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This series was one of the first stories I’d ever written, back in 2002. Parts 1 and 2 are rather short, but once the story gets going I hope you enjoy the ride.

NOTE: Someone plagiarized Parts 1-3 and posted them under the title “Screwing the Sorority” on Literotica. These illegal postings have since removed. I am specifically re-posting this series now so that you will be able to enjoy Part 4-6 and the side-story even if you’ve already read “Screwing the Sorority.”

Part 1: Two Guys


June of Senior year. It was the Friday before Finals week, and Graduation was around the corner. We’d spent way too many hours in the past few days studying, and were looking to let off some steam. One of my buddies was in a fraternity on the East side of campus, where most of the Frat and Sorority Houses were located, and he called us up to have a beer and unwind. Checking around the house my friends and I had rented, only Tim was actually at home. So pulling him off the couch, we drove over to Greek Row.

Let me first describe Greek Row at University. The houses were built by the school, and all of the buildings were identical. Three floors each, with the rooms and the grounds maintained by Campus Services. The rent was cheap, letting the Greek members splurge on getting nicer furniture and entertainment systems for their houses. The only real way to tell the buildings apart from the outside, however, was by the street address and the Greek letters carved into the stone above the front door.

On this particular evening, the front parking lots were full, so I was forced to park around back. This actually worked out fine, since my buddy has a first floor room with a back patio. I called him up on my cell phone, to warn him we were coming in through his patio door, and he let me know that it was no problem, come on in. So Tim and I hopped the wall, slipped across the patio, and opened the slightly ajar sliding door…

…right into the wrong room. A fluffy pink bedspread layered over a white four- poster bedset, complete with pink canopy and see-through drapes. A framed photo on the wall next to my head showed an impressive row of hot coeds in formal dresses, all cuddling up to each other and mugging for the camera. The caption read “alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Spring Formal 2002.” Rather obviously, we weren’t in the right room, or the right house for that matter.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was the largest Asian-American sorority in the U.S. It was also the one known for tight tube tops, micro-miniskirts, and the best looking women on campus. All three of which were currently present in the room we had just barged into. One each of the first two items, and two of the last. The one microskirt encased the perfectly formed ass of Lisa Park, a gorgeous babe known for being a freak-machine at the hottest clubs. The one tube top bulged nicely, showing off Daphne Chen’s well-rounded (and probably fake) tits which stayed upright and perky despite the fact she was flat on her back across the bed. They had to be at least C-cups and were pushing the D level. Another survey of the picture frames indicated that this was Daphne’s room.

The fact that these two babes were in the room was no big deal. Tim and I knew them both from class and various social functions. Our group of guy friends had dated several KDPhi’ers over the past 4 years. The fact that under Lisa’s long streaked hair she wore nothing but a silver necklace was a big deal. And the fact that up until a moment ago, her head was buried between Daphne’s equally undressed thighs was another big deal.

Daphne burst up to a sitting position, her hands grabbing the bedspread to cover herself instinctively. Her shoulder-length hair neatly framed her blushing red face. “Tim, what the *hell* are you doing here?”

Momentarily, Tim was at a loss for words, his mind on pause as it finally registered the view before us. “We… we were visiting a friend and apparently hopped into the wrong house…” Several other sounds popped out of his mouth, none of them coherent. In this moment, neither of us had made a move to exit the room.

While Tim struggled to think of something to say, my eyes were drinking in Lisa’s taut body. Even though kneeling on the floor, she still wore strappy silver heels with ties wrapping their way up her ankles. Beautifully toned legs ran up to the aforementioned black microskirt, in this position it barely extended past the curve of her butt-cheeks. A taut belly betraying no fat whatsoever ran up to the delightful curve of her natural breasts, slightly pointed to small, eraser-sized nubs. A solid B-cup. Slender arms with a hint of tense musculature, this girl kept herself in perfect shape. Slender and high- cheekbones ran up to luminous eyes which seemed to glow of their own accord. Eyes which connected with mine, and then gave a cursory look over my own body before stopping kızılay escort at a point about 3 feet below the top of my head.

I’d developed an instant erection the moment my eyes took in the sight before me, and my hard-on was now tenting my cargo’s straight out. Lisa slowly turned and stood up, almost reaching my 5’10” height given her heels. Looking directly at me, she reached a palm out to a sputtering Daphne to quiet her. “Maybe there’s a use for you two, yet. Fate has brought me a little present.”

And with that, she leaned forward and tilted her head up. Closing her eyes, she captured my mouth with her hers, parting my lips to let her tongue in to tease me. Her left hand reached behind me, sliding the door shut, while her right hand snaked beneath the loose waistband of my cargo pants, under the boxers and took a hold of my rigid tool. I let out a groan into Lisa’s mouth as she did this, her soft, cool hand enfolding my rod and gently stroking it. My own arms wrapped around her bare back, reaching out to cup that tight ass I’d seen so many times in my dreams. I could feel her firm tits pressing into my chest, but I wanted to feel them bare. Gently pushing her back, I reached an hand down and yanked my polo off in one fluid move, then returned to playing tongue wars with this hot topless vixen in my arms.

Coming up for air, we both turned to appraise our respective companions. Daphne was staring at us with a look of mixed apprehension and lust on her face. Tim was staring straight at Daphne’s still gaping pussy, oozing out her love juices.

Lisa turned and spoke up. “Tim, I’m busy right now. Can you take my spot and take care of Daphne for the moment?”

Wordlessly, Tim crossed the room and sank to his knees on the floor. He reached out his hands to get a firm grip on Daphne’s ass, then leaned in to get his first taste of Daphne’s sweet nectar. For her part, Daphne just reached out her hands and buried them in Tim’s hair, urging him forward and deeper into her cunt.

Satisfied that her friend was being well taken care of, Lisa turned to me, that luminescence in her eyes enrapturing me. The golden streaks in her hair brought out the color in her impossibly light irises even more. Without breaking eye contact with me, she expertly slipped the catch on my pants, and kneeled back down on the floor, taking my pants and boxers down to my ankles with her. Still with eyes focused on mine, her soft lips enfolded me, taking a good part of my length into her mouth. Her left hand cupped my sac, her right forming a ring about my rod, slowly pumping it.

As Lisa continued to pleasure me, I watched Tim go at Daphne. Her legs were wrapped over his shoulders, her thighs squeezing his head in place so tightly I was sure he would suffocate. Her tube top was roughly pushed up above her breast line as his fingers caressed the firm globes. She held his hands in her own, rubbing them with her into her round upturned breasts. Daphne wasn’t quite as thin as Lisa, but she was a bit taller, a little more flared in the hips to contrast nicely with her tight waist, and her fabulous tits more than made up for any possible shortcomings. Presently, her hips began to shake from Tim’s ministrations. Her moaning filled the room to the point where she kicked her ass off the bed, driving it into Tim’s face screaming at him to bury his tongue into her as she crescendo’d into orgasmic bliss.

When Daphne finally came down from her high, her legs fell slack and Tim burst up, gulping the air to catch his breath. His entire face shone as covered by a thin layer of her juices. In a moment, he had shed all of his clothes and leaned his hips into her, his cock disappearing inch by inch slowly into Daphne’s still steaming pussy.

Watching Daphne cum and taking in the sight of Tim’s insistent fucking of her now, combined with the heavenly pleasure of Lisa’s mouth on me sent me over the edge. I looked down into Lisa’s eyes, grunting out a warning and she merely relaxed her throat, taking my entire length down her as I gushed out, firing my load down her belly. She swallowed quickly, but gagged as the end of my rod blocked her swallow reflex, and the last few shots oozed back out of her mouth, dribbling down her dainty chin. She raised a delicate finger, I was just noticing her metallic red nails, scooping the little globules of my jizz and sucking her finger to clean it.

Once satisfied that she’d been properly cleaned off, she led me to Daphne’s bed, urging me onto my back next to the bouncing couple next to us and then stripped off the microskirt and the heels. Climbing onto the bed, she straddled my head, facing back towards my feet. I took in the heady aroma of sex emanating from Lisa’s cunt, and reached out my tongue to get my first taste of her. I don’t know if she used some lotion or perfume or what, but I swear maltepe escort she tasted like strawberries. She bent forwards onto her hands to get the leverage so she could keep her hips off of my face, instead letting me reach out with my tongue and fingers to rub her. She cooed her appreciation to me, directing my tongue left and right and higher and lower, showing me exactly where and how to please her.

“You’ll have to remember this for next time.”

That definitely put a smile on my face, as I returned to my ministrations. In the meantime, Lisa dipped her head back down, her tongue bathing my cock back to life. I would later find out she really got turned on by giving head, much to my benefit. Small little whimpers escaped from Lisa’s mouth from time to time, and the wiggles and jerks of her hips told me I was doing something right.

“Oh, Daph… he’s good. You’re going to have to try him next.”

Daphne merely responded with a whimper of her own. Tim was jackhammering into her now. He held her ankles high in the air with his hands as he pounded into her with ramrod precision and pace. He clasped her feet together while still buried in her, tightening her up for his own pleasure as well as elevating the pitch of Daphne’s wails of ecstasy.

Without warning, I suddenly felt the gushing wetness of Lisa’s first orgasm of the night flooding down onto me. Her last whimper undulated out into a long, groaning moan that seemed to carry on for minutes as I drank in wave after wave of her honey. When it passed, she was apparently now quite satisfied with my hardness and rotated herself about on the bed. Taking my re-energized rod in her soft hand, she positioned herself above my hips. Directing the head into the folds of her pussy, she gyrated her hips about, savoring the feel of a thick cock parting her petals. Then, ever so slowly, she sank down onto me.

Now she was by no means the first girl I’d ever had sex with. But she definitely had the most perfect pussy I’d ever felt. We fit together like a glove, wonderfully tight yet slick enough for easy movement. Lisa later told me that she’d never felt so perfectly fitting before in her life either. Staring deeply into my eyes she took up a gentle rythm, using the natural springiness of the bed to create a rolling motion that pistoned me in and out of her velvet box. My left hand reached up to cup the perfectly formed breasts before me, the fingertips probing their firmness and gently rubbing the eraser-nubbed nipples. My right hand slid down her side and cupped Lisa’s ass, then circled around front to plant my thumb on her love button.

A mutual roar of moans erupted next to me where Daphne was apparently in the throes of another orgasm. Her whole upper body was shaking side to side with the motions of her head tossing to and fro, her hair flailing about her. She had finally pulled the tube top over her head, and her impossibly round breasts bounced jubilantly with her motions. Her legs were locked and crossed about Tim’s waist and behind his back, as he scooped up her ass in his hands, pulling her crotch tight to him. His head reared back and he stopped thrusting, pulling himself out at the last second and sending his cum arcing over Daphne’s writhing body where it first splattered on her face and heaving breasts, then her stomach and pussy area as he lost steam and his jets lost power. In a hard thud Tim sank onto the floor, leaning back against the far wall trying to catch his breath.

Shortly after this, my ministrations to Lisa reached boiling point as she gasped out a new release. The already wonderful feeling of her vaginal walls caressing my cock was stimulated with the added lubrication of her orgasm. When she was finished, she regretfully lifted herself off of me but with a wink, then crawled over to the bed and climbed atop Daphne’s panting body. Starting at the bottom, she gave Daphne a tongue bath, slurping up Tim’s jizz and paying special attention to her clit and her breasts. When she lapped up the last bits around Daphne’s angelic face, she opened her mouth and extended her tongue into Daphne’s mouth, sharing the load of his semen she had stored there. I watched enraptured as the two babes went at it, tongues battling. In the meantime, I focused on recovering my control, using the mini-break to store up my stamina.

Glancing first at an exhausted Tim on the floor, then at my smiling face, she leaned down and whispered something into Daphne’s ear. Daphne looked to me, then grinned and nodded her head. Staring those gorgeous eyes at me again and looking at me the whole time, Lisa propped a pillow against Daphne’s headboard, and sitting upright leaned back against it with her legs spread wide open. Daphne placed another pillow beneath her hips, and leaning on her hands and knees, dipped her head down to give Lisa’s pussy a mamak escort little girl-expert tongue loving. This unfortunately made Lisa close her eyes and sigh with pleasure. She had let me know that I was good but apparently Daphne was even better. At the same time as she was going down on Lisa, though, Daphne’s ass was bouncing in the air.

Given the glances both had been giving me and a still visibly exhausted Tim, I took this as my cue and settled into place behind Daphne. My strong hands gripping Daphne’s bouncing hips and holding them in place, I aimed my pleasure stick and sank it into her pussy from behind. Daphne lifted her head momentarily from Lisa’s crotch to let out a breathy moan as I slowly slid in to the hilt. Then settling my knees on the bed into a comfortable position, the three of us got into a rythm. Lisa watched me through heavy lidded eyes as I pumped into her friend. Daphne for the moment seemingly had boundless energy as she slurped happily at Lisa’s cunt. In the meantime, I had newly found out one of the reasons Tim was so exhausted. Daphne had the hottest pussy I have ever felt. My rod felt on fire and it took an incredible amount of control to keep from losing it while in this inferno. She wasn’t as tight as Lisa, but as I pounded and pounded and pounded into her, this nympho wrapped around my rod only got hotter and more turned on. Her head was shaking and vibrating energetically in Lisa’s crotch and Lisa crossed her arms over her eyes with her head thrown back, all of her senses focusing on the pleasure emanating from her nether regions.

I rested my upper body on Daphne’s sweaty back, wrapping my arms around to feel her wonderful bosom. As I knew they would, they felt fake but simply holding onto them sent a surge of power and energy like lightning down to my cock. When I sensed Daphne’s hip movements thrusting back to me with increased urgency, I wrapped my hands back about her hips to steady myself inside of her. My right hand flicked down and found her swollen clit, and moistening my fingers in her fuckhole, I was rubbing that love-button in earnest.

Lisa lost it first due to Daphne’s expert tongue, her whole body suddenly freezing as she flung her arms off her face and to her sides, crying out her latest orgasm. Satisfied, Daphne lifted her head and craned it back towards me, her eyes closed as she focused on ramming her hips back at me. An irregular shiver started in her hips and rolled like a slow wave across her body, finally ending when her arms collapsed and a gasp of relief poured out of her open mouth, forming a sexy “O”. Her hips ceased their thrusting as she sank back down onto the pillow, slowly slipping off of me and collapsing onto her bed, her energy spent.

I eased myself back off the bed, standing with my back against the wall and letting its cool surface chill my back. Lisa looked down at my still rock-hard rod with momentary disbelief as it jutted out proudly from my body.

“You haven’t cum yet?”

“I was saving it for you.”

Her eyes flashed an even brighter glow at this, and she beckoned me back to the bed. She lay back across it and I leaned over her, my elbows planted on either side of her, my hands snaking under her to hold her shoulders. My hips nestled atop hers in a good old fashioned missionary position. She snaked her hand down to my rod and wordlessly guided it into her, both of us savoring the return of that “perfect” feeling. After the inferno of Daphne’s pussy, I had apparently already spent just about all of my control. After only a minute of gentle thrusting with Lisa, with our eyes locked in an unbreakable connection I could feel my cum pouring out of me without warning. There was no rush of buildup or powerful blasting. It seemed to simply flow from me and into this gorgeous woman in an endless waterfall that kept coming and coming and coming. There were no separate shots, just one continuous stream that felt like it lasted for hours. In the middle of it, Lisa’s eyes tightened as if in pain momentarily, and in the corner of my eye I could see her mouth open in a soundless moan. And the flow I felt pouring out of me was met with a flow of her own, and we rode the crescendoing pleasure to heights I’d never felt before.

Despite how long this ecstasy lasted, it was still over far too quickly. Never breaking eye contact we came down to earth as I felt the energy drain out of me. Not a sound moved through the room except for soft gasps for air from all four of us, exhausted.

Just then the door burst open and I saw two more sorority sisters, a short Japanese perky girl whose hair was entirely dyed an auburn red and a taller Vietnamese hottie with long jet-black hair that cascaded off her shoulders and an aristocratic air.

Auburn-haired one had a look of disbelief at the scene before her. I could only imagine. Within the rooms of their house was one guy slumped against the wall on the far side of the room. Daphne still facedown and half passed out on the bed. Lisa and myself also on the bed, with me still buried inside of her and all four of us naked as jaybirds.

At first I thought we were going to get into trouble, but then Auburn whined, “You guys didn’t invite us?!?”


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