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He unlocked then opened his door and then had to brace himself as Constance flew into his arms, moaning his name just as she dropped her bag and brought her arms came around his neck and pressed her face against his. He inhaled her sweat, her breath, the sensuous perfume she had on, a split second before her lips connected with his.

“Thad … oh, Thad … oh my darling, Thad …” was all he heard as she smooched and pecked and covered his face and lips with hers. He barely had time to catch his breath. He pushed the door back close while she still held on to him, wrapping one leg around his while Elsa, impervious to the two humans dancing before her eyes, hovered around their feet, meowing aloud to be part of whatever human ceremony that was on-going here.

“Constance … stop, slow down!” he managed to push her off him for a moment, gasping. “Damn it, girl! You fighting to give this brother a heart-attack?”

She was all smiles and happiness, not caring of how surprised and shocked he was at seeing her appear at his doorstep so suddenly and impromptu. “No. oh, honey, I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve missed you so fucking terribly. I’m missed you so much.”

She came to him once again and this time he embraced her and accepted her kiss, running his tongue over hers. She almost jumped when she felt something run against her ankle. She looked down at saw Elsa purring against her shoe. She looked at Thad then back at the cat.

“Thad darling, were you so lonely you went and got a cat?”

“Her name’s Elsa,” he picked the Cheshire up and gave it to her. “And she isn’t mine. I’ll tell you about her on the way. We can’t stay her tonight.” He took her hand and led her towards the bedroom.

“I almost forgot, what’s with the cops and the crowd milling outside? For a minute I thought I had the wrong address. Did something happen to you?”

“Yeah, sort of,” he said hurriedly, returning to his room to continue taking off the rest of his clothes. “My place got broken into and my furniture smashed, and some guys came in here and pulled a gun on me. It’s been an interesting day since morning, but let’s leave it for later. Right now, we’ve got to blow this joint. Did you come with a taxi?”

She nodded. “I’ve paid him off though.”

“It’s alright, we’ll get ourselves another cab. I’ll call my secretary to come pick up my car in the morning. Right now, this place is too hot for us to stay.” He changed into a pair of jeans and long-sleeved polo shirt while Constance sat on the bed playing with Elsa. She peeked out the window facing the driveway and was happy to see that the crowd that earlier had gathered at the driveway was dying off now that the cops had gone away.

“What’s been happening to you since?”

Thad barked a brief snort of laughter while he searched around for his cell phone. “Babe, you’re never going to believe it. There’s these two amateur hoods who broke into my place not long ago ’cause they figure I stole some diamond collar that belongs to the owner of the cat. But I’ll spare you the rest of the story later. Right now, let me check on Hilda.”

She looked at him uncomprehendingly. “Hilda? Is that my sister, Hilda?”

“The one and only. She’s been in danger from that young punk, Blondie. Remember him? Yeah, he was the one who smashed up my furniture and TV set. He was here an hour ago, trying to put a bullet in my head. But things didn’t go his way, now he’s with the cops. He beat your sister up pretty bad earlier in the day.”

Thad scrolled through his phone for Hilda’s number then pressed the dial button. The phone rang once then Hilda’s voice spoke into his ear. He listened to her telling him she was safe and sound. He interrupted to ask her where she was. She told him. He told her he would be with her in the next couple of minutes and to stay there and wait for him, then he hung up. He turned to Constance. “She’s fine. We’d best be on our way now.”

Constance got up from the bed and realised then she had Elsa in her arm. “Should I bring the cat along?”

“You mean Elsa? Oh yeah, she’s partly the reason why I’m having a great day today.”

“And the other part?”

Thad smiled at her and drew her towards him and kissed her. “The other part is you, babe. Now come on, let’s hit the road. We’ll take the back door. Right now I don’t trust the front.”


Having packed an over-night bag, they made it to the opposite street through the backdoor, but not before Thad had locked the house up and barricaded the front door in case any upcoming uninvited visitor got brave enough to want to smash his way through. Constance held Elsa in her hands while they stopped hidden from view and Thad went out into the street and found them a taxi. He gave the cabbie the address where Hilda was hiding out and within seconds of settling in the backseat, they were on their way. He looked at his watch. It was half past ten.

She rested her head against his chest and narrated to him her reason for coming so soon. She had actually booked herself for an Air-France flight supposed to leave DeGaulle airport the following morning, but had stumbled onto bahis firmaları a guy who’d sold her his airline ticket for Lufthansa leaving that very afternoon. Not wanting to wait anymore, she’d packed a bag and kissed Johnny before rushing to board the plane and now, here she was. She’d wanted to surprise him by appearing at his doorstep the way she did. Some surprise that had turned out to be.

“I hope you’re not mad at me?” she whispered as she snuggled against him.

He caressed her shoulder. “No, I’m not mad. Just surprised seeing you so suddenly. Thought you was going to show tomorrow. Was going to put on a show for you.”

“Hmmm … never too late for you to still put on a show for me.” She rubbed her hand over his chest and slid it down to his crotch, felt it respond to her grasp. “You know just the right type of show I need. I’ve been itching for it before I even left for Paris.”

“Let’s see about your sis and then maybe we can put that to work,” he said.

Constance turned dark at this. “I can’t believe that slut had the nerve to get at you, what with the headache she gave us last time.”

“Whatever she’s done in the past, she’s still your sis. Won’t be good turning my back on her because of something she did before. Anyway, she’s a better person now. Trust me on that.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it.”


Fifteen minutes later the taxi pulled into the courtyard of a Howard Johnson located across the West River section of the city. Even from where they were, Thad could perceive the salty taste of the dark sea, its waters emptying farther into the Atlantic. Constance had Elsa in her hands and their travel bags beside her feet and she was surveying the area while Thad settled their fare. She had never been this far out in the city in a long while and it seemed somewhat new to her. Here the streets stayed open and busy till the following morning; the sound of passing motorists made her wonder how much of being in the heart of the city she missed as compared to living a secluded, sheltered type of life back at Loftus mansion.

Thad carried the bags and together they entered the building. He had already called Hilda to tell them they would soon be here; she had furnished the lobby with their information, thus they didn’t waste time boarding the elevator to the floor where she was hiding out in. Thad stopped in front of the door and knocked. The door opened an inch, then flung open to reveal Hilda standing there in a t-shirt and shorts. She too was just as surprised seeing her sister standing there behind Thad and had been about hugging him when she held herself back. Both women stared coolly at each other, lost for words.

“Hi, Constance,” said Hilda.

“Hi, Hilda,” replied Constance with a cool voice. “Hope you don’t mind us coming to join you.”

“Of course now,” she stepped back to let both of them into the room.

Thad dropped the bags by the foot of the bed then went to look out the far window that looked down at the courtyard as well as the driveway leading into the building and was rewarded with the sight of cars ploughing back and forth on the main road and no sight of any following their trail. The sisters embraced each other, both of them seemingly happy that time and distance had healed whatever wounds that formerly had lurked between them. Thad was grateful for that. The last thing he wanted was seeing another fight unravel before his face with him stuck in the middle, him and the cat. He picked up Elsa and went searched through his bag for her snack food which he had remembered to carry along. He found a newspaper, asked Hilda if she was still making use of it. When she said no, he tore a short page off it and poured some snack for the Cheshire feline to feast upon while he took off his shoes and made himself feel at home. He took his gun out along with its holster and dropped it in a side drawer beside the bed; he didn’t plan on using it tonight, unless uninvited visitors dropped by.

“Hey, Hilda, you got anything to drink in this joint?” he asked.

“Check in the fridge,” she pointed at the table-top fridge close to the TV stand. “I bought some stuff earlier.”

Thad looked inside and was rewarded by a bottle of Chablis, a red wine, two bottles of beer, and some edible stuff. He went with the Chablis, taking out three glasses as well. He opened the bottle and half-filled each person’s glass.

“Here’s a toast, to happy endings and sweet reunions,” he declared. They clinked their glasses together then sipped their drink.

There was much conversation going on. Hilda enquired about Blondie and Thad filled her in on what had taken place at his home. Constance too asked her own round of questions, basically around what had happened to Hilda after she’d left with Johnny for France. When Hilda was done answering hers, the questions reverted back to Thad: what was it about the two hoods that were after the cat? Thad had taken explained as much about his current case as he could, though leaving the part about how he had been introduced to the centre of things. It wouldn’t look good for Constance knowing about his waking up kaçak iddaa in a young slut’s bedroom apartment with the young slut missing and him sporting a bump on his head. A good thing the bump was just about gone from his features.

Thad grabbed the remote and they sat on the bed while he flipped through the TV channel till he stumbled upon an interesting movie. They sat beside each other with Thad caught between the sisters and the cat curled upon his thighs and watched the movie as if they had nothing else to do. By the time the movie came to an end it was a couple of minutes after midnight. Constance went into the bathroom and showered. She stepped out of the bathroom minutes later, having changed into a t-shirt and boxer shorts and wasn’t that surprised to catch Thad and Hilda kissing. They made as if nothing had happened, though she teased them, saying how well she had caught them. Unsurprisingly she wasn’t seething with rage. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen them fuck before, and also, she was just as horny as her sister was and knew that they had enough time to themselves before morning came.

They dropped Elsa to sleep on the floor and turned off the light; Thad lay tucked in their midst.

Within minutes of them telling each other goodnight and settling in their respective spots, Thad felt arms on either side of him rubbing his arms, caressing his body. The room was dark but enough light filtered in through the curtains. He felt like one caught in dream. A sweet sort of dream that would only be fulfilling, even his cock was responding to it as both hands converged on that spot. Legs crossed on top of his. A face appeared from his right—Constance—and covered his face with a deep kiss. Seconds later the face gave way for another face—Hilda—to apply the same set of lips to his.

Constance got up from the bed and went and turned on the room’s lights. “You two go on ahead, let me watch for a while,” she said. she removed her t-shirt and shorts, her full breasts looking heavy and erect, and sat on the edge of the bed playing with her tits and rubbing her clit while her sister and her lover got busy with each other.

Hilda jumped on top of Thad, grateful for the freedom her sister had just granted her. Their lips clashed with they kicked the sheets off their feet; their hands struggled to rip each other’s shirt from their bodies. Thad ripped her shirt off her chest, watched her tits tumbled before his eyes and pulled her towards him. His mouth grasped her left breasts while his hands squeezed and fondled her buttocks. He gave her butt cheeks several hard slaps as if testing their durability in his hand. It made Hilda moan further and spurred her to wrap an arm around his head, pressing it against her chest, with his mouth still glued to sampling her breasts one after the other. She reached a hand behind to grasp his erection that was pressing against his shorts, struggling for air space. Constance came forward and pulled his shorts down his thighs.

His erection sprung out and jerked against the backside of Hilda’s upper thigh. Constance stroked his cock, let its pre-cum rub on her hand, and spat on its knobbed head. An idea then occurred to her and she went to look in the fridge. She took out one of the bottles of beer and opened it and took a swig off it. She sampled more in her mouth then returned to the bed and poured some of it down on Thad’s cock. Thad wasn’t expecting that and jerked from the wetness; this made Constance chuckle with excitement. Constance brought her mouth down on his cock’s head and was busy sucking him while he went on playing with Hilda’s tits. Hilda came off from him and now both sisters licked their tongue over his shaft, both of them taking turns at sucking him. Thad caressed their blonde hair and couldn’t stop jerking his thigh, pressing his cock into each woman’s mouth.

Constance couldn’t stop humming in her throat as she kissed the foreskin of his cock, her nostrils flaring from inhaling his exquisite manly scent. “Such a lovely cock,” she purred.

“Hmmm … got a lovely scent to it, too,” remarked Hilda who was busy pulling at his balls.

“I thought you wouldn’t notice,” laughed Constance.

Hilda looked up at Thad’s writhing form and said, “You know, he’s going to want to eat some pussy soon.”

“How about it, darling,” Constance asked him, indicating her with her hand by slapping it against her vagina. “You want to eat this pussy I brought back with me from Paris?”

“Bitch, you’d best get that pussy over here before I get mad,” replied Thad.

Hilda moved aside for her sister to scramble up the bed and plant her pussy on her lover’s face. Hilda looked up from her cock-sucking workout and watched Constance’s butt press down on Thad’s chin. His tongue stuck out his mouth and slipped between her pussy lips. Constance held onto the bed’s headboard while her body shook and quivered from the erupting ecstasy she was succumbing it to. She shut her eyes and moaned as his tongue kept on exploring the rich, wet cavity that was her pussy. She loved it whenever he licked her pussy; all through her flight back from Paris it had been one of the pressing kaçak bahis images in her mind she couldn’t shake herself from, and now here it was happening to her just as she’d always wanted it to. The sharp slip of his tongue sent waves of delight travelling up her spine, flooding ever vein and artery of her heart and all the way to her brain with exploding synaptic tingles. Thad brought his hand over her thighs and fingered her clit while his face remained buried under her.

Constance felt her body become stiff as if she’d just been hit with a massive volt of electricity and suddenly every part of her began to shake. She gasped as a solid orgasm raced through her body and would have slipped off Thad had his hands not been holding her waistline. He too felt himself stiffen and grunt severely as he too shot his load of cum all the way down Hilda’s throat. She knelt over him, rubbing her clit while she sucked and swallowed every trace of white semen he had to offer. When she had stroked his cock to emptiness, she came and helped her sister off Thad’s face. Thad lay there and watched both sisters play with each other. Hilda had her face buried between Constance’s pussy and was slurping her tongue over her labia with frantic excitement. Constance had never experienced such type of delight before but reacted just as expectantly as one would when caught in such moments. She caressed her sister’s head and raised her legs higher above her head. Thad came over and kissed her passionately, then moved down to sucking on her tits. Constance couldn’t fight back the influx of another orgasm that came to her at just the right moment in time.

Thad got off the bed and came behind Hilda’s buttocks that now faced him, loving the way her pussy opened before his eyes, winking at him. Thad was getting hard again and didn’t even need to stroke his cock for it to become turgid once more. He fell to his knees and pressed his nose and lips against Hilda’s butt, slurping his tongue up and down her pussy’s gash; he inserted his finger and afterwards added another finger into her rectum and fucked her both ways while his lips kept on feasting on her cunt. Hilda moaned in reply, her moans went even higher when she felt her anus being invaded. Her moans went almost in rhythm with her sister’s wanton cries. Thad got back to his feet and slapped his cock against her ass cheeks then let it find the right opening to her pussy. It slipped inside and he gave it a sure thrust just to be sure.

“Oh shit!” Hilda cried out at the same time grabbed hold of her sister’s thighs as she felt the impact of Thad’s cock its way inside her. She continued eating her sister’s pussy but the salvo of pounding she was getting from behind prevented her from taking advantage of such. Thad dipped a finger once again into her asshole and fucked her in tandem, slapping her butt cheeks when he could. Constance pulled off from her and came off the bed to marvel at the sight of Thad’s cock disappearing halfway inside her and pulling back out again with her cum stains. She grasped her sister’s ass cheeks and pushed them backwards each time Thad pulled off from her; the sight was making wet all over again.

“Hold on, let me suck it,” she indicated at Thad’s prick. Thad retrieved his cock from Hilda’s cunt and she gave a sighing moan as he pulled out of her. Constance fell to her knees and sucked her lover’s cock with satisfying joy. She licked off every trace of her sister’s cum juice and when she was done took hold of her shaft and guided the head back into her sister’s expanded cunt.

“Your turn!” Thad said to her and deftly pushed Hilda aside and grabbed Constance’s arm and brought her forward on the bed.

Constance fell on her back and kicked her feet high up. Thad sank his hands under her buttocks and raised her a few inches from the bed. Hilda, knowing what was about to happen, grabbed two of the bed pillows and set them under her sister’s ass cheeks. Constance grasped Thad’s prick which rested over her pubic region and pushed it backward to find her own well awaiting warm hole. Thad brought his hands to her thighs and pulled her towards him as he thrust his cock inside her. Constance squeezed her face in pain and groaned aloud from the contact of his cock’s head pushing all the way towards her cervix.

“Ohh fuck!” she cried out and beat her hands on the bed. At first there was hurting pain, but that dissipated in the next couple of seconds as warming pleasure took over where the pain left off and she opened her eyes to stare at her lover. “Oh shit! Ohh fuck me, darling! I’m all yours … just fuck me!”

Thad grunted at the same time held tight to her thighs and for the next couple of minutes pounded his cock into her pussy like he always enjoyed doing. His rhythm was hard and fast. Constance’s tits shook and jiggled over her chest and she couldn’t stop moaning from the bout of fucking she was getting. Hilda bit on her tits and every once in a while Thad pulled out his cock and grabbed her head with force and choked her mouth with his cock for a couple of seconds before returning it back into Constance’s pussy. Hilda licked her tongue over Constance’s puckered rectum and just like Thad, she inserted her fore-finger inside and fucked her ass that way while Thad went on being busy with fucking her pussy. A while later she took off her finger and licked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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