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Quietly she looked out the window one more time. There was no movement from the street beyond. She looked at her watch, it was just past noon, he was supposed to arrive at noon but these things are unpredictable.

Will he show? Did he change his mind? How long should she wait? Worse yet, what if he does show? What will he look like? How will they get past that awkward first moment? Her thoughts raced back to the events that lead her here, his passionate letters, their all too brief phone conversations. His voice was warm and friendly, yet a hint of raw sexuality. Will they kiss first, what will his lips feel like?

Suddenly she hears a noise outside the hotel room; she straightens her dress and glances around the room, quickly kicking her shoes under the bed. She pulls back the curtain and peers out. No. It is just a truck-driver checking in all bleary eyed and stumbling. She sits back down and looks at her watch, 12:25…

She goes to the restroom unable to sit for even a few moments, each second that the anticipation builds. She checks her makeup, will he notice? Will he find her attractive? “God, what in the hell was she thinking…maybe this is a bad idea”. She suddenly decides that she can no longer wait nor can she leave. Frozen in indecision…she hears a car door close, this time…very close. Footsteps and now… a knock, soft but insistent.

She goes to the door and looks out the peephole…it must be him, a stranger’s face yet vaguely familiar. She opens the door, he rushes in and embraces her. His strong arms encircling her tightly as his lips find hers with hot electricity…passion…. Finally they break, “HoneyComb, I presume?” he asks with a laugh.

“And if I was not?” she says, “how would you take back that kiss?”

“Sorry I’m late, got a ticket. Guess I had something else on my mind.” He flashes a quick grin and suddenly kisses her again, this time less urgent and more deliberate. A kiss like he really means it. His hands drop to her waist and then her butt as his tongue finds hers.

He is wearing Dockers and a button shirt, she in a light dress. They break, both breathless. Her thoughts of changing her mind lost in the heat. “You want a drink or should we get down to business…?” she laughingly asks. “I’m too hot to stop now. “he says “Maybe business, a drink, and more business?” Once again he pulls her to him, his lips hard against hers his mouth parts and his tongue finds it way delicately in her mouth. His hands run up and down her back caressing her gently as his tongue continues to probe her mouth. She feels his hardness against her hip as she struggles to focus on the myriad of sensations all happening at once.

She feels her bra suddenly come undone. “gawd”, she thinks, “how did he do that…?” his hand rubs the area once covered by the bra and her dress becomes unzipped. Realizing she is behind the pace she works to retrieve the upper hand. She squeezes his butt with one hand and deftly unbuckles his pants with the other. Working the pants button she can now reach into his pants and her hand finds his hardness. He moans and loses his concentration for a brief second.

He helps her out of her dress as she pushes his pants and underwear to the floor. His dick pops free as she pushes slightly on his chest. He has no choice but to fall backwards, his pants constrict his feet and the bed hits the back of his knees. As his butt lands on the bed she drops to her knees and catches his manhood between her lips.

He has definitely lost the initiative she thinks to herself. The battle is won but the war rages on…

No hope for recovery now, he realizes. Kartal Escort Defeat never felt so good. Lost now to the sensations as she takes him fully in her mouth he leans back and hold on to the moment.

Fully in charge again, her attention to the task increases and she begins her work in earnest. She begins licking the head around like the ice cream cone she once promised him. She feels his passion rise and she squeezes his butt with her hands. Softly she licks down the side of the shaft and to his balls. Taking first on then the other into her mouth. Back up the other side of the shat to encircle the tip once again as he moans…

His hips thrust slightly and she can feel him tighten. She remembers what he said…”I got a ticket, must have been thinking about something else…” If he has been anticipating and thinking about this for three hundred miles then he may be really close already. She reaches under the bed for the secret weapon she had stashed before…

A bottle of flavored oil. Still licking quietly she pours a little oil in her hands to make them slick and rubs them along his shaft and balls. One hand begins the slow upward and downward stokes along his shaft and the other caresses his balls and the soft area toward the crack of his ass. Moaning loudly now, the multiple sensations increasing. Lips encircling the tip, a slick hand stoking the shaft, and now a finger pressing against his sphincter. It eases in and the pressure begins building.

She feels his excitement mount and increases the intensity in all three areas, her mouth sucking and licking, her one hand stroking ever harder and the one finger moving in and out of his ass, finding the prostate.

He begins to moan and tells her that he can’t control it, he is going to come. Smiling and continuing, she thinks “what do I seem, stupid?, I can tell…evil grin” He tries to pull away to keep from coming in her mouth but he can’t really move with her hands and mouth occupied as they are.

She tastes the first bit of cum and feels the balls tighten. She readies herself for what is bound to be a flood. Deep breath..and one final surge of activity.

He fills her mouth and she greedily swallows. What a flood, it keeps coming and coming until he is trying to pull away and still…

She sucks each drop until he can no longer move. She lifts up and smiles at him as he has collapsed completely on the bed. He wearily lifts his head.

“OK, so you wanna play hardball, huh? Now it’s your turn…”

He looks up from the bed at her standing there with only her underwear and an evil grin. and grins himself. “What are you grinning at?” she asks. “You, I am gonna make you beg…” just like I promised.

“No way.” She says with a defiant air. He jumps up from the bed. She backs away with a teasing look and a giggle. He reaches for her and they embrace again. This kiss is THE kiss. His tongue probing her mouth their breathing harder. This kiss…this kiss…the heat, the breathing, the tongue all the attention on the kiss. She forgets to that she is standing and her weight drops a little.

Sensing the movement as an opening, years of martial arts take over and he gently but firmly plants his leg behind hers. Not really a throw yet, the same. As an instructor it was often necessary to guide a young student to the ground to make sure they did not injure themselves by not knowing how to fall. He guides her body gently but firmly to the bed following her down.

She gasps in surprise, realizing the tables have been turned. Surprise turns into a smile as she begins to resign herself to his ministrations. Pendik Escort He begins kissing her neck, then her mouth and back to her ears then her mouth. Each new kiss location is followed by a kiss on the mouth. Then as his new kisses reach the sholuders, the focus point changes.

First he kisses her squarely on the lips and moves to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. She gasps slightly in surprise and pleasure. He slowly licks the end of the nipple and sucks it deep into his mouth. Now the focus is the nipple, each new location is followed by a long suck and tonguing of the nipple. The shoulder, then the nipple, the inside of the elbow, then the nipple until finally it is one nipple, then the other. She feels the heat rise as he slowly moves from one nipple to the other.

Slowly he moves his body down hers. Kissing her stomach and side then licking the top of her hip bone. He slowly removes her panties and follows them with kisses down her leg to her toes.

As the panties clear her toes his mouth finds her big toe. Slowly he sucks it into his mouth. He imitates the motions she made earlier on his cock as he sucks her big toe. trying to visualize what she did. She moans slightly and he realizes that she recognizes the movement and remembers it herself…

Slowly he kisses back up her other leg to the faint panty line remaining in her skin. He kisses there and gently brushes his lips across her mound and to the other lag and back down to the toes. He continues…

Her legs part slightly almost involuntarily as he kisses the inside of her leg going up this time. Up the leg, the thigh, closer and closer but about half way up the thigh he moves to the other leg and starts back down to the toes. He sucks her toe briefly and begins the path back up her other leg this time just a little closer to the heat that is continuing to build…there. But this time too he crosses to the other thigh and back down.

This time he follows his lips with his hands gently caressing each kissed part and guiding the legs into position he gets closer this time to where he can feel the heat on his cheek as he passes but back to the other leg and down. Across at the toes and back up the leg this time must be it. He can get no closer without touching…As his mouth approaches her moist, hot opening she can feel his breath as he crosses up and to the hip bone and kisses there. Now he licks the hip bone as if it were “the spot” she can feel his tongue doing its passion dance right there and she longs for it to be in the “right ” place. Almost against her will she pushes slightly on his head to guide it where she wants. But this only causes him to kiss back down her leg and do the dance on the inside of her thigh.

Slowly back don her leg across and back up her other leg the tongue continues its little delicate dance. Stopping briefly at pleasure points, ankle, back of the knee, inner thigh, until… it touches the innermost thigh only an inch remains to her now very warm and very moist opening. His tongue begins an erotic dance, licking up and down across and circling an imaginary clitoris on her inner thigh. Performing exactly as it would later but in the wrong place. She can imagine what that would feel like dancing on her clit and licking her lips and she gets even warmer. Slowly the dances moves across, closer…closer…

He blows his hot breath on her moist lips and crosses to the spot opposite of his previous one and continues the rehearsal. Slowly the tongue dances back down her thigh until it reaches the inner part of her knee where it briefly flickers in its circles and Göztepe Escort crosses. Then he moves to her other knee and back up her thigh, “this time must be it…” she thinks.

Slowly his tongue creeps ever closer to the place she longs it to be but it stops just an inch to the side and begins its erotic flickering dance. Each movement causes his cheek to touch her lips and pleasure shoots though her body at its slight touch. He moves toward it…FINALLY….his hot breath warms her lips and brushes her clit as she parts her legs and pushes her hips to receive him. \

He looks up into her eyes with a twinkle in his blue eyes, grins and moves back to the other side to begin his practice dance. Not this time, maybe next? Slowly he works his way back down her thigh and to the knee, across to the other leg and back up the thigh. Closer, ever closer his dancing tongue creeps closer and closer until she can feel the heat of his breath the brush of his cheek until it stops just a half an inch to the side and begins its erotic parody of the licking she now must have…

He stops and moves to hover his lips just a fraction away from her and blows his hot breath on her lips and clit. His lips get closer, closer, closer until they touch so lightly that she can barely tell the difference between the kiss and his breath. Then he quickly moves on to the other side and slowly down her thigh.

His lips and tongue continue their work up her thigh, now closer, very close until his lips hover just above the moist hot opening of her vagina. He reaches his hands behind and squeezes her butt. Surely this must be it, he starts to back away but she grabs his head to guide it to the place it MUST be NOW. He pulls away and looks up with a questioning look, waiting…waiting as his hot breath caresses her now very hot and very moist opening as the scent fill the air with the smell of love making.

“please” she moans and he smiles and places his mouth firmly on her opening sucking the lips deep into his mouth. His tongue fills her as if it were a smaller dick, while his lips continue to suck on her lips. Harder and harder his tongue thrusts into her until it begins the dance rhythm and her hips begin rocking to it. Suddenly it stops and moves up to her engorged clit. Electricity shoots through her as his gentle tongue first circles then darts around her clit as if it they were dancing to some erotic music. She feels the heat build as this dance continues. She moans and he stops back to her vagina where the tongue is no longer a dancer but a dick pushing in and out to the rocking of her hips.

More quickly this time the pressure builds and the heat rises as she can feel herself begin to… he stops. His tongue is now the dancer and begins a new, more passionate, dance with the clit as his fingers take the place of his tongue finding just the right position to continue that erotic buildup as now she feels one hand circling her vagina as if harvesting the juices, the other driving deep into her in the erotic rhythm of love making and the tongue dancing with the clit in its own scene.

Slowly the now very moist hand begins to creep down to her ass and touch her opening there. The other hand continues its pumping the tongue continues its dance but her attention is diverted to the finger now pressing gently against her other opening. Slowly a finger enters her and this bit of pleasure is too much. She feels the building pressure turn into a flood as the finger takes up a perfect miniature rhythm with the fingers in her vagina and the tongue and mouth suck on her clit. The pleasure it too much…

She thrusts her hips forward and cums as he pulls out the fingers and clamps his mouth down on her to suck every drop. Her hips grinding as she thrashes on the bed until she is spent. He gently kisses her all too sensitive lips and rests his head on her hip until she comes back to life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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