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The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission. ©2016-2020 Kewl Dad.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
A new couple

Chapter 43

Doug Miller, the boy who had attacked Jaden with a knife on the bridge, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but because he was a minor, and with the help of a good lawyer, he got off easy. His punishment included house arrest, and was only allowed to go to and from school. He was fitted with an ankle monitor, and his driving privileges were suspended during the period of his confinement. Assuming he didn”t mess up, when he turned 18 his record would be cleared and he wouldn”t have to enter adulthood as a convicted felon.

Because his friend Brad had no involvement in the attack, and due to the fact that he cooperated as a witness to the whole affair, he was remanded to the custody of his parents and no charges were filed against him.

The incident earned a little media attention for a few days, then the next thing came along and it was all but forgotten, which pleased Jaden and the others immensely.

Jaden”s injury was superficial, and within a week all that remained of the knife wound was a thin red line.

“It won”t even leave a scar,” Jaden complained as he lifted his shirt for Jimmy to see, “Damn, I was hoping I”d have a bad ass scar. I could tell our kids that I was in a sword fight or something.”

“Our kids?” Jimmy chuckled, “How many kids are you planning on us adopting?”

“Well, at least two, maybe one of each, but a set of twins would be cool.”

“Yeah, twins are cool,” he agreed. Then reaching around Jaden and hugging him from behind, he nuzzled his ear and whispered, “I know I can”t get pregnant, but want to practice making a baby anyway?”

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Jaden said grinning, “and you can practice on me next.”

“I like how you think,” Jimmy said, kissing the back of Jaden”s neck.

Seconds later they were naked and in each others arms, rolling around on the bed, swapping tongues and pressing together urgently. The level of heat had built up quickly, and almost roughly, Jaden rolled Jimmy onto his back and pushed his legs up high. Attacking his pucker, he began to rim him deeply and wetly, causing Jimmy to cry out in pleasure.

“Oh God, you do that so friggin” good,” Jimmy panted.

“Mmm,” Jaden moaned, “tastes so good,” he said drilling his tongue into Jimmy”s eager hole.

Both boys were too worked up to wait any longer however, and grabbing the lube, Jaden greased up his throbbing erection, then greased his fingers and began loosening Jimmy up.

Jimmy opened up nicely for Jaden, and soon Jaden was pushing inside his lover. As many times as they”d shared this particular act, it still seemed new and exciting every time. It was as if they grew closer with each act of love making, and their spirits became more entwined.

Jaden likened it to the twin connection he felt with Aidan. Sometimes his connection with Jimmy was almost as strong as that with his brother, and he could almost feel his pleasure as they made love.

“I love you so much,” Jaden said near tears as he bent to kiss his fiance.

“I love you too,” Jimmy said dreamily, “You feel so good inside me.”

“We fit together just right,” Jaden said smiling.

“Yessss…Oh God, fuck me hard,” Jimmy suddenly said, his excitement and lust getting the best of him.

Jaden was only too happy to oblige, and soon he was pounding Jimmy hard and fast. With each stroke he rubbed against Jimmy”s prostate, causing Jimmy to cry out, his own cock throbbing and ready to erupt without ever being touched.

Jimmy came first, hands free, and his anus contracted with each spurt of his boy juice, pushing Jaden over the edge as well.

“Oh shit, here it comes,” Jaden cried out as he thrust in deep, then remained there as his balls unloaded deep inside his lover.

Jimmy felt Jaden”s cock expand and contract inside him, and he swore he could feel the warmth of his copious teenage load. Sometimes he wished he could get pregnant and have Jaden”s child. He knew it was a silly thought, but he couldn”t think of anything more special than to have Jaden breed him and produce a beautiful child.

“Oh man,” Jaden said when he finally pulled out, “that was intense,” he added rolling onto his back beside Jimmy.

“I feel so full,” Jimmy chuckled as he let his legs fall to the bed, ” and I made a mess on the sheets.”

“No problem babe, I”ll change them later, after you have your turn. Meanwhile if you wanna go clean up, I”ll just rest here a minute.”

Jimmy carefully rose from the bed, making sure not to drip on the carpet, then waddled to the bathroom, causing Jaden to chuckle. “You walk like a duck.”

“Quack quack,” Jimmy giggled. He hadn”t been this happy, or felt his good in a long time, and he was looking forward to making love to Jaden when he”d recovered a little.

The house was quiet that afternoon, Aidan was at the Greens, Mr. Reynolds was at work, and Mrs. Reynolds was out somewhere with some of her lady friends. Jaden had taken advantage of an empty house and brought Jimmy home with him from school for some loving.

It wasn”t that they didn”t have plenty of opportunities to make love, but it was nice to be totally alone, and not have to worry about being too loud or having to hurry. It had been two weeks since they”d announced their engagement, and Jaden felt as if they”d grown closer in that two weeks. It was as if everything was shiny and new again, and their passion burned with a new level of intensity. They couldn”t get enough of each other lately, and today”s little romp was just what they needed.

“I”m back,” Jimmy laughed as he dive-bombed Jaden and wrestled him onto his back.

“Ugh, my stab wound,” Jaden moaned, faking pain and injury.

“You mean your scratch?” Jimmy giggled, then placing his mouth on Jaden”s flat tummy, he blew raspberries over his belly button causing a farting noise.

Jaden was giggling now, but he didn”t resist. He wasn”t all that ticklish, and he loved Jimmy”s attention. He wasn”t always this playful, and Jaden didn”t want to do anything to discourage him.

Eventually Jimmy began to kiss all up and down Jaden”s chiseled chest, biting and sucking on his nipples, before moving up to nuzzle his neck, and finally to kiss his handsome face.

“Mmm, I love your kisses,” Jaden said softly.

“Roll over lover, and I”ll kiss your butt,” Jimmy giggled.

“Okay,” Jaden said easily, “have at it, I”m all yours baby.”

Jimmy thought Jaden”s ass was just about the cutest and sexiest ass he”d ever seen, and he attacked it with unbridled lust. He pried the gorgeous twin pillows apart, and tongue-dived into the crack, attacking his tacky pucker as if he were starved for it.

“Oh shit, that feels good,” Jaden mumbled, “but I want you inside me. I need to feel that hot, hard dick of yours plowing into me.”

“In a minute, first I want to eat this ass till my tongue is numb,” Jimmy said between licks.

Jaden was surprised and pleased by Jimmy”s lust these days, and he was eager to see what else the boy was up to. Right now he was content to have Jimmy”s warm wet tongue exploring him inside and out, and he sighed contentedly as he raised his perky rear for better access.

Eventually, Jimmy”s lust and need to get off took over, and he grabbed the lube and began fingering Jaden”s hole, readying him for entry. This was nothing new for either of them, and Jaden opened up easily, and when Jimmy finally slid into his hot tight ass, Jaden moaned loudly.

“Oh yessss, that feels so good,” Jaden mumbled almost incoherently. Lost in lust and pleasure, he continued to moan as Jimmy pushed in all the way, claiming Jaden”s ass for his own.

Suddenly, Jimmy flashed back to that day in Germany, only it was Lars that had taken his cock that day. He still found it hard to believe that someone as perfect as Lars could have been interested in him, let alone allow him to fuck him, but now he wished it had never happened.

The vision lasted only a second, but it was enough to put Jimmy off his stride, and Jaden noticed right away. He wondered if it was because Jimmy had come earlier while he was getting fucked, but suddenly Jimmy seemed to recover and was pounding him almost violently.

“Yeah, that”s what I”m talkin” bout,” Jaden grunted, “fuck that ass, breed me baby.”

“Uhhhhh…uhh…uhhh,” Jimmy moaned as he thrust hard and fast. Lars meant nothing to me, he thought as he pounded Jaden harder, he was just a pretty face, and a perfect body, but Jaden has my heart, and my soul, and I will never cheat on him again, he vowed.

Suddenly, coming back to reality, he realized how hard he was pounding Jaden and he froze, still deep inside him.

“Don”t stop now babe,” Jaden begged, “It was just gettin” good. I was so close to shooting a load just from being pounded.”

“You like it rough?” Jimmy chuckled, “okay, but when you can”t walk straight later, don”t blame me.”

“I can handle it, go for it babe. Breed me deep.”

Jimmy pulled out and shoved back in, but he was still skittish about being too rough, however, Jaden kept encouraging him, and eventually he was going at it like a bunny in heat.

“Yeah…that”s it…almost there…” Jaden panted.

With a final, almost violent thrust, Jimmy cried out loudly and began to unload. Despite having come a short time earlier, he still managed to plant a generous amount of seed in his lover, before finally pulling out and falling down panting beside him.

“Wow, that was awesome,” Jaden said, turning his head to lock eyes with his lover, “that”s a side of you I haven”t seen before.”

“I don”t know what got into me,” Jimmy said blushing, “are you sure it wasn”t too rough?”

“Nah, it was perfect. I”m not saying I want it that rough all the time, but it was perfect for today.”

“Yeah, for me too.”

The sound of a door slamming downstairs caused Jaden to frown, “Well, party”s over I guess.”

“I”m pretty spent anyway, but I could use a nap.”

“I think we can manage that, but I better go get rid of that load you just pumped into me,” he chuckled, “the sheets can wait till later.”

Jaden was in the bathroom washing up when he heard someone knock on the door leading into Aidan”s bedroom.

“That you bro?”

“Yeah, is it safe to come in?”

“Yeah, I”m naked though,” Jaden warned.

The door opened then, and Aidan stepped inside, gave his brother an appreciative look, then walked over to the toilet and unzipped.

“Jimmy in there waiting for you?” Aidan chuckled.

“Yeah, but we were done, two orgasms each is about all we can handle.”

“You”re just getting old,” Aidan teased as he continued to empty his bladder, “I remember when four or five was typical.”

“The orgasms are better now though, two”s enough.”

“I suppose. Where”s everyone at?”

“Dad”s at work, mom”s out with her girlfriends.”

“I should”ve went by and picked Zak up.”

“Not too late.”

“Tempting, but I”ll pass this time.”

He”d finished peeing, and after shaking off and zipping up, he used the other sink to wash his hands.

“What were you doing at Jeremy”s, working on a new song?”

“Nah, not really, we were just watching some videos on YouTube and going over some things.”

“Was Dee there?”

“Nah, just us two, why? Are you wondering if we messed around,” he chuckled.

“Nah, not really, but…did you?”

“No, sex isn”t all I think about.”

“Me either, but it”s right up there on my top ten list of things to do,” Jaden laughed.

“Is Jimmy staying for dinner?”

“Nah, he has to be home by 7, but he wants to take a nap before I take him home.”

“Okay, well…I”ll let you get back to him then, see ya later bro.”

Jaden nodded and gave his brother a quick hug. Aidan pulled back and stared down at Jaden”s body again and licked his lips, “Too bad you”re spent.”

“Why? You hungry for some bro time? Maybe later.”

“Okay, I”d be up for that. Well, see ya later.”

Jaden found Jimmy snoozing softly when he returned, and he was careful as he crawled into bed so as not to wake him. Even in slumber, Jimmy migrated toward Jaden and soon they were snuggled up as Jaden joined Jimmy in slumber.

Aidan woke the two around 6:00, and they reluctantly climbed out of bed and got dressed.

“Mom and dad home yet?”

“Yeah, mom is fixing dinner, and dad”s vegging in the family room.”

Jaden yawned and headed to the bathroom to pee and wash up a bit while Jimmy laced on his shoes. Aidan sat down on the bed beside Jimmy and rubbed his back soothingly and Jimmy smiled at him.

“How”s it goin” bro in law?” Aidan teased.

“I feel like I”m on top of the world these days,” Jimmy said sincerely.

“My bro is quite a catch,” he said bumping heads with Jimmy, “but he couldn”t have found a better guy to fall in love with.”

“Thanks,” Jimmy said nodding, “Sometimes I keep expecting to wake up and find out this has all been a dream.”

“Join the club,” Aidan chuckled, “this has been one crazy ride.”

“You ready lover?” Jaden asked as he reappeared.

“Just need to pee, and then I”m ready,” Jimmy said getting up.

“Were you hitting on my fiance?” Jaden teased as he fell down beside his brother and put him in a head lock.

“Yeah, but he”s too stuck on you to give in.”

“Well, I”ll talk to him about that. I don”t mind sharing,” Jaden laughed.

“I wonder if he could tell the difference if we switched up on him?” Aidan teased.

“Of course, I”m uncut,” Jaden reminded him.

“Oh, yeah, there”s that,” Aidan laughed.

“Ready.” Jimmy said emerging from the bathroom.

“Okay, wish you could stay longer,” Jaden whined as he jumped up to hug Jimmy.

“Me too, but I really need to get home,” Jimmy said, kissing his lover quickly.

“Okaaay,” Jaden said taking his hand, “But I can”t wait for the day that we live under the same roof.”

Downstairs, the boys checked in with Jaden”s folks and said hello, and goodbye, before heading to Jimmy”s.

“We need to get you a car,” Jaden said for the hundredth time, but this time Jimmy”s answer was different.

“I suppose it would make things easier,” Jimmy agreed.

“Really, you mean it? It doesn”t have to be a new one, unless you want it to be,” he said, hoping Jimmy wasn”t just teasing him.

“Definitely not a new one, something small that gets good gas mileage,” Jimmy said looking thoughtful.

“Cool, how bout we go Friday after school and do some looking. We can go online and look too.”

“Okay, I guess I”ve fought this long enough. If we”re going to be married, I guess I need to loosen up some. I”ll do some looking and we”ll compare notes.”

“Cool, this is so cool,” Jaden said happily, “thanks for doing this for me.”

“Thank you, for hanging in there. I know I”ve been sort of a butthole about some of this stuff, but I had my reasons.”

“I know, I”d probably have been the same way if things had been reversed, but now…it”s more true than ever, that what”s mine is yours.”

“I just wish I had something more to give back.”

“You do, your love. That”s worth more than all the money in the world,” Jaden assured him.

“Yeah, I feel the same way about your love. I promise I”ll try to be more open about things from now on. I just want to make you happy.”

“You do, every day,” Jaden said, reaching over to take Jimmy”s hand.

“Thanks,” Jimmy said smiling.

When they arrived at Jimmy”s house, Jaden walked Jimmy to the door and gave him a hug and a quick kiss before heading home. He watched as Jimmy went inside, then jumped in the car and backed out of the drive, a big smile on his face as he thought about Jimmy”s new and improved attitude.


What you doin” big bro?” Aidan asked as he breezed into Jaden”s room. They”d already had dinner and the folks were downstairs watching TV, but they”d both had homework to do and excused themselves.

“Looking for cars?” Jaden said looking up at his brother, “Jimmy finally caved, and he”s gonna let me buy him some wheels.”

“No way, really? Cool, what kind?”

“Dunno, used, not new though, something small he said, something that gets good gas mileage. We”re gonna go test drive some Friday, but we”re gonna see what we can find online so we can narrow the choices down.”

“Nice, I guess Jimmy finally decided you were for real after you proposed to him,” Aidan chuckled.

“Yeah, he seems different these days, that”s for sure,” Jaden chuckled, “today…well, I shouldn”t be talking behind his back, but since it”s you…he was a fricking wild man in bed. Man, I have never seen him like that before. He fucked me like I was a rag doll,” Jaden said looking excited.

“Wow, and I assume you liked it from the look on your face,” Aidan chuckled.

“Oh yeah, I shot my load just from being manhandled. It was awesome.”

“Cool, I”m glad to hear things are going so well. Well, I”m gonna go check out my FB page and answer a few emails, see ya later.”

Jaden grunted and waved to his brother, then went back to his search. He bookmarked each possible candidate as he went, and soon had a dozen or so cars picked out.

When he tired of the car search, he decided to check his emails and social media before taking a shower and getting ready for bed. There were six new emails, most of them junk, or things that didn”t require an immediate response, but there was one that caught his eye.

Opening the email, he practically fell out of his chair when he saw what was inside. Attached inline in the body of the email were naked pictures of Jimmy, and of Jimmy obviously engaged in sex with someone. It didn”t take much thought to figure out who the other person in the picture was, and Jaden began to fume.

“Son of a bitch!” he swore so loudly that Aidan came to see what was wrong.

Then reading the attached message, he was even more livid.

This is what your boyfriend and I did while you were busy. Now he knows what a real man is, and he”ll never be satisfied with a boy like you. So watch yourself, cause I”m coming to claim him.


“What”s up bro?” Aidan said, entering the room and glancing over Jaden”s shoulder at the computer screen, “Oh shit,” he said once he”d seen what had Jaden so riled up. “Is that…oh man. That guy must be nuts.”

“He”s a fucking psycho,” Jaden muttered, “but he”s just trying to rattle my cage. Jimmy already told me the guy was nuts and harassing him, now he”s upping his game.”

“Just block him, he can”t do anything from 4,000 miles away.”

“He”s rich, who knows what the idiot may do? What if he hops on Daddy”s private jet and comes looking for Jimmy?”

Aidan laughed, “I doubt he”s that obsessed, but maybe you should get mom and dad involved in this.”

“What!? No way, you think I want them seeing naked pictures of Jimmy and this Lars guy, or for them to know that Jimmy messed around on me. They can never know about this, promise me you won”t say anything to them.”

“Okay, okay. I guess I see what you mean, but you wouldn”t have to tell them everything, or show them the pictures.”

“I can handle this,” Jaden said stubbornly, “If I have to, I”ll hire a hit man to take him out,” he joked.

“Maybe not a hit man, but if this guy keeps this up, maybe you could hire someone to protect the two of you.”

“I don”t think it will come to that, but that”s an option I”d consider, as long as I could control how much they know about the situation. This could be bad for the band if it got out, not to mention for our family.”

“I never thought of that,” Aidan said frowning, “that hit man doesn”t sound so bad after all,” he joked.

“Yeah,” Jaden grumbled, “meanwhile, I need to think about how to reply to his email.”

“Any idea what you”ll say?”

“Nah, I need to think about it, and not rush into anything. Right now I”m just so mad, and I need to wait till I can think clearly.”

“Good idea. Well, if you need any help brainstorming, just let me know. Uh, are you gonna tell Jimmy about this?”

“Yeah, we don”t keep secrets. He came clean with me, and I need to do the same.”

“I agree. You guys will get through this together, and things will be okay. I just know it.”

“I sure hope so,” Jaden sighed, “I sure hope so.”


Jimmy could tell something was on Jaden”s mind as soon as he climbed in the car the next morning. It wasn”t so much what he said or did, for he”d given him the usual greeting, hug, and kiss, but something about his body posture and the look on his face was a dead giveaway.

“Uh, you okay?” Jimmy said once he was buckled in.

“Not really, but I don”t want to go into it right now. Can you come over after school?”

“Yeah, sure…no problem. Did I do something wrong?” Jimmy asked looking concerned.

“No, it”s nothing you did,” Jaden said rubbing Jimmy”s leg affectionately, but it affects both of us, and we need to figure out what to do.”

“Okay, but now I”m gonna go crazy all day long trying to figure out what the heck you”re talking about.”

“I”m sorry, you”re right. I shouldn”t have laid that on you. Okay, I”ll tell you, but you”ll worry even more when I do.”

“At least I”ll know what it is, cause otherwise I”m gonna be thinking every possible thing that could go wrong.”

“Okay, here goes…”

Jimmy sat in silence as he listened to Jaden tell him about the email, the pictures, and what he”d decided to do about it.

“So far I haven”t replied, I wanted to talk to you first. We have to make him understand that you”re mine, and he needs to stop this harassment. I did some research, and I think what he”s doing is illegal. If nothing else, it”s cyber stalking, but I”m pretty sure that threatening to come after you is illegal too. I also think the photos qualify as child porn since you”re not 18 yet.”

“Oh God, I wish I”d never laid eyes on that creep. How can someone so rich and handsome be such an asshole?”

“Think about it, aren”t most rich people assholes, or at least very self centered. I wouldn”t be surprised to learn that his father is just as bad, or worse.”

“I guess. What are we going to do?”

“First we”re going to reply to his email. We need to figure out exactly what we need to say, and the most important thing is: we need to present a united front. He needs to know that we”re in this together, and that he doesn”t have a chance.”

“Of course he doesn”t have a chance,” Jimmy said frowning, “You don”t think I encouraged him or anything, do you?”

“No, of course not. That”s not what I meant. I just meant that he needs to see that we”re dealing with this as a couple, and not separately. He came after you, and now he”s coming after me. But there is no you or me, there”s only us.”

“Yeah, okay. So, what if he keeps this up, then what?”

“Then we”ll move to the next level.”

“Which is…?”

“A hit man,” Jaden joked.

Jimmy chuckled, “At least we can afford one.”

Jaden was heartened by the fact that Jimmy said “we”, and not “you”. It seemed that Jimmy had finally accepted that they would share everything, wealth included.

“So, I don”t want you worrying about this all day,” Jaden said, patting Jimmy”s hand, “we”ll fix this…together.”

“I can”t promise I won”t worry about this, but at least I don”t have to worry about us. I love you so much, and I”m so, so sorry about all this.”

“It”s cool, it”s not your fault that this guy is a psycho.”

“No, but I should never have gotten with him to begin with.”

“Look, babe, we”ve been through this already. You had a moment of weakness, you gave in, and you came clean. I”m no saint either. We both like sex, what can I say?”

“You”re too good to be true,” Jimmy said, leaning in to kiss Jaden”s cheek, “okay, I won”t dwell on that part of it, but I swear, it will never, ever, happen again.”

“I know, and I promise the same. If, and when we ever mess with anyone else, we will both be in the same room.”


The day passed slowly, and by the time Jaden pulled into the driveway with Jimmy, he was glad to be home. He fixed them a snack, and they carried it up to Jaden”s room and sat on the bed as they ate it.

Afterwards, Jaden showed Jimmy the email, and once Jimmy was over the initial shock, the two of them put their heads together to compose a reply.


You have a lot of nerve sending child porn over the internet, and we”re considering reporting you to the FBI. Because you are sending it from an overseas address, it also qualifies as an international crime, and the penalties for that are very severe.

But, we”ve decided, Jimmy and I, that we don”t want to spend our time and effort on trash like you if we can avoid it. So here”s the deal. You delete all pictures and videos of Jimmy, and of Jimmy and you, and promise to never contact us again, and we will forget this ever happened.

However, we are keeping copies of the pictures and videos that you sent to Jimmy and myself, encrypting them, and saving them in a locked file, just in case you ever break your end of the bargain.

Think about it. No matter how rich you are, you”re daddy can”t buy you out of this one, not to mention the publicity wouldn”t do a lot for you or your family. I”m sure you don”t want to wind up in prison as someone”s bitch. A pretty boy like you would be very popular.

That”s the deal, take it or leave it.

Jaden and Jimmy, and we”re in this together.

“What do you think?” Jaden said when he”d typed the last line.

“It would scare me, that”s for sure. The child porn thing is pretty serious. I never thought about that when he was taking the pics. I”m so stupid.”

“No, you aren”t stupid. You just got caught up in the moment and weren”t thinking straight, and he took advantage of you. He”s an adult, and technically you”re a minor, and he”d be in big trouble if this got out.”

“Let”s hope he”s smart enough to figure that out and doesn”t think his rich daddy can save him.”

“His daddy might hire some expensive lawyers, but the media frenzy would ruin both of them.”

“And us,” Jimmy mumbled, “What about the band? I don”t want this to get out and ruin what you guys have worked so hard for.”

“It won”t come to that, trust me. This guy will give up once we call his bluff.”

“I hope so,” Jimmy said, “Well, I guess we”ve done all we can. What time is it in Germany right now? Should we wait to send it?”

“Around midnight, there”s about five hours difference. He might still be awake, but if not, he”ll see it tomorrow.”

“Okay, do it then, send it.”

Jaden nodded, then pressed the send button as they held their breath and their  hearts pounded fast in their chests. They sat there watching the screen for about ten minutes, and when there was no reply, they finally moved to Jaden”s bed. If there was a reply today, Jaden”s phone would alert them, but Jaden”s guess was, that Lars would probably take some time to think things over before replying.


Days passed, then a week, but so far they”d heard nothing back from Lars and they were beginning to wonder if he”d already done what they requested, and just didn”t bother to reply, or that maybe he”d never intended any follow up after the last email. They were left in limbo, and somehow that was worse than knowing what he was thinking or planning.

But life goes on. There were classes to attend, homework to do, and the typical teenage activities to attend. Eventually, Jaden and Jimmy put the Lars thing out of their heads, and concentrated on the things they needed to do, and the things that made them happiest.

Aidan was putting together a talent show for the school, and he and Jeremy istanbul travesti were working on a new original song for the band to perform. Of course the band wasn”t competing, they were just going to be there for added entertainment, and they wanted to present something new since it had been a while since their last release.

If it was good enough, they intended to make a demo at the same studio they”d used for their album and submit it to the record company as a single. Jeremy had turned out to be a very talented song writer, and was handling the lyrics, while Aidan concentrated on the instrumentation.

They”d collaborated with Isaac by Skype a few times, and he”d made some very good suggestions, and the song was in the final stages of completion, and just in time for the talent show which was to be held the middle of October.

It had taken Jaden and Jimmy a while to finally go car shopping, but they had everything mapped out, thanks to their online research, and were able to find Jimmy a car that he liked at the third lot they visited.

It was a 2015 Honda Civic, with low miles, and the previous owner had decked it out with a nice stereo, and taken extremely good care of it. It was red, Jimmy”s favorite color, with grey upholstery, and Jimmy fell in love with it right away. They took it for a test drive, and that sealed the deal as far as Jimmy was concerned. Jaden suggested they look at a few other cars, but Jimmy was convinced this was the car he wanted, and Jaden easily gave in.

Unfortunately, since neither boy was 18, Mr. Reynolds had to sign the papers, and until Jimmy turned 18, the car would be registered in his name. They”d considered having Jimmy”s mom or step-dad sign, but in the end they decided that this was the best course of action.

The amusing part was, that it was 18 year old Jaden who made out the check and paid in full for the car, and only then did the salesman realize who Jaden was.

“I know your music,” the young salesman said, “I know I”m kind of old for it, but some of your covers are awesome, and your new stuff is cutting edge.”

“No one is too old to enjoy good music,” Jaden said smiling, “Thank you for the compliment. I just happen to have an autographed CD in the car if you”d like to have it. The whole band signed it. I keep a few around in case I run into a fan,” he added grinning.

“Yeah! Cool, thanks,” the salesman said. Not only had he made a nice commission off the car, but he”d got to meet a semi-famous musician and was getting some swag to boot.

Mr. Reynolds had already contacted his insurance company and added Jimmy to his insurance policy, and all they had to do was call him with the make, model, and VIN number, which they did while at the dealership.

“You”re fully covered son,” Mr. Reynolds said as they headed out to pick up Jimmy”s car.

“Dad, do you mind driving the Mustang home? Me and Jimmy are gonna take the Civic out for a real road test.”

“You trust me with your baby?” he chuckled, “I may have to do some road testing of my own,” he chuckled, “I always wanted one of these when I was a teenager.”

“No reason why you can”t have one now dad. You pick it out, and I”ll buy it for you,” Jaden said sincerely.

“Oh son, thanks, but I think I”m a little old for sports cars,” he said, giving the Mustang a fond look.

“Dad, you”re never too old to have fun. Think about it. You can always give it to one of the twins when they get old enough to drive, it”ll be a classic by then,” Jaden chuckled.

“Well, I”ll think about it, meanwhile let”s see if I can handle this monster,” he chuckled.

“Okay dad, and thanks for coming with us. Tell mom Jimmy and I have plans and won”t be home for dinner.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Jimmy said, giving his second dad a hug, “You”re the best, Mr. R.”

“You”re welcome boys. Have fun and I”ll see you later.”

“Better call mom and tell her you”ll be late,” Jaden teased, “once you get the feel of my Stang, you may never want to stop driving.”

“Just hope I don”t get a ticket,” Mr. Reynolds teased.

“I”ll pay it dad, don”t worry, as long as it doesn”t go on my record.”

They finally said goodbye and climbed into Jimmy”s new ride and they were off. Mr. Reynolds went the opposite direction, toward the highway, Jaden noted, and he figured he was going to take the Mustang somewhere he could open it up and see what it could do. He chuckled at the thought of his dad enjoying driving a sports car, and he was determined to see that he got one of his own, if he would accept it.

“I love this car,” Jimmy said excitedly as they cruised along the river, “thank you so much,” he added, reaching over to grab Jaden”s hand and hold it for a moment.

“It suits you,” Jaden said, “it just seems like the perfect car for you.”

“Yeah, and I love the color.”

“That suits you too. This is gonna make things a lot easier for both of us, but we”re still gonna ride to school together, right?”

“Yeah, I was thinking, what if we took turns? One day you drive, the next I drive?”

“I think that”s a fantastic idea. Since we don”t live that far apart, it”ll be a breeze.”

“Okay, then it”s settled. Where shall we go now?”

“Let”s drive to the lake, we can park and do some making out there, I know the perfect place,” Jaden said lustily, “I been missing my Jimmy lovin” all day.”

“Oooo…sounds fun. Well, just point the way.”

“With this?” Jaden said, rubbing the hardness in his jeans and raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh man, you”re hard already,” Jimmy giggled, “we better hurry then.”


Two days later, Jaden finally received an answer to his email. At first he was going to wait till Jimmy could be there to open it, but curiosity got the better of him and he finally gave in.

No fair

You let me take those pics, you were willing, and you wanted to have sex. How can you threaten me with the law like that? I would never hurt you, I love you, and I just want to be with you. Please say what we had meant something. I have no one. My father is a dick, and my mother is a drunk, and there”s no one in my life. Please don”t cut me off. I”m begging you.


Obviously the email was intended mostly for Jimmy, but apparently he”d gotten the message loud and clear that they were in this together. Jaden reread the email twice, then decided it was time to get Jimmy involved.

“Hey, babe. I”m forwarding an email to you,” Jaden said once he”d reached Jimmy at home. “Yeah, it”s from him. Okay, I”ll hold on while you read it.”

“Fucking shit!” Jimmy said when he”d read the email, “he”s calling us unfair? Oh man, I wish I had him here right now…I”d…I”d, I don”t know what I”d do, but it wouldn”t be nice,” Jimmy sputtered.

Jaden almost laughed at his boyfriend”s reaction, but he knew this was a serious matter and deserved some serious thought.

“Can you come over?”

“Yeah, let me holler at mom. My stepdad is gone somewhere, it”s just us two.”

“Okay, call me back if you can”t get away, but otherwise I”ll see you in a bit.”

“I”ll be there. Later, love ya.”

“Love ya back,” Jaden said before ending the call.

He sat down at his computer and read the email one more time, and decided it was time to get someone else involved and he went searching for his twin.

“A, you got a minute bro?”

“For you, always,” Aidan said, looking up from his laptop in the family room, where he was watching TV and doing some online research for school.

“Can I use your laptop a minute?”

“Yeah, what”s up?” Aidan said handing it over to his brother, “just leave the page open, I need some stuff off there.”

“K, just need to access my email,” he said opening a new window and entering his information. Then pulling up the email from Lars, he handed the laptop back to his twin.

It took Aidan all of two minutes to digest what he was reading and then he looked at Jaden with shock and anger.

“Holy shit, is he for real? I would think the fear of being arrested for child porn would be enough to cause him to back off. He must think he can get away with anything he wants, just cause his dad is rich.”

“Or, he”s just plain crazy. Jimmy”s on his way, but I wanted you in on this too. You”re usually the logical one, the cool headed one, and I”m more hands on,” Jaden chuckled.

“Yeah, but you can”t beat this guy up from across the ocean,” Aidan laughed.

“Yeah, and he”d better not show up here with that bullshit, or I can”t be responsible for what happens.”

“Surely he”s not that crazy. “

“I hope not, I don”t want to wind up in jail for kicking his sorry ass.”

A few minutes later Jimmy arrived and they decided to go upstairs to the twins” room to discuss this further. Mrs. Reynolds was due home any minute, and there was no way they wanted her to know about this, or even see that they were upset about something.

Closing the door, Jaden gave Jimmy a much needed hug and kiss before leading him to the bed where they sat down side by side. Aidan took a seat at the desk, where the email was still open on the desktop PC the two boys shared, although at the moment the screen saver was bouncing bubbles across the screen.

“Too bad we don”t have a lawyer we could get involved in this,” Aidan said.

“Hmm, maybe we do,” Jaden said looking thoughtful.

“What, no way. We can”t let any adults know about this,” Jimmy said, becoming upset.

“Not just any adult,” Jaden said, but we do have someone who has a vested interest in keeping us safe and out of the tabloids.”

“What are you thinking? Henry?”

“Maybe, but what if we started with Greg? He”s studying law at the University. Maybe he could help us figure this out.”

“I guess I wouldn”t mind Greg knowing,” Jimmy said, after all…we”ve been naked together,” he added blushing.

“We all have,” Jaden laughed,”What do you think A?”

“I think it might be a good idea. He”s not only studying law, but he”s 20 so he”s legally an adult.”

“Okay, so we tell Greg and Isaac.”

“Yeah, I guess we can”t tell one without the other, right?” Jimmy agreed.

“Yeah, I don”t want them to have any secrets between them because of us.”

“Okay, so…when will we do this?”

“There”s a party Friday night at Jeremy”s house, and Isaac and Greg are coming. That”s soon enough. We can get them aside after the party and lay it on them. I”ll download the emails to a flash drive so they can read them.”

“Uh, and the pictures?” Jimmy asked.

“I can cut those out if you want, but they may need to see them at some point.”

“Just leave em in,” Jimmy decided, “they need to know just how sick this guy is.”

“Okay, till then we don”t reply, and we”ll see if he sends any more emails.”


Jaden and Jimmy carpooled with Aidan and Zak and arrived at the Green”s around 8 o”clock. There wasn”t a large crowd, mostly their close friends, and Isaac greeted them at the door with hugs all around. 

“Where”s Dee?” Jaden asked looking around.

“She”s off with a couple of her girlfriends, no doubt gossiping about all the cute boys here,” he chuckled.

“Oh. Are Greg and Isaac here yet?”

“Yeah, in the game room. They actually came last night and stayed over. I could hear them going at it way past midnight,” Jeremy laughed, “I guess the magic is still there.”

Dee appeared then, and more hugs were exchanged, “Come on in the kitchen guys and get something to drink,” she suggested.

“You guys go ahead,” Jaden said to Aidan and Zak, “Jimmy and I need to talk to Greg and Isaac a minute.”

Lee led Aidan and Zak off, and Jeremy followed close behind, leaving Jaden and Jimmy to seek out the two older boys. They found them cuddled up on the couch in the game room sipping beer and watching a couple of guys play pool.

“Hey!” Isaac said jumping up to give the two a hug, and of course Greg followed suit, “Glad you guys could make it. It”s been a while since we”ve seen you. Congrats on your engagement. That”s so awesome.”

“Yeah, it has got me and Isaac thinking about getting married,” Greg said, snaking an arm around his boyfriend, “but definitely not till we”re done with college.”

“Yeah. Hey you guys got a minute later to talk?” Jaden said, getting right to the reason they were there, “We need some advice, and you guys being older and all, and Greg being a law student, we thought you might be able to help us with a problem we”re having.”

“Oh, a mystery,” Greg chuckled, “Sure…we can talk now if you want. We can go somewhere private if you”d like.”

“Yeah,” Isaac said, “we can go to our room.”

“Nah, we don”t want to ruin your fun, later is good. We”re gonna mingle and have some fun ourselves, and we”ll hook up with you guys later when everyone goes home.”

“Okay, whatever works,” Isaac said for them both.

“Great, okay. We”re gonna grab a drink and some snacks,” Jaden said nodding, “we haven”t eaten since breakfast.”

“There”s plenty of food,” Isaac said, and…there”s all kinds of stuff to drink, including beer,” he said raising an eyebrow. But if you get drunk, you have to spend the night.”

“We were hoping to anyway. I”m not much on beer though, but I might have one or two, just to help me mellow out a bit.”

The two joined Aidan and Zak in the kitchen next, and after fixing a plate of tiny sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and chips, they grabbed a beer from the cooler and found a place to sit down.

Several of their friends greeted them as they passed by, and there were a few new people that introduced themselves, including a group of girls that Jaden recognized as being on the cheer leading squad.

“Wonder who invited the pom pom girls,” Jaden chuckled.

“Probably Dee, that girl is super popular, after all, she”s dating a member of the band.”

“Yeah, I guess that does help. I like to think that not all our friends are sucked into that fame and fortune vortex. I wish people could like people for who they are, and not some superficial thing like…being in a band or whatever.”

“You were always popular, you and Aidan,” Jimmy said, “even when we were enemies, I envied you that. People just seemed to be naturally attracted to you guys, and even when you came out, nothing really changed. The girls always liked you, and even when they found out they didn”t have a chance getting with you, they still liked you.”

“Yeah, well, I think a lot of girls like gay boys cause they don”t feel threatened by them. They figure they won”t be hitting on them, and of course once the band became popular, they became groupies,” he chuckled.

“Boys too, for that matter, but you guys were popular even before that.”

“I don”t feel like I”m any different than I was before. I”m just me,” Jaden insisted.

“And that”s what I love about you,” Jimmy said giving Jaden a loving look.

“Hey you guys,” Mark, one of their oldest friends said, sitting down beside the two.

“Mark, how”s it goin”?” Jaden said offering his fist to bump.

“Nice party huh? Almost as good as those parties I used to throw when my folks were gone,” he chuckled.

“Those were the good old days. We had us some fun back then. I remember me and Aidan slipping out to come to one of those parties,” Jaden chuckled. 

“Yeah. Hey Sam and Riley are here, remember those two?”

“Sure, I actually have Riley in third period. He”s still a nut. I haven”t  talked to Sam for a while though. I”ll have to catch up with him later.”

“Yeah, well…I gotta see what Brenda is up to. I”ll catch ya guys later.”

“Brenda? Brenda Harris? Are you two a thing now?”

“Yeah, sorta,” he said blushing, “we”ve been going out since school began. I never even knew she knew I existed before, then bam, we wound up sitting together in first period and we really hit it off. She”s really a nice person,” he said, then lowering his voice he added, “not to mention hot as heck.”

“You dog,” Jaden said, “I”m happy for you. I”ve known Brenda since 7th grade, I agree, she”s a sweet girl. She”s a member of our local fan club, and I get emails from her a lot. I”ll have to tell her what a great guy you are.”

“Thanks, well..gotta jet. Catch ya guys later.”

“I envy you having all these old friends,” Jimmy said, “until I met you and Aidan, and we became friends, I didn”t really have any real friends.”

“Just toadies,” Jaden teased, “well…everyone likes you now, so my friends are your friends.”

“Uh, I was wondering. Did you ever, you know…mess around with any of them?”

“Yeah, and the weird thing was, most of them were straight. It”s amazing what a horny teenage boy will do to get his rocks off,” he chuckled, “especially when it”s done in a way that doesn”t threaten his masculinity. Then he launched into the story of how he and Aidan and the boys at Mark”s party had measured their dicks, and how the loser had to get the winner off.

“Kiley acted like he was grossed out at the thought of even touching Mark”s dick, but he wound up sucking him. He got jizz all over his face too, and he was whining about that, so Aidan says, that”s why you swallow,” Jaden said cracking up.

“We all wound up getting off that night before A and I snuck back home. It was awesome. We didn”t get too many more chances to mess with those guys, but I think Kiley did some stuff with all of them after that. He turned out to be a poof just like us,” he chuckled, “He”s dating a college guy now, and I hear they”re pretty serious.”

“I wish…I wish I had those kind of memories from back then.”

“Hey, don”t think about the bad stuff, just think about the good stuff. We have the whole rest of our lives to look forward to, and a few wasted years as a kid won”t amount to much in the end.”

“Yeah, I know. I”m gonna go get another beer, you want one?”

“Yeah, I”m gonna mingle a bit though, come find me when you get it.”

Jimmy headed off to the kitchen, and Jaden jumped up and was about to head toward the game room, when Sam, one of the boys from that party long ago suddenly appeared with Kiley at his side.

“Hey, I was just thinking about you guys,” Jaden said, “I ran into Mark and we were reliving the old days,” Jaden said giving both boys a bro hug, “You guys look great. Did you ever grow any down there?” Jaden teased, poking Kiley gently in the crotch.

“Man, I”ll never live that down, but yeah…I”m 7″ now.”

“No way, awesome. Can you verify that Sam?” Jaden laughed.

“Well, I never measured it, but I think that sounds about right,” he said mysteriously.

“I heard you were dating some hottie from the college, that right Kiley?”

“Yeah, his name is Bruce, and he”s gonna be a Doctor someday.”

“Your folks must be so proud, marrying a doctor and all,” Jaden teased.

“Huh? I wish,” Kiley said looking forlorn, “they still think my being gay is a phase, and that I”ll grow out of it.”

“Why do some people still live in the dark ages?” Jaden said shaking his head, “I am so glad my rents are so cool.”

“Yeah, your rents are awesome,” Sam said, “Hey, I heard you got a little brother and sister now, twins.”

“Yeah, they are sooo awesome, makes me want to have kids of my own some day.”

“Hey,” Jimmy said, joining them and handing Jaden his beer.

“Jimmy my love, this is Sam and Kiley, the guys I was telling you about,” Jaden said grinning.

“Oh shit, what did you tell him,” Kiley moaned.

“Only the truth, you know I don”t have a filter when it comes to this stuff,” Jaden laughed, “but it was all good stuff. Jimmy and I don”t have any secrets.”

“So you guys are engaged,” Sam said softly. Even though he had been at the engagement party, he still couldn”t believe Jaden was marrying the boy who was once his worst enemy.

“Yeah,” Jimmy said proudly, holding out his hand for the two new guys to see his ring, “he put a ring on it.”

“Way cool, you guys are so lucky. I”m happy for you. I just wish my family and friends were as accepting of me and Bruce.”

“Hey, I”m cool with you guys,” Sam said, putting his arm around Kiley”s shoulders.

“And obviously me and A, and all of the rest of the gang will be too when I tell them the good news.”

“Thanks, that means a lot.”

“So, is he here?” Jaden said looking around for new faces.

“Nah, he had an exam he needed to study for, and he said he didn”t know anyone here anyway. He”s not much of a social animal.”

“Well, tell him from me and Jimmy, and the crew, congrats, and that he couldn”t have found a better boy to fall for.”

“Thanks, we were gonna go outside for a while, wanna join us,” Kiley said then.

“Sure, I could use some fresh air,” Jaden agreed, “come on love, maybe we can find a nice dark corner and do some necking,” he said, wrapping an arm around Jimmy.

The backyard was anything but dark, however. Patio lights were strung all along the patio, extending out to the gazebo in the middle of the yard, and the pool lights added to the illumination. 

There was even a table set up with a cooler of drinks and beer there, and a few non perishable snacks.  A dozen or so kids stood around in twos, or small groups, talking and drinking, and when the four friends joined them everyone greeted them warmly.

“Hey Jaden and Jimmy,” Ronnie Mathews said from beside a pretty girl that Jaden only knew by sight, but not by name.

“Hey Ronnie,” Jaden called back, “good to see ya.”

“That”s Veronica Castle, or as he calls her, the love of his life,” Sam whispered, “she has that boy so P-whipped.”

“Hmm…I hope he”s getting some then,” Jaden chuckled.

“Dunno, but she”s pretty hot looking, I”d do her,” Sam said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“So, how about you? You gotta lady friend these days.”

“Nah, he”s still hoping me and Bruce will break up so he can have me,” Kiley teased.

“Very funny. I”ve had you, you”re not all that good,” Sam teased back, but Jaden and Jimmy wondered if the two didn”t have some sexual past.

“I”m crushed. All those long sweaty nights at your  house while your mom slept off her Valium induced sleep,” Sam waxed poetically.

“Was that you? Oh shit, I can”t remember shit these days.”

“You two need a room?” Jaden teased.

“Nah, we”ll just go after it right here on the lawn,” Kiley joked, “liven things up a bit.”

“I”d watch,” Jimmy said, then blushed, and everyone laughed.

Eventually Aidan and Zak found them sitting near the pool and pulled up a chair and shared it while introductions were made for those who were new. Aidan was reclining in the lounge chair while Zak sat between his legs leaning back into him. Aidan had his arms around his bae and would occasionally kiss his hair or his neck.

“You guys make a cute couple,” Kiley said after a while, “are you gonna follow your big bro”s lead and get hitched too?”

“Someday, for sure,” Aidan said, “but there”s no hurry. We have a lifetime ahead of us.”

“Yeah,” Kiley sighed, “Bruce says the same thing.”

“Hey, there you guys are,” Dee said as she and Jeremy appeared from inside.

“Hi guys, pull up a seat and join us. We were just reliving old times,” Jaden said, “you guys know the rest of the gang, right?”

Everyone knew everyone, if not personally, at least by sight and name, and soon they were talking comfortably, as if they were old friends. It was like that with most of the kids they knew. They got along well, and always seemed to have lots of things in common to talk about. Of course, school was one of the main topics, and the upcoming talent show was of special interest to them.

“My friend Grace is gonna do a dance routine,” Sam said, “she”s awesome. She tried to get me to do it with her, but man…I can”t dance like she does. She”s doing it with this boy named William Marks. He”s a new kid from Cally, and I hear he”s been studying dance since he was a little kid.”

“Does he go by Billy?” Dee asked.

“Maybe, why?”

“Cause there”s this new boy in one of my classes that”s from California, and he”s like got this awesome body, like so muscular and stuff. So I figured he”s either an athlete or a swimmer, but maybe he”s a dancer.”

“Might be him, blond, blue-eyed, God”s gift to girls type face?” Sam teased.

“Yeah, sounds like him,” Dee laughed, “I kinda get gay vibes from him though.”

“Yeah, I think he is, but of course, that”s his business. Grace likes him, and says he”s cool, so that”s good enough for me.”

“Wait, you never mentioned this gay boy before,” Kiley said looking at Sam with a frown.

“Well, you have a boyfriend, I”m not pimping for you anymore,” Sam teased.

“A boy has needs,” Sam laughed.

“That”s what friends are for,” Jaden laughed, “that way no one gets their feelings hurt.”

“Oh, are you offering pretty boy?” Kiley said sounding interested.

“Nah, but you got Sam here. Right Sam?”

“Hey, I”m not a toy just to be used for someone”s pleasure,” he laughed, “I have feelings too.

Jaden wondered if there weren”t some unresolved issues between the two, but if Kiley was seriously involved with Bruce, that would complicate things. He had to admit though that he wouldn”t mind giving Kiley a little release, but only if Jimmy approved of course, and they both got to play.

Greg and Isaac joined them next, and since the whole band was there, someone suggested they play some music. At first they resisted, but since there instruments were set up in the game room/studio, they finally gave in.

It felt good to be together again, and playing their music, and soon the boys in the band were having a ball. They played two covers and one of their originals songs, and though the others begged for more, they reminded them that were there to have some fun too, and they reluctantly relented.

“That was awesome you guys,” Mark said coming up with his girlfriend in tow.

“Hi Deborah,” Aidan said warmly. Having had more contact with there than the other band members, he knew what a sweet girl she was and he gave her a warm hug.

“You guys are so awesome,” she gushed.

“Thanks,” they all said at once, causing everyone to laugh.

“Yeah, Alternate Love is all she talks about,” Mark said rolling his eyes, “it”s like I”m competing with 5 guys instead of one.”

“Keep in mind that all of us are attached,” Jaden reminded him, “so no one is gonna take your girl away, especially us gay boys.”

“I know, I was kidding,” Mark said, “I like the music too. Don”t tell anyone, but I have all the CD”s.”

“Don”t buy any more,” Jaden said lowly, “call me, and I”ll make sure you get a freebie. Maybe that will soothe some of the pain we caused.”

“Will do,” Mark said, “so are you guys going to be putting out anything new?”

“The live tour CD is supposed to go on sale the middle of October, first on Itunes and Spotify, then in the stores,” Aidan said, and we”re working on a new song for the talent show in October, and if the audience likes it, we”re going to record it and submit it to the record company as a single.”

“Awesome, so you”re in the talent show? Isn”t that a little unfair?” Mark said.

“We”re not competing, we”re just added entertainment,” Jeremy said, “Aidan thought it might cause more people to show up at the event.”

“For sure,” Deborah gushed, “everyone I know is gonna be there, including a lot of parents.”

“It should be a lot of fun,” Aidan said, “we”re looking forward to it.”

They broke up after a while, each couple spinning off to do more mingling, but eventually the crowd began to dwindle until it was only the core group and a few others, Kiley and Sam among them.

Mark and Deborah had left around 11, citing a midnight curfew for Deborah, and now Dee was the only girl left.

Jimmy had excused himself to the bathroom, and Jaden headed to the kitchen to grab another drink, when he ran into Sam and Kiley.

“Hey, you guys still here? Cool,” Jaden said, “are you sleeping over, plenty of room.”

The Greens were out of town for the weekend and the kids had the house to themselves, thus the party, and anyone who wanted to stay was welcome, especially if they had been drinking.

“I dunno. Want to Kiley?” Sam said shrugging.

“I don”t care. We could, um…share a room or something,” he kadıköy travesti said blushing.

“Whatever,” Sam said, trying not to sound too interested.

“Cool, plan on it then,” Jaden said, fishing a sports drink out of one of the coolers, “I”ll tell Jeremy and Isaac. Come to the game room when you get done in here, that”s where everyone else is.”

When Jaden was gone, Sam turned to Kiley, “Are you sure you wanna sleep over? I didn”t drink any beer, I can drive us home.”

“You can go if you want, but I”m gonna stay. It will be nice to get away for a night. I haven”t slept over at anyone”s house since forever.”

“Yeah, we used to do that all the time, when we were kids.”

“Yeah, the good old days,” Kiley said sadly, “I miss that.”

“We”re a little old for sleepovers,” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, I suppose. Come on, let”s go join the others.”

“Not yet, I think I”m gonna go outside and get some fresh air,” Sam said looking thoughtful.

“Want some company?”

“Sure, come on,” Sam said perking up.

The truth was, Sam had a thing for Kiley, but like a lot of boys his age he was finding it hard to admit his feelings, even to himself. Sure, they”d messed around as kids, but he”d never thought of himself as gay. The messing around had just been a release, practice for when he found a girl that was willing to put out, but along the way he”d developed some deep feelings for Kiley that just wouldn”t go away.

Then Kiley had met Bruce, and things got even more complicated. He knew Kiley didn”t owe him his allegiance and certainly not his love, but it still hurt to see him with the other boy, and he felt as if he”d lost something very important.

Oh they were still friends, and they spent a lot of time together, but of course the messing around had ended a long time ago, and Sam actually missed it more than he thought he should. He”d tried dating a few girls, and it wasn”t that he didn”t have a good time with them, it was just that he didn”t really seem to connect to them on the same level he had connected with Kiley.

It was confusing, but he still didn”t think he was gay. He might be BI, he conceded, but not gay…no way. So why did he get a boner every time he thought about all the sex he and Kiley had  had as boys? And why did he want to kiss him? That one actually scared him the most. Sex was sex, but kissing?  That was definitely gay, and yet it was almost an obsession. What would it feel like to kiss his best friend? He”d thought about it a lot, gazed at Kiley”s pouty lips, and wondered what his tongue would feel like probing his mouth.

And then Mark”s party had happened. Jaden had stirred up some old memories that he”d tried to bury. The measuring had led to Kiley sucking off Mark, and before that night was over he”d gotten off in Kiley”s mouth as well. That part Jaden and the others didn”t know about. It had been after the twins had left, after the other two were asleep.

He wasn”t even sure how it had happened exactly. He just remembered Kiley”s face looking across at him, so close they could have touched noses, and then Kiley”s hands were on his chest, his stomach, the waist of his boxers. And instead of pushing him away, Sam had actually scooted closer and grabbed a handful of Kiley”s soft firm ass and pressed against him.

Encouraged by Sam”s reaction, Kiley had taken over then, working his hand into Sam”s underwear and wrapping it around his rock hard cock. Sam had to bite down on his hand to keep from moaning, and then the unthinkable had happened. Kiley pulled his hard, throbbing cock out of his underwear and swallowed it to the root.

This time Sam did cry out, but the other boys slept on, and he was able to keep relatively quiet after that. Of course being a horned up tween, it didn”t take long for Sam to explode into Kiley”s wet warm mouth, and the intensity of his orgasm nearly caused him to pass out.

He was panting and shaking by the time Kiley pulled off and place his shrinking cock back in his underwear. He felt so many emotions at the moment, guilt, fear, shame, excitement, joy, satisfaction, love? But it was the good feelings that won out in the end, and he was actually prepared to reciprocate in some way, but Kiley had rolled onto his side facing away from him, and he was afraid to push things.

He lay there a long time, listening to Kiley”s steady breathing, and eventually he fell asleep as well. That was the first time, but not the last.

After that night, they began to hang around more at school, and eventually outside of school. Eventually Kiley got up enough nerve to ask Sam to sleepover, and that night there was a repeat of the night at Mark”s house, but this time Sam returned the favor, something he had never thought himself capable of.

That wasn”t the extent of their sexual activities either. When puberty hit them like a ton of bricks, both boys had a growth spurt and were now packing substantial boy meat between their legs. Along with it came hair and wet orgasms, and of course the need to get off several times a day.

One night shortly after his 13th birthday, Kiley decided he wanted to go all the way with Sam. He”d figured out quite early that he liked playing with his ass, using first his fingers, then candles or carrots to open him up and of course the next logical step was the real thing.

He figured Sam was just the right size to fill the aching need inside him, and it didn”t take much convincing on is part to get Sam to cooperate. That night Kiley”s dad was out of town, and it was just him and his mom home. She always went to bed early and often used sleeping aids to help her get a good night”s sleep, and that night was no exception. Kiley knew that once she was asleep even an earthquake couldn”t wake her.

Kiley was nervous as hell that night, and Sam picked up on it right away, but he”d come to accept Kiley”s little quirks, and he wasn”t really worried. Kiley”s mom seemed to like him, and he always felt welcome, but he sensed some strain between Kiley and his folks, especially his dad. But that night, his dad was gone on a business trip or something, and it was just his mom, and by 9 she was sedated and wouldn”t stir again till 10 or so the next morning.

Kiley had everything planned, and as soon as his mom went to her room he told Sam he was going to take a shower. This was nothing new of course, for Kiley was especially conscientious when it came to his hygiene, but this time it seemed like he was gone an extraordinarily long time.

Sam finally came knocking on the door, and Kiley barked from the other side for him to go away, he”d be out in a minute. Sam tried the knob, but the door was locked, and he just wrote it off to Kiley being weird again.

He stripped down to his underwear and began playing a video game while he waited his turn to shower, and eventually Kiley came in looking, and smelling shower fresh.

“Took ya long enough,” Sam groused, “I hope you left me some hot water.”

“Yeah, I did,” Kiley said blushing.

Sam took a quick shower and when he returned wearing just a towel, Kiley was waiting for him naked. Sam gave him a questioning look, but he didn”t mind. Usually they”d wind up naked before the night was over, so why not start out that way?

“I guess I won”t bother with underwear then,” Sam laughed.

“Nah, no need. Hey, I was wondering,” Kiley said, sitting down on his bed, “wanna try something new tonight?”

“Like what?” Sam asked with excitement.

“Um, turn out the light and get in bed and I”ll show you.”

Sam was eager to see what Kiley had in mind, but at first all Kiley did was the usual thing, sucking his cock, and though it felt really good, he was hoping for more.

“Um, I cleaned up really good,” Kiley said after a while, “and I really want you to do something tonight. If you don”t mind,” he added quickly, “Um, I want you to put your, um…dick in my butt. Is that okay?”

“You mean, like real sex, um, fucking?”

“Yeah, I been practicing, and I really want you to do it.”

“Um, okay, but I don”t think I want to have you do that to me,” he said blushing.

“That”s okay, I don”t care. I just want you to do it to me, is that okay?”

“Well, yeah…sure, but I never done this before…”

“Me either, but I been watching some videos on the web, and well…reading up on it. I even cleaned my, um self out inside so you won”t get all dirty and stuff. And I have some lube too,” he said pulling a small tube of KY Jelly from under his pillow.

“Okay,” Sam said, trembling with desire and excitement, “are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, I been thinking about it a lot, and I really, really want you to put it…um, inside me.”

“Okaaaay,” Sam stuttered, “Um how do we do this?”

“I think the first time I should be like…on all fours, and you can like do me from behind, okay?” Kiley said getting into position.

Sam gasped when he saw Kiley”s cute rear presented to him, and when the boy reached back and spread his cheeks and Kiley caught a glimpse of his little pink pucker he felt his dick go even harder, if that was possible.

“It looks…um, nice,” Kiley said, completely enraptured by the site before him.

“First you should use your fingers,” Kiley said as he launched into an explanation of how thing should go.

Sam was glad that Kiley had this all figured out, because his first impulse had been to just mount the boy, stick his cock in that hole, and fuck like a bunny rabbit. He gave no thought to how much that might hurt Kiley, or that it might doom their coupling to failure, but once he”d heard Kiley explain everything he felt ready to do this.

“Put some of the lube on your dick,” Kiley said, looking back at Sam and smiling, then “put some on your fingers and work it into my, umm butthole. Yeah, like that. That feels good,” he added in a dreamy voice.

“It”s so tight,” Sam gasped.

“It”ll loosen up, just keep poking at it, then add another finger. When you get up to three, we”ll be ready.”

Thanks to Kiley”s practice with inanimate objects, his anus loosened up easily, and before long he was ready for the real thing. With gentle patience, he instructed his friend to place the head of his cock against his hole and to push gently.

At first, Sam”s slick cockhead slipped off the target and ran up his crack, but after a few more tries he finally got just the tip to slip through Kiley”s anal ring. Sam was worried that he”d hurt Kiley, and was moving very slowly now, but suddenly, impatient to get his first cock inside him, Kiley pushed back, swallowing Kiley”s hardness as easily as he”d swallowed his mother”s candle.

“Oh, it”s so hot inside,” Sam gasped, “and tight. It feels sooo good.”

“Yeah, for me too. Go ahead, fuck me,” Kiley said through a fog of lust.

“Okay, but if I hurt you…tell me, okay?”

“You won”t. It feels good. Just do it, I won”t break. Fuck me Sam, please,” Kiley begged.

“Okay, okay,” Sam chuckled, “you really want it, don”t you?”

“Yesss,” Kiley gasped, “I want you to fuck me so hard, and shoot inside me.”

All this dirty talk was really turning Sam on, and before long he was fucking like a pro. With each thrust he was hitting Kiley”s prostate, and Kiley felt as if he could come any moment just from getting fucked. He”d discovered his g-spot while using the candles and carrots, but it felt even better to have a real dick in there.

“I”m gonna come,” Sam cried out after about five minutes, for after all, 13 year old boys don”t have much staying power, especially during their first fuck, and Kiley was close to joining him.

“Okay, go for it, I”m coming too,” Kiley panted as he reached down to work his hard leaking cock.

It didn”t take more than a few strokes to get Kiley off, and as he orgasmed, his anus contracted around Sam”s boner causing him to erupt as he painted Kiley”s intestines with his boy seed.

“Oh, oh..oh, my…God…” Sam gasped as he continued to unload and experience the most intense orgasm of his young life, “that was so bithchin”.”

“Yeah,” Kiley gasped as he recovered from his own orgasm, “I just knew it was gonna be good. Did you really like it? Will you do it again sometime?”

“Sure, anytime you want,” Sam said, slowly pulling out of Kiley”s tight rear, then looking down at his emerging dick he added, “You were right, all clean, except for the lube and my cum.”

“Good,” Kiley sighed as he rolled onto his side.

He”d had the presence of mind to spread a towel on his bed beneath him, and it had caught his own ejaculation, and he grabbed it and began cleaning up before handing it to Sam.

Sam cleaned up and tossed the towel on the floor, then crawled into bed beside his friend. Even back then he”d had the urge to kiss Kiley, especially after they”d had sex, but that was too gay. He could suck a dick, fuck Kiley”s ass, or get sucked, but kissing was just…just too gay.

That was the first time they went that far, but it wasn”t the last, and their relationship had continued for several more years before Kiley finally came out and it ended. Sam never quite understood the logic of that, but he supposed Kiley was trying to spare him the trauma of being associated with a gay boy, and though they”d stayed friends, they”d never regained that level of closeness that they”d once  had. That was until school began again this year. They”d met up in homeroom, and it was like nothing had ever changed, well except that they weren”t rolling around in the sheets anymore, but their friendship was definitely back on track, and both boys were enjoying it immensely.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Kiley said, gazing into Sam”s eyes.

“Oh, just thinking about when we were kids, and how close we were. What really happened to us?” he said frowning.

“Well, I came out for one thing, and I didn”t want to drag you down with me in case the haters started in on me.”

“That”s sort of unfair, don”t you think? I mean, I was your friend through thick and thin. I wasn”t ashamed to be your friend, if that”s what you think. I might”ve given you shit about being gay and all, but I loved you man,” he said turning away.

Kiley was stunned. How had he not known that Sam felt that way? After all the messing around they”d done, all the sharing, all the tears, and all the laughter. He”d never been closer to anyone than he”d been to Sam, not even Bruce.

He hated to admit it, but Bruce was just not the kind of person you could get close to. Not like he and Sam had. Bruce was a bit standoffish at times, and a bit of a prude when you came right down to it. They hadn”t even fucked yet, imagine that. Oh, Kiley had been more than willing, but Bruce said he just wasn”t ready for that yet, and so far their love life had consisted of kissing and hand jobs. Not even oral, and Kiley was way too oversexed to settle for that. So why had he?  Because he thought he loved Bruce, and that Bruce loved him, but in the back of his mind he”d always had this thing for Sam. He”d never in his wildest dreams ever thought there could be anything serious between them, but now…Sam was saying he loved him. But Sam was straight, surely he meant as a friend, as a brother, nothing more than that.

“I love you too,” Kiley said, coming up behind him and hugging him around the waist, “I feel closer to you than anyone on earth.”

“Even Bruce?”

It took Kiley a moment to respond, but when he did Sam managed a smile.

“Yes, even Bruce. Boyfriends come and go, but real friends stick around forever.”

“So, I”m just a friend?” Sam said, his smile fading when he heard the last part.

“Yes, no…I mean,” Kiley sputtered, “not just a friend, my best friend in the whole world. You know things about me that even Bruce doesn”t know.”

“Then why aren”t I your boyfriend?” Sam said, pulling away from Kiley and spinning around to face him, hugging himself as if he were suddenly cold.

“What? I…because you”re straight?” Kiley sputtered.

“Ha, what does that have to do with anything? I love you, not cause you”re gay, or cause you”re a guy. If you were a girl I”d love you just the same. It”s what”s inside that I love, but I gotta admit…I like what”s outside too. When you stopped coming around back in 10th grade, I was a total wreck for a while. At first I figured I”d done something wrong, or that you”d met someone and you didn”t have time for me. I felt like shit. I couldn”t eat, I couldn”t sleep. I lost 10 pounds that year.”

“I remember that. You said you”d been sick…”

“I was sick, sick cause I was missing you and what we had, and not just the sex, but God…that was great too. I went from having sex almost anytime I wanted to, to having almost  no sex…just like that, and it hurt.”

“God, Sam, why didn”t you say something? I thought you were okay with things. I…thought you didn”t care. That I was just a way to get your rocks off once in a while. You started dating girls, and I thought…I thought I”d lost you, so I just gave up.”

“I started dating girls because I was hoping I”d get over you, but know what? It only made it worse. Cause I”d be with a girl and we”d be having fun, but I”d think, Kiley and I would have had more fun, and afterwards we”d be having sex. And even when I did find a girl that was interested in sex, it just didn”t do it for me like you did. I was just too stupid to understand what all that meant…till now. When we reconnected this year, all that pain, the joy, the pleasure came back to me, and I knew what I should do. Only it was too late, cause you already found someone and all I can be is your friend.”

“Sam…” Kiley said, moving up to stand in front of his friend. Then taking his hands in his, he placed them around his slender waist and wrapped his own arms around Kiley.

Their faces were only inches apart now, and all those years of pent up emotion and desire flooded to the surface, and suddenly their lips met and the fireworks began. They stood kissing for a long time, devouring each other, and making up for lost time.

Breathlessly, Sam paused between kisses to ask the inevitable question, “What about Bruce?”

“Screw him,” Kiley panted, “I”ve got the boy I”ve always wanted, and I”m not giving him up. Bruce will get over it, we haven”t even gone all the way yet.”

“What? No way,” Sam said, moving his hands down to grab a handful of Kiley”s soft perky ass, “this ass is to die for.”

“Oh, well…maybe later you can have some of it.”

“Okay, let”s go see where we”ll be sleeping. I”m feeling kinda tired all of a sudden,” Sam chuckled.

“Yeah, me too. We should definitely go to bed.”

When they found the others in the game room, they decided to play it cool and not let on that anything had changed, but Jaden thought there was something different about the two. He couldn”t quite put his finger on it, but he had an idea they would soon know.

“Um, we”ve decided to stay if that”s okay,” Sam said, taking the lead.

“Sure, that”s cool. There”s a spare bedroom upstairs if you don”t mind sharing. It”s a queen sized bed so there should be room,” Jeremy offered.

“Yeah, that”s fine. We were, um, kinda tired, so if it”s okay, we thought we”d go ahead and go to bed.”

“Sure, come on, I”ll show you the way,” Jeremy offered.

Sam watched Jeremy as he led the way, and marveled at how easily the boy walked and climbed the stairs, despite having an artificial leg. If he hadn”t already known about Jeremy”s leg, he might have never noticed from the way he moved, but it was obvious he was comfortable with his prosthetic and in complete control.

“This is it, sorry if it”s kinda girlish. It”s the guest room my gramma uses when she stays over,” he chuckled, “so if it smells like Ben-gay or something, you”ll understand.”

“It”s fine,” Kiley said, “um where”s the closest bathroom?”

“Just across the hall, help yourself. If you want to shower or whatever, there”s plenty of towels on the rack in there.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

“Well, you guys have a good night. See ya in the morning. We”re not cooking breakfast, but there will be pastries, fruit, and whatever you want to drink.”

“That”s cool, uh what time?”

“No hurry. Most of us get up around ten or so, but we”re easy. My folks won”t be back till late Sunday, so there”s no rush. In fact, some of the others will probably hang around to swim. You”re welcome to join us, the pool is heated so we pretty much use it year round.”

“We, um didn”t bring a swimsuit,” Kiley stammered.

Jeremy laughed, “Swimsuits are optional when it”s just the gang, but I”m sure we have an extra pair or two between me and Isaac.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks,” Sam said grinning.

“Well goodnight, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, night,” Sam and Kiley said then.

When he was gone, Kiley looked at Sam shyly and shrugged, “You wanna shower with me?”

“Yeah, sure…that sounds fun,” Sam said grinning, “hell of an ice breaker too.”


In the game room, Jaden couldn”t wait to mention his suspicions to the others. “Any of you guys notice those two looked especially chummy? Think they”re gonna do it?”

“I thought Kiley had a boyfriend?” Aidan said, from his seat on the couch where he was nuzzling Zak”s neck and playing handsies with him.

“So, what does that have to do with anything?” Jaden chuckled, “maybe they have an arrangement or something. Those two used to be as close as Siamese Twins back in middle school. Then Kiley came out in 10th grade, and bam, it was over.”

“Maybe that was too much for Sam to handle,” Aidan suggested.

“I don”t think Sam”s like that. I mean, he knew we were gay and he never had a problem with it. In fact, I seem to remember him taking on Brad Wilson in gym class one day when he made some kind of comment about you and me being butt brothers,” he chuckled.

“Well, Brad had that right,” Jaden laughed.

“That”s beside the point. I can”t help but think that Sam has been harboring a little crush on Kiley all these years, and when they got back together this year, maybe he decided to go for it.”

“You and your theories,” Jeremy laughed, “but I will admit, they did look sort of nervous up there in the room. I wonder if they”re sharing the shower?” he chuckled.

“What? Really? Oh, I think I need to wander upstairs and see what”s going on,” Jaden said, perking up.

“Down boy, you”ll embarrass them if you catch them, and you might cause them not to go through with…well, with whatever they had planned.”

“So, you think I”d be a cock blocker?” Jaden joked, “that”s not what I intended, I”d rather participate.”

“Uh, excuse me,” Jimmy said grinning, “not without me.”

“Of course, the more the merrier, but I suppose their first time should be just the two of them.”

“First time?” Aidan cackled, “those two have had more sex than you and I have combined.”

“Okay, first time as boyfriends then,” Jaden corrected.

“Who says they”re boyfriends? Maybe they”re just gonna have some hot nasty monkey sex,” Jeremy chuckled.

“Aghhh, you guys are killing me,” Jaden moaned, “I just want to know what”s going on up there…so baaad.”

“I bet I can take your mind off of them,” Jimmy said, tugging at Jaden”s shirt and dragging him down on the couch.

“Oh, well…okay,” Jaden said, giving in easily, “work your magic lover boy.”


“Here, let me help you,” Kiley said, taking his towel and drying off Sam”s back and shapely butt. Sam”s butt was one of his best features, but since Kiley was a dedicated bottom, he”d never lusted after it much, though he did appreciate it”s beauty.

“Now you,” Sam said returning the favor. When his hands found Kiley”s butt, he spent a little more time there than Kiley had on his, admiring the shapely mounds of soft flesh, and thinking about all the times he”d sank his hard cock between them, “You have the most beautiful ass on earth,” he said, slapping it smartly, causing Kiley to yelp in surprise.

“Not so rough. You can have that, you know?”

“I was hoping you”d say that,”

“Remember the first time we did that?”

“Yeah, I couldn”t believe how good that felt, and when you came just from getting fucked, I almost wanted to try getting fucked myself.”

“Have you? I mean, with anyone else?”

“Nah, you”re the only guy I”ve ever been with really. I mean, except for those few times we messed around with our buddies when we were kids.”

“It”s not for everyone, but I prefer being on bottom myself,” Kiley said, “in fact, I”ve only topped one time, and as good as it was, I still prefer being on bottom.”

“Who? No never mind, not my business.”

“I don”t mind telling you. It was about a year ago, some guy I met at the mall. He doesn”t even go to our school. We hooked up, and he wanted to get fucked, and I went for it. I only saw him that one time. Does that make me a slut?”

“No, it makes you one lucky guy,” Sam laughed.

“It was okay, but not nearly as good as what you and I shared all those times.”

“Wanna see if we can relive those good times?”

“Yeah, and I bet they”ll be even better this time around.

They wrapped their towels around their middle and grabbed their clothes, then cautiously tip-toed across the hall to their room, hoping none of the others happened to come along. Fortunately the rest of the group was still downstairs, engaged in some fun of their own.

Kiley stripped back the covers on the bed and slipped in, dropping his towel in the process. He wished they had some lube, but he didn”t suppose granny had any use for such things, and there was no need looking. However, he did notice a bottle of cocoa butter lotion on the bedside table, and he figured that would work just as well.

He was as nervous as a new bride as Sam slid in beside him, and for a moment he just lay there willing himself to calm down some. After all, he”d known Sam for most of his life, they”d been intimate more times than he could remember, and the love he felt for him surpassed anything he”d ever felt for any other person on earth.

“Shall I turn out the light?”

“Yeah,” Kiley said, jumping a little at the sound of Sam”s voice.

In the dim light cast from a nightlight near the door, Kiley studied Sam”s handsome features.

“Nervous?” Sam chuckled.

“A little, silly isn”t it? I don”t ever remember being nervous before, well…except for maybe that first time at Mark”s house.”

“No need to be nervous. I won”t hurt you, not ever again,” Sam said moving closer.

Their lips met then, and soon there arms and legs were entwined and they were fully engage with one another.

“I”ve wanted to kiss you forever,” Sam said between nibbles of Sam”s lips, “God if only I”d known what I was missing back then.”

“I wanted to kiss you too, but I was afraid you”d think that was too gay.”

“I did, but it didn”t stop me from wanting it. I don”t know what I would have done if you had, but I”m pretty sure I would have liked it, even if I pretended not to.”

“Well, we”ll never know, but no reason we can”t do it now,” Kiley said, moving in for another helping of Sam”s soft full lips, “Mmmmm.”

Meanwhile the kissing had had the inevitable effect on their boy parts, and both boys were super hard, their stiffness pressing into each other desperately.

“I want you inside me,” Kiley whispered as Sam covered his face in kisses.

“In a minute, I want to taste you, every single inch of you, and then I want to make love to you till we”re both so sore we can”t walk.”

“God, you know how to turn a boy on,” Kiley gasped, “I”m all yours.”

“And I”m all yours,” Sam said gently as he began nuzzling Kiley”s neck, “Mmmm.”

Kiley moaned softly as Sam worked his way down his body, from his neck to his nipples, where he used his mouth to stimulate the tiny points of flesh, then down to his flat stomach, and next to his belly button where he used his tongue to stimulate the shallow well.

Next he nuzzled Kiley”s well trimmed pubic patch letting his chin bump against Kiley”s rigid pole, causing more moans of pleasure.

“God, no one has ever been able to make me feel as good as bakırköy travesti you,” Kiley gasped.

“That”s because no one has ever loved you as much as I do,” Sam said, his voice choked with emotion.

Then taking Kiley”s stiff member in his hand, he began licking it up and down like a peppermint stick, causing Kiley to whimper as he thrust up to meet his lover”s wicked tongue.

Sam didn”t want Kiley to come too quickly, so after a few minutes of this, he began licking and sucking on Kiley”s nuts. Kiley spread his legs wide to allow Sam better access, and after wetting a finger in his mouth, Sam let that finger slide down his crack, from his balls to his tacky pucker where he probed it gently.

“God yes, put it in me,” Kiley cried out, “finger my hole,” then remembering the lotion, Kiley reached over and grabbed it and tossed it on the bed beside Sam, “here use this,” he panted.

Sam smiled at Kiley”s lust filled enthusiasm and grabbed the bottle and coated his finger and slowly worked it into Kiley”s hole. His own excitement grew as he felt the hot tight confinement of his finger, and his cock ached to be inside that all too familiar tunnel. He worked the finger into the second knuckle, and when he found Kiley”s prostate, the boy cried out with renewed pleasure.

“Oh God, yes…I can”t wait any longer, please fuck me,” Kiley pleaded.

“No, but I”ll make love to you,” Sam said gently, kissing Kiley”s thighs, abdomen, and giving his cock a another swipe with his tongue.

Then rising, he gently flipped Kiley over onto his stomach.

“Hold on, I”m gonna grab a couple of towels,” Sam said rushing out the door, still quite naked.

He returned seconds later, and once the door was closed behind him, he handed a towel to Kiley, who placed it beneath him as he arched his back and presented his backside to Sam.

“God you have a cute ass, “Sam gasped, “I have missed this,” he added, moving in to kiss the twin globes. Then using the other towel to clean the excess lotion from his anus and crack, he tongue dived into Kiley”s hole and began to rim him deeply.

“Oh shit, are you?” Kiley cried out, “I never thought you”d ever be into that.”

“I wasn”t, until now,” Sam chuckled, “things have changed. Now, shut up and push that ass into my face lover.”

Kiley was happy to oblige, he”d only been rimmed one time before and he”d loved it, but to have the boy he loved do it to him now was almost too much to handle. In fact, he felt as if he could come at any moment just from the feel of Sam”s wicked tongue drilling into him. He was open and ready for more however, and as much as he liked the rim job, he really wanted Sam inside him.

“Please, make love to me,” he whimpered.

“Okay,” Sam agreed, “I guess you”re loose enough,” he chuckled.

“Yessss, put it in me, fuck me so hard. I want it so bad.”

Kiley”s dirty talk had an immediate effect on Sam”s cock causing it to throb and ooze more pre-cum. Kiley had opened up nicely, and Sam knew he wouldn”t need much more lubrication, so he applied only a little to his cock before moving up to place the head against Kiley”s slick pucker.

“Ready?” Sam gasped as he pushed forward.

“Yesss, do it. Put it all in me. Yessss…oh God, it feels so good,” he cried out as Sam”s hard seven inches filled his rectum.

“Feels like home,” Sam said softly, “I”d forgotten how good this felt.”

“It”s all yours, anytime you want it, no strings attached,” Kiley said softly.

“I want some strings, okay? I don”t want to just use you for a fuck toy, I want to be your boyfriend, can you handle that?”

“Yesss, it”s what I”ve dreamed of since we were just kids.”

“Good, cause I”ve finally figured out what I want, and it”s you,” Sam said tenderly as he began to move in and out of Kiley”s hot tight hole, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Kiley said as the tears finally came, “I always have.”


“Did you hear something?” Jaden said, perking up and stopping what he was doing to listen.

He and Jimmy had gone to the kitchen on the pretense of grabbing a soda, but Jaden”s real mission had been a spy mission to see if he could figure out what was going on with Sam and Kiley.

“What?” Jimmy said, stopping as well, holding his breath, hoping it wasn”t a burglar, or God forbid the Green”s returning early.

“I thought I heard moaning,” he said, his eyes sparkling with mischief, “Let”s sneak upstairs and get a closer listen.”

“Jaden…” Jimmy scolded, “that”s private stuff.”

“I know, I know, but I just want to make sure that”s what I”m hearing. It”s not like I”m gonna open the door and say, ah ha, caught ya! or anything,” he laughed.

“Go ahead, but I”m not going to spy on your friends,” Jimmy said frowning.

“Okay, yeah two of us might be too much noise. I”ll go alone,” Jaden said, determined to find out if his suspicions were correct.

Jimmy rolled his eyes, but even Jimmy”s annoyance with him wasn”t enough to stop him.

“I”ll be right back.”

Creeping silently up the carpeted staircase, keeping to side to avoid making any noise, Jaden arrived in the upstairs hallway and made his way stealthily toward the guest bedroom. A Ninja with a hardon, Jaden adjusted himself as he placed his ear against the door.

Yes! he thought, that is definitely the sound of someone getting fucked. Oh man, I wish I know who was doing who.

Then suddenly he heard Kiley cry out in a voice that was unmistakable his and Jaden”s question was answered.

“Oh God Sam, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Oh God! Yes, yes, yes.”

Satisfied now that his thirst for information about the two had been sated, he was grinning like The Cheshire Cat as he crept back downstairs. Jimmy had already returned to the game room, and when Jaden discovered that, he zipped down to deliver his good news.

“Did you really spy on those two?” Aidan scolded.

“Yeah, and guess what…?”

“No, do not even go there!” Aidan warned.

“Aww, come on. It”s good news. I”d think you would be happy for them.”

“I will save my happiness for when they tell us what”s going on,” Aidan said.

Jaden gave his twin his puppy dog eyes, but Aidan wasn”t having any of it. “You can tell the others if you want. I”m going to the bathroom.”

As soon as the door was closed behind Aidan, Jaden looked at the others expectantly.

“Well, don”t keep us waiting all day,” Dee laughed, “I for one love juicy gossip.”

“They were fucking like bunnies up there,” Jaden said excitedly, “God it was so hot. Kiley was like, Oh God Sam, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Oh God! Yes, yes, yes,” he said, doing a passable imitation of Kiley”s voice.

“Oh man, I hope that boyfriend of his doesn”t cause problems when Kiley dumps him,” Dee said.

“Who says he”s gonna dump his boyfriend,” Jeremy said, “maybe he just wanted to have some fun with an old buddy.”

“Nah, I saw the love in their eyes when they came in here earlier. They”ve finally figured out what some of us knew all along, that they had the hots for each other,” Jaden insisted.

“I see you couldn”t wait to tell everyone,” Aidan said, sneaking up on Jaden and encircling his waist and leaning his head on his shoulder. He might not agree with what Jaden had done, but he still loved the goof.

“Yeah, well…they took the news well, and I bet you would too.”

“Zak can tell me later. Right now I”m beat. Where will me and Zak be sleeping?”

“You can have my room,” Jeremy offered, “Dee and I are gonna defile my mom and dad”s bed,” he said grinning.

“I guess me and Jimmy can take the sofa bed down here then,” Jaden said.

“Yeah, or you guys can trade, whatever you want to do.”

“No, that”s cool. I”m not ready to crash yet anyway,” Jaden said, “Jimmy, let”s play some pool.”

“Okay, sounds good,” Jimmy said jumping up, his annoyance at Jaden”s butting in, long passed.

Isaac and Greg eventually said goodnight and went up to Isaac”s room, leaving just Jaden and Jimmy, and Jeremy and Dee.

“That”s the first time I”ve even seen you and Aidan disagree on anything,” Jeremy noted.

“Oh, well, we don”t fight much, and it”s never anything worth getting bent out of shape about, but we”re not as alike as some people think. He”s the passive twin, and I”m the rebel, but we compliment each other, you know? Like opposites attract or something.”

“I like that you”re a rebel,” Jimmy said grinning, “my life sure got a whole lot more interesting when you came along.”

“Thanks babe, but you”ve tamed me down some. There was a time when I would have denied the possibility of falling in love and settling down, let alone with a boy. It”s weird in a way how things turned out. I always thought the boy stuff was just fun, and that one day I”d find out I liked girls that way, and things would change.”

“So, you”ve accepted that you”re gay?” Jeremy wondered.

Jaden frowned, “You know, I just don”t like to put a label on what I feel. I like to think I fell in love with a person, not a sex, if that makes sense,” he chuckled.

“Perfect sense,” Jimmy said, encircling Jaden”s waist as Aidan had done earlier, only he pressed his hardness against Jaden”s perky rear.

“Oh, someone is excited,” Jaden teased, reaching around to pull Jimmy”s arms tighter around him. Then leaning his head backwards, their faces met in an awkward kiss.

“Well, I think maybe a couple of my favorite people need some time alone,” Jeremy laughed, “Come on love, let”s go check out the rents bed.”

“Don”t mess up the sheets,” Jaden teased, “or if you do, be sure to wash them.  And open the windows when you”re done.”

“Fabreez,” Jeremy said grinning, “I got this covered.”

When they were gone, Jaden laid his pool cue down and turned to face his lover. Their lips met again and Jimmy”s arms went around Jaden”s neck as Jaden grabbed his lover”s hips and pulled him tight against him.

“Mmm, I love you so much,” Jaden whispered between kisses.

“I love you more,” Jimmy giggled.

“Ah, so this is a contest then,” Jaden chuckled, “Well, let”s get that sofa bed opened up and go for the Olympics.”

Once the bed was open, the clothes came off fast, and soon they were pressed together, their lips and hands exploring, caressing and loving one another. The room was soon filled with the sounds and smells of two horny teenage boys in love, and neither boy had ever been happier or more in love.


The next morning, everyone had made it down to breakfast by 10:30, even the new couple who had been up most of the night getting reacquainted. Jaden smiled when he saw the bags under their eyes, and their disheveled hair, but he kept his mouth shut, for the moment.

“Morning guys,” Jeremy said, looking quite chipper despite having a long night of romance as well, “there are pastries, fruit, and a variety of drinks, help yourself,”  he said pointing to the spread on the breakfast bar.

The two grabbed paper plates and filled them with pastry and fruit, then grabbed a bottle of juice and sat down with the others at the dining table off the kitchen.

“Sleep okay?” Jaden finally said, unable to keep quiet any longer.

“Yeah, uh…fine,” Sam said blushing.

“Yeah, fine…” Kiley echoed.

“Is there anything you guys want to share?” Jaden said, tired of beating around the bush.

“Like um, what?” Sam stuttered.

“Oh come on, it”s so obvious,” Jaden laughed, “we can see it in your eyes, and you reek of sex,” he added, leaning in to sniff Sam like a hound dog.

“Oh man,” Sam said blushing, “I knew we should have showered.”

“It”s okay Sam. I don”t care if you don”t,” Kiley said giving Sam a loving look, “I”m not ashamed.”

“Neither am I. I”m done with that stuff. I”m ready to tell the whole world how I feel about you,” he said gently, as if he and Sam were the only two people in the room.

“I”m glad. It”s what I always dreamed of,” Kiley said, leaning in to kiss Sam on the cheek.

“So, yeah,” Sam said when the kiss was over, “we”re together now. I guess it just took being alone together again to figure things out. I guess we can thank you guys for inviting us to the party, and for showing us just how great being a couple is. You guys rock, both musically and romantically,” he chuckled.

“We”re just glad to help,” Jaden said happily, “I”m so glad you guys figured things out, but I gotta wonder, what happens with Bruce?”

“I don”t think he”ll be that upset. The truth is, the reason he didn”t come to the party was because we had a fight. He said he didn”t want to hang around with my little high school buddies. My little high school buddies, that was exactly what he said, like he”s that much older.”

“Ouch, sounds like you might be better off with a “high school buddy”.” Jaden laughed, making air quotes around, high school buddy.

“I think so too. Anyway, now that I have Sam back in my life, I”m not gonna let him go. So Bruce doesn”t stand a chance as far as I”m concerned.”

“Well, keep in touch, okay?” Aidan said, jumping in at last, “let us know if you need anything. I”ve missed you guys, really…maybe we can start hanging out again now that you”re a couple.”

“Sounds cool,” Sam agreed.


With all that had gone on at the party, the boys had forgotten about talking to Isaac and Greg about Lars emails, and decided to do it after breakfast instead. When they”d finished their breakfast, they excused themselves to Isaac”s room, leaving Jeremy and Dee to entertain Sam and Kiley.

After reading the emails, Isaac and Greg had a few questions. They knew that Jimmy and Lars had had a brief fling, but hadn”t been aware of the texts and emails until now.

“When did this all start?” Isaac asked.

Jimmy pulled out his phone and pulled up the screen shots of the text messages and handed it to Isaac. Jimmy had taken a screen shot of the date and time as well as the text messages, and Isaac took note of the date an nodded.

“So, what do you think he really wants?” Greg said, “I mean surely he”s not crazy enough to think you”re gonna leave Jaden and get with him.”

“I don”t know. The first texts and emails made it sound like he was going to come looking for me or something, and that sort of scared me. Like maybe he was stalking me, and then when he emailed Jaden too, I really got worried.” 

“So, other than the emails, you”ve had no contact with him?”

“No, of course not. As far as I know he”s still in Germany.”

“Okay, well…” Greg said, there”s a good possibility that your reply last time might have been enough to scare him off. Sending nude pictures of 17 year olds is a crime in the US, and I”m pretty sure it”s an international crime as well. I don”t know what German law says, but I”m betting it”s pretty much in line with the US. I can check. As far as the emails themselves, they seem  harmless enough. I mean there”s no real threats against either of you. My advice is to wait and see if he replies to your last email. If not, we can probably assume that he”s deleted the pictures and given up. But if you get any more emails or texts from him like the last ones, let me know. You can forward them to my email and we”ll go from there. I”ll text you the email address.”

“Okay, thanks. I hope you”re right, and we never hear from the creep again,” Jaden said, “but if we do, we”ll let you know right away.”

Greg was busy with his phone, sending a text to both Jaden and Jimmy with his email address, and their phones alerted them of the new message at almost the same time.

“Cool, thanks,” Jaden said when he saw the message.

“Yeah, thanks” Jimmy said, “I”m sorry we had to get you guys involved in this, but I didn”t know who else to turn to.”

“No problem, we”re glad to help,” Greg said, answering for them both, “that”s what friends do.”

“I don”t know about you guys,” Isaac said then, “but I”m ready for some pool time,” he added pulling Greg up by the  hands, “Come on Greg, let”s show these guys how to skinny dip.”

“Oh, I think we know how that works, right Jimmy,” Jaden said, “let”s see if we can get a reaction out of Sam and Kiley. I dare you guys to strip down here and go starkers to the pool.”

“You”re on,” Isaac laughed, and soon all four boys were  naked.

Sam and Kiley were sitting with their backs to the four, but the others noticed them right away and Aidan laughed, “That must”ve been quite a meeting. Did you play strip poker or something?”

Sam and Kiley turned then to see what Aidan was talking about, and Sam almost choked on his pastry, “You guys weren”t kidding about skinny dipping, were you?”

“Nah, it feels so good not to have any clothing binding you. It”s so liberating,” Isaac said, “When you”re done there, come join us.”

Sam looked at Kiley who just smiled. He was feeling a stirring in his pants just thinking about Sam naked, and wet, and slippery. “I”m game, if you are dude.”

“When in Rome, do as the Romans,” Sam laughed, “It would be rude to refuse. Gosh, I haven”t skinny dipped since I was 10 and at boys camp.”

“Wow, what kind of camp was that?” Zak giggled.

“Well, it wasn”t like the camp counselors knew about it, me and Tommy Morgan slipped out one night on a dare from this older kid, and the three of us went skinny dipping in the lake at midnight. It was fun.”

“I”m done,” Kiley said wiping his mouth on a napkin, “a refreshing dip sounds good right now, ready Sam?”

“Yeah, come on. Uh, where should we put our clothes?”

“Just toss em” on one of the pool chairs or something, that way you can grab them up when you get out,” Isaac said, “you other guys coming?” he added, addressing the other four.

“We”ll be there in a minute,” Aidan said, speaking for him and his bae.

“Come on Dee, you wanna show off that gorgeous rack of yours?” Jeremy laughed.

“Yeah, too bad all you boys are gay and don”t appreciate a girl”s charms like Jeremy does.”

“Hey, we”re gay, not blind,” Jimmy insisted, “I think you”re beautiful.”

“Why thank you sweetie,” Dee said jumping up to hug the boy.

“We all do,” Jaden assured her, but we know you belong to my man Jeremy, and that”s cool.”

Within minutes the gang was in the pool, ten toned, naked teenage bodies thrashing about as they enjoyed the warm water of the pool and the company of each other. After a while some of the couples floated lazily and talked or necked, and when Sam and Kiley saw that it was not only all right to show affection, but apparently the norm with the group, they joined in.

“This has been the best night and day of my life so far,” Kiley said as they floated together, holding each other and occasionally kissing.

“I”m so glad we reconnected this year. I wanted to…to call you a hundred times last year, but I thought you”d moved on without me.”

“I missed you, a lot, but I just figured, you being straight and all…that you wouldn”t want to hang around with a gay boy.”

“I think what we had was “a lack of communication”,” Sam said laughing.

“Well, I got the message last night,” Kiley said smiling, “I still can”t believe last night, it was so…so awesome,” he added blushing.

“Yeah, it was epic,” Sam said leaning in to kiss Kiley, “maybe we can take another shower together before we get dressed. You know? To wash the chlorine off.”

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Kiley said. “Um, I was wondering. Do you think you could come over for a while tonight. My folks are out of town and I have the place to myself, well, except for Scott and he”s cool. He won”t bother us.”

Scott was Kiley”s 14 year old brother, and though straight himself, he was cool with Kiley being gay, and gave him space when he had a friend over. Before Kiley had come out, Sam had been a frequent guest in their home, and the two of them had become close over the years. When the two had stopped seeing each other, Scott had been confused and concerned, but Kiley refused to discuss it with his little brother and he”d eventually given up.

“Scott is cool. I sort of miss the little guy,” Sam said.

“He”s not so little anymore,” Kiley laughed, “he had a growth spurt last year and he”s almost as tall as me. He plays football too, and he”s bulked out. You won”t believe how buff he is now, and believe it or not, he has a steady girlfriend. A real cutie, named Melody.”

Sam laughed, “Melody, what kind of goofy parents name a kid Melody?”

“Anyway, Scott will be glad to see you. I think he missed you almost as much as I did. He bugged me for months about why you didn”t come around anymore. My folks too, for that matter. It was pretty uncomfortable for a while.”

“God, so much wasted time,” Sam lamented, “I should”ve tried harder…”

“It”s not your fault. I sort of pushed you away, and I”m sorry for that. I just didn”t want you to get hurt, only I guess you did. We both did. God, can you ever forgive me?” Kiley said, choking back tears.

“Yes, if you can forgive me for giving up on you so easy. It”s all good now, we fixed it. We only lost a year, we can make up for lost time now.”

“Okay,” Kiley nodded, “Uh, want to get out now and go shower?”

“Yeah, and then maybe we can go to your house for a while. I”d like to give Scott a big hug and tell him the good news.”

“I know he”ll be happy for us. Come on.”

“Getting out so soon?” Jeremy asked as the two started up the steps at the shallow end.

“Yeah. And after we shower and get dressed, we”re going to Kiley”s house for a while. Thanks for having us and…for everything guys,” Sam said blushing.

“You”re welcome. Have fun and keep in touch, okay?”

“Yeah, we promise,” Sam said taking Kiley”s hand in his. God it felt good to be able to show his true feelings for a change. He knew Jeremy and the gang were cool, and very accepting, that sex was no big deal with them, but he knew it wouldn”t be quite as easy when it came to the rest of the world, especially the other kids at school. Kiley was out, and most of the kids treated him okay, but he wondered if he”d find the same acceptance, and he worried he might lose some friends over this. But damn it, it was worth it, he decided, worth it to finally be with the boy he”d loved for a long time, and a smile crossed his face as he finally faced his demons and overcame them.

Everyone said goodbye and wished them well, then went back to what they were doing. Jaden was especially happy for the two since he”d known both of them for a long time. He”d suspected for a long time that there was more to their relationship than met the eye, and when they quit hanging out last year, he thought maybe they”d had a lover”s quarrel. He expected them to eventually patch things up, but when the year passed and they still hadn”t reconnected, he figured it was pretty much over. Maybe that was why he had been happy to give them a little push, and why he was so desperate to make sure things were heading in the right direction. Despite having a rep as being the tough twin, he had a heart of gold, and was a true romantic, and he was beaming just thinking about the part he”d played in getting the two old friends back together.

“Those two look happy,” Jimmy said snuggling up to Jaden.

“Yeah, ain”t love grand?”

“Ours sure is,” Jimmy said kissing Jaden”s cheek, “ready to get out love?”

“Yeah, what did you have in mind?” Jaden said cocking an eyebrow.

“Well, we need to wash the chlorine off…”

“So a shower first. Okay, and maybe we can wash each others back.”

“And who knows where that might lead?”

“Exactly. Come on lover, our shower awaits.”

Once Jaden and Jimmy were gone, the others lost interest in the pool and eventually they climbed out and dried off. There were three full baths in the house, and it didn”t take long for everyone to get showered and dressed, or in some cases, piled into bed for some afternoon romance.

This time Jaden and Jimmy used the guest room that Sam and Kiley had vacated, and they made slow mind blowing love, then took a long, much needed nap. Jeremy and Dee tried out the Green”s king sized bed again, while Aidan and Zak retired to Jeremy”s room.

The only couple that didn”t make love was Greg and Isaac, who were saving their energy for that night. They were older, and more able to control their urges, but still very much in love. Their love was more comfortable and stable, and though a spontaneous act of love-making wasn”t  uncommon, for the most part they did the majority of their love making at bedtime.

It had been a great party, and a great afternoon, but eventually the twins and their boyfriends said their goodbyes. Jaden and Jimmy were headed out to eat dinner and then to a movie, and Aidan and Jimmy were headed to the Reynolds house for dinner with the rents and an evening of Netflix.

Dee”s mom had invited Jeremy, Isaac, and Greg to her house for dinner and they”d gladly accepted. They could all use a home cooked meal and Dee was of course looking forward to spending more time with Jeremy.

End Chapter 43

 Have we heard the last of Lars, or is he still going to cause the boys more trouble? And what of Sam and Kiley? Now that they have become an item, will they become part of the gang?

Next: The Talent Show and more teenage angst.

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