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Decisions. Ch. 02 What happens then?

So it’s part two, huh? Well let’s see how this will go. First of all I have to thank WokeUpOneDay for editing this!!! I heard from Maria (GothCunt) what you saw in the raw draft… you’re super!

So with not much else to say, here is part two…


Katarina (Ms. Lyons)

Holy shit, holy shit! I just had sex with the asshole that hurt my son, Luis! He’s the one that made my boy’s life a living hell for such a long time. I feel sick! I think I’m going to throw up!


Holy shit! It’s Luis! I can’t let him see me like this! I look down at myself. I’m still wearing his fucking cum!

I race up the stairs before another “Mom?” comes from Luis’ room. I slow down but don’t stop. “Hey, sweetie. Sorry, I’m right here, but I need to have a quick shower and then I’ll come right back…”

All I hear is a little, “Ok.” It breaks my heart.

I run into the bathroom and strip down, but before I get into the shower I stop at the mirror and look. My hair is a mess and my chest is covered in dry cum. I look at my clothes and bet they reek of sex and cum. I look down and see that my pussy is red. I reach out to touch it and feel it’s getting sore.

I close my eyes and sigh because my fears have come true: I’m already wet again. I’ve just opened an old and heavy door that I hope I’m now strong enough to close.

I enter my shower, put my head against the wall, turn it on, and with lots of shame let my hand travel down my belly to start masturbating. After 15 long minutes, I exit the shower and put some clothes on.

I walk toward Luis’ room and knock. “Sweetie?”

There’s no answer. I open the door and peek inside to see him asleep. I frown and feel so ashamed of myself. I walk in and sit beside my hurt son and silently promise him that I will be strong for him. I will do everything in my power to make sure that he will never find out what his stupid mother did.


The Bully (Dave Landis)

Holy shit! Holy shit!!! I just had the best sex with the hottest MILF! To top it all off, it was the mom of that loser, Luis! I’m cracking up so hard that my belly hurts!

I take seat on the couch and feel its wetness. It makes me smile. I take a nose full of the aroma in the air and feel myself getting hard again. I smile and take a look at my phone, ignoring my sister’s massages. There’s the video I made of the best humiliation ever for little loser Luis. This is going to be great!

But before I can enjoy the moment any longer, I hear the door opening. First I see my sexy sister, Danni. Both of her hands are holding shopping bags but she looks pissed

“Bro! What the fuck? I tried calling you for over an hour. What…” she smells the air and smiles. “Have you been fucking some chick in here?” Her smile grows, but then she looks at the door and we see our mother standing in the doorway.

My mom’s name is Trish and she is almost as sexy as Danni. I would say she is a mature version of Danni, but not as much of a bimbo. She is tall, about 5’4″, which makes her half a head shorter then Danni and head shorter then me. She is fit because she works in a gym, but not as a trainer — she sells protein shakes. She has the same bright blonde hair like Danni and the same tanned skin. But her best features are her big and very much real 40D tits, her toned legs, and her bubble butt.

She married Dad but not out of love, hehe. No, she married him because he knocked her up with me and later with Danni. Their marriage was filled with fights and arguments. In the end, Dad downed one vodka bottle too many and fell down some stairs. The house was paid off, and she had enough to not worry about money for a bit. But in the last couple years she had to find a job, which was not that easy for her.

She always says she is happy that she only has to worry about sending Danni to college. So her first words for me were not, “Hello son. How was your day? Oh I see you hurt you foot!” That would be asking too much.

Instead what she says is, “What the fuck did I tell you about screwing your bitches in my house? You’re fucking grounded! And don’t think I will be giving you any money this month!”

I grind my teeth and hold my anger back. I’m not really good at doing that, but if I piss her off anymore she might just kick me out. So I just nod.

“So what’s this about you beating up some other student?” Mom asks.

Danni pipes up, “Mom, I already told you. It was just a big misunderstanding. Dave just…”

I hold my hand up. “Danni, it’s all good. Yeah, Mom, I had a little misunderstanding with someone that got out of hand.” I see her getting ready to rip my head off, but I quickly add, “But I already talked to V.P. Harries. She won’t suspend me if I help her with some documents. You can call her if you want and she will back that up.”

Mom looks very surprised by that and calms down quite a bit. She then looks at me and asks, “What about the other student?”

“I’ve talked Sarıyer escort to him,” I lie, “and his mom,” I say omitting that I used my cock. “She wants to meet up again and discuss how I can make it right.” Oh, I’ll certainly make it right for me!

Mom is very quick with her response. “Well, she better not want any money!”

I calm her down. “No Mom, don’t worry. Maybe some manual labor if anything.” The best manual labor!

Mom just nods and walks off. I wink at Danni. She just gives me an “are you kidding?” look. But I just make my way toward my room and motion her come along.

I sit in my room and check out the video I made. I smile when I filled her mouth with my cum. That’s when Danni comes in.

“Bro, you did not fuck loser Luis’ Mom. No way in hell!” she says putting two and two together.

I just smile and show her the video from start to finish. Danni sits down on the floor intentionally because this way she gives be the best view of her nice, open cleavage. She gives me my phone back and has her hands on my thighs, looking up at me.

“I want that video!” she says with a huge grin.

That goes away fast when I shake my head. “Nope, that beauty is all mine!”

She grips my thighs. “Come on bro! We share everything! What gives?”

I just grin and lean down. “Well, I still owe you one for calling out Luis. Maybe if I send you this we can call it even and you take someone else to that tattoo place?”

Then something very surprising makes me happy: Danni looks hurt. But that does not last long.

“No, you will take me! No take backs!” She gets up and walks toward my door. “Saturday, 4 PM. And I will find a way to get that video,” she finishes with a wink and leaves.

I just smile and lean back to plan my next move.



The school week came and went. Nothing happened since the loser was still out. I hang out with Danni and marvel at how she and some of her friends (who yes, some of which I have fucked) made those bitches cry that busted me in front of my mom. Danni tells me she’ll hang out with her friends.

Mom messages me that she will not be able to drive me tonight. I go home, work out a little, make a cheap microwave dinner, and then take the bus for my meeting with V.P. Harries.

She lives in a nice place; a big apartment building. I try calling her to tell her that I’m here, but she doesn’t pick up the phone. So I just go to her door and knock.

I can hear crying inside, and after knocking again I’m hit with a great big surprise. V.P. Harries is standing in the doorway. She looks amazing, minus the pissed off look on her face. She’s wearing a big, puffy, pink robe and her black tits are almost falling out!!! I quickly look down and see her nice, smooth, black legs, but I try to focus and keep my tongue in my mouth.

Her face changes as soon as she recognizes me. She looks at her wrist but she isn’t wearing a watch. “Oh, hello Mr. Landis. Is it already 6pm?” She looks apologetic, which is a new thing for me to see.

I just nod my head. “Sorry, Ms. Harries. Is this a bad time?”

As if on cue, the crying from the inside of her apartment starts up again. I just see Harries sighing and looking at me again with anger and frustration.

“Yes, but it won’t get any better soon so come on in. Don’t mind the screaming. She’s just hungry.”

I’m pretty sure her apartment is nice and all, but I’m far too busy looking at Harries’ ass and how it moves in front of me. When we enter the kitchen, I’m able to take my eyes off of her to see the literal mountain of files on her dining table. She points at my seat and brings me coffee and a laptop. She tells me that I just have to rewrite what’s on paper into a digital one.

We maybe work for 5 minutes before the screaming starts again. I see Harries shake her head and she excuses herself to go into what, I’m guessing, is her daughter´s room.

A short while later I hear, “WHY?!” and then more crying. Harries comes out of the room and I see in her face that I should not say anything.

But I can’t help myself, and say, “Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” she says very annoyed.

During the next couple of minutes I see the beautiful side of Harries while she subconsciously massages her breasts. Every time she does more of her cleavage is revealed.

Ms. Harries becomes startled and I hear her say, “Oh come on!” She looks down and then I notice it too: two big wet spots are on her chest.

Harries just drops everything and puts her head in her hands. “Everything is going down the fucking drain! It wasn’t supposed to be like this! Motherhood should not be this fucking frustrating!”

I stay silent but move closer to her. After a moment I put a hand on her shoulder. She doesn’t seem to mind.

After a while she starts to speak again. “She just won’t drink. I’ve tried everything. She won’t breastfeed and she won’t take the bottle, nothing! It’s just so damn frustrating and humiliating… Escort Silivri Just… everything is failing. My job, my daughter… I can’t even get off anymore because my breasts are just too full and it’s so irritating!”

I look at her. She’s shocked but she seems to be lost in her own thoughts. I realize that I’m grinning. Without thinking I move behind her and start to rub her back and massage it.

Slowly but surely I get down to her udders. I slowly start to alternate between pressing and massaging them. They feel very heavy in my hands. I feel my hands getting wet and once I hear her moan I know I’m doing something right.

This is awesome! I’m milking the vice principal of my high school, this ebony MILF. Fuck yeah!

I take it a step further and lean in closer with my head. I give her neck a kiss and a lick, and I hear her moan even more. I press a little harder hear her whimper, and soon a moan.

I whisper into her ear, “Stand up.” She does not respond so I press my hands up and move my body closer to her. “Come on, stand up.”

I feel her shake her head and she moves away. “We shouldn’t be doing this. Lets stop.”

I take a firm grip of her tits and feel my hands getting flooded. Harries lets out a heavy moan.

“No, no. We’re past the point of stopping. We’re moving one way and that’s up… for now,” I say chuckling. This time she complies.

I move my hands from her udders and pull her bathrobe apart. This exposes her tits to the open air and my hands go right back under them. I start to roughly squeeze them and I feel her milk leaking into my hands.

She moans, “Yes! Oh yes! Finally! More!”

So I oblige and press more. But I can’t resist. I let go with one hand and taste her white goodness. It tastes so fucking sweet! I gave her other tit a rough squeeze.

She moans, “God yes!”

As if it’s on instinct I, shove my groin against her big black ass!

I untie the knot on her bathrobe and open it up. I push it to the floor, turn her around, and look at her beautiful black body. Her face is cast down. The first things I notice are her big swollen udders dripping with white milk. I shudder from the contrast of that white milk on her ebony skin and lick my lips. She has a bit of a belly, wide hips, and thick legs. Her pussy has a bit of a wild bush.

I moan while I grab her fat ass for the first time and grin into her face. She is lost in lust. I love it, almost as much as the feeling of this great ass in my hands. I lift her up onto the table, drop my pants, and climb up on the table as well.

I shove my dick into the very moist cunt of my school vice principal. I hear her not just moan but grunt and groan in pleasure. I feel it too. Her pussy is made for a dick like mine. I start fucking and hear that great noise of wet pussy getting impaled by a fat dick. It’s also mixed with Harries’ constant, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” It makes it hard not to cum.

I grind my teeth and just bask in this high of fucking this bitch! Then I notice her tits again, those big sweet udders full of milk. It hits me… I bend down, take her nipple in my mouth, and start sucking. I’m rewarded with a mouth full of her thick milk. I feel Harries’ hands on my head and in my hair.

“YES! Finally you bastard! More! Suck it more!”

I gladly continue to do as she asks. It tastes so fucking sweet! I feel her pussy getting tighter. Harries tightens up and I get hit with some hot, wet liquid. But more distracting is how Harries screams the word “FUCK” into my ear. I do hear her daughter, but it seems we both decide to ignore it.

I cup her tits and squeeze harder; like an addict wanting for more. I hammer into that black pussy of hers. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter as my fucking gets rougher and harder. My sucking gets more violent until I feel the udder I’m drinking from run empty. I try to move to the next one.

Harries stops me and whispers, “I still need some.”

I let go of her tit and push myself up. Harries lets me because she has no more strength in her arms. I enjoy the view from the top. Her face has changed from the sex-starved frenzy to playful and maybe even a shy, blushed, horny look. But that changes when she sees my face.

“I don’t like being told no!” I say while my dick still rock hard in her ebony MILF pussy. She tries to counter and defuse the situation. I feel her squeeze her pussy walls around my dick and her hips move. “Come now. Let’s just have some more fun…”

I almost don’t let her finish. I pull out and slide off of the table. But I grab her hips in the same motion and take her with me off the table. She tries to move out of my grip but I keep holding her until I get her on all fours on the floor. I jam my dick back into her pussy and this causes her to yelp. But soon I feel her moving with the pounding. I grip her fat black ass and start getting rougher and harder.

Harries grunts and even yells, “Harder! Yes! God, give it to me, please!!”

I Topkapı escort bayan grab onto her locks of black hair and twist them back hard. In the same motion I spank her ass hard. To my surprise I feel and hear her getting into it.

She grunts and pants, but says, “Yes you fucker! Give to me hard! More! Be rougher! Make it sting!!!!”

I can’t help but grin. I kick it up a notch as I start a barrage on her black ass. I can feel her getting wetter and tighter, and of course she cums like a waterfall with another banshee scream. Harries goes limp she as comes down from her climax. The only reason my dick does not fall out from her well-fucked pussy is because I have death grip on her hair.

I lean forward and taunt into her ear, “You may be done, bitch, but I’m not done yet!”

Harries can only grunt and whimper in response.

My free hand finds that full udder. With an evil grin I start to squeeze and feel her milk coming out again. That seems to wake her up again. She tries to get up but her arms give out.

She tries to speak, “Please no…” but it does not sound all that convincing.

So I just laugh and keep it up: the pounding and the squeezing. I notice the ground under her getting wet. I let go of her hair and watch her fall into the pool of her own milk. This just pushes me over the edge. I shove all of my length into her cunt and empty my balls deep into it.

We stay like that for a few moments enjoying our high. Then I push off of her and let the rest of her body lower itself onto the milk-covered floor.

I pull my phone from my pants and take photos from all angles. Harries is so fucked out that she does not even register what I’m doing.

I’m about ready to leave when an idea comes over me. I walk over to Harries and put her ass into the milk and her back against the wall. I make sure to get her well fucked face on the screen. Then I type, “Just got fucked hard!” right in the middle of the screen and take lots and lots of pictures.

I walk toward the door and say over my shoulder, “Great working with you, V.P. Harries. I can’t wait to come by next week! See you on Monday! Oh, and please shave your pussy. I like them smooth and clean. Bye!” Then I walk out the door, leaving behind a well-fucked black MILF and the sounds of her son.



I’m sitting in my room relaxing after the late “work” I did with the V.P. My mind is racing. So many new things developed in the last couple days that I have to make some serious plans.

A knock on my door takes me out of my mind. I see Danni enter, and, like every other time I see Danni, the first thing I do is check her out. She’s wearing a big, baggy hoodie. This surprises me, but not the rest of her. She’s also wearing a really short black and pink skirt that just stops under her ass. The rest is just naked skin until it reaches her feet.

I look back up with sleep in my eyes but a grin on my face. “Hey Danni, what’s up?”

Danni is smiling from my ogling. “Bro, you promised me that you would take me to the tattoo studio,” she said whining a little.

“Come on Danni, really?” I said getting up and sitting up in my bed.

Danni looks at my naked chest before she takes a seat next to me and looks at the floor. She picks up my clothes from yesterday, takes whiff, and looks at me with a wolf grin. “Got lucky with the loser Mom again?”

I grin back and shake my head. “Sadly, no. Look, if I tell you I can go back to sleep?”

She shakes her head and walks to the door. My eyes are glued to her ass. “Nope, get ready,” she says.

I roll my eyes and get up. I throw on a shirt, grab a bagel, and we take the next bus across the fucking city. Of course Danni is the eye candy for the full ride but, because she sits next to me, no dumb fuck is stupid enough to try anything.

During the ride I tell Danni about last night and how hard I fucked our V.P. This earns me a high five. This time I do share the pics with her that I took.

We get off the bus and walk for about 10 minutes before we find ourselves at the tattoo parlor. Man, this is a shit hole!

I look at Danni and ask her, “You sure about this? I’m all for some ink on you, but this place might not be the cleanest.”

But all I see is Danni smiling. “No, this place is perfect! You’ll see…” She winks and goes inside. I shrug and follow her.

The inside is musky and smells of cigarettes and paint. Danni talks to the guy at the counter. He looks more than happy then to see her, but even happier when she reminds him of her appointment.

“Oh! You’re the girl that wants the…”

Danni hushes him and looks at me with excitement. Then she looks back at him and giddily says, “That’s a surprise!”

The guy just grins and takes her to the back room. I want to follow them but Danni makes me stay out front. If it was any other day, I would have just thought Danni wanted me to come along to make sure she stays safe. But the way she’s acting tells me something else is up.

It takes almost two full hours. I wait until Danni comes out limping and looking a bit rough. The guy behind her has a big smile on his face. Danni just walks out licking her lips and winking at me again. I follow with a smile, so I guess I know how she paid for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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