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It was early morning when they started getting their new pool ready for the season. Elizabeth and David both woke up and got dressed for a long hot day. He could not keep his eyes off her tight jean shorts and bikini top. David’s self inflicted torture was heightened, when Elizabeth bent over to secure the bottom of the pool. A couple of times she had rubbed up against him as she bent over. He knew that she had done it on purposed, to see if she could get a rise out of him, she had, but he was not ready to give in to the desire yet. He did, however, have big plains for when they got in the pool later this evening.

By mid-day, they were both sweating pretty good. He loved the way the sweat beaded up on her skin, especially when it rolled down between Elizabeth’s chest. The thought of licking the salty fluid from her chest had awakened David’s cock. He was so deep in thought that he had not noticed that she caught him looking at her chest. In addition to noticing that the bulge in his pants had grown just a little. She did not want to miss an opportunity to get even with the guy who was always torturing her. So, she asked if he wanted something cold to drink. He was awakened from his day dream and said okay.

As Elizabeth went from the heat of the outdoors into the air conditioned house, her nipples responded to the cold at once. She would use this to her advantage in a few moments. She got two large glasses of ice water, adjusted her bikini top so that her hardened nipples poked through the thin material and even pinched them, just a little. She knew David would look to this response and it was her turn to torment him.

David had been making the final adjustments to the pool, when he heard the back door open. He looked up to see Elizabeth coming out the door and saw that the house’s air conditioning had had the effect he had hoped for. Her nipples were poking through the thin material of her bikini and he could not shake the earlier image from his head. His penis began to swell even more than it had earlier. He tried to return to last few details of the pool, but the image canlı bahis was planted too deeply in his head. He decided rather that messing everything up, he would take a break.

Elizabeth handed him the glass and giggled and asked him if he had seen anything that you liked. David asked her why, as he adjusted the stiffening member in his pants. They laughed and kissed. He took the glass and guzzled the cold liquid. They sat down on the patio swing and talked about the last few steps in getting the pool up and running. David looked deeply into Elizabeth’s dark brown eyes and sighed, “God, I’d like to take you inside and ravish you right now.” She asked him what was stopping him, he looked at the pool and then back at her. “I am saving all this desire for later in the pool and honey, you are in big trouble!” was David’s reply.

To keep the fresh pool water from being too cold, David used the water from the water heater several times to help fill the pool. By early evening the pool was ready for playtime. The water temp was perfect and the floats had been inflated. A shower, followed by a light dinner with some wine, was the only thing that stood in his way of releasing the pent up desire inside him.

After the diner dishes were placed in the dishwasher, the headed out to the pool. Every other subject had come up at dinner, except sex. They were both almost crazy with desire for each others’ body. Elizabeth tested the water first, letting out an approving moan as she slid into the water. Her moans always quickened David to his very soul; he could not get into the water fast enough. He swam underwater to where she was standing, slowly sliding his way up Elizabeth’s body. He took her in his arms, kissed her deeply, and lifted her up to him. Her soft wet skin felt so good next to his, the usual electrical sparks began to ignite between them. Elizabeth felt him growing hard through his trunks, pushed herself against him, and laughed while she slipped out of his arms swimming to the other side.

Once she reached the float, she told him if he did not have to wear a shirt, she bahis siteleri did not have to either, off her bikini top came. The sight of her breast in the water was more that he could bear. David told her that his trunks were way too uncomfortable now and took them off. Elizabeth would not let him have the last word, so her bottoms were soon off too. The evening was almost perfect; it was the beginning of a beautiful sunset and they were naked in their new pool. The only problem was distance. He walked slowly towards her penetrating her dark eyes, with his blue eyes; she knew by the look she was getting, he meant business now.

David grabbed Elizabeth by the hair close to her head, pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. His tongue explored her lips and mouth, as his free hand slid down her sides and around to her ass. He pulled tight to his chest and slid his kiss down her neck. Continuing to kiss his way down her body, he slowly lifted her out of the water so her nipple was at his mouth. After licking, kissing and even giving it a small bite, he lifted her onto the float. Elizabeth’s nipples tightened as the cool night breeze began to blow.

David started at her feet; he started kissing her toes and worked his way up her legs. He slid Elizabeth’s legs over his shoulders as he bent the float back under her torso. The folded float brought her pussy higher out of the water, perfect for one of David’s favorite activities. He began to softly lick the outer folds of Elizabeth’s freshly shaven lips; a soft moan escaped her. She had not needed the pool to get her wet; she had been that way all day. He licked Elizabeth harder, spreading her open so he could find her favorite spots. David’s tongue worked its way inside her as he played with her ass. The wave action of the pool, the pent up desire, and his tongue combined, made her cumn very hard. David played with her ass and let Elizabeth ride his tongue, as wave after wave of her orgasm came. She tried to muffle her cries of passion, so the neighbors wouldn’t hear, but it was too much, she let out a cry that would wake the dead.

“Oh, bahis şirketleri my God, you needed that” was all David had to say. She slid back into the water and cuddle deep in his arms. Elizabeth could taste her juices as she kissed his lips; it had been a powerful orgasm and she was ready to repay him in full! She reached down and grabbed his stiff dick and asked if she it was her turn. Not wanting to disappoint her, David hopped onto the float. She kissed his lips and began to work her way down his body. She stopped to bite his nipples and gave them a firm tug. He arched his back and let out a low moan. Her hand found his penis and began to stroke as she continued to bite his nipples. Soon he was fully erect and Elizabeth was ready to give him some of her oral care.

Elizabeth positioned herself between David’s legs and began slowly licking her way up his shaft. Once she was at the top, she sucked on the head and then licked it all the way around. He arched his back further as she hit the sensitive spot on the underside. He loved the way she gave head; David could tell that it was something that Elizabeth really enjoyed doing. He let all his guards down and gave himself completely to her. She sensed the relaxation in him and began to take his cock deeper inside her throat. Elizabeth worked her way up and down until she felt him start to push back against her with more intensity. She knew he was close and began sucking his head again, running her tongue all around his head. She knew how to complete the task, her finger slid to David’s ass.

She worked her finger with the same motion as he sucking. David tensed and cried out her name. Elizabeth felt the salty, hot liquid hit her throat and swallowed it all. She lightly ran her tongue to the underside of his shaft and as she licked, the waves of spasm flowed from his belly. He said her name again in a deep throaty voice and more come flowed from a second orgasm. She caught it in her mouth and came up to kiss him. As she kissed him she let him have some of his own come back. He kissed her deeper and his tongue was probing her mouth taking her gift from her. He pulled her up on top of him and they floated holding each in their new pool, watching the stars above. Elizabeth and David knew that there would be more water fun to be had on another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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