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==Part 1

“Boy am I dumb.” Thought Dave as he looked at his watch. “Why did I schedule a sales presentation at 4pm on a Friday. I could be getting something to eat and drink before the concert tonight. Oh well, hopefully this will be quick.” Dave looked at his watch 4:00 on the nose.

It was a weird call that Dave had received the day before. The woman sounded French, he wasn’t sure. They would be in town for the afternoon, then they would be gone. All they asked for was 30 minutes. Dave decided at that time to say ok. Now he kinda regretted it. Still the company name ‘ADEL-MOL LTD’ intrigued him. “Silly name, wonder what it means” Dave thought.

The door to the office opened, two young well-dressed women came through the door. The reddish haired woman was a little scrawny, but shapely Dave thought. The brown haired one Dave thought he’d like to take right then and there.

“Hello Mr. Dave, I’m Molly J, vice president of ‘ADEL-MOL LTD” said the red head. “This is my boss, the president of ‘ADEL-MOL LTD” Adelaide J. Thanks for taking us on such short notice.”

“No problem.” Dave said, “Now what is it you would like to show me.”

Adelaide spoke “Well, Dave we offer a product that your clients would not be able to resist. She had a glimmer in her eyes as she said that.

‘HMMM that’s the French voice I heard’ thought Dave. ” So, do I get a demo? It is Friday evening..”

“Sure ” Adelaide said, ” just sit back and allow us to demo.”

Molly then walked up to the front of Dave’s desk. She was wearing a blue blazer, a blue skirt that was about three inches above her knees, a pink chiffon shirt. The heals were about 4 inches high,

She removed her hair braid and shook her hair and winked at Adelaide. ‘I’m ready hun’.

“We have rules Dave. Our product does not take orders, it takes suggestions and works within the confines of a normal working relationship.” Adelaide said.

Dave was perplexed. “Sorry?”

“Let me demo… Molly. Remove the blazer for Mr. Dave.”

“Sorry Adelaide. The rules of ADEL-MOL LTD strictly forbid me taking an order. I could be fired and if the wrong command were followed I could be arrested and charged with a crime.”

“Ok Molly, good job.. Now Molly, if I were to suggest to you that it may be a good idea to take off your blazer, what would you do?.”

Molly spoke as she unbuttoned her blazer. “Well, I do believe I would take it off like this.” She proceeded to slowly take off her blazer and dropped it on the floor. Dave was bemused.

“Now Molly ,” continued Adelaide. “Mr. Dave held open his Friday afternoon for us, so as a reward, don’t you think that Mr. Dave deserves to see you naked?”

Dave interrupted, “Molly, I think it would be a fine idea if Adelaide undressed you.” Dave thought he got the program. He did. Boy did he.

Adelaide and Molly looked at each other and grinned. They had another sale.

Part two to follow 😉

The Sales Call

==Part 2

Molly trembled with excitement as Adelaide walked toward her. As Adelaide kissed her neck, Molly remembered the first time they met and fell in love….. Here is her story:

I was always a bookish type girl, never had time for the typical teenage fun. I studied a lot, worked on the newspaper, worked, so I missed a lot. My two friends, Anna and Deedee, well we were inseparable. After high school though we lost track of Deedee. She was the one that nicknamed me Molegirl. She was a cut up.

Our first day of class our junior year, the three of us walked into chemistry class and sat in the front. I always sat in front, my eyes are bad. Anyway, on the desk of the teacher was a box labeled ‘In this box there is a Mol.” Now I know that that is a unit of measure, but I was naïve, I had no clue. So after class I asked the teacher, how come the box had no holes in it so the moles can breathe. He said it was ok, but me being the animal lover wouldn’t accept the answer. At lunch my friends knew I was upset. Anna asked my why. Finally I blurted out “The animal is in that box and can’t breathe and I will do something about it.” I grabbed my Bic and stomped out of the cafeteria. Deedee and Anna followed me into the chemistry room, where I proceeded to punch the box full of holes. Of course the chemistry teacher walked in and caught me. We all got demerits… For the next two years, Deedee called me Molegirl…

After I graduated from college, my mom and I went to Montreal, I wanted to go there since I was little, but being poor, well no chance. My mom spoke fluent French and had been there as an interpreter during the Olympics. Reading and hearing her stories, made me fell in love with the city before I ever saw it. When she presented me with the tickets after graduation, I cried in joy for hours.

I was allowed to spend ten days their, she had to go back to work after seven. Three days to explore on my own.

After I dropped mom off the airport I stopped at a restaurant for breakfast. Now normally I don’t eat breakfast, but I knew I would be on my feet site-seeing so, I knew I needed nourishment.

As I sat down and the table, I was very happy. I loved the city, the people and I knew the next etimesgut escort three days would be fun. Little did I know.

“May I take your order?” the waitress asked.

I looked up, a stunning young woman was waiting on me, big golden brown eyes, wearing the typical waitress dress. As she looked at me I felt a tingle between my legs. Wow those eyes..

I collected my self and ordered. Looking at the paper while waiting of the food to arrive, I paid no attention to anything else.

“Molegirl?????” I heard a voice say.

My heart stopped. Only two people ever called me that. I looked up. OMG in the kitchen with the waitress was Deedee. She ran to my table and hugged and screamed and did what normal friends do when they haven’t seen each other for years. We talked as I ate, catching up on the gossip.

“So, Molly what are you planning for tonight?” Deedee asked. I mentioned I wanted to go to a club to dance, but I didn’t want to be hit on. She said she would take me to a great club and to be ready by 10.

“By the way, Adelaide thinks you are cute” Deedee said.


“Your waitress.”

“Yer jokin.”

“Nope. Hey I gotta get back to work, I’ll pick you up K?.”

As Deedee went back to the kitchen, I was confused. A girl likes me? I’m as straight as they come. I laughed to myself.

Just then Adelaide came over smiling mischievously. “Any friend of Deedee’s is a friend of mine. No charge, and here is something else, but don’t open it until you are back in your room.” I accepted her package befuddled but content. The she kissed me on the cheek. “Hope to see you again.” I left thinking that that was totally weird. But I didn’t mind it.

I had a great time touring the city that day, finally got to the room by 8. I had two hours to rest before Deedee came. I looked at the little package Adelaide gave me, wondering what it was. I was thinking about her thinking how those eyes looked at me, well she did turn me on, but I had no time for that silliness. I opened the package. Inside, wrapped in nice cellophane paper was a note along with a pair of panties. Panties? I was really looking quizzical. I looked at the note. “I hope these fit you wear them tonight to the “Foxy Cheetah Club.” I laughed. No way was I going to do that.

About 10:30 I was awoken by a knock on the door. It was Deedee, we hugged and kissed and acted like the kids we used to be.

“Well Molly? What you gonna wear?.”

“I have that halter dress, would that be ok?”

“OMG you still have hat sexy dress? Sure, let me help you get dressed:.

I took off my sleeveless tee and my caprice pants Deedee looking on commenting that gee I must have gained 1 or two ounces since school. I slipped out of my bra and started to put on the dress.

“Wait Molly, were we are going, there is a dress code. You have to wear the panties Adelaide gave you.”


“Yea those are the rules, they check too.” She then lifted her demin skirt and showed me the panties. Same style different color.


Very demurely she said yes.

I slipped out of my panties and put the other ones on. Perfect fit;). I finished getting dressed and we were on our way to the “Foxy Cheetah Club.”

Next: The Foxy Cheetah Club

The Sales Call

==Part 3

We hopped into Deedee’s car and headed for the club. Ten minutes later, we were in the front.

“Gawd its crowded,” I said looking at the lineup out side.

“Don’t worry, we go in the members entrance.”

We pulled around back, where there was a female guard and a fenced in lot.

“Our panties are our ticket in Molly. We will have to show them to her after we park.”

Weird I thought but ok. After parking we went to the guard booth. Deedee showed her black panties. I showed mine, they were red. The guard smiled and said, “Welcome fledging.”

I asked Deedee what that meant, but she said she would explain later.

We walked in and down a long hall. This part of the “Foxy Cheetah Club” was basically underground and separate from the other club. We walked into the main section where there were about 50 people. Dancing, drinking, having fun. The music was great, the techno beat was what I loved. The dance floor was surrounded by leather couches, and the dj booth and a small stage. There were tables behind the couches. It felt home like.

We selected a table and the waitress came over. She had on a sleeveless red shirt, tummy exposed and red panties like mine. I ordered a Labbat’s Blue, I love beer, and Deedee ordered a rum and Coke.

When she returned, Deedee paid and said ” Keep the change fledging.”

“Why are girls in red panties called fledglings?.”

“Well, Molly, it’s like this. This is a private club connected to the “Foxy Cheetah.”

“We only allow women. The panties identify your rank. Fledglings, or the red, signify that the girl has not yet been part of the ‘raffle’.”

She continued.

“After the club closes, we have a raffle of panties. You can choose to participate or not. The money goes to the animal shelter down the street. Now here it how it works. You can bid or etlik escort not, if you bid though you have to participate, whether you win or loose. Let’s say I make the winning bid and you bid also. If I win, I can choose to undress you on stage and take your panties or someone else that bid. It is fun, you’re naked for only a few seconds, and it goes to a good cause. Oh and if you are a red panty girl or fledgling, you get promoted to brown. Ten raffles and you are black. That’s the highest.”

After a few songs, the music stopped an the dj came on stage.

“Hope you are all havin fun” the dj said. “I think Deedee brought a new friend. Deedee will you introduce your cute friend to us?.”

Deedee took my hand and we went on stage. I was blushing to no end.

“Hey everyone. This is my high school pal Molly. Haven’t seen her in five years, she still looks cute don’t ya think?.”

Whistles and hoot from the crowd. I was beet red.

“Now Deedee,” the dj said. “You know the rules. You need two sponsors to bring a new girl here. Who is the other one?”

“I am” a voice from the back said.

A hush came over the crowd. I looked into the crowd to see who said that. It was Adelaide. I was giddy with excitement.

“Wow she never sponsors anyone” I heard someone say. “Unreal” said another.

“Well Molly, looks like you are in good hands. But first, before we can continue, the crowd has to see your panties.”

I gulped. The crowd cheered. Deedee whispered to me that it was ok. I spotted Adelaide, her chin down eyes looking right at me smiling. She made me comfortable. I stared back, slowly lifting my dress exposing my thighs, then my red panties, then my belly, all the while looking into Adelaide’s golden brown eyes. She smiled, I smiled, I was sexually aroused.

For the next few hours, I danced. Danced with Deedee, danced with some of the other girls, danced, drank some more danced and danced. I was having a great time. I periodically looked at Adelaide watching her take a long drag on her cigarette she always looked back smiling.

By 2:30 there were about 8 girls left. The dj came on stage and announced the bar was closed and the raffle would begin in 5 minutes.

I decided to be part of the raffle. I figured the money would go to a good cause and besides I had a lot to drink, my inhibitions were very low. If I won, I would either undress Deedee or Adelaide. If I lost, well I didn’t care.

The dj took the stage.

“As you know, we hold these raffles once a week. Usually we end up donating around 50 dollars to the animal shelter, Let’s try for seventy five tonight.”

“I bid 10” I heard a voice from the crowd.

“15” another. I bid 20. “whoohoo the fledging is bidding ” the dj screamed. “Come on girls, you can’t let a fledging bid beat you can you?.” Laughter from the crowd.

Deedee bid 20 another girl 25. This was fun. “50” I shouted. 75, 100, 110. Great applause was coming from the seven bidders. Then I heard Adelaide. “I bid 250.”

The dj shouted. “That is the highest bid EVER. Whooo hoo can any one top it?”

No one could. Great applause from the crowd. Adelaide smiled as she gave the money to the dj.

“Well Adelaide, this certainly is a special night, and the dogs and cats will appreciate your donation.

Now I didn’t see you dance with anyone tonight. Who’s panties are you going to take sweetie?”

Adelaide took the microphone from the dj and the dj left the stage. Everyone in the crowd was giddy with excitement. I noticed my chest heaving up and down, I was excited. Deedee held my hand and that of another girl. Everyone wanted Adelaide, she was mysterious and beautiful.

Adelaide spoke into the microphone . ” Fledgling Molly, its time for you to graduate.”

Next: the graduation.

The Sales Call

==Part 4

I walked up to the stage. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was scared yet excited. It was all-surreal.

Adelaide had put down the microphone and took my hand. The crowd was cheering. She looked at me and smiled. “Let’s have fun with this” she said. I nodded. I would let her do whatever she wanted.

She placed me at the edge of the stage, and she stood behind me. She kissed my neck gently and softly, just like I like it. The crowd was getting into it, I could see they were turned on. I was too.

I felt Adelaide’s handed reach in my halter, touching my breasts. I jumped, I didn’t expect this.

“Shhh it will be ok” she whispered. I closed my eyes. Her fingers were magic, rubbing my tiny breasts, making my nipples erect, bringing me to new levels of arousal. She

took her right hand and untied my top, covering both breasts with her left. The halter slipped to my waist.

“Tease!” the crowd giggled. I laughed, Adelaide laughed. I turned and kissed her on the lips. We kissed for a long time. I felt my dress fall to the stage floor and I stepped out of it. Adelaide turned me around to the crowd, my breasts exposed. I was at the explosion level. I was so aroused, that I wanted to touch my self so bad. Adelaide left hand continued to make my breasts erect. Her right hand was on my thigh, I felt eve gelen escort a finger around the outside of the panty. It wiggled its way inside, feeling the dampness. She pulled her finger out and showed the crowd. They cheered. “What does she taste like?” I heard some one ask. Adelaide put her finger in her mouth. Smacked her lips and smiled. The crowd roared. The hand was back. Two fingers this time, rubbing my outside. My knees were weak. I was going to cum soon. Again she pulled out. This time she offered me her fingers. I licked her fingers turned my head around to kiss her. Our tongues touched. I was ready.

“Move your legs apart a little Molly.” I heard Adelaide say. I complied. I felt the velcro on the panties ripping apart and they fell to the floor. I was naked.

The crowd saw my wetness and gasped. “She needs to cum Adelaide” someone said. She was right. I felt her right hand again. Rubbing my mound. This time though her finger was searching for my entry point. She found it. One finger slipped quickly in. In and out. I rocked with the motion. In and out. Then she withdrew. Again she offered me her finger. I accepted and licked it dry. Now two fingers. I rocked, she rolled. I had never been this wet and wanted to cum, but Adelaide knew when to stop.

Adelaide took my hand and we left the stage and went to a red leather couch, where she sat me down. Some of the other girls were kissing, feeling each other. This only increased my desire.

She spread my legs and knelt in front of me. She kissed my knees, my thighs, my private lips. Deedee sat next to me naked too, kissing and sucking anothers breasts. Then I felt Adelaides tongue, licking my private lips, then my clitoris, back to the lips and back again. I exploded. My hips jumped a foot as I pressed my body into Adelaide’s tongue. Then a few minutes later it happened again, then again. By 4am I was exhausted. Adelaide brought me to five orgasms. Both she and Deedee took me back to Adelaide’s place where we made love for the rest of my trip.

As I was getting ready to leave for the airport, Adelaide gave me a present. “Don’t open it until you get home, promise?.” I promised.

That night, I opened the package. It was a pair of black panties. They fit perfectly.

Next: back to the office.

The Sales Call

==Part 5

Adelaide laid her hands on Molly’s shoulder, rubbing them gently. Molly liked this, she knew there was more to come. Her hands then slid down to the breasts where she pinched gently Molly’s nipples through the pink chiffon top. Molly moaned and closed her eyes. Adelaide started unbuttoning Molly’s shirt slowly and seductively. Dave liked it. Molly liked it too.

The shirt was unbuttoned, Adelaide removed Molly’s shirt and tossed it on the desk.

“Your choice Dave. The bra or the skirt.”

“Take off the bra”

“The rules Dave.”

“I think it would be a good idea if you removed Molly’s bra.”

“Quick learner.” They all giggled.

The bra came undone quickly. There was only one clasp to undo. Molly let it fall to the floor. Adelaide quickly covered the breasts with her hands, squeezing softly. Dave was aroused, his manliness was obvious to all in the room.

“I think Dave likes this Molly.”

“I can see that.”

“I think it would be a good idea if you kissed him Molly.”

Molly walked over a kissed Dave her right hand feeling his crotch. Dave jumped to attention. Molly had the touch. It was a tease though as she immediately went back to Adelaide.

“We need to finish Dave’s suggestion, Adelaide.”

“Hmmmm I had forgotten lover.”

Adelaide put her hands on Molly’s waist. They gazed into each other eyes. They were in love it was obvious, but the had work to do. Adelaide undid Molly’s skirt and let it drop to the floor, Molly stepped out of it and stood there in her black panties.

“Remember when you were a fledging Molly?”


The velcro quickly came undone, Molly removed her high heels and stood in front of Dave naked. She was moist he could tell.

“I have been undressed Mr. Dave.”

Dave thought Molly was beautiful, but skinny. He liked her small breasts with the large nipples. He wanted her. And he wanted Adelaide too, but first thing is first.

“Molly, it may be a good time to show Dave how excited you are.”

Molly smiled. She loved this part of the demo.

Molly walked to the desk and lay upon it her face towards Dave’s crotch, her feet facing Adelaide.

She spread her legs, her middle was glistening.

“Dave, I can work better if you remove your pants.”

Dave complied, showing off his boxer shorts.

Molly then took her left hand and started stroking her mound. She took her right hand and removed Dave’s manhood from its home. Dave had precum on the tip. Molly quickly made the base of his penis wet with the precum, all the while she was feeling her own womanhood with her other hand. She continued stroking both her self and Dave’s manhood. It was getting harder. Dave rocked in rhythm with Molly, They were one, yet separate. Molly felt herself go, she had relieved herself. Now she wanted to relieve Dave. She removed her hand from the manhood and got off the desk. She walked over to the chair where she sat down. Dave’s erection was inches away. Molly opened her mouth and glided the hard flesh in. Molly liked the salty taste. Dave started moving in rhythm with Molly. He was about to explode. Molly stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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