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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


I arrived, as requested, at 7:30 in the evening. There were three guys about my age in the room. Reading, working on books, stuff. A couple of words but no conversation of interest. We were all in our twenties. We looked like students. All slimish, about 5ft8, comfortably dressed, quiet, reserved, normal.

A door opened and a very nicely dressed lady, fifty-five, sixty, came in and said, “Gentlemen, if you please.” With a hand she directed us through the door. Inside there was a group of about eight ladies of various dress and age, about forty-five and up, sitting in sofas and upholstered chairs looking comfortable. We sat in four empty chairs arranged in a semicircle, obviously for us.

Coffee and tea was served. Nobody introduced themselves. The ladies looked around a little and I guess it was silently decided who was going to start. The same lady that invited us in began.

“Gentlemen,” she began. “We are all products of the society we’re born into. Middle East, America, India, Scandinavia, all. America is more conservative than some and a lot of our young ladies are strongly sheltered until almost grown. As a result, they have great difficulty functioning in a normal adult fashion. We believe this will give them the tools needed to do so.

“We have looked into your backgrounds and this will give you valuable experience for your chosen educational tasks as you help us in ours. You are exceptionally suited for this. Are there any questions?”

The guy on my left said, “Who will be monitoring us?”

The lady said, “No one. Stop anytime you wish. We believe you to be quite capable in this task without our interference. Someone may call with a question now and then.”

No one else asked a question. She said, “Keep the packets sent to you. We’ve arranged dinner for you so you can get to know each other. Thank you and good evening.”

We were given dinner information and left. We found out at dinner we were from four different cities about the same size, all in college, all working toward degrees in the social areas. We swapped names, numbers, drank wine, ate and split.

We were going to be working with young ladies, 18 to 22, 23, maybe older, who had trouble with males, socializing, sex, stuff. So shielded they blanked out in conversation on anything to do with a normal relationship. We were tasked to try and put them back into the normal stream of daily life, of marriage and family if they so desired. The main impression from the packets was to never, ever, do anything without their permission. Other than that we seemed to be asked to be personal, then sexual, then erotic with them. Make them happy. Give them a taste of life. Show them what every other human being does almost daily but do so slowly. They had to get used to the feeling and how to handle it before moving along.

Her name was Joni. She was about 22. Not slim, not overweight. Straight down both sides and not a large behind. Attractive, same height as me with shoulder hair and beautiful smile. She seemed to always hold two fingers together in front of her lips. Not too animated but talkative on thing things. Any personal area was nicely shied away from and back to thing things.

Someone had met with ‘The Ladies’, and here she was. We were in a provided place. About 80 percent lounge type with the other 20 percent office type. Medium lights and quiet, not suggestive. Soft music and a corner kitchen for sodas, wine, etc. There was a room with a king sized bed and other stuff. Also not suggestive like a normal bedroom is but more of a useful area.

My name is Will.

She said, “Will, what are you going to do?”

“Absolutely nothing,” I said. “Unless it’s ok with you. That’s it. I’ll suggest what we can do next and you can say ‘ok’ or ‘yes’ or shake your head ‘yes’ so you know I understood you did. Or, you can say ‘no’ or shake your head ‘no’ so I understood you did. You can just not say yes or no and we’ll go somewhere else. For example if I asked you if you wanted to go skinny dipping you would probably say no.”

Perkily she said, “I would say no.”

“If I were to ask you if I could hold your hand what would you say?” We were sitting on a sofa, about a foot or two apart and I held out my hand. I was smiling kind of silly like.

After a moment she said, “Yes.” So I reached and held her hand. Progress. She was very nervous and it took some effort. She was here so somebody had given her a pep talk. I didn’t ask about it. We talked of thing things and held hands. She didn’t pull away and after a while we were talking and raising our held hands to express something and she held on like we’ve been holding hands forever. Progress. Now I understood what I had to accomplish with Joni. She was on summer break from college so we had lots of free Avrupalı porno time. She lived at home.

The next day we danced. I touched her waist and she touched my shoulder and our other hands were clasped out a ways. We talked. Our arms got tired and we pulled them in some and I instinctively let go of her hand and put mine on her waist like the other one. She froze up and looked like she was going to cry. I smiled and kept dancing and after a bit she put her hand on my other shoulder. I didn’t ask her if I could do that and it bothered me. I would have to be careful. We got to talking again and animated. She got used to it and we danced that way, resting and sitting and having something to drink, for about three hours.

I explained that we would pick up, on succeeding days, about the same state we finished on the day before. On the Third day we did the waist and shoulder dance for about 15 minutes. While dancing, we always danced slowly, I said, “Joni, can I put my arms around your waist? If you want you can put your arms around my neck.

We kept dancing and looking at each other and she said, “Yes.” Then she beat me to the punch and put her arms around my neck. Not in tight but a little closer and I moved my arms around her waist, which pulled us a little closer still, and we danced. She would ask questions or say things like, ‘How many are you working with?’ and ‘How long have you been doing this?’ and ‘Is this your apartment?’ and ‘My mom and dad seem to know who you are.’. I’ve never met or talked with them or know where they live. Must be The Ladies doings.

We skipped a day and the next day we picked up dancing like before. Right off I said, “Could I hold you closer. Maybe your head on my shoulder. Sometimes dancing is smoother if you can move together, as long as we can keep our feet from stepping on each other.”

She stiffened up and kept on dancing. This one was going to be a tough one. We spent the morning dancing and talking and went out for lunch and walked through a park. We held hands because that was a by gone. We talked about that. When we got to a point it would always be available unless she said no. She split and I got back to some studies. I had a furnished apartment from The Ladies for the summer, about five minutes away. Joni would never know that unless she followed me.

About an hour into our dance the next day she said, ‘Yes’, and got a jump on me again. She wrapped her hands around my neck and moved right in. She stopped short of mashing middles but her breasts were comfortably on my chest. Dancing got a lot better. Sometimes her head really did light on my chest and we talked softer and about some things that were not thing things.

It wasn’t long before our middles were lightly brushing as we began to really move together move smoothly. I could feel her juncture and I’m pretty sure she could tell I was reacting. Sometimes she pulled back, casually, but after a few moments she was back. I knew exactly why The Ladies started this. Joni was on her way to being an old maid. I wondered how many more there were. I’d have to look at that when I got my doctorate, Just three more years to go.

I would get silly sometimes and animated when we danced. Bending her over a little then turning her around. Her hips would bend into me and our middles would get flush and then we would be off with the turning. Same thing we were doing but more pronounced. I would push her waist towards me when I did that, momentarily sliding my hands down a little on her lower back, not much. I think she enjoyed it after she got used to it. I knew that getting her used to something was one of the keys.

She was merging physically with another body. It would have been impossible a few days ago. The idea was to get her to the point where she could move up to a guy, be friendly, introduce herself, conversation, get a dinner date, do whatever they decided to do and go from there. Knowing all the directions that something could go at any particular point in the process was the problem. Most people gained that knowledge growing up. She didn’t. That’s going to take a lot of work and one of the pivot points were approaching.

The next day we danced, fronts merging lightly and her just going with it. Sex was now a definite part of the mix. We sat on the sofa for a while and I said, “Joni, the next things I mention will get much more personal. They should be great fun and exciting. I really want you to enjoy yourself. If they get too erotic let me know. There’s no hurry. Be as reserved as you want.”

She had a slight smile and her eyes were moving around just a little but not near as nervous as when we started. I decided to see if we could start. I said, “Let’s get back to where we were. Getting up we wrapped arms and pressed in. I said, “I would like to kiss you. The first type of kiss is just a regular one but a little sexy. The second type is a full on boy girl erotic sexy Video porno next stop motel wow kiss and might leave you breathless because I’m a stud and you’re a knockout and if you swoon I’ll hold you up. So the first one needs a yes and if you want to go on, a second yes.” She knew the routine, we go with the last stage she accepted which includes all before that until she says ‘yes’ or if she doesn’t we continued as we are.

We were in a full wrap slowly moving in a slow dance with the soft music, lights down a little low, and she whispered ‘yes’ right in my ear. I kept dancing for a few moments and when we turned just right and wound up fully pressed I moved a hand high on her back and pressed my lips right on quite softly. I had moistened them a little. I pulled off a few times and met her lips a little differently each time for variety. I moved my tongue just to her lips and touched her a few places so she knew what it was. She moaned and kept kissing. We did that for about five minutes which was a long time. I got a little hard and she moved her hips a little, pulled back slightly but soon back in. She liked what she felt against her and where it was.

We kissed now and then and danced about an hour and she whispered ‘yes’ a little loudly. We were on. I was wrapped around her waist, she was wrapped around my neck. Tits full on and sex working below the belt line. I leaned in slowly and kissed like before. A few moments and I opened my lips and hers followed somewhat after. I slipped my tongue just in between her lips and ran it back and forth then slipped it in and found hers. She let out with a very nice moan and pressed her hips into mine, not too hard, probably distracted.

We kissed for a few minutes, just standing and holding. We stopped kissing and danced around in kind of a rocking motion. She seemed to be thinking about it. She came back and slowly got into the erotic kissing again and stayed with it longer than the first time. Progress.

We kissed off and on and had simulated clothes brushing sex the rest of the day. It was a longer session than normal by about an hour. She came out of the bedroom a little more lively and left.

She slowly got used to going to the bedroom for stuff. Use of the bathroom, leaving packages on the bed, supplies in the closet, soda, coffee, filters, stuff. I made it routine to mingle in with her for things so she got used to both of us in and out and using the bed as a put-it, and bathroom interchangeably. It took some careful planning but I got her used to me coming and going in the bedroom when she was in the bathroom. At first she was shocked. The bathroom was a normal one with a door to close and quite sound proof.

The next day we moved into each other and kissed the erotic and about half way through I said, “I would like to start interchanging our arms. Yours would be around my waist and mine around your neck. If you like that just slip your arms through mine and I’ll slip mine up around your neck. It’ll give you a new perspective. We can just continue doing what we’re doing with this fabulous kissing.” Conversation between us was slowly picking up. Jokes, complements, things we like, a lot.

After more erotic kissing she slipped her arms down and through mine and wrapped around my waist. I moved up to her neck and wrapped. We went kissing again and she slowly pulled me in tighter. I went with it and she actually had her hands down towards the bottom of my back, not on my buns but low. As she pressed, I gave in to her movements and pressed myself right in but only as tightly as she pulled. We stood still kissing and tonguing and she was absent mindedly moving her hips and getting me ramped up. I knew she could feel me right on her clit, probably a larger area that that. I never responded or ground my hips into her. It was there and I let her have her way.

Then she switched arms and I could pull her in. I dropped my hands down about where hers had been on me, slowly, and pulled slightly. She responded, coming in and I could feel her swivel her hips into me just that little bit then it stopped. I ignored everything and kept kissing and then she was back. She never did get going into a nice undulating movement but I had no doubt she wanted to. She was kind of chomping at the bit but holding back from habit. It was ok. That was why we were here.

We went out in the morning and shopped a little, had some ice cream, went to a movie just after lunch and returned. Much socializing and I spent some time pointing out people and making comments. When we returned we soon were into our clutching and kissing. She was getting used to getting excited and liking it. The packet of data from The Ladies made it clear that we should do this and make progress in this area. In addition we were to explain we wanted to create a sexual atmosphere and then erotic so they knew what might happen.

I stopped dancing and just held her around the waist and said, “When we’re dancing, if you like. slide your hands down around my bottom. If you do I’ll do the same thing when my hands are around your waist.” I was smiling at her and she was just looking at me but not distastefully. I continued, “You don’t have to just leave them there, explore some and see what’s there and how it feels. If you’re not sure you can do what I do.” We continued holding, kissing and dancing. It was really getting to be fun. She was a fun date.

I knew giving her butt over was a biggie. Running her hands over mine was an even bigger biggie. It was about an hour before she moved her lips up near my ear but she didn’t say anything and we just continued. Another half an hour and she was whispering in my ear, “Yes, I would like that.”

I moved my hands up around her neck and let her have freedom of movement. We were front on as was the normal, not hard, so she just slid her hands right down and slowly wrapped her fingers around my buns. We dancing around slowly and some very nice tongue kissing. With her hands on my buns she could pull up and park me right in, and did. I undulated once and moaned and she took in a breath and we continued on. After about half an hour she moved her hands back around my neck and I went around her waist. Another ten minutes and I slowly went for her buns.

Her skirt was calf length and the fabric was kind of thick. I could feel the top of her panties under her skirt with my fingers and then the bottom seam as her buns filled my hands. I massaged her tenderly as we danced and pulled her in occasionally. She was breathing a little hard and seemed to be enjoying the play. My penis was fairly hard and being used for stimulation. I hoped I didn’t wet my pants. She would probably love it. I softly pulled her buns apart and back as we went, exercising her butt crack. I did that as we moved so it didn’t seem to be on purpose. She took in a couple of deep breaths every time.

We swapped hands and she got to doing the butt crack exercise to me and a bit more. She got all the way down under the bottom with her fingers. It really felt good. Another twenty minutes and she swapped again and let me back down. After a round of movement I pulled up on her buns with my fingers down low which would surely pull her pussy up. I didn’t know how close my fingers were to her pussy. We were kissing and she gave an ‘OH’ right into my mouth and we kept kissing. Must have been close.

Done for the day and the next day was a skip day. I had a conversation with The Ladies contact and went over our progress a little. They were very pleased with the forward progress. They now called it a ‘pattern’, rather than plan, or program, or something academic like that. They asked few questions. I would suppose the ‘pattern’ was a changing document. I was wondering how the other three guys were doing but didn’t ask or call them.

Joni didn’t seem to have any home activities or friends activities so there was no interruptions in the pattern to speak of. Just daily life stuff. We started the day and I asked her if I could take my shirt off and she said ‘sure’ right off. No delay. Off came the shirt, T-shirt underneath. Might not be that easy with her blouse. That afternoon I asked if she would like to take off her blouse. I added that she could take off her bra and put on a T-shirt like mine if she wanted but make it a baggy one. It’ll be more comfortable. If you don’t it’s fine. Whatever you like. Done for the day.

We had more fun with the buns the next morning. I was probably getting my fingers near the bottom of her folds. I made sure to stay away from touching them. She still took in a slightly deep breath when I did that but stayed with it. Particularly with us moving it was sexily animated where my fingers were. I always touched her lightly whenever I touched her. We went to lunch and a walk and back. She slipped off to the bedroom. When she returned she had on a baggy T-shirt and no bra. Her breasts were very nice and her nipples poked right out. She was a knockout and wow did they jiggle around. This had to be very difficult for her. I had to be careful.

Joni had also changed her skirt. It was about at her knee rather than down around the calf. It wasn’t kind of thick fabric like normal but a more silky type, a little loose and thin. We got into our startup of last state and she put her arms around my waist. That left me around her neck with those fabulous breasts right in on my T-shirt. She was starting to get ahead of me. I kind of got the feeling she was using me to experiment on. Hope so. Be happy in your work.

You would not believe the difference the skirt material made. She ramped me right up and we lightly moved in on each other, more me matching her. She exercised my buns nicely. Good kissing and about fifteen minutes later she switched hands and I was around her waist. A few moments and I moved my hands down. The top of her skirt seemed to be further down than I remember. With her arms up around my neck I ran out of T-shirt and hit smooth skin and was thrilled. Three or four inches later and I moved past the top of her skirt. Her arms around my neck must have pulled the T-shirt up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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