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Natalie and I arrived at Gill’s boat one very warm summer day. This being the first time we’d seen it I was impressed. A very nice thirty-two foot sloop with a green racing stripe running down the hull. Carrying what we had plus some wine we preceded down the wharf to his dock. Crossing the gunwale and dropping down into the aft well, Gill then appeared topside. The movement of the boat had given us away, but after all he was expecting us. The day was hot for around here and we have dressed for the day.

I in a T-shirt and a pair of white jogging shorts and Natalie in a cut off T and a white pair of cotton pants. But we did bring along bathing suits to tan in. We sat and chatted for a bit about what we might do and have a glass of wine before we leave. I was extremely thankful that I had worn my white shorts and was a bit cooler but Natalie said that she was too hot with the cotton pants. So Gill suggested before we go, drop down below and put her bikini and something else if she wanted. Well that is what she did sort of; she stepped down into the cabin and set her bag on the seat beside the hatch.

Then she pulled off her top with her back to the cockpit where Gill was sitting. And then turned around to remove the short tank top from the bag. Then as an after thought she kicked off her shoes and put her thumbs in her pants and slid them right off panties included. With her back still to the cockpit she bent over to pick up the pants, Gill had the best view in the house. There she was naked and bent over with her sex exposed, he could see and enjoy everything. She reached in her bag and pulled out the bikini bottoms and pulled them on. She wouldn’t wear the thong but the high French cut was still very nice.

Then she picked the short tank top again and slid it back on, it was cut to just below her ample breasts, and if you were looking up at her while she was standing you could see the smooth curvature quite nicely. Why she took it off in the first place I don’t know, but that was Natalie she just did things her way. And decided that she was ready. She turned around to see Gill standing there in his cut offs with a torpedo in the tube dying to be launched. She looked up and asked.

” How long have you been standing there?”

And his reply was.

“Long enough to see the unveiling and covering.”

” Well.” She said.

“What you see is what you get.” With that I returned from locking the car and retrieving the beer. I looked at Gill and he was smiling, then as Nat walked past him she gave his dick a pat and said.

“Stiff breeze?” Gill started the motor. I got the lines, jumped on and we pulled out of the slip and headed out of the marina. Once out of the entrance to the slips Gill asked Nat to take the tiller and he and I set the sails for our scoot around the island. Once we had that all done he went back and took over the tiller and killed the motor and we were under our way. As we sat there sipping our wine and drinking our beer we became more relaxed and basked in the hot afternoon sun. Long about Nat’s second glass of wine I was steering and she went down below. She poured another one for herself and turned and grabbed hold of the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head. She had decided it was time for the bikini top and slid it on. She came up to the deck and I said

“Now that you’re closer and in the light do it again so we could see something.” She took a step aft towards us set the drink down in the cup holder and lifted her top, no problems not even a bat of an eye, while holding the top up there she said.

“How long do you want to look? “Gill replied

“Hell all day, but if you don’t mind why not just take it off.”

With that she said.

“No I don’t have any problem with that.” And pulled it right off and tossed it down the hatch and sat back and relaxed with glass in hand. “So much for a change of clothes.” I said.

Even with his sunglasses on I could see Gill had a hard time steering, he was all over the place, well why not he was staring at Natalie’s tits and loving it.

By this time both Gill and I had lost our T-shirts and were soaking up the sun. There was still the problem of suntan lotion to put on so I suggested Natalie better do so. Gill quickly volunteered and Nat offered.

“Sure lather me up.”

As he smeared it on her back you could see her lean into his hands enjoying the strength and the warmth of his big hands. And when he was just about finished she then said.

“You had better do the front too I wouldn’t want to get burnt there either.” And he did slowly at first over her shoulders and then down to each breast. You could see that Natalie had her eyes closed and was enjoying the attention. When he came to her nipples he gave them a bit of extra attention and molded them in-between his fingers and they rose to the occasion. When he was all done Natalie rose and asked where the head was onboard and Gill pointed forward. So Natalie descended the ladder and headed forward. I suggested that he better show her how to use it and I would take the rudder. By this time we had rounded the island and were headed for a spot to drop the pick and just soak. Gill canlı bahis headed below and I steered toward the spot we had agreed on with the boat running down wind there wasn’t any movement to speak of so it was calm. From where I was sitting I could see all the way forward with out bending down. So in the event that something I hoped would happen happened, I had a front row seat.

Natalie was still sitting on the head her bikini bottoms down past her knees and Gill sitting on the V berth waiting for her to finish. So I let the sail out a bit more to loose some of the wind to make us slow down, there was no need to rush. I didn’t want to run into a rock or anything because I wanted to see what was going to happen next. She finished and stepped out of the small closet that it seemed to be like and looking forward she saw him sitting there. Realizing that she had not pulled up her bottoms figured why bother she would only have to pull them down in a few minutes, so she just kicked them off to the side and stood right up straight and put her hands on her hips. Without a word Gill slid back on the bunk and Natalie followed him. She then started rubbing his dick through his cut offs and then proceeded to pull down the zipper. Gill stopped her and said.

“I have to go help Tony put the anchor down.” And told her to keep that thought. I don’t know if he got cold feet or what, but I think he just wanted to have more time to play. When he came up on deck I looked at him and asked if she had mastered it yet and he said no she still needed help. This told me that he was going back down and he was going to make a good go of it. So I said I had found the spot to drop the pick and had made the turn into the wind to lower the sails. We dropped the main and ferruled the Jib. By that time the only thing holding us in irons was the wind. So it was easy for me to walk up and drop the anchor. Gill had told me to make sure the anchor bit so I sat down to watch that that happened and he said he was headed to get us another couple of beers. I said that I would tidy up the sails and let him know when I was done. So he acknowledged me with a nod of his head and went back down to see what’s keeping Natalie.

I looked at him and said I hope it comes out ok. And we both laughed. By the time Gill had returned down below I could see that Natalie was rooting through her bag looking for some thing. I think it was just an excuse to stay down below so that Gill would come back down. But as she hadn’t bothered to put her bottoms back on she then went to get two more beers with nothing on but a grin and running shoes. She had had the time to fold the bottoms and put them into her bag, grab the beers and waited for the right moment. Gill had just started down the ladder and tucked his head under the hatch when Nat was walking back to come on deck. Or so it would have seemed. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared. She then said she couldn’t see any point in putting them back on.

Then Gill said, “Now what?” She suggested that he stick his head up the hatch and asked me if I’m ready for my beer and of course I said yes. As he was standing there Nat walked over set a beer down and handed the other to him, and undid his shorts and hauled them down. He didn’t even flinch at least not that I could see. I figured out that something was up when I saw the beer in his hand and him just standing there. She then set right to work taking his cock in her hand and put it up into her mouth. Gill pulled back and bent down to look into the cabin. I said hay have Nat pass mine up the fwd hatch I’m going to keep watch to see if the anchor has caught. He said ok.

Then I asked if Natalie had figured out the flush yet, and with that he ducked below. I stuck my arm down the hatch and felt Natalie hand me the cold wet beer. I glanced down the hatch to see her turn and sit down at the dining table. I made a sound like I was going forward and that satisfied her. She liked for me to stay out of sight for the first few minutes, it made it easier for her. Why I don’t know but hey what ever works. She gets what she wants and I get to see the end results anyway although she knew I would be watching intently.

From my vantage point I could see that Gill had rejoined her below, with both of them naked Natalie quickly figured out that nothing was going to happen unless she moved up into the V-berth or they came up on deck. So she shuffled back into the berth with her head fwd and Gill moved in beside her. He asked how much time do we have and Natalie said that just enough time to get you hard and me wet maybe a bit more but then we should go back up and see how Tony is”. “But then again.” She said, “Who cares lets just see how well this goes.” So lying together they locked into an embrace kissing wildly and then moving into a sixty-nine. While he was licking all over her thighs and working his way towards her pubic area Natalie was stroking his cock with a firm grip. Gill then moved down to suck on her clit and she threw her head back and moaned. I could see everything and while they had been busy I had my dick out and started to pull myself. The anchor had long taken hold and even if it hadn’t I would kaçak iddaa have felt it slip so I wasn’t worried. I had done enough sailing to know when the anchor bit.

By then Gill had moved his hand up to rub a finger over her clit and he slid a bit of it in. She moaned again and told him to shove it all the way in because it felt like a cock.

So he did and she rode that for a bit until she started to arch her back and came. The thrill of what she was doing and the strangeness of the place was enough to make her come really fast. And besides it was her first time with Gill and it was a long anticipated event that she was looking forward too.

“Ok now I have to make you come next but for now we had better go back up on deck.” Gill hesitated staring down at his huge hard on. Natalie said not to worry I won’t mind and just to come on. So I got up and walked back to the after end just in time for them to emerge from below. Of course Natalie made no bones about being naked and sat down and brushed her hair back and took a sip of her drink.

Then Gill emerged still semi erect with a beer in his hands for both of us. I took it and then he noticed that I was naked too. I said

“You did well young grasshopper but I bet she has more steam in her yet and I bet you need to release some too.” With that he smiled and began to get hard again. Natalie took that response and got down in front of him and immediately engulfed his growing member and made him respond even faster. Moving her head back and forth on his member he held her head in place with one hand and reached down to take hold of her breast with the other. Then Natalie kissed the head of it then swallowed it all and started to pump him with her hand and he loved it. Slowly moving it up and down he was hard as a rock and she looked at him, stood up and moved over him one leg on either side of his. She placed the lips of her pussy over his wet cock and began slowly to lower herself on to his massive flagpole. The head easing ever so slowly in she lowered taking in some of the shaft savoring every inch. Then her pussy had swallowed half of his shaft she stopped and rested then dropped the remainder of the way impaling herself on his hard cock.

She needed to be in control, it was bigger than mine and she wanted to make sure she got it all without hurting herself. The feel of it buried deep inside of her was what she craved. Being outdoors on the ocean naked and taking the pleasure of sex with another man with me watching got her excited. She loved the thought of being fucked by another man and not feeling any guilt about doing it was a thrill too. He then brought his head down to her nipple and started to suck on it, she tossed her head back and rode him in a steady rhythmic motion. Nothing fast just up and down letting his shaft fills her with every stroke. She could feel the veins in his cock against the sides of her walls of her vagina. Gill was filling her every inch and it was making her wetter and wetter. She could feel the pressure in her building, the climax that was coming getting closer. The erotic feeling of being out in the broad daylight slowly fucking this man was driving her insane. She had promised herself that she was going to come and she was going to make it a good one.

This was one more cock she had ridden and it was not going to be the last. It was one of those pleasures that not many people could enjoy, but we had put the misgivings aside and done this quite a bit over the years. We had taken videos of some of our escapades and if the camera I bought worked better there would have been more. Although some of our trips through this walk of life the men didn’t want their picture taken so I missed out on the spoils. This was one though I would be able to enjoy over and over again due to the magic of the digital camera.

There we all where wide open to be seen by any one who sailed by her sitting on Gill’s cock bouncing up and down and me sitting across from them with the digital cam taking pics. By this time she was getting close but she wanted him deeper. She stood up and then moved over beside him and sat down on the bench seat. She lifted her legs and spread them wide over her head and commanded him to face her and shove it in deep and hard. That way she could have best of both worlds him deep and him playing with her tits at the same time. Gill got off of his seat and moved over to in front of Natalie, her legs over her head gave him easy access to her pussy. And he then took his member in hand to guide it in.

Not that he needed too but he wanted to get his aim right so not to impale her and hurt her. But by this time I think she was beyond that. He placed the head of it on the lips of her pussy and got them wet. This is the part I like when I get to watch it slide in to her. I stood over the two of them and got the camera ready; he then pushed hard and fast. She was so wet that she took it and let out a moan that I thought sounded like a fog signal. One of those low guttural moans that rumbles from the bottom of your belly. She loved it. “Fuck me hard!” She moaned.

“Slam me with that piece of meat, fuck me hard I’m going to come.” She really kaçak bahis was enjoying it; fucking outdoors and with another man who had a big thick cock. What more could a woman ask for?

The more Gill slammed her the more the boat rocked she was getting so close she could taste the come he was going to shoot deep inside her. She bucked and moaned and he slammed her even harder. His balls started to contract; he was ready too. This was the wildest fuck he had had in a while and he too was enjoying it. He opened his eyes and looked at her, sweat rolling down between her breasts and her nipples hard as rocks.

She looked up at him and told him.

“I’m coming, come in me Gill fill me with your juice.”

And with that he pounded her pussy harder than before pushing her over the edge, his semen spilling into her vagina filling her and soaking the bench below them.

When he stopped he was still very hard, he withdrew his cock and just kneeled there. She opened her eyes and took hold of her breasts in both hands and wiped the sweat from both of them. She then took hold of his dick and stroked it.

“Very nice.” She said.

“Got any left?” And with that she rolled over on her stomach and offered up her ass.

She looked over her shoulder and ran her fingers through her pussy getting them wet. Then she ran them over her rosebud and told him.

“I’m serious; I want that thing in my ass. I’m not finished with you yet.”

Gill was astonished not only did he feel he was going to rip her apart but this was a first. But she was obviously not going to take no for an answer. He eased the head forward and pushed against the dark ring. Slowly trying to make it go in, and it was, she was relaxed enough and they were both wet enough. Finally the head disappeared and the rest of the shaft fell in behind. He was in, God it was tight he wasn’t going to last and he knew it. But pump he must and pump he did. Because Natalie pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts and matched him stroke for stroke. It wasn’t going to take long far as both of them were concerned although very tired from their climax’s only minutes ago. They both could feel the excitement that this experience was going to give them. Gill pumped, his balls hitting her ass with a slap that could be heard over the splash of the water hitting the hull below them.

Actually they were the ones making the boat rock, the pressure from Natalie’s ass was driving Gill to the brink. He wasn’t going to hold much longer. And that was the catalyst for Natalie to come in her torrent of sex that would besiege her at the very next stroke. One more slap from Gill and he flooded her again one more push from Natalie and she screamed with the orgasm that over took her and flattened her over the gunwales exhausted and spent.
After two very intense climaxes virtually right in a row they both needed a break. I too was near being spent but had held off because it was my turn next. I liked to wait and do it with Natalie after she had had her fill. Also it gave her even more climaxes than if it were just her and I. If Gill was ready to go again I would back off and watch but if he needed a rest then if she were ready I would go for it. Well, this time the afternoon was still very young and we didn’t really want to end it. So it was suggested that a quick dip in the ocean would cool us off. Now the water in our area doesn’t get very warm even at the end of the season. It only gets up to maybe the low fifties Fahrenheit, so it was going to be a very quick dip.

Both Gill and I Scuba dive so going in this water naked let alone with out a wet suit of some kind was foolhardy but we had to cool off. And it was the best cold shower I know. So he set the ladder and dove off the stern, Nat followed and I made my jump. It was a lot warmer than we expected, which was very nice but still, was very quick to get the hell out. Once back up on deck Gill hauled out a hose to wash off the salt and we all stood in the well of the cockpit and sprayed ourselves off. If you’re asking why didn’t we do that in the first place, well the shock value was much better. Besides, the fresh water shower was far too sensual to really do what we needed. Once dried off we sat down with more drinks in hand and chatted a bit.

This was an afternoon to remember and none of us wanted it to end but end it must. Gill looked at Natalie and caught her staring; she had made no bones about staring right at his groin, more intently at his flaccid penis. He looked back at her and said that unless she was going to do something with the subject of her thoughts and no doubt she would have we had better get back home. Sitting quietly pondering what was going to happen next, Natalie thinking she could definitely go another round and still have more. Gill thinking that he wanted more and was willing to stay and see if Natalie would be able to take more. I knowing that they both had more in them was willing to do it all over again. But as they thought about it a ketch appeared around the lee of the island sort of made the decision for them. She was coming up wind and under power. Which meant that she couldn’t be doing more than five knots and that it would take her about six minutes to get there. The distance was about one thousand yards and we still had time but not enough to do everything we wanted. Gill stood and looked at the approaching boat, Natalie looked at him and then in the direction of the boat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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