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Big Tits

“Well, hon, there’s another one off our list,” I said, raising my glass to you as a toast. Number 38 on our list of 100 things to do before we turn 40, “Drink a beer on a beach in Mexico,” was now scratched off the list. The sun was almost unbearably hot, but the umbrella over our heads, the gentle breeze blowing in off the ocean, and the cold drinks were enough for us to forget about the heat and just relax.

You looked at me with a naughty smile. “If we have sex, we can knock off another one.” You licked your lips, gave a gentle sigh, and looked out to sea.

“Are you kidding? Here, right now?” I asked, more than slightly aroused by the idea. I had always wanted to have sex with you on a beach. The idea was so appealing. I looked at you reclining in your black bikini, the new one you bought just for that trip to Mexico. It revealed a firm, trim body you had been working hard to achieve through endless hours at the gym and the refusal of junk food.

The deep tan you had already acquired in our short stay only accentuated your tight stomach, the gentle cut of the muscles of your arms and legs. And your ass. I was so surprised you would even consider wearing a suit that revealed so much of your smooth, tight butt.

As I sat there imagining sex on the beach, my fantasy turned to our day at the mall. After hours of trying on new swimsuits, you finally found one. You opened the door to the dressing room of the crowded, hip young store, poked your head out, and invited me in with only a come hither look.

“What do you think,” you asked, turning around slowly, showing me just how nice your body had turned out. I was breathless. “You like, huh?”

I just nodded, trying not to drool. “You think it shows enough of my ass?” you asked, surprising me yet again. I had thought you’d want one that was less revealing, but seeing my face, you winked and said, “Yeah, it doesn’t show enough, does it?.”

So you took it off. The top and the bottom. I moved to you and we kissed deeply, our lips pressing firmly. My hands roamed over your smooth skin, pausing to grab your ass, pulling your hips into mine.

“Fuck me,” you said. And I did.

You unzipped my pants, letting them fall to the floor. I positioned you against the wall, grabbing one thigh and pulling it up to my side. I could already smell the sex in the air as I slowly slid my hard cock inside of you. God, you were so wet. I slid in easily. I could feel your moist lips wrap around me. You were so warm. You had been thinking about this for awhile.

“I’ve wanted this all day,” I said. You moaned in agreement. “Harder,” you breathed in my ear. I did just that. I began to pound my cock into you, pressing you against the wall. My hands found your hair, and I pulled hard, releasing a gasp from your lips.

Your whole body was trembling. The thrill of having sex in a public place. The tease of wanting it all day. It was perfect. I slammed into you, grabbing your ass, pulling you closer so I could go deep, deeper, deeper.

Your body shook hard. “I think I might cum,” you whispered between gasps. You were panting so hard, moaning, all but screaming. “Oh Brad. Brad.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. “Are you all right,” came a female voice from the other side of the door.

“I’m…I’m…Oh, God,” you said, loud. “I’m fine.” Then I exploded deep within you, holding you in my arms as your own orgasm rushed through your body. Our eyes locked, passion still in the air. We waited for our breaths to return to normal, then we crept out of the room to buy the bikini.

As I sat on the beach, I remembered that day in the department store and wanted to relive that moment. My dick hard with the thought. “Are you serious?”

“Definitely,” you said, not looking at me but peering around the beach as if looking to see if the coast was clear. For the most part, the secluded area was empty. To our right, maybe 40 feet away, was a twenty-something büyükesat escort brunette tanning on a huge towel. To our left, a couple about our age were walking along the shore, splashing along the waterline. Aside from them and the occasional visit from a waiter from the hotel, we were alone.

“And I thought I was going to have to dare you to try something like that, but here you are asking me.” I took another sip of my drink, my heart racing with the thought of taking you on the public beach.

“Oooh, I’m up for some dares,” you said, sitting up. “But me first.”

“Okay,” I said, more than eager to begin this game that could only end in more fun. “What did you have in mind?”

You looked at me for a moment, contemplating. When I saw your mouth turn up into an evil grin, I knew I was in trouble. “Run to the water, completely submerse yourself, then take off your trunks. All the way. Let them float away from you.”

“I can do that,” I said, chuckling a bit at the ease of the dare, knowing I’d make you do much riskier things.

“That’s not all. I want you to walk out of the water until it’s knee high…then you can grab them and put them back on.”

Without a word, I ran for the water, not wanting you to know that your dare had taken me by surprise. I wanted the upper hand, so I wasn’t going to show you my shock. Once in the water, I plunged in and took off my trunks. I floated on the current for a moment, letting them get away from me. Once they were a short distance off, I walked out until the water was to my knees.

By then, my cock was at full attention. I walked the few yards to get my shorts and put them on. As I left the water, my eyes got huge. The currents had taken me right in front of the brunette. Looking away, I trotted back nervously.

“Oh god, did she see?” I asked, sheepisly. You were laughing, sipping from a new drink.

Handing me one, you said, “I don’t think so, but our waiter did.” You laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Your payback was coming.

I sat down and welcomed my new cold drink. “Your turn,” I said. “And it’s nothing so nice.” You looked at me expectantly. “I want you to pull off the bottom bikini and touch yourself for three minutes. And I mean really touch yourself.”

“No way,” you said immediately, the reality of where we were finally shining bright. “That’s too crazy.”

“C’mon,” I said, half-heatedly. I didn’t think you’d do it, but I was sure I could come up with something else. I looked around, thinking, when I noticed the brunette was moving to lay on her back. After she undid her top, and surprisingly, her bottom, she struggled to put lotion on her back. “Okay, it’s that, or go over there and rub lotion on that girl’s back.”

You didn’t like the idea, but you had no choice. You knew you couldn’t turn down two. “I’ll touch myself,” you said, picking the lesser of the two evils.

So you slowly removed your bikini bottoms and rubbed around your pussy, moaning ever so gently. I could tell you were wet. Your finger glistened as you brought it to you mouth. But before you could move your hand back to your crotch, the couple began making their way back toward us.

After you put on your bikini again, we argued about whether you had fulfilled your agreement, but by the time the couple had moved on, I had convinced you to go talk to the girl. Watching you walk over was the most exciting thing. The anticipation was killing me. Luckily, you didn’t waste any time. You were talking for maybe two minutes when you both looked up and waved at me. I waved back, wondering what you were saying.

Later, you admitted that all you did was tell her that we were playing a game of dares, and that I dared you to go rub lotion on her back. Lucky for you, or lucky for us, she accepted, more than willing to let your hands roam over her warm skin.

Watching you, my cock got so çankaya escort hard I thought I was going to explode without a single touch. Your hands ran over her back in small circles before moving down to her curved ass. Your back arched, showing the fun you were having. When you bent closer to kiss her neck, her shoulder, her back, I couldn’t resist anymore.

I walked as casually as I could to the big blanket. You both looked up with smiles. “He likes what he saw,” she said peering up at me, squinting away the sun. I realized you were both looking at the bulge in my trunks.

“If you saw what was in there, you’d like it to,” you said.

“Ooh, then I have to see,” your new friend said, rolling over and sitting up, not bothering to put on her top. Her breasts were small, but perky. Her nipples hard and pointy. She had a tight, hard body with smooth, dark skin. I looked at you, expecting you to be looking at me in anger for staring at her, but you were staring at her too, your eyes moving all over her body enjoying the view.

“Brad,” you said, turning back to me after a moment or two. “I dare you to take off your shorts.”

“Really? Are you sure?” I asked, hesitant.

But I shouldn’t have worried. Still on your knees, you moved to me and removed them yourself. My cock was standing straight up. I had never been so hard. My heart was beating so fast. Two women. On a beach. Oh my god.

She popped up onto her knees. “Oh god, it’s huge,” she said. In other situations, it would have been funny. But there, on that day, it was so erotic and sexy. You began to stroke me, very slowly. When you turned, she was on her feet, moving toward me, her eyes on my cock.

Then you gasped. We both looked at you, only to see you staring at her midsection. “What?” she asked, pausing just in front of us. When I saw what you were staring at, my mouth dropped. Her pussy was completely shaved. It looked perfectly smooth. No stubble. Nothing.

“Can I see how smooth it is?” you asked, reaching out your hand. She guided it toward her. As your fingers caressed the skin around her pussy, you began to moan. So did she. “I want to taste you,” you said. I was totally blown away. I almost couldn’t take it. But you looked so ready, so happy, I let you have your fun.

You leaned forward and kissed her stomach, her hips. She pulled your head closer, letting you breathe in the smell of her skin. She got on her knees with you and you locked lips, your hands moving over her body. You gently laid her down and began kissing your way over her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach, lingering on each as if memorizing the texture with your lips and tongue.

By now, you’re ass was in the air, giving you the perfect position to get your first taste of another woman. I moved to you and slid off your bottom, rubbing your soaking pussy. She was already moaning so I knew your tongue was inside her.

The smell of sex mingled with the salt on the breeze. It was heaven. As you got into it, your tongue flicked easily across her clit bringing about faster and faster moans and tiny screams, I slid inside of your warm, tight pussy. You were so wet. I knew you were loving it, enjoying her pussy and my cock. I fought the urge to go faster and pump harder, but I knew that if I went to hard, that would mess up the rhythm you had with your new friend. So I went slow, but pushed deep, making you moan around her lips.

I felt you finger tips move to your own clit. You were so excited. Your whole body was shaking from the experience. I was moving in and out of you as you fingered yourself and licked her. She was moaning so loud, but so were you. I could here the slurping sound of your mouth on her pussy.

I was so ready to cum, but I wanted this experience to last. When you came, you came fast and hard. You were all over my cock, my thighs, and I could see some had splashed over your thighs too. You smelled cebeci escort and looked so good, I had to taste you, so I pulled out and moved my face over your pussy.

My tongue darted in and out and I found your spot immediately. You were so excited, you were ready for more already. She was arching her back, thrusting into you and pulling you closer to her. Our tongues flicked across a clit, nibbled on lips together. Oh god it was perfect.

When she screamed, “I’m coming,” I moved my tongue faster and faster over your clit, wanting you to join her in a passionate climax. It didn’t take long and the two of you came together in a violent shudder.

Panting, you both lay on each other, kissing gently. You lay there, catching your breath, eyes closed, laying in each others arms. It was so sexy. I didn’t know what to say, but when you both looked at me and smiled, I joked, “Well, there’s two off our list,” I said. You looked over my shoulder and said, “And here’s one more.”

I turned to see the waiter coming with more drinks. I turned back to you but you were already walking toward him. Tall, muscular, and tan, I had already seen you looking at him a few times that day. But when you pulled him to the share our towel, I knew you were wanting more than a look.

You whispered in his ear, set the trays down, and bent over to take off his shorts. His cock was huge. Bigger and wider than mine, and he was nicely trimmed. You and the girl both smiled. “Come here,” you said to me.

I knelt next to you as you grabbed his hard cock and began stroking it. You moved your hand up and down on him slowly, making him even harder. We kissed so hard, our tongues playing with each other briefly. Then you pulled away and stuck out your tongue, flicking it across the head of his large, straight dick. You licked underneath, then back to the tip before sliding him in your mouth, your lips wrapping around his shaft, your eyes on me the whole time.

You turned to me and said, “I want to suck you while you suck him.”

My eyes bulged. “I don’t know what to do,” I said.

“Just do what I do,” you said. I was on my knees so you grabbed his cock and placed it near my lips. Slowly, I kissed the head then ran my tongue over him. You sat back and began to move your lips over my cock.

I was being taught by the master. I could barely pay attention to my task because your mouth felt so good on my cock. At first I followed your lead, licking him up and down before moving my lips over him. But I quickly found my own rhythm. I sucked him in, moving up and down as best as I could. It was so huge. It was hard, yet soft. My tongue played with the underside of his shaft as he moved in and out of my mouth, my sucking growing harder and harder.

Your hand was moving over the base of my cock, so I did the same, wrapping my fingers around him. Stroking in rhythm with my mouth. Sucking faster and faster, following your lead. His cock felt so good sliding in and out of my mouth, over my tongue and lips.

When I felt I was ready to cum, I realized his cock was getting harder. I felt him wanting to shoot.I ran a tongue over the tip, tasting a bit of him. But I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. As if it were planned, I pulled out of your mouth as he did mine. We positioned ourselves over you and stroked ourselves for mere seconds before we both came on your mouth and chest.

You opened wide, trying to take us both in. Cum was all over your tits, your mouth, your chin. You lay back and licked your lips, tasting us both. When you moved your finger through the cum and licked it off, I knew I had to have some.

I leaned over you and we kissed again, this time I tasted all of our sex. Hers, mine, yours, his. I moved down and sucked and nibbled on your breasts, licking up the cum and sharing it with you. I continued nibbling on you, making you moan again. You were so sensitive. So alive.

We made love again, just as we did in the department store. It was so amazing that we both managed to cum two more times.

When we rolled over, laying in the sun, panting, we looked around us. There was no one to be seen. We looked at each other and smiled. It was the perfect fantasy, the perfect vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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