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This is just the beginning of the story, a teaser.

He knew he would not survive the coming day, the enemy was all around and vast. He wanted one more night with his wife, before his death and her capture.

He lay on top of her, his passion and fear coursing through his body, making his touch for the first time rough and insistent. Crushing her breast beneath his hand he kissed her hard on the lips, his fingers digging into her soft flesh or tugging and pulling her hard nipples. Dipping his head to suck and kiss her bruised mound his hand slide quickly down to her sex. He gripped her lips together twisting and pulling before trapping her clit beneath its hood and pressing hard, sliding the cover up and down the small shaft.

He head to have her, own her, possess her. He pushed his fingers between her lips, his brain barely registered the its surprise, as two then three fingers plunged into her hot, wet furnace. His thrust made her cry out as she felt his fingers fill her completely. She could not understand or deny the pleasure she felt as her pussy closed hungrily around his fingers, sucking them deeper into her depths. His strength of passion and disregard for her pleasures, so unlike him, both scared and aroused her like never before.

She felt his weight shift and opened her legs, bring her knees back as he plunged into her. She dug her nails into his back, a small counterbalance to the intense pleasure that was building inside her.

He had no desire to last, no plans to make this a sweet and tender night, he had to have her, in every way, had to be the first when others would surely go on the morrow. Fucking her wild abandon he came quickly crying out his own pleasure and anger as his cum shoot thickly into her pussy. So lost in his pleasure he failed to hear her own mirroring cry of release.

Panting they lay for a few minutes, but the young man had both youth and frantic desire so as he withdrew his cock quickly hardened anew, shiny with their combined juices.

‘Suck me!’ he growled

Shocked Aria looked at him, not believing muğla escort she heard him right, ‘suck him’ he couldn’t mean. Her maids had told her such tales, girls together on the eve of her wedding night. Only the lowly girls with no names did that, to earn a coin or two. Orphans and such – she shuddered at the thought, no name how awful.

‘You heard me wife’ biting off the last word, emotion biting off the last word, harsh to even his own ears. Sitting up and sliding his hand under her neck he easily lifted her.

With no strength to fight him her face came closer to his throbbing cock, wet and shiny with cum. She felt it touch her nose before pushing against her lips.

Her mind cried out, no this cannot be, as her lips parted and she felt the hardness fill her mouth. The tangy saltines assailed her taste buds and she tried to pull back. She heard his gasp and felt the pressure of his hand forces her mouth back down his shaft at the same time. Remember her maid’s mimic she begun to bob her head, allowing his cock to slide between her lips. Her cheeks burned with shame and humiliation. No decent girl especially one named as she, royal, ancient and revered should do such things.

His mind was overwhelmed with sensations, his cum boiled within his balls, already beginning to make his way up his shaft. It felt incredibly, the warm and wetness so similar but so different to that of her pussy. And the power, the control, to make her to THIS, he shouted as he went passed the point of no return., a firm hand on the back of her head.

She felt his head grow with her mouth, felt his body stiffen and heard his shout. Tears welling up she screwed her eyes closed as the first spurt hit the back of her mouth, then a second, then a third, quickly filling her mouth. She felt him pull away and sat there unsure of what to do with her mouthful of cum but dreaded what she feared

‘Let me see’ He had pulled her into a sitting position, knees apart and sat opposite in the same position. He held her hands tenderly and smiled like muş escort a contented child.

‘Let me see’

Realising what was being asked of her she opened her mouth, tears of shame and humiliation coursed down her cheeks even as part of her brain registered the draft between her legs cooling on her wetness, her clitoris throbbing her pussy hot and demanding.

I must be going mad she thought as she opened her mouth to his insistent eyes. She had tipped her head slightly forward and felt a small rivulet of cum escape and run down the side of her mouth.

With his finger he tilted her head back and with the same motion scooped up the cum and held it before her. ‘Swallow’

This is what she had expected and feared and for a brief moment of hope would be spared

Tipping her head back, eyes locked on her husbands she swallowed, mouth still open as her maid’s had told her the no names did it for extra

She felt the thick cream slide down her throat and she swallowed quickly over and over , trying to force it faster, the slow creep threatening to make her vomit.

‘You missed some’

Her eyes followed his down, with a shudder she licked the last of his cum from his finger.

He rose and poured a glass of wine, taking a long gulp first, he handed her the goblet.

Reclining we watched his wife recovering her sensibilities unknowing of the final indignity to come.

Both turned as there was a gently knock on the door


The door opened and the Princesses two maids entered. Clearly nervous they looked not at their Mistress but to her husband who nodded in response

Stealing themselves they walked over to the Princess and took her by the arms ,

Confused and angry at being touched, ‘TOUCHED’, without permission by low names, Aria struggled for words.

The Princess Consult had persuaded the maids terrified at the coming dawn, with the promise of safety. A lie of course but what did that matter to mere servants.

The maids had managed to walk the Princess nevşehir escort over to the table without much fuss, clearly never imaging her maids, low names would do anything to harm her, until they bent her over the table.

Princess Aria begun to shriek and struggle. Years of fetching and carrying coupled with fear gave the maid s the physical and mental strength to hold the Princess easily.

Working together they soon had her legs tied apart to the legs of the table whilst one places her weight between the Princess’s shoulder blades keeping her flat against the table the other stood waiting for instruction.


With a glance at her friend, the maid removed a jar of turkey greased fresh from the Midday banquet and dipped two of her fingers into the slippery get.

Stepping close she slid her fingers between the Princess cheeks and slipped one finger quickly and easily inside.

The Princess froze, her senses trying to comprehend what was happening, she felt a pressure against her ring then a slight burn as it stretched then an overwhelming sense of…. Pleasure. She gasped as the sensations throughout her body concentrating with her loins like a hot ember. The burning returned sharper now then subsiding as the pleasure returned.

His cock already hard and throbbing from watching the maids and his wife, the Prince Consult rose and walked over to the table.

The maid slipped her greased hand over his cock causing him to grunt, his sack already tight and ready to release.

Positioning himself he pushed the tip of his cock against her bottom, sliding between her cheeks and bumping up against her small opening

She felt his presence, knew what was coming but shamefully welcomed it. Her burning face not at the humiliation of the act but that her body cried out for it.

The burning sensation blossomed anew causing her to cry out, a mix of pain and pleasure known only to her self.

She felt him enter, the pressure travelling up as he filled her, he seems huge, much bigger then her mind told her he was. Suddenly he was pulling back, her muscles tight trying to hold him, suck him back deep inside her. She cried out again as he thrust back her own arousal a match for his, but as she felt the wetness of his seed fill her deep inside, she knew her own pleasures were not going to be sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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