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All characters are fictional, except me, everyone in the story is over 21. My stories will involve, male/male sex, cross-dressing, and bad language, so if this offends you please don’t bother reading.


It’s been a week since that nameless Mexican fucker used and abused my asshole. What? He’s not going to hit me up? Am I not good enough for him?! These thoughts circulated in my head, feeling pissed that I didn’t get the last laugh, and secretly wishing he’d make me his pet bitch again.

It’s Friday, around 6pm, I receive a text saying:

[This is your Papi, walk down the alley I fucked that sweet ass in, make a left, then a right. Mine is the third house on the left. Be here in an hour, don’t you dare be late, and dress in something slutty.]

I hesitate a bit, I mean, he’d never find me if I flaked out right? He knows I want his big dick; he doesn’t even bother to threaten me, that asshole!

[Ok, Papi, I’ll be there soon.]

I take off my black nighty, put on black lace boy short panties, black strapless b cup bra, and a pair of small black stiletto hooker heels.

Putting on a different blonde wig, seeing as the last one I’ve been having a hard time getting his cum stains out, I put my hair up in a Japanese style fashion, with two long bangs on either side of my face, and a big clip to hold the back up.

Putting on my light blue contacts, light foundation, anti smearing this time, mascara, the works, and last but not least pink lipstick with extra gloss.

Packing my small purse, I put in my emergency slut kit, which is just make up, lipstick, wet towels, cell, and a couple of bucks.

Walking over to my closet, I decided on an almost black backless party dress. It hugged my tight body really well, giving me shivers. It barely covered my bubble butt, but that’s my intention anyway.

Checking myself in the mirror one last time, I was ready to go, grabbed my keys and headed for my car. The drive to the east side of town took only 5-10 minutes on the highway, I’m sure I have time to spare in case I got lost, but his directions were simple enough.

I park in the Albertons supermarket again, there was still a little bit of light, but I’m extremely passable, and anyway, I didn’t give a fuck I’m going to meet my sugar daddy tonight. I can’t believe how much I wanted him so much, that week was torture! There were a couple of hoots and whistles, and a lot of disapproving looks from the older generation, but all in all, the parking lot all the way to the alley was pretty deserted.

I made it to the end of the alleyway, where I last saw my Mexican daddy. My ass was already moist and hungry to be filled, sweat glistened in my crevices.

There were a lot of rundown older type houses in the area, a Hispanic and his friends were having a barbeque kept calling out to me as I walked by. Clit clap my heels made a noise for the whole street to hear.

“Hey chica, bring that fat ass over here, my dicks bigger than his!” Or the occasional “Fucking bitch, don’t go fucking walk around my neighborhood without my permission!” from the girls they were with.

Didn’t matter, they were all talk and no bite.

As I made a right at the intersection, I saw the house my Papi wanted me to go to. The lawn was pretty fucked up; the house looked like a squatter hillbilly type dwelling, some lawn chairs in the front lawn.

His neighbors were some older white folks I presumed, that probably lived there longer than any, before any of the immigrants moved in anyway.

A look from this white old man, his neighbor, in his porch gave me a shiver, I could feel him undressing me with his hungry eyes. His old bag must not be satisfying him anymore.

I walked up to his door, rang his doorbell, nervously pulled down the hem of my dress to no avail, the sweat from the walk made the stretchy fabric rise higher.

I felt like I waited forever. He finally opened the door, a beer in his hand; he smiled his twisted crooked smile.

“Hey baby, you’re late.” He said lightly, walking off to the kitchen, in only sweat pants.

“Close the door behind you.”

“The walk here was a new experience.” I said, thinking I was hardly late at all.

“Hah, come in, come in, porno I never got to introduce myself, I’m Carlos, and you are…”

Shocked by his random pleasantries, I expected him to lead me into bedroom and fuck the shit out of me already!

“Roxcii. Roxcii Santos”

“Ah, Roxcii, that’s hot, it fits you.”

He came back from the kitchen with a fresh bottle of beer, offering me one, I refused.

Looking around his living room, it was a total mess! Cigarette butts on the floor, sofa filled with holes, trash, beer bottles lying around.

He sat on his couch in the middle of the room, drinking his beer, switching the channels on his TV.

“Bathrooms upstairs, kitchens over there, this is the living room, master bedrooms upstairs, there’s a back yard but, it’s pretty messy.”

“Messy compared to this?” I said sarcastically.

“Hah, don’t worry; you’ll be cleaning it up soon.”

Aw hell no, I’m not here to clean, that was it I’m leaving.

“I have a few friends coming over, you party right?”

On second thought, I do like cleaning.


“Depends? Nasty bitch you probably jumped at the idea of having my friends fuck you huh? Come here and sit next to me baby.”


I nestled close to him, he smelled of pheromones and beer, gosh what were we doing? Cuddling?

“I just woke up from a bad hangover, Mami.”

I thought he was going to kiss me, but his hand goes to the back of my head instead and leads me to his semi erect cock.

“Mmm, yep this always fixes my hangovers.”

He pulls down his sweat pants, pulling my face close; I could smell the musty smell I’ve been dreaming of all week.

I take his flaccid 6 inches into my mouth and suck it lovingly.

“Mmm, such a good girl, oh, I mean girlfriend right? Baby, get on your hands and knees on the couch, I want to hold that bubbly ass.”

I comply, still sucking on his growing erection; he pulls the hem of my dress up to my back, exposing my black lace boy shorts.

“Oh yeah, you know how to please your daddy don’t you slut? Wiggle that ass some more.”

Slap! He starts spanking my jiggling butt!

“Such a fat ass makes up for your flat chest fucking faggot! Feel it jiggle as I barely slap it!”

Taking both his hands, holding the back of my head, he roughly fucks my mouth.

“Oh Mami, Papi is so close, keep my milk in your mouth okay, and don’t swallow until I tell you, oh, fuck, baby here it comes!”

He spurts in my mouth, I catch all of it with my thick lips, and he’s still milking his cock in my mouth, when he makes me look at him.

“Mmm, yeah, let me see you savor it.”

I open my mouth and gargle his milk for him to see, some dripping down to my neck, he scoops it up with his finger, and makes me suck it.

“Ok bitch, you may swallow now, swallow slowly, so you get the full the taste of my seed.”

“When you’re with me, never waste my milk, it’s very precious.”

I nod appreciatively, my lips going back to his deflating cock to clean it.

“That’s enough, go clean my place up a bit, my friends will be here soon.”

I head up stairs to the bathroom to fix myself up. My whole body was glistening with sweat, the almost see through dress might as well have been painted on me. I fix my make up, and decide I’ll just clean the easy parts.

Carlos sat on the couch drinking another bud light, casually throwing his previous bottle once again on the floor.

Much to my sound bitching, I picked up his trash, put them all in a big black garbage bag, I walked to the backyard to throw it in the bin. The backyard wasn’t messy, more on the word cluttered. Broken car parts scattered here and there, old tires, and pretty much useless junk. I heaved a sigh thinking, no way am I cleaning this, where the hell is that bin, if he even has one!

Gary Saunders lived in his home in the east part of town all his life, inheriting his house from his parents; he currently enjoys the retired life of loafing around doing old people shit. McCarran airport actually tried buying his house, along with the neighborhood to make way for the expanding airway. But he and the neighborhood couldn’t be bought.

At first, japon porno he hated the idea of Hispanics and other races being his new neighbors, he hated the idea of anything different actually. But who is Gary to judge other people right? So with it comes change, he started to like his neighbors. Especially the Hispanics to his left, they threw the wildest parties, he’d casually use the “I’m fixing something in the backyard.” excuse to his 50 plus year old wife.

Usually during party days, the Hispanics would give him beer and even drugs he never experienced during his early years.

He loved his wife dearly, but Gary was still very young at heart and below the belt. Pushing 55, on really lucky days, sometimes there’d be a passed out Hispanic chick trying to get some air in the neighbors’ back yard. The wall being barely up to his chest, the 6 ft ex-military hopped it with ease. Casually “petting” trying to “nudge” awake his new prize, most of the time, he’d just stick his dick out and jack off on their sleeping faces!

These were Gary’s most prized sexual experiences.

But fun had been dying out these past few weeks, apparently Carlos’ brother got arrested, and they were still in the grieving process. A lot of sexual tension had been built up inside Gary’s balls.

When he saw the young Asian girl walking up to his neighbors’ house earlier this evening, he was elated. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, her bust was lacking but she made up for it in the size of her ass, it looked J-Lo’s but without the Godzilla ness of it. It was perfect, her dress was riding up, and Gary was instantly getting harder and harder.

She walks in; Gary immediately bustles to “Take care of the lawn in the backyard.” With proper window peeping, Gary knew every fuck spot the brothers used downstairs, he also knew where to peek.

“Oh, a little bj in the dirty sofa huh, you dirty Asian bitch.”

He was stroking his dick through his boxers, 7 inches of semi erect cock peeking out of the edge of his shorts, he stroked it willingly, knowing his wife was, busy playing scrabble or something.

“What the fuck? That’s a fucking guy, holy shit!”

He started stroking faster.

He never encountered, a she male before, only on the internet with its vast array of variety.

“Oh my god that’s so fucking hot!”

Gary was pretty sharp; he figured out that he was being attracted to this faggot of a boy because by wanting to fuck a lesser male, he’s assuring himself of being the alpha. Trust me, 25 years plus of a nagging wife really kills the alpha male libido.

“Nasty bitch, look at her savoring that shit, god I want to stick my dick inside that fat ass.”

He almost came but Carlos got the better of him by beating him to it. He couldn’t come now; apparently he started making her clean the house.

A bit moping, he lingered in the back yard a bit more, then he heard their backyard doors slide, it was the Asian bitch and her sexy piece of ass! She’s looking for something…

Hah, holy shit he’s really making her cleans that shit hole. What a good girl. I bet she’s looking for the bin, I don’t think they had one, at least not one that’s visible.

He called out to her, feeling his heart pump in anticipation. This was definitely going in the hall of fame.

“Hey, can I help you look for something young lady?”

“Oh hey, they don’t have a trash bin around here do they?”

“Not that I know of, but when times get tough around there, I let them throw some of their trash in my bin. You’ll have to carry it yourself though; I’m not getting my hands dirty.”

“Oh it’s not that dirty, where’s the gate out of here, oh ok, could you unlock yours? You’re a great help.”

“No problem, I’m Gary by the way, I’m pretty good friends with the brothers!”

“Brothers? I’m Roxcii, thanks, its hard walking on grass with heels!”

Gary intentionally left his semi hard cock hanging out of his boxers left thigh.

Blushing, as I glance at his package, what a weird old man, my eyes going to his grayish hair, I try not to mind him, he’s probably up to something.

“The bins on the other side… here let me help you, just open the bin for me.”

“Whew, lezbiyen porno thanks”

I open one of the two green trash bins.

“You’re grass is really well taken care of Gary.” I noticed, comparing to the cataclysm of a backyard I was just in.

“Yeah, well, I have a lot of time in my hands.”

“Speaking of which, since I helped you out, could you help me out with this?”

Gary points to his growing cock.

“I-I.., don’t think Carlos would like that.”

Gary’s dick was getting harder by the second without him even touching it, he pulls his boxers down and steps out of it.

“Aren’t you scared?! Someone might see you! Don’t you old people have families or something?!” I scream in a whisper.

“Look in that window behind you.” He says breathily as he starts holding me.

I saw to my amazement an old woman watching TV, baking some kind of pie in the kitchen.

“That’s my wife, I love her to death but, sometimes when I see a pretty young thing like you, I just got to get my share of the ass Roxcii. Think of it as neighborhood watch, free of service.”

“I saw a little of that “service” you yourself pulled for Carlos in there, a boy- I mean, a ladyboy like you wouldn’t mind helping out an old man like me.”

The whole thought of pleasing this unsatisfied older man with my body turned me on, pleasing him as his stupid wife works in her kitchen well within their view.

I move closer to him, occasionally glancing to the window “You know what I am, and you still want to fuck me in front of your wife?” Inching over being a whisper away, I grab his hard cock, and stroke it, like only a bitch with her own rod can. “Ooh yeah, baby, that’s good, your hands are so soft.”

Gary kisses like a romantic, kissing me slowly, he starts raising up my dress, making it stick to my chest area, I must look like I have a small spray on tank top, exposing my belly button.

He kisses me even more wildly, grabbing and squeezing my ass and slapping it playfully. As he kisses me, my gaze isn’t on him, but on his loving wife in the kitchen slaving away on some pie that will ultimately act as replenishment to her husband after I’ve drained him of his life making juice.

Gary can’t wait anymore; he roughly turns me around, his veiny cut 7″ inches impatiently waiting to break through my boy shorts.

“Gary, you can’t cum inside me, Carlos won’t like it.”

He grunts in agreement, sliding my lace panties aside he pushes inside my moist wet boy pussy with ease.

“Oh fuck baby, it’s so fucking tight, shit I almost came just putting it inside!” He’s breathing heavily, he must be trying his best not to cum.

He fucks me slowly, adjusting so I get used to his grinding. Gary doesn’t pull out all the way; he sticks it all the way in and wiggles around a bit. He doesn’t like pulling in and out; he’d rather hit my peak and scratch an itch only a tight hole can satisfy.

His breath is heavy, I know he’s trying his best to savor and not ruin the moment.

“I have a better idea, this way you can release inside a hole.” I pull him out of my butt and turn around to crouch and face his leaking member.

I’m careful not to kneel on the grass; the turf might leave marks on my knees. I give him head crouched like the bitch I am.

“Oh shit, you feel so fucking good, it’s like a vagina!”

With that he starts spurting deep down inside my throat, the milk feels warm heading straight down my stomach. Carefully swallowing every drop before pulling his cock out of my mouth, I clean his cock, like it’s the creamiest whipped cream on pie.

“Fuck baby, I have to see you again.” he said panting. His undershirt now almost soaked.

“Maybe, I’m kind of supposed to be cleaning, I better go, Gary.”

“Yeah you do that, Rox”

I pull down my dress, fixing my lipstick; I look at Gary pulling up his shorts,”Wait, a minute.” I pull down his shorts, giving his shaft a big pink kiss mark! “There, all ready! Bye!”

With that I head back over to Carlos’ kitchen area, sliding his backyard doors to a close.

“Mami, baby!”

“There you are, I told you chica baby, you didn’t have to go cleaning the backyard, and c’mon my friends just got here.”

Leading me by the hand, I hoped I fixed myself enough after that neighborhood watch meeting. In the living room were three of Carlos’ friends.

To be continued…

Thanks for all the feedback, keep them coming! I really appreciate them!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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