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Big Tits

You lay back into the pillows on the bed as I crawl on top of you. We begin to kiss – little sweet kisses at first, escalating to deeper, more passionate kissing. My hands roaming across your body. They glide over your smooth skin. Every curve leading me to the next one. I love the taste of your lips, but there’s so much more of you I need to taste right now.

My lips drift away from yours. I follow the trail from your jaw down your neck, still kissing as I go. My lips drag across your skin as I kiss my way out to your shoulder, and then back to your neck. I lift myself up ever so slightly to start climbing down your body.

You can feel the hardness between my legs caress your thigh as I move. I can’t help myself from getting so turned on while I’m enjoying your body. My lips follow, traveling down the front of your chest.

Your fingers run through my hair while your arms push your breasts together. I can’t resist. I swallow your nipple into my mouth. The sucking growing increasingly harder, only to be released and teased with my tongue.

I circle the tip of your nipple with my tongue. Once… twice… and on the third time I press it lightly against the top row of my teeth. Just enough to give you a little pinch of excitement. I give the same treatment to your other nipple before moving on.

I zig-zag my kisses starting just underneath your breast. Each kiss is a little lower than the previous one, working my way down. I get to just above your pussy, but I’m not ready to kiss you there yet. Şerifali Escort I’m taking my time to enjoy your body.

I follow your curves instead. They lead me to the top of your thigh. When I get close to your knee, I double back along the inside of your thigh. I kiss you gently and turn to give my cheek after each one. Making sure the stubble on my face tickles you a little bit.

I Weave my way in between your thighs one kiss at a time. Drawing ever closer to my final destination. It feels like an eternity, but your body is a journey to savor. I pause briefly just before you expect a kiss to reach your pussy.

I’m so close to it. You can feel my warm breath on you. I can tell you’re squirming a little bit. Anticipation. Frustration. A delicious mix of sensations. A moment later you finally feel my mouth on your pussy for the first time.

You know my ways. It’s those sweet little kisses at first. I want to warm you up to my touch. Slowly. The kisses may be soft, but I can feel your body tense up as each one shoots through your body.

Next come the deeper kisses. I show your clit the same passion I had earlier for your lips. I’m firm, but gentle still. My lips and tongue enter into a dance with your clit. It’s a slow dance.

I want to enjoy you. I want you to enjoy all the little sensations of my mouth on you. From your clit, to spreading your lips with my tongue. There will be a time for you to cum, but now is not that time. No, this is still about the journey. There are more roads İstanbul Escort yet to take.

I flatten my tongue against your clit. I press down and begin to massage into you. Wide, sweeping strokes that use the entire surface of my tongue. Up and down, side to side, tracing in figure 8’s. You can feel the taste buds on my tongue tickle and tingle your clit.

I’m still just enjoying your pussy, but I don’t have to only use my mouth to do that. You can feel the tips of my fingers begin to tease your pussy. Running up and down your slit as I get your wetness on them.

I slide them into you a little further and pull back, drawing out your wetness. Until I can slide them all the way in while your clit still receives the full attention of my mouth. Once inside, I wiggle my fingers like they’re bobbing on small ocean waves.

I spread them slightly. You feel my fingers rub on the walls inside of your pussy. Now that you have the attention of both my mouth and fingers, it’s time to start pushing you towards the edge.

While I keep working you with my fingers, I take my tongue and fold it into a U-shape. I do this to encase my tongue around your clit. Every time I suck my tongue back into my mouth, you can feel it wrap around your clit and rub. I tease you with different speeds.

Slow at first, then escalating the speed to go faster until you have a hard time keeping quiet. Then I go slow to bring you back down, only to build you up again. Over and over. Riding the roller coaster. I have Ümraniye Escort to wrap my left arm across your stomach to hold you down.

I love the taste of you, but what I want to taste most is your orgasm. That’s the real you. A physical expression of you at the height of pleasure. Are you ready to cum for me? Yes? Then it’s time.

My tongue swallows your clit one last time, but I keep it nestled in between my lips. You are sealed within my lips. I suck on your clit in a pulsing sensation. It’s not hard, but enough to feel a slight tugging, drawing you into my mouth.

With your clit held in place, I press my tongue against the inside of my lips. sliding from side-to-side. Every pass of my tongue brushes against the top your clit. The sucking sensation still pulsating.

I take measure of the speed until I reach the point where you can’t stop moaning. I hold that pace. Sucking you. Licking you. My fingers still diving into you. You’re almost there, but I have one last trick – I start to moan.

The sounds of my moans travel into my lips. It makes them vibrate lightly on your clit. I want you to cum for me. Grab my hair and pull my face down into you. Dig your heels into my back and press your pussy into my face. I want to taste the real you.

Cum for me now. I need to taste it. Moan out and writhe in pleasure as you finally have your release. I’ll keep going as every wave of your orgasm spreads throughout your whole body. I won’t stop until you’re finished.

Then I feel your body begin to relax as you start to come down. I finally relent. Only soft kisses on your thighs if you don’t mind the little aftershocks. You just lay there satisfied in the afterglow. Don’t worry about me.

I got what I wanted. I got to taste the real you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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