoo…Payday At St. B’s was her favorite thing in the whole wide world. She had worked thirteen years in the committee to achieve the chairmanship, and performed her duties with a zest and attention to detail that had made her one of the most loved and respected members of the congregation. And, one of the most satisfied.

As chairperson, it was her responsibility to securely lock all the doors and lower the shades throughout the entire Church at five o’Clock sharp. As she she did so, Gilda Johanssen was to be gathering the staff in the Brother Nathan Moonchuck Memorial Lounge, a large carpeted space that was apportioned like an elegant living room with several couches and chairs. As Bernice locked the last door she hurried back to the Moonchuck room, where she found that the staff had already started to receive the Supplemental Income Package that had made St B’s the envy of the State.

The two cooks, Jose and Victorio were standing in the corner of the room with Florence Plunkett, who was on her knees in front of them, her short white-haired head bobbing up and down on Jose’s 6″ dick while she used her free hand to stroke Victorio’s rock hard cock. Bernice checked her clipboard which held the Supplemental pay sheet register, and there indeed was Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Gomez, scheduled this week for the 1 on 2 Fellatio. As Bernice updated her schedule, Mrs. Plunkett was having her blouse pulled down over her pale skin, revealing her healthy tits sexily displayed in a red lace bra, which was one of the rules on Payday; all the Supplemental Income Packages wore red underwear, lingerie, knickers and stockings.

Mrs. Plunkett’s short haired mature Nun-like visage was now being faced fucked by Victorio as Jose cheered him on. She wasn’t being hurt or coerced; blowjobs were Mrs. Plunkett’s specialty, in fact, and she loved to have her 62 year old face fucked by young, strong cocks. Her hands were on Victorio’s hips, pulling him closer and harder, and if a hard dick wasn’t in her mouth you would be able to hear her begging for more. Finally she pushed Victorio back, and positioned herself in front of Jose. Her lips almost comically curled around Jose’s dick, as she slowly took Jose’s cock for it’s entire length, deep throating the thick brown dick while Victorio played with her tits. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty seconds she held his cock in her mouth, and the she popped off with a wet gasp from bonus veren siteler her, a cry of pleasure from Jose and a “Holy Shit!” from Victorio.

“I do believe that’s a new deep throating record for you, Florence.”

Mrs. Plunkett turned towards Bernice. Saliva was dripping down her wrinkled chin and mouth, dripping to her chest. Her expression was beatific, her smile huge, and her eyes burned with lust. “Then it’s a new record for the church, because with the Lord’s help, I’m the best there’s ever been.” She then pulled off her bra, but left her green polyester suit pants on, and started sucking on Victorio once again.

Bernice turned to the other side of the room where petite Sonya Baker was spread out on the couch, entirely naked. Bernice was jealous of her tanned skin that was so taunt and smooth, all except for her 55 year old face, which had its wrinkles but was still lovely with her prominent cheek bones, ice blue eyes, and shoulder length hair. She taught Yoga at the Church and elsewhere, and with her dyed blonde hair she looked more like a thin Jane Fonda than a Church Lady doing her sacerdotal duty. Today, according to the schedule, her duty was a Basic Coitus Supplement with Brian Jackson, the 6’2 black groundskeeper. At first, Mr. Jackson had presented a problem, as he was a stereotype; a man with a huge black dick. It was 11 inches on a dry day, and few women could manage a cock that large considering some of the forms of Supplement the committee was contracted to supply. But Mr. Jackson had been accommodating, as he had a thing for fucking older women.

Surprisingly, little 5’3″ Sonya was one of the few Committee members who could take every inch of Mr. Jackson’s cock, at least in her pussy. Mr Jackson had just taken off his overalls and removed his last stitch of clothes. Bernice swears she saw Sonya’s pussy get wetter just from looking at the huge, muscular man and his huger dick, which was getting stiffer by the second. He walked over to and fell to his knees, just in front of where Sonya was leaning back on the sofa. Keeping his knees on the carpeted floor, Mr. Jackson put his huge hands on Sonya’s lithe, tan body, and held her firm as he started to slide his cock into her. Sonya held her breath as he put in just a couple inches, and then a couple more, and then back out again, and then…

“Ooooooooohhhh Dammmmmmmmmmmm……..” Sonya groaned out in two long, animal like words as Mr. Jackson filled up her pussy with his cock. His head was leaning back, his eyes closed in ecstasy. “Oh shit, oh shit, Miss Baker. Nobody can take my cock like you sweet ass MILFS!”

“Hell, I’m a GILF and proud! So shut up and take your salary, Sir, take your salary from my pussy!”, said Sonya in a throaty voice as strong and commanding as a big, black dick! Mr. Jackson smiled, and began to slide his cock in and out of Sonya’s shaved pussy, as she gasped and moaned with each pull and push. Bernice saw that things were proceeding, checked off the proper box and went out of the room to Room 202.

Inside the office she found, as scheduled, Gilda Snodgrass eating out Esmerelda Ruiz, the cleaning lady. Esmerelda had both her hands in Gilda’s blue-white hair, holding her fast and hard to her pussy as Gilda’s hands squeezed and massaged her spread open bedava bahis legs. Gilda was still fully clothed in her long grey skirt, white blouse and button up sweater. She looked like the perfect example of the Granny you visit on thanksgiving, except she was giving pussy-head to a 32 year old wriggling, bear-ass naked Guatemalan former swimsuit model. Her perfectly curvy body was undulating in the large black office chair, as she licked her thick red lips and rolled her head back and forth in ecstasy. Bernice was transfixed, staring at Esmerelda, especially her shoulders; Bernice had a thing for a shapely shoulder, whether it was on men or women, and Esmerelda’s shoulders were perfect.

“All right, it’s fucking time!”

The harsh and coarse declaration brought Bernice out of her reverie. She turned to the source of the shout, and saw Katie Sandusky, wearing a red bodysuit that showed off her 40-D tits with a deep plunging neckline, a corset that cinched up her 36 inch waist, and also gave support to the 8″ dildo, also red of course, that was protruding from her groin. “Hey there Bernie, checking in?” Asked Katie, waving a greeting at Bernice which set Katie’s strap-on to bouncing.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing, Mrs. Sandusky. Proceed.” Gilda got off her knees and helped Esmerelda stand up, and then guided her to bend over the desk, facing the door and Gilda as Mrs. Sandusky moved up behind her. Gilda stood close to the desk and unbuttoned her sweater and then her blouse and she opened the front of her bra and fed one of her lovely 36C titties to Esmerelda’s wet and waiting lips. “Oh, si, si, por favor! I wanna suck you, fuck me while I suck her, Miss Katy, Please!”

“Be quiet and suck on your titty, Esmerelda.” Chastised Gilda sweetly as she forced more tit into her mouth. By then Mrs. Sandusky had moved behind Esmerelda and had taken her round Latin ass into her liver spotted hands as she guided her shiny red dick into new territory The shiny vinyl cock was glistening with lube, and it slipped easy into Esmerelda’s pussy, bringing a string of expletives from Esmerelda, all muffled by Gilda’s breast. Mrs. Sandusky rocked back and forth, trying to get a good stroke.

“Oh my goodness, this is so different!” said Mrs. Sandusky. “I never thought about how men move when they fucked me like this.”

“Katy, bend your knees a little, it will help you get leverage.”, offered Bernice. Mrs Sandusky adjusted her stance and Esmerelda howled in pleasure. “That’s a good Fuck, Katy!” Complimented Gilda, who’s nipple was still being devoured by the beautiful Latina.

“I think we have it from here. Thanks, Bernice.” Katy was cuing Bernice to go. Bernice resented the reminder, but saved her pique for later. “Ok, keep up the good work.” Bernice over-smiled and left the room. As soon as the door closed, Bernice heard the sound of an ass being slapped and a shrill. “Siii! Si! Punish me, Senora Katie!” Ah, that was it. Spanking and other now-called BDSM were activities to be monitored, and Katy Sandusky hated to be monitored in any way. Bernice decided to address it later, as Esmerelda’s Salary did not deserve to be interrupted for picayune infractions.

There was one last item on Bernice’s schedule, but she needed to do a final check with the ladies in the Moonchuck deneme bonus room, as sometimes they got carried away. Florence had moved the cooks over the sofa, and she was now laying across the couch, her head in Jose’s lap, merrily bobbing up and down on his dick while her legs were sprawled across Victorio’s lap. Her pants were pushed down around her ankles, and Victorio was holding her legs apart while expertly playing with her pussy and clitoris. The way Florence was bucking back and forth on his fingers was clear evidence that Vic knew what he doing, Bernice had personal experience with those talented fingers, as had every member of the Committee. Sadly, she had to put a stop to it.

“Now Florence, you know the protocols. No outside vaginal manipulation during the 2 on 1 fellatio.”

Both Jose an Victorio groaned in protest like two little children told to stop playing with their toys. Florence lifted her head off of Jose’s dick and joined the chorus of protest. “Oh come on Bernie, it’s just a little diddling, and Vic is so good at it.” She was pouting like a school girl, and wiggling her ass with every word. Bernice could not help but laugh. “Oh Florence, you are a dear. But you know the protocols are there for a good reason. So, back down on your knees and drain these nice men’s balls, like a good little committee member.” All three still were smiling and happy as Florence dropped back down to her knees on the harvest gold carpet and started in on Vic’s cock in earnest. They often pushed back at the rules, but never in meanness or to deceive, and always accepted correction.

On the other couch, Sonya was shouting and grunting with happiness as Mr. Jackson had flipped her over with her knees on the cushions and her face hanging over the back of the sofa. He was standing behind her and fucking her doggy style, his huge cock impossibly disappearing inside the tiny woman, his huge hands almost entirely covering her entire ass cheeks as he gripped her hard while thrusting his hips relentlessly, like a Metronome. Bernice watched the man’s very well developed ass tighten and loosen as he fucked Sonya, and looked forward to the day when she would get a chance to get her hands on that ass. She looked up just then to see Mr. jackson looking over his shoulder, right in her eyes.

“You like that ass, Ms. Bernice?” He asked merrily.

“Of course I do, Mr. Jackson. Everyone does. Now focus on your business, young man. ” she shot right back, completely unfazed. Sonya laughed over her shoulder. ” That’s tellin’ him, Bernice.”

“Oh really? You gonna sass me too?”, said Mr. Jackson, also laughing. He stepped back and grabbed Sonya by the waist, turned her to face him and then effortlessly picked her up in her arms. “Miss Bernice, would you lend a hand?” Bernice saw what was needed, and stepped forward, and lifted Mr. Jackson’s drooping heavy cock so it was standing upwards, and then the man slowly lowered Sonya’s pussy onto it, when it was four inches in, Bernice scooted away. “Thank you kindly, Ma’am.” Said Mr. Jackson as he impaled the 55 year old granny of four on his tremendous cock, and then began to bounce her up and down.

“oh…oh…oh…shit…shit…I need to sass you more often…Shit!!!” Was all Sonya could get out as she came violently, trembling and shaking while clinging to Mr Jackson with her lithe arms and legs wrapped around him like a Blonde tanned vine on an Oak tree.

Bernice smiled and left the room, satisfied all was in order, and headed to Room 202, where the last scheduled Supplement was to be completed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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