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A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing. Please Enjoy!

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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter. This chapter sets the stage for future chapters. I have added a list of the main story characters to the end of the story which was a suggestion by one of the readers. Sounds interesting? …… Then please enjoy! ………

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I appreciate hearing from the readers of my stories and I want to thank all those who took time to send me an email. I try to answer all the emails I receive and I really appreciate all your kind comments. Please realize I can’t answer those readers who send me comments anonymously.

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged (over 18)!

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From Chapter 7

Terri sat on the toilet and peed then stood up and walked over to the bidet and cleaned her pussy. When she was done I was standing next to her with a towel and dried her pussy like I did for Kim. When we were finished in the bathroom we walked into the bedroom and we crawled up the bed and pulled the sheet down. Kim told Terri she wanted her in the middle so we could hug her from each side. Terri gladly moved into her middle position and lay down. I turned off the light and the three of us slipped into slumber land without any further fanfare.


Chapter 8

I had just drifted off to sleep when my phone rang and I reached for it quickly so it wouldn’t wake up Kim and Terri. An anonymous caller said, “I thought you might like to know, Harold Gordon, Bill Jefferson and Pete Jensen were just released from jail on bail.” Then the caller promptly hung up the phone.

I pulled the sheet back and tried to slip out of bed unnoticed and Kim asked, “What’s going on honey? Don’t worry we’re awake now.”

Looking towards their direction in the dark I said, “The caller didn’t identify himself, he only said the three guys were released on bail a little while ago. I’ve got some calls to make, both of you stay here.”

I heard a couple of gasps before I said, “Don’t worry about a thing; no one knows Terri is here and even if they do find out, they wouldn’t dare to come here.”

I got out of bed and went downstairs and found Jenna, Lisa and Becky still out on the deck so I asked them to come inside and watch TV or something. Jenna looked at me and then without any argument she stood up and said, “Let’s go up to my room and listen to some music.”

I looked around outside before going back into the house and closing and locking the doors. After checking all the windows and doors I turned to head towards the den to make my phone calls when Jenna came walking back downstairs. She looked at me with a mysterious look on her face then asked, “What’s going on dad, you’ve never asked me to stay inside before?”

Quickly I told her that the three guys were released on bail and I didn’t want her outside at night unless I was there too. I told her I had some phone calls to make and she could get back to her friends but not to say a word to them about what I told her. She assured me she wouldn’t, and then she turned and bounced back upstairs.

The first call I made was to Ted Johnson’s house. Ted answered the phone on the second ring and assured me the anonymous caller’s information was correct. He said that he and his officers had searched all three homes and businesses and obtained all the evidence from all the places. I asked Ted if he had a car at Jeff’s house in case someone went there and much to my surprise he said, “I have a car right out in front of Jeff’s house and you may rest more easily when I tell you a car has been at your house since about six o’clock this evening. We intentionally took a long time processing them out on bail so we could have officers in place before they were let out.”

I said, “We’ve been home all evening and we didn’t hear a car come in. Besides, Tony and his family went home a little while ago and they didn’t say there was a police car out here.”

Ted said, “Wait a minute and I’ll tell you where she is.”

I heard Ted call his officer on the radio and when the officer responded, Ted asked her where she was located. I heard her tell Ted she was sitting on the road, near our driveway. When Ted came back to me on the phone I said to Ted, “I heard where she is. Call her back on the radio and tell her to pull up to the house and back in by the garage then come to the door. She can sit in the house instead of her car.”

Ted said, “My officers are used to being in their car.”

“Ted, they might be used to being in their car near the city but I live way out here in God’s country and there is no need for her to sit in her car. I will open the door and she can come inside kartal escort bayan and she can make herself at home. She can have coffee when she wants and I’ll get out that box of donuts I’ve been trying to get rid of for the last month.” I said to Ted.

Ted growled into the phone, “You fucking smart ass, we don’t eat stale donuts.”

I listened as he called the officer on the radio again and told her to drive up to the house and park by the garage and see the owner of the house for additional information. I heard her as she said she was headed up to the house and would be there in a couple of seconds.

Ted came back to the phone and said, “She is on the way up to the house.”

I said, “Ted you didn’t cover the phone I could hear everything you said and everything she said.”

“I didn’t want to tell her over the radio you wanted her to come to the house because all my other officers would hear that and want to pull duty at your house. When she gets there you can tell what you want to.” Ted finished saying just as the doorbell sounded.

I walked to the door and opened without thinking about my being nude until the officer’s eyes got real wide and she looked at me. ONLY THEN did I realize I was standing there in all my glory, showing her every inch of my body. I’m used to being nude in my house so I hadn’t given my lack of clothing a second thought.

I handed the female officer my phone and said, “Here, talk to Ted while I go get a robe to put on.” As I passed the phone to the female officer I heard Ted’s laugher echoing through the phone.

The officer stopped me dead in my tracks by saying, “You don’t have to go for your robe now, and you have nothing to hide. I saw your front and you just showed me your butt, so stand here while this laughing hyena gets his jollies.”

I stood there while she talked to Ted and scrutinized my anatomy. She blatantly stared at my bald cock and balls which started to rise as she continued to stare. Then her eyes moved up to my face and I saw her smile at me, before her eyes moved south again. Finally, she handed the phone back to me and I stood facing her saying, “Ted you are an evil bastard. Did you tell her it would be ok for her to hang out inside instead of outside in her car?”

Ted said, “I only told her that you were a very nice guy despite answering the door completely naked. I did tell her that your family was nudists and not to take offense to you. You can show her around, she’s cool and won’t cuff you unless you get some funny idea she should join you in the hot tub.”

“So are you saying I can’t offer her, a trip to the hot tub or only that she’ll get kinky and hand cuff me in the hot tub?” I asked Ted with a huge smile on my face while I was looking at the female officer in front of me.

She frowned at me and I smiled at her then cut Ted short by saying, “Well, we have to go now Ted, I hear the hot tub calling and she has her cuffs out now.”

Once I clicked the phone off, I put my hand forward and said, “Hi my name is Dan Morrison and you are?”

She took my hand and squeezed it like I was shaking hands with a guy who spent hours in a gym before saying, “My name is Officer Mary Davis.”

“Well Officer Davis, I won’t bother getting any false sense of modesty now, so I’ll say I told Ted to have his officer come inside because I don’t live in the city and there is no reason for you to sit out on the edge of the road. You are here doing a job but you are also here doing us a favor and keeping us safe and for that we are all very grateful. Ted told me he told you we were nudists so please don’t be embarrassed. If our nudity bothers you, please say so and we will all wear something while you are here.”

“First let me say, you and your family should call me Mary and second, you and your family can’t do anything that will shock me so I’m not embarrassed, nor bothered, by your nudity. Actually I’m kind of enjoying the view. We females don’t get to see too many males who are shaved bald so I hope you don’t mind me saying, I love what I’m seeing and you’re looking pretty good in the “nicely hung” department.”

“Well Mary, please call me Dan and make yourself at home here. How long is your shift?”

Mary said, “I’m here until eight o’clock tomorrow morning and then I think Officer Shelly White is going to relieve me. I had to come in a little early tonight because of the release, but normally I will be working eight to eight. We are doing twelve hours shifts so I will be back out here tomorrow night at eight o’clock.”

I smiled with an evil grin, I said, “We are having a party here tomorrow and if you come to work early, you will see more of your sergeant than you’ve ever seen before.”

Mary looked at me quizzingly before I added, “I don’t know if I should tell you this, but Ted is one of my guests tomorrow for a small party we are hosting.” I quickly added, “BUT you can’t go and say anything to anyone, especially at the office.”

“If you follow me, I’ll show you around so you will know where everything escort maltepe is. While you are here I don’t want you to be bashful. Over here is the coffee maker and the coffee packs. The refrigerator is loaded with plenty of food in case you get hungry.” I said with a smile on my face.

I walked to the glass doors and opened them and walked out on the deck and pointed towards the hot tub and saying, “The hot tub is over there and you’re welcome to use it or the pool over there. The only rule we have is we don’t allow any clothes in either one.”

Mary smiled at me and said, “Dan, are you trying to tell me I would have to be naked to go in your hot tub or pool?”

I smiled and said, “Mary you are a fast learner and I love the way you think.”

Pointing with my finger I said, “There’s a towel cabinet over there by the pool and an outdoor shower over there so you can wash off the chlorine when you’re finished. Like I said, don’t be bashful while you are here because you are here for our protection and I want you to enjoy the few amenities I can offer you.”

We walked back inside the house and I slid the doors closed and locked them then led the way through the kitchen and down the hall to show Mary where the bathroom is located. We walked into the living room and I picked up the TV remote and the Dish remote and handed both to Mary saying, “You are welcome to watch TV and relax here or I can give you a bedroom upstairs and you can sleep in a real bed instead of the couch or your car. The main thing is you are here in case anything happens. I will leave it up to you.”

Mary said, “Do you really mean I can sleep in a bed and you won’t say anything to Ted? Oops, I mean Sergeant Johnson.”

I turned and started walking towards the stairs before saying, “Follow me.”

Mary quickly put down both remotes and followed me as I started walking up the stairs. I turned my head to say something to Mary and I noticed she was staring right at my ass. So I turned back around quickly and kept walking. As we got near Jenna’s room I noticed her door was open like always, so I stopped to ask Jenna a question. Jenna looked at me then saw Mary and jumped up off her bed and came running to the bedroom door asking, “What’s the matter, daddy? Why do you have a police officer with you?”

I told Jenna, “Calm down baby, Mary is going to be spending the night with us and I wanted to know which room you had your guests staying in.”

Suddenly Lisa asked, “Mary, what are you doing here?”

Mary looked into Jenna’s bedroom and saw Lisa and Becky standing next to Jenna’s bed completely naked and she asked, “Lisa, the better question would be, what are the two of you doing here?”

Lisa walked over to the door and said, “Becky and I are staying with Jenna for the weekend. Since they are nudists, we’re enjoying their lifestyle while we are here.”

I looked at Mary and said, “Let me introduce you to my daughter, Jenna. She works with Lisa and Becky and she invited them over here for the weekend.”

“How do you know Lisa and Becky?” I asked Mary.

Mary smiled at me saying, “I know both of them from church.”

Then Mary looked at Lisa and Becky before she said, “Don’t worry girls, I’m staying here overnight, so before the night is over I may end up naked too.”

Both girls rushed over and hugged Mary and Lisa said, “Dan saw me naked one day in the boutique when mom and my aunt were with me and mom read me the riot act, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t stir up the mud in that pot again.”

Becky excitedly said, “Mary you can’t believe how free I feel not having to wear clothes. We were in the pool and the hot tub tonight and it felt so great. I love being nude.”

Mary looked at both Lisa and Becky saying, “Don’t worry; I won’t say a word to anyone. It seems like you are having fun and no one is being hurt, so enjoy yourselves.”

Jenna reminded me again I hadn’t answered her question when she said to me again, “You didn’t tell me why the police are here.”

I looked at Jenna saying, “Ted wanted to make sure everything is covered, so he sent Mary out here to stay with us for a few days.”

Speaking about not answering questions, you didn’t answer my question, I stated, “Which room will your guests be staying in?”

Jenna said, “I think Lisa and Becky are going to stay in the next room on this side so if you want to give Mary the one of the rooms on the other side, that will be good.”

I told Jenna and the girls I was going to show Mary the bedrooms and let her choose which one she wanted. As we walked towards the bedrooms I said to Mary in a quiet voice, “What you hear and see at my home, I would appreciate it if you kept it to yourself. Actually, anyone who works or comes here regularly, we have them sign a confidentiality statement, including Ted Johnson. Most likely Terri will give you one of them in the morning.”

We got to the first bedroom and I turned on the light and we walked in. I showed Mary around the room and showed her the bathroom pendik escort then I said, “I think the other bedroom is a little bigger, if you are interested.”

We walked over to the other room and when we walked in Mary was immediately impressed with the four poster bed and turned to me asking, “Are you serious about me staying in this bedroom if I want?”

I looked at her asking, “Have I told you a lie since you’ve been here? Of course you can sleep in this room if you want to. The TV remote is on the stand over by the bed. The bathroom is set up the same way with a toilet and a bidet, but this room has a larger shower. I don’t know if you were serious when you told the girls you might end up naked, but let me tell you that you will be welcome to join us and be nude if you choose to. Also, we have a family policy that no one is forced or coerced into doing anything they don’t want to do. Both of us are adults so I will tell you whatever you do here won’t be mentioned outside the borders of this estate.”

Mary looked at me before asking, “What about Lisa and Becky. I know them from church and being one of the adult leaders there, I wouldn’t want them to tell anyone at church.”

I looked at Mary and asked her to wait in the bedroom for me and I would be right back and she assured me she would. I went downstairs and fired up the house computer and opened Terri’s folder and found the confidentiality statement. I made one for Mary and printed two copies and then shut the computer back down. When I got back to the bedroom where I left Mary, I didn’t see her immediately so I called her name and she walked out of the bathroom in only her bra and panties. I took one look at Mary in her white lace bra and white panties which hugged her pussy nicely with only a slight crease in the middle showing me a hint of her pussy and my cock finished standing straight up, looking skyward.

Mary looked at me and noticed my cock immediately saying, “Oh my, I forgot males are turned on by women in their underwear.”

I smiled and said, “This guy is turned on looking at any legal aged female, clothed or not.”

I smiled and walked towards Mary holding out the confidentiality statements to her. I asked Mary to read the statement and sign both of them and keep one and give me the other. Mary read the form and looked at me asking, “Did you say Ted signed one of these for you?”

I said, “Yes, as I told you before, all our staff and any regular visitor sign one of these forms because Kim and I are executives with a couple of major corporations. Neither one of us can afford to have someone leave the estate and start talking about our nudist lifestyle. Since Ted and Marion work here installing our new security system, both of them have signed a statement for us. Even Lisa and Becky signed one of these statements so they won’t go back to church and talk about their experiences here.”

Mary asked, “Have Ted and Marion been nude when they were here?”

I nodded towards the forms and said, “I can’t tell you anything like that until you sign your form.”

Mary re-read the form and then put it down on the table and signed both copies. I told her to keep one for her records and I’d take one. She smiled at me asking, “Now, have Ted and Marion been nude here in your house?”

I smiled at Mary and said, “Yes, both of them are nude all the time. Marion loves being here so much she comes over and hangs out with Terri even though she doesn’t have to work.”

Mary smiled and asked, “Is Terri your daughter or your wife?

“Kim is my wife and she’s in bed and Terri is the one who you are here to protect. She is the first one who got away from Harold and will be testifying at his trial when we get the fuckers back behind bars where they belong. We have sort of adopted Terri as our own daughter since she came here and applied for our housekeeping position. That’s when we learned there was a problem at the store Harold Gordon owns.” I explained to Mary.

Mary reached behind her and unfastened her bra and let it slid down her arms and her beautiful “A” cup titties with pink areolas and tiny nipples came into view. Mary saw me looking and said, “I wear a padded bra.”

I immediately told Mary, “You have lovely titties and you should never have to feel the need to explain you wear a padded bra to anyone. They are simply beautiful!”

Mary interrupted saying, “But guys are always staring at the girls with big titties and lots of cleavage. The big busted girls are always complaining that guys don’t look them in the eyes but look at their chests.”

“Mary, not all guys are like that. Most of us would rather play with a titty in each hand and not the big sized ones that take both hands to hold just one. The big busted girls, as you put it, exaggerate the facts about guys looking at their chests so they can make girls with small manageable titties feel bad. I really love your titties and anytime you want them massaged, just let me know.” I said with a broad smile on my face.

Mary looked me straight in the eye a few seconds before she said with a straight face, “Dan you are the biggest bullshit artist I’ve ever encountered. You made that lovely speech with compassion in your voice as if you really cared about my small titties. I have to give you an A+ for your impromptu opinion.”

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