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This story is set in Guernsey because that is where I live. It’s not as quiet and sleepy as people seem to think, and if you think there is any place on earth where people don’t have sex, you’re wrong. This place has beautiful beaches and sexy women, although in this case we’re talking about one Portuguese girl and her local landlady.

I had only been seeing Anna for a couple of days, and we had kissed and fondled but no more than that, because our bedroom arrangements were not ideal: I was sharing a flat and she had a room in someone’s house and wasn’t allowed to have visitors. As I said, Anna is Portuguese and she worked at a supermarket as a deputy manager. There are a lot of Portuguese people in Guernsey, mainly working in greenhouses and catering. Most are actually from the island of Madeira, and they used to come over because their own economy was bad – no jobs, no money – and they could work in Guernsey, live somewhere cheap and send money home to their family. Nowadays the Poles and Latvians do the same, and Anna had moved on a bit, with a decent job and private accommodation, but she was a very humble girl and not at all ambitious. She spoke good English and you could have a proper conversation with her, so we got along fine and had some fun.

One night after a meal in a pub Anna insisted that we went back to my place – I think she wanted to check out how I lived.

She was 40, divorced, and I suspected she wanted to get married again.

We found that my flatmate had loads of friends round. Anna didn’t want to stay, and said her landlady, Linda, had said she was going out, so we could sneak in and I would have to sneak out again later. We had never done that before, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

So that’s what we did. Linda’s car wasn’t there and no lights were on, so I parked down the road a bit while Anna had a quick look in the house and beckoned me in. She had an en-suite room with a little kitchen and a conservatory attached, at the back of the house.

Her room was very small, with a single bed, but she had made it nice in that feminine way that many girls have – and I don’t think some of them realise how attractive that is. Anna’s room was tidy and clean, just like she was.

She made us a coffee and we sat on the bed, rather than at the table in the conservatory. I took her mug from her hand and put it on the bedside table, then pushed her back onto the bed and lay on top of her. We kissed and I unbuttoned her shirt and explored inside it. She had nice, full breasts and she didn’t object at all when I fondled them, removed her bra mamak escort and sucked her nipples. Then she stood up and pulled me into a standing position too. We kissed some more and I undid her jeans and knelt down to take them and her knickers off, taking the opportunity to kiss her pubic mound while I was there. Then I stood back up and she did the same for me. She gave my surging erection a little kiss and stood up again. I ran my right hand over her back and her buttocks and then my left hand strayed between them and lightly ran along inside her cleft. She sort of shivered and giggled.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.

‘Nothing, it just tickles,’ she said.

I pushed her down onto the bed and kissed her down her stomach and on between her legs. She parted and raised her thighs obligingly as I licked eagerly at her vagina. She had a fairly sparse growth of hair down there, soft and springy. I licked her with something approaching love and savoured the taste of her juices.

Suddenly the atmosphere was broken by the sound of the conservatory door opening. I looked over at it and Anna sat up and scrambled into her bathrobe, throwing me a towel.

‘Linda,’ she said breathlessly. ‘I…’ but she couldn’t think of anything to say.

‘You know the rules,’ Linda said calmly. ‘No visitors.’ She looked at my face and then down at the towel that hid my private parts as I sat on the bed. Then she looked back at Anna and said ‘It’s precisely to avoid this sort of thing.’

‘We weren’t making a noise or anything,’ Anna protested.

‘I can throw you out for this,’ said Linda. ‘It’s in the rent agreement.’

‘Please don’t do that,’ Anna begged, and Linda smiled.

‘There is one way we could sort if out,’ Linda said.

‘What?’ Anna asked softly.

‘I will need to borrow your boyfriend,’ Linda said. ‘Now.’

Anna looked at me nervously and I said ‘Okay,’ hoping the landlady meant what I thought she meant, rather than repairing something in the kitchen.

Linda barked at Anna: ‘Yes?’

‘Okay,’ Anna said quietly. ‘What…’

‘You go and wait in the lounge,’ Linda ordered, gesturing to the door that connected the room to the rest of the house. Anna started to walk past me and I touched her on the arm and kissed her cheek.

‘It’s all right,’ I said. ‘I’ll be okay.’

So Anna left the room, but her footsteps seemed to stop not far away.

Linda walked over and stood at arm’s length from me. She was short and rather dumpy with short, fair hair, and was hard-faced, but I found ofise gelen escort her attractive in an unsubtle way.

I stood up. She obviously wasn’t going to attack me, but she held all the cards and I was a bit nervous.

She was wearing a dress – a cheap polyester one in a brown-beige mixture that was rather unflattering. But it was a dress, and I do like the idea of what is under them.

‘You think I’m a right old cow, don’t you?’ Linda said, stepping closer so that we were almost touching. I put my hands on her shoulders — which meant the towel fell to the floor – and she looked up, inviting me to kiss her. I leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips, then lingered as, again, she seemed to invite more.

She put her hand straight onto my erection, which had returned under new management, and said ‘Has this been inside your Portuguese friend yet? I know you’ve had your tongue in there.’

‘You interrupted us,’ I replied.

‘Unzip my dress,’ she ordered, and turned so her back was towards me. I unzipped it and it slid down to join my towel. She was covered in freckles.

‘Take off my bra,’ she said, and when I did, she turned around. She had large breasts with small, pale areolas. She sat on the bed, just as Anna had 10 minutes earlier, and lay back.

‘Suck my nipples,’ she said, and I lay over her to do that. She moaned with pleasure and ran her hands through my hair. I moved from her breasts down to her left side and began to lick the edge of her armpit near her back. She writhed with unexpected ecstasy and I plunged my tongue right into her armpit.

‘Shit!’ she said, ‘Where did you learn that?’ Her armpit was shaven smooth and the deodorant had largely dissipated, leaving the slight smell and taste of fresh underarm sweat, which I like.

‘I think it’s something to do with your lymph gland,’ I said, not wanting to get too scientific.

‘Whatever it is, it goes straight to my fucking fanny,’ she replied, then paused. ‘Okay, now between my legs. Your head.’

I pulled her panties down — plain white cotton ones, not a thong nor big pants, but briefs. She was a standard Guernsey woman wearing what standard British women do when they’re not expecting anyone to go sniffing around their crotch. And sniffing around was exactly what I was doing, loving her natural, unprepared middle-aged woman’s parts. She had a lot of brown pubic hair. I rubbed her clitoris with my nose and the delectable private aroma — vaginal secretions plus a trace of urine – thrilled me. I lavished otele gelen escort my tongue on her, lapping her up as if she was the only food in the world.

‘You want me to sit on your face?’ she asked more loudly than I would have expected.

‘Okay,’ I said, and lay on my back as she crawled on her knees, astride me, making her cumbersome way up until her crotch was above my mouth. She lowered herself onto me and I licked her again, then she moved slightly forward and adjusted her back, inviting me to lick her anus, which I did gratefully. She was at the top of the bed, facing the wall, and put her hands out to steady herself while I catered for her basest desires. Then she moved back again and bathed my face in her flowing juices.

At that point I heard the door open quietly and soft footsteps approach. Then there was hair on my thighs and a small hand took my penis and lifted it before a warm mouth took it in.

‘Anna, what are you doing?’ Linda asked as firmly as she could manage while drugged with the feelgood chemicals released by her sexed-up body.

Anna said nothing, but carried on sucking me.

Then Linda changed position, removing her crotch from my face and presenting it to Anna.

‘Lick me, you Portuguese bitch,’ Linda growled. Anna hesitated.

‘Lick her,’ I said reassuringly, and Anna moved behind Linda and began to do as she was told.

As she had done with me, Anna wriggled so that her buttocks were where her labia had been.

‘Don’t stop,’ said Linda.

‘But that’s your bottom,’ Anna protested.

‘Your boyfriend likes it,’ Linda said confidently.

‘Yeah, do it,’ I confirmed.

After a minute or two during which the two of them seemed to be in a world of their own, Linda rolled off and lay on her back.

‘I think he’s feeling left out,’ she said to Anna. ‘You sit on his face, facing away from the wall.’ As Anna complied, Linda straddled me and slid my penis into her vagina. She was very hot down there and was obviously extremely aroused, because she managed no more than five or six thrusts before she convulsed and a gush of internal fluid streamed onto the head of my penis. Shattered, Linda leaned forward and embraced Anna and they kissed while I tongued my girlfriend’s clitoris until she too had a long, grinding orgasm, shouting in ecstasy into her landlady’s mouth.

‘Both of you lie on your back,’ I commanded, climbing onto the floor. They broke their kiss just long enough to get into position, but their hands were between each other’s legs. I made space between them, knelt with my crotch at breast level and masturbated.

It was only moments before I came, and when I did I thrust my pumping cock into Anna’s mouth, then into Linda’s.

When my spunk had finished shooting I lay between the two women. The bed was so small that they had to face me and hold on or fall off.

‘Mmm,’ said Linda. ‘That was good. But next time we’ll use my room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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