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The John Holmes Model Ch. 02


I noticed a small change come over the wife after we first used the “Big. Guy” as she started to call it. The sex life had taken a very dramatic increase over the next few weeks, ever since I introduced The John Holmes model. I was pleased at that and so was the wife. She seemed to really enjoy the vibe and the sensations and orgasms she was having.

I went out and bought a dvd of John Holmes and friends, Seka etc. to watch before the next time we brought out the ‘Big Guy’ I wanted her to see what the other ladies did when they were getting boned by the real life ‘Big Guy’. She didn’t watch many X flicks, so it was going to be interesting.

We didn’t use the ‘Big Guy’ for about a month, and before we did I put the movie in to watch. It was a Saturday night and we were all freshly showered and ready for some fun. I started the video and Seka walks in the picture, wearing just her trademark garter belts and stockings. I got a little aroused at the sight of that. My wife did too. She was laying on the bed with her head facing the tv. I had warmed up the massage oil, as we watched the video I gave her a nice slow massage. Moving slowly up and down her back, rubbing the warm oil into her muscles. She was getting more aroused as my hands wandered her back, and she watched the şişli escort video. She spread her legs a bit as my hands caressed her butt cheeks. Rubbing the inside of her thighs she spread her legs a bit farther…as Seka pulled John Holmes pants down and gazed at his cock. She said to me that the ‘Big Guy’ is a very life like specimen, not taking her eyes off of the screen. Her pussy was getting very wet, and her body was getting warmer too.

Time to get the show on the road, I grabbed the vibrator and started to use it to massage her tired muscles and teased at her snatch. I then leaned over the side of the bed on the night stand and grabbed the Big Guy.

I began to push the Big Guy slowly into her tight hole. I rubbed the head of the dildo against her clit, teasing and playing with her womanhood. She moaned as I slid the head into her. She gasped, “Oh” and was quiet for a second, biting her lip, as I again let her pussy stretch for the rubber cock.

She was still watching the tv, as I spent several minutes working the dildo between her legs, gently pushing it back and forth, slightly into her, and then pulling it out again and again, her pussy juices were moistening the thick dong. Her pussy was starting to make slurping sounds as every second or third stroke I pushed just a bit farther on the dildo. Two, three, four inches went in, as she moaned and was aching beşiktaş escort for more. Five, then six inches of that ‘cock’ went in. She seemed to grasp the thing with her pussy muscles. She was moaning quite a bit. “Oh God that feels so good!” “More, just a bit more”

So slowly I started to fuck her deeper with that big fake cock, sliding it in and out of her stretched pussy. I loved seeing her body squirm. I loved to see her getting turned on. It was really turning me on knowing she was working up to a great orgasm. She was getting more and more into it, and had begun to moan more loudly. “Ohhhhh shit, its sooooooo thick and big”. Her pussy was getting stretched to the limit, and I kept pushing, spreading her legs wider. Her eyes were squeezed shut for a moment, and then she rolled onto her back and just stared at the cock as it just sat there half in and half out of her pussy, again I slid it in and out of her. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she was really loving it. I began to work it in and out, a little faster and faster fucking her with this monster cock. I saw her mouth utter the words “Oh fuck” as she had taken in at least nine inches of that giant. “The Big Guy really fills me up” she moaned. It looked like a Pringles potato chip can going in and out of her.

She was gasping “OH FUCK” as I slid its entire length into her hot pussy. I finally had the whole taksim escort fake cock in her. She quivered a bit when the set of balls went up against her ass all the way to the hilt. Pushing and pulling, the rubber don as she moaned and moaned.

She grabbed my leg and pulled me to her in a sixty nine position. “Come here I want to suck your cock lover” I worked my way around as she grabbed my 6 inch cock. This was a different side of her, she rarely sucked my cock. At first just started to lick it like an ice cream cone. Then she engulfed my cock as she was gyrating her hips from the big rubber cock in her pussy, She started moving her head as I moved the dildo into her, in a few seconds she was keeping time to my thrusts as I fucked her face. “mmph, mmmph” was all I heard from her.

My own explosion of sperm was coming and I rammed that rubber dick in and out faster and faster, and harder and harder. She was starting to shake with her own orgasm, as I let loose with my first load of cum. I hadn’t had let that much spurt since we were first married. I must have let 8 or 9 shots go. As the first one erupted into her mouth she grabbed my ass and she swallowed the whole load. Something she has never done before, I yanked the dildo out just as my last spurt let go, and she quivered with her own orgasm. Her pussy juices were running down her legs between her thighs, as I hungrily lapped them up staring into her stretched open pussy. Her snatch appeared to wink at me as I licked her clit, and pussy.

We collapsed in a heap of hot sweat and sex, and both said “WOW” and fell asleep to the sounds of Seka and the real John Holmes having their own orgasms.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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