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“Can you be a good girl for me, Jennifer?” he asked his voice thick with cajoling charm. He smiled as she blushed and lowered her eyes. Morgan caught her chin with his finger and lifted it, forcing her to look at him. His hazel eyes searched the liquid green of hers for her answer. He’d found everything he’d needed to know about her in their depths, this was no different. Jennifer belonged to him, body and soul and he reveled in that fact.

“Can you do everything I ask of you, Jennifer? Even though it may make you blush?” She nodded gently, and her face darkened again with color as if on queue. “Such a good girl,” Morgan praised as his finger stroked the soft skin of her cheek, holding her gaze.

Morgan turned from her and walked slowly to his desk of dark mahogany leaving her standing alone in the center of his office. He could see the look of confusion on her face and he smiled knowingly, leaning casually onto the front corner of his desk.

“I want you to take off your clothes for me, Jennifer. All of them. Right now. Can you do that for me baby?” He stroked his goatee gently with his fingers as he watched her, noting that she nodded in acquiescence, but made no move to begin.

Jennifer looked at Morgan for a long moment, trying to swallow her shyness. When she tried to lower her eyes he snapped his fingers, letting her no it was unacceptable and she returned them to his.

“Why shouldn’t I,” she thought as she felt her pulse quicken and her body flush with a wave of warmth brought by his gaze as it traveled down her body, knowing he’d already begun with his mind what he had asked of her. “But we’re in his office… of all places… his office… what if…” If she thought of all the “what ifs” she’d never be able to obey; she wanted so badly to please him.

“Jennifer. If I have to ask again… it won’t go well for you. You’re not going to make me have to punish you baby, are you?” Morgan’s tone was suddenly no nonsense, but still filled with that cavalier charm. His voice a deep timbre, strong and confident; the voice of a man accustomed to having his way, not often disappointed.

Jennifer felt suddenly ashamed of her shyness, her little insecurities, and with trembling fingers began to release the buttons of her blouse carefully. She could feel her heartbeat in her fingers and after looking down for just a moment at them, she returned her gaze to his, her eyes filled with their usual confidence, glistening proudly as she bared her shoulders, the black silk falling away from them and down her arms.

Morgan chuckled and nodded approvingly, his eyes not leaving her breasts, still held captive in the black lace of her bra. He could see them heaving deliciously with her every breath and his cock sprang to life beneath the trousers of his suit.

Having shed her blouse and skirt, her bra, Jennifer began to unclasp the straps of her garters, intending to remove her black stockings and her high, strappy heels.

“No Jennifer… leave them,” she heard Morgan say from across the room. Jennifer smiled to herself; Morgan loved stockings and garters on a woman. She leaned up and looked at him, feeling Morgan’s eyes carefully inspecting every movement. She stood there before him arms at her sides… fingers gently clenching and releasing, unsure of what to do with them. She felt the tawny pink buds of her breasts harden and the slow ache of need filled her. Jennifer’s body began to respond. She felt her nether lips swell, her tender clit throb between them, her sheath moisten… readying herself for him.

Jennifer looked at him now, ruggedly handsome in his double breasted suit, always precise in his appearance. She felt keenly vulnerable standing there in all her naked glory. Her eyes fighting off glances to the door, sure she was hearing someone ready to enter the office at any moment, an occasional telephone ring breaking up the eerie silence inside the closed room.

Sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows that lined the outer wall of Morgan’s office, catching her eye, “Morgan…. the win…” The blinds where open to the summer day and Jennifer knitted her brow wondering who could be watching from the adjacent high-rise office buildings.

“Never mind the windows Jennifer,” he cut her off. It positively thrilled him to think someone might be watching them.

He slid off the edge of his desk and walked before her, close enough she could feel his breath on her face, smell his cologne, and feel his heat. When she looked into his eyes she felt like prey before a lion, overpowered by his nearness and his feral look. As always her desire to please him and to seek her own pleasure in his primal masculinity overwhelmed her, her body responding in kind to his obvious arousal.

She reached up with her fingers to begin to undress him, thinking of loosening his tie but before she could even touch him, Morgan had her wrists in his grasp, firm, but not squeezing. He meant to remain clothed, and to leave her exposed before him. Jennifer slackened her arms and he released her.

He reached out to her, twisting bursa escort bayan a finger into her waves of shoulder-length chestnut hair and tugged, signaling her to her knees before him. Jennifer raised a brow in question of his lordly manner only to find Morgan’s fingers now fisted in her hair forcing her to her knees.

She looked up at him, the defiance in her eyes of a moment ago, replaced by obedience and acquiescence to another’s will… Morgan’s will. This thing between them, this sexual energy that they had discovered long ago had never faded with time; it had thrived with their nurturing. Their love had only spurred it on, fueling the intimacy that came easily to them. Jennifer reached with her hands and ran them up his thighs, feeling the lean muscle of Morgan’s legs as she leaned into him, her eyes shining with love as they met his. But there was something else in that love… hunger, a base instinct to please this dominant male, HER dominant male, and she indulged it in with gusto.

“Such a good girl…” Morgan said as he grinned down at his baby girl, kneeling obediently at his feet. “Now undo my belt Jennifer, and my trousers.” He stroked her cheek absently as he watched her set about doing as he instructed.

Morgan had never considered himself sexually dominant until this woman. He had supposed now that it had been there, hidden somewhere under what he believed was acceptable, but had never been realized. She had sought that out in him, but never asked. She prompted him with her pleas and her soft little whimpers. Jennifer’s erotic femininity and her subtle transference of sexual power to him drove him wild. He loved her raw sexuality and her tenderness. He savored most however, that they were at home together in any situation, any mood. Their appetites suited each other perfectly, from the most tender lovemaking to encounters like this lust-filled tryst. Tonight he would pull her to his chest and she would tuck herself into his warmth, pressing her bottom against him in tender offering and after they made love… she would curl into him falling asleep together.

Right now, however… Morgan had vastly different plans for his sweet baby girl.

As Jennifer followed his instructions and opened his trousers, he had tightly wound his fingers into her silken chestnut curls, tilting her head back so he could look into her eyes. Morgan brushed his thumb over the soft pink lips of her mouth and drew her closer with his other hand until Jennifer’s lips were pressed against his thick hard cock. He could feel her breath, its moist sweetness driving him to distraction and he pressed his loins out, dipping his knees and grinding against her face, pressing his cock across her cheek.

“So very sweet Jennifer… so very sweet. I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours. You know how I like it Jennifer, be a good girl for me, baby.” Morgan reached for the remote for the blinds and pressed the button to raise them, allowing more of the hot afternoon sun into the room. There was now an unobstructed view of his office… and the two lovers for the surrounding high-rise buildings.

Jennifer knew what Morgan had done and again a hot blush rose in her cheeks. “Morgan… what if…” Her question was cut short as Morgan pressed the head of his cock with one thrust into her pleading mouth, a groan of pleasure from his chest as the molten heat of Jennifer’s mouth enveloped him. A rueful smile turned his lips; he knew what she was worried about. His cock grew harder and thicker as Jennifer responded in her ever vigorous way, taking Morgan’s cock at once all the way into her throat.

“Oh God!” Jennifer thought as her eyes fluttered closed for a moment and she struggled to take all of Morgan’s cock into her throat, relaxing as he began to pump steadily into her eager little mouth. “Everyone is watching… I know it. They will all see me… us. What if it is someone we know?” The subtle humiliation she felt rose as she thought about talking to people they knew who may have seen her on her knees… naked… sucking on Morgan’s thick cock like a little slut. She wondered if she’d recognize their knowing smiles; she hoped not.

“Such a slutty thing to do on your lunch hour Jennifer. Here you are… naked and on your knees in my office with my cock buried in your mouth. Someone could come in through that door at any moment baby… and the boys across the street are sure to have spotted us. What will you do, Jennifer, next week when we have our friends over for our dinner party? Will you wonder if they saw you? Will you blush, remembering our little tryst as you smile and pour them another glass of wine?” Morgan knew exactly what his little girl was thinking. He tormented her deliciously as she sucked on his cock. Jennifer’s mouth moved in a slow rhythm up and down his thick shaft. He stood very still and let her work his cock, looking down into her eyes as she gazed up at him, her supple lips stretched around him.

Jennifer increased her pace as Morgan spoke to her and he purposefully slowed her with his hands, bursa anal yapan escort still fisted in her hair. “Not so fast baby… I want to enjoy this, and of course provide our possible viewers with a lengthy afternoon peep show.” Jennifer whimpered. Morgan grinned and held her head against him, forcing her to hold his cock deep in her throat and not gag. It was his turn to moan as he felt the spasms of her throat massage the swollen head of his cock.

“That’s it baby… such a good little whore. Suck that cock.” Morgan groaned out as he stared down at Jennifer, loving how greedy she was with his cock, how eagerly she sucked him off. He closed his eyes and began to take over the rhythm, his hips pumping out to meet her mouth… fucking her pretty face.

Jennifer relaxed, feeling Morgan begin to thrust his cock down her throat. She tilted her head further back, opening for him, hoping he would let her taste his cum when he climaxed. Her body was on fire, begging to be touched. She slid her hands down from Morgan’s thighs and ran them down her stomach to the junction of her thighs and the seat of her desire.

Just then Morgan yanked Jennifer off his cock, and slid it, hot and glistening against her cheek, surprising her. “Ohhh,” Jennifer sighed as she looked up at him, trying to recapture his cock with her lips.

“Did I tell you to touch your cunt Jennifer? Did I?” Morgan asked her firmly, a tone of irritation in his voice. “Did I, you greedy little whore?”

“No,” Jennifer gasped, her voice a wavering whisper.

“Who’s cunt is that Jennifer? Whose dirty little slut are you?” Morgan responded.

Jennifer felt the burning color that had become familiar since she stepped into Morgan’s office this afternoon and she tried to look away. He gripped her hair and yanked her head back making her look up at him, his eyes burning into her, forcing her to respond.

“Yours Morgan. It is yours. I am yours,” she whispered.

“Louder Jennifer. Tell me, whose greedy little whore are you?” Morgan clenched her hair in his fist and spanked her lips and cheeks lightly with his cock as he questioned her, delighting in her little show of humiliation.

“He’s driving me mad!” Jennifer screamed inside her head. She needed him desperately; she could feel her juices oozing from her hot cunt onto her thighs. Morgan knew how to push all her buttons. Jennifer loved the dirty words, reveled in how they made her feel, loving the way they reduced her to a purely sexual creature.

“Yours!” she said louder hoping to please him, mentally cursing herself for succumbing to her own needs. “Oh god I can’t endure much more. It’s too much!” Jennifer thought as her need for release was only fanned by his taunting.

“That’s right… but you’re such a bad girl Jennifer… Did I tell you to touch your cunt? Did I? You couldn’t wait could you Jennifer? You’ve always got to bury those fingers up inside that hot little hole,” Morgan scolded her, his eyes narrowed. He released her hair and walked away from her, leaving her in the middle of the office on her knees.

Jennifer stared at him from her knees, trying very hard not to look away from his gaze. Morgan leaned against his desk, his hand now wrapped around his cock, squeezing it, massaging it slowly with his fingers. She eyed him hungrily, seeing how wet his cock was with her saliva as he worked it. “God I want him,” she said to herself.

“Don’t I always give you what you want Jennifer? Yet… you’re never patient enough. Always when you want. Not today Jennifer. Today you’re going to learn to be a good girl and everyone is going to get to watch your lesson.” Morgan gestured to the open windows and what… or who… laid beyond as he spoke to her.

“Turn and face the windows Jennifer. That’s a girl.” Morgan smiled as Jennifer turned slowly on her knees to face the windows. “Can you see them baby? Can you see them looking at us?” he asked with a smirk… teasing… knowing all she could see were rows and rows of silver rectangles staring back at her. “Can you see them looking at you… on your knees learning how to be a good little girl.”

Jennifer lowered her eyes.

“Lay down on your back. Keep those pretty legs of yours spread very wide so everyone can see your wet cunt Jennifer.”

Jennifer closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Her heart was racing and the sweet shame of being exposed for possibly all to see was washing through her in waves. When she laid back on the soft carpeting and spread her legs she could feel the heat of the sun through the windows on her naked body and she clenched, inadvertently forcing more of the juices that already dripped from her slit, tormenting her, to drip down into the crack of her ass. She looked back and up at Morgan where he still leaned casually against his desk.

“That’s it. I don’t want you to look away from me Jennifer. I want you to watch me as you learn your lesson. I want you to see my eyes as you prove to me that you can be a good girl.” Morgan kept his bursa rus escort voice hard, demanding her obedience. Jennifer nodded, accepting.

Morgan moved to stand over his naked little slut, admiring her stockinged legs and her sexy heels. He looked to the junction of her thighs and smiled with pleasure at the obvious arousal Jennifer was showing with her juices.

“Pull your knees up Jennifer and reach around your legs… open yourself for me. I want you to spread those pouty little cunt lips for me,” Morgan instructed.

The position forced Jennifer to lift her hips up, spreading the cheeks of her ass, exposing her little puckered hole. She wiggled in response to the tickling juices that dripped from her hungry little cunt to her taint. Jennifer pulled at her slick folds, doing what Morgan wanted and tried furiously to forget who might be watching her little display.

“Mmm… very nice baby. Look how wet and eager you are. So very wet. You love sucking my cock, don’t you Jennifer? I can tell how wet it makes you. You want me to fuck that voracious little cunt of yours don’t you? Ahh… Jennifer… if you’d only been a good girl, that’s exactly what would be happening.” Morgan crooned to her in a disappointed voice as he stroked his cock over her displayed body. “Now push a finger up into your cunt Jennifer. Just one,” he said

Jennifer whimpered and lifted her hips higher as her finger entered her tight sheath. She could feel her inner muscles sucking at her finger, tightening. Her eyes closed in delicious torment as she awaited her next command.

“That’s it. Now one more finger baby… press them in together. Fuck yourself for me Jennifer. You were so eager earlier; show me how much you want to be fucked.” Jennifer tried very hard not to plunge her fingers in too eagerly, wanting desperately to be a good girl, “It’s so very hard,” Jennifer lamented to herself as she slowly pushed her fingers in and out for both their pleasure.

“Faster baby girl… I know you want it hard and fast. You always beg for it,” Morgan continued. Jennifer couldn’t stop looking at his hand as it stroked slowly up and down the rigid shaft of Morgan’s cock. She loved to watch him. “Jennifer, look up here. This isn’t about what you want; it’s about learning to do as you’re told and having patience. Now, I said… fuck… that… cunt. Look at my face and do what I tell you.”

Jennifer blushed ignominiously and pleaded for quarter with her whimpers as she pumped her now soaked fingers in and out, thrusting them deep into her silken channel. The pleasure building within in her as Morgan continued to taunt her while she did his bidding. The sounds of her wet sex as her fingers worked it filled the room. Jennifer rocked her hips up into her fingers, biting into her bottom lip as she stared into his eyes, her mind a whirl with pleasure and sweet humiliation.

“Listen to your cries… just like a dirty little slut. You want to cum don’t you baby girl? Just a little more… Whimper for me baby. I want to hear how bad you want to cum.” Morgan teased her with his words, watching her discomfort as Jennifer writhed around on the floor under him. He was really quite tired of her disobedience. And he knew how much she loved this little game… even if she didn’t.

Jennifer’s eyes closed… her skin began to glisten as the pleasure within built to a crescendo. Morgan watched and just as Jennifer was about to ask him to let her cum, he brought it to a halt. “Stop! Stop right now, pull your hands away. Don’t you dare cum,” he demanded cruelly.

“Oh God!” Jennifer whimpered as her fingers stopped, “So close!” she screamed to herself. She let her fingers fall away, trembling as her hungry little slit closed on nothing.

“Hold yourself open. Ohhh… look at how your juices pool at your hole and drip down. Such a pretty site Jennifer.” Morgan grinned down at his bemused slut, with her slippery wet fingers working to hold her equally went cunt open for his inspection.

“Now I want you to run your fingernail over your clit… pull the hood back for me Jennifer and don’t you dare cum.” Morgan watched her, his cock throbbing in his hand as she performed his commands. He wondered if she knew she was killing him.

Jennifer pleaded with her eyes as she trembled with barely restrained desire. Her long fingernail tugged gently at the hood of her clit, easing it back, very careful not to touch the tender bud. She wondered if Morgan could see it throbbing. Her whimpers bordered on desperation as she struggled with the desire to please him and her desire to feel her release rush through her in a torrent. It was so hard for her… yet… so terribly sublime… this sweet torment.

“Very good. Now get up on your hands and knees Jennifer, with your ass to the windows. Move quickly and keep your knees spread very wide. Press that pretty face of yours to the floor, your arms above your head.”

Jennifer rolled to her side and up on her knees. She remembered to keep her eyes on his as she moved… stretching out on her stomach like a cat, purring seductively when Morgan squeezed his cock in response to her movements. She then slid back until she was up on her wide spread knees, exposing herself to the windows. Jennifer had forgotten about what lay beyond them and focused completely on pleasing Morgan, wanting to hear his praise… wanting to be His good girl.

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