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In our three years together we hadn’t had a chance to get away for a weekend. There are a number of reasons that don’t matter now because that trend was about to end.

We dreamt of a weekend together, kid free and uninhibited. We decided to go all in and reserve a weekend at a sex resort. After a lot of research, we found one that made nudity mandatory and had a good reputation. The days of face masks and six feet had finally come to a pause and it was time to jump in feet first.

We parked the car and saw the high walls waiting in front of us; our own version of an amusement park and an adventure we would never forget. We walked up to the front doors and there were signs that said,

“Open to individuals 21 years and older please, leave your politics, judgement, and clothes at the door.”

As we walked through the first double doors there were walls lined with lockers. We both looked at one another in excitement and looked to make sure one another was still on board. Your face clearly showed excitement, as did mine.

We walked to a locker, hand in hand. We both kissed and stripped our clothes off. You gripped my ass and squeezed. My pussy clenched as she was also excited and started to drip. I stripped my leggings and thong off. My body freshly shaved and already glistening. You dipped a finger inside of me and then put it in your mouth. Smiling, I kissed you again, tasting myself on your tongue.

“Ready?” I asked.

You responded with downplayed excitement.

“Of course!” you explained and hugged me tight.

My bare breast pushing against your chest.

We put our belongings and clothes in a locker and then walked to the interior entrance. A young lady stood behind a counter with only a necklace on; her necklace identifying her as Resort staff. We had read up on the resort a lot and learned that staff would be naked, but clearly identified. She was beautiful, her necklace didn’t stop either of us from looking.

She asked for our names and gave us our bracelets. The bracelets critical to our experience, but also providing our means of purchasing thing. Our credit card information had already been saved in the system. The bracelets were gender specific and added to the excitement; mine sleek and feminine and yours masculine.

We walked through the doors and into the sanitizing station. elvankent escort We were covered in steam as we were sanitized before we walked in. At the same time, our temperatures were also checked, both of us healthy. After the vaccine was developed, masks were no longer expected or needed, but people still had to remain healthy to access public areas. Especially those which distance was not realistic.

We walked through the doors as they slid open. I kissed you again. Inside was beautiful. The weather was perfect, a bright day with blue skies and 72 degrees F; all environmentally controlled. There were rumored rainy days, but those were normally reserved for special Resort events.

We walked in to find our room and explore. As we walked through the Resort we saw people of all shapes and sizes. Some couples, some singles, some groups. The D/s couples were easy to spot because of the leashes. We saw women with adornments on their nipples and hips. Some men had rings around their cocks, most were only semi hard. A few had flaccid cocks and any of the hard ones had someone else attached to it, either by mouth, hand or obviously sheathed in a body.

Everywhere we looked there was sexuality and more often than not, people having sex or playing. There were benches scattered throughout, in addition to people who are masturbating, clearly watching others and enjoying.

My body was on fire and my nipples were as hard as pebbles. You noticed and pinched each of them before stopping me to suck on them. I love how you take what you want from my body when you want it. Now we don’t have to wait to be hidden from public eye. There was nothing we had to hold back from here.

As we walked to our room we saw a number of buildings. I read the signs as we passed; theater, store, playground, gym, ice cream parlor, restaurant, and dog park. I chuckled as anyone walking through the Resort without the presence of people would think it was a family friendly resort. I loved the innuendos and the way the Resort let the mind wander. I squeezed your hand, excited to find such a place.

We continued to walk towards our room. We decided to have a group room for two reasons; one, it was cheaper, and two, we were both excited about the idea of others seeing us as well as watching others have sex. If more happened, neither of emek escort us complained.

I looked at my bracelet again, remembering how we picked them out. There were beads on my bracelet, each color meaning something. I decided to have a magenta bead to show I was bi-curious, a green bead to show I was open to playing with others with my mouth, a pink bead to show I enjoyed nipple play, and you and I each had matching tan beads to show we were a couple. Your bracelet had our tan bead and a blue bead to show that you were attracted to the opposite sex. These bracelets helped others identify one another’s preferences without the awkward “read my profile” bullshit or having to go through a “get to know another” process.

There were men with magenta beads and purple beads. There were women with blue beads and white beads. We learned that white beads meant they were open and available in anyway, where the black beads meant they were exclusive for observing or their partner, and hands off. Watching was always encouraged. There was once a bead for voyeurism, but the resort had found that anyone at the resort was there because they enjoyed watching or being watched. Those colors have since been reassigned to other sexual preferences.

We walked into our hut labeled “The Guild” and saw that there were queen size beds lining the walls, similar to a military barracks. The whole room was open and decorated nicely. There were no dressers needed, but there were little night stands that held a single lamp next to each bed. The room was dim, but lit enough to see to the back.

There was a couple on one bed enjoying one another passionately and another person in the bed next to them, watching as he stroked his cock. Their bracelets were easily visible, with tan, black, and blue decorating their wrists. Their colors clearly showing they were there to enjoy one another and be watched, or watch. Another man sat next to a bed reading and we took the bed next to him.

We were both so worked up, we needed to have one another before we both exploded. I sat on the end of the bed and you had me lay down, my head off the end. I thought you wanted to slide your cock in my mouth, but I realized you were going to the other side of the bed. You laid down with your face between my legs. I looked up and watched you. You stopped and looked at eryaman escort me, instructing me to lay my head back down. Confused I laid my head off the end of the bed as you began to expertly eat my pussy. Licking around each of the lips and lightly brushing my clit.

When I was lost in your mouth I felt something hot at my lips. My lips naturally parted thinking it was your cock, but realized you were still at my pussy. I saw a wrist with a white bead, blue bead, and a silver bead on it. You must have seen the man’s bracelet next to me and knew he would want to join. My heart raced as I open my mouth and felt his hard cock slide past my lips. I moaned as I sucked his cock and felt my throat open wide. I bucked my hips into your mouth as you sucked my clit. Reaching up, you pinched my nipples. It sent me over and I came into your mouth and face. My body bucked as the man continued to hold my head and thrust his cock into my mouth. I gulped and swallowed, only gagging slightly before recovering. Moaning as I felt his musty scent fill my nose, my mouth greedily sucking him as you grew my orgasm again.

I felt you pull me back off his cock and then pull me up to you. You on your knees in front of my face. You took my head and shoved it desperately onto your cock. With two pumps you thrust keep into my mouth as I hold your ass. Pulling you as deep as I can into my mouth as you unload into my throat. I gulp and swallow, savoring you as I do.

You lay me back down and the man is still above me, jerking his cock. I see him hovering over my mouth, my mouth instincts opens as I see and feel his cock let loose on my tongue. His cum coating my lips and my tongue. I keep my mouth open as he comes on my face and in mouth. My pussy tingles as you go back down to it. Sucking on it. I buck my hips and explode again, squirting all over your face. I lay there, swallowing and savoring the cum I was fed; eyes closed and spent.

You crawl towards me, sucking on my nipples as you do. Kissing me passionately. I moan into your kiss, smiling so big. You collapse next to me and the man hovers his cock over me once more so I can clean it with mu tongue. Moaning as I do. You holding me tight and admire my mouth as I enjoy. The man pats me on the head and goes back to his bed. I saw his bracelet again as he petted me, remembering now that the silver bead stood for, the dominance shining through in the way he took my mouth.

You and I lay there for a moment, processing what just happened. We still had the whole weekend, and whole resort to explore. But for that moment you whisper, “I love you,” in my ear and we lay in absolute bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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