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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Stable Wolf

The werewolf squirmed in his bondage, on his knees in one of the stalls of an indoor barn that should have held horses if not for the fact that they had been ushered out in the snow for the day. It did not matter to them that it was cold and flakes of snow still fell outside, their winter coats thick and fluffed up to keep any moisture on the outside of their coats, the under layer still warm and dry, but they were a tougher sort than most anthros who bundled themselves up in layer upon layer of clothing that probably didn’t do all that great of a job of keeping the cold out, based on the quality these days.

Yes, it was cold, but not so cold that Chen was shivering, grunting and pressing his tongue up against the bit in his mouth, holding his jaws apart where it could not slide into a gap between his teeth like it would in the moth of a stallion. With a moan, he wiggled his tongue more insistently against the bit, saliva drooling but in an erotic kind of way. He could go for a stallion right there where he was, his tail lifted and he was sure that his tail hole could be accessed too, for there was one very good reason that he was not cold in the barn.

A latex suit, after all, was something that would very much keep an anthro warm, much less a werewolf with such a thick coat of fur that it was a wonder that he’d even been able to struggle into the get-up to begin with. Amethyst had been particularly ruthless in getting him into it – why did he keep drinking with her again after that party? It hadn’t led to anything happening at the point of drinking this time, of course, but it had let slip a promise that he would help out in her barn one day the following week and, being a wolf of his word, Chen had turned up bright and early with the sleep barely rubbed from his eyes. He just hadn’t known that what the wicked red mare had meant was that he would be put to work in a very different way than he imagined.

The latex suit sucked in around his limbs, so perfectly fitted that it was a wonder that it had not been custom made for him. A flexible suit, it would not have restricted his movement if he had been free to move, but it was patterned to look like the hide of a black equine with a white rump, speckled there and only there with black splotches. Amethyst had giggled and slapped that white patch, making his backside clench up pleasurably in anticipation of what was to come, saying that he was an Appaloosa, whatever that meant. He wasn’t all that clued up on what went on in the equine world and he didn’t need to be either to enjoy every last bit of whatever it was that she had in mind for him.

The suit was just the start of it, however, sleek latex running down his legs to a pair of hoof boots that hid his naturally large paws from view. The anatomy of his legs would have set him up well to walk in them, pushed up onto his toes, if he’d been free to do so, for the harness encasing his torso, straps even reaching down and around his thighs, made sure that he was locked in place and unable to enjoy that bare minimalist freedom of movement. He clinked and jingled with a multitude of O-rings but the restrictive nature of the mask set around his head did not really allow him enough flexibility to look down and admire his own body. Although his sheath was tucked away in a fold of latex, enough space for his balls to be cradled comfortably too, there was the possibility of it growing and slipping into view at any time, which was good. It wasn’t a time that he wanted to be so denied, as submissive at heart as he was.

The mask though, oh…that was the final piece, the piece that made his heart pound and tongue try to loll from his muzzle, pushing against that bit. A full pony play mask, it turned him into a latex equine, the head larger and blockier than his own as if he was a Spanish stallion set up for a parade. A cascade of horse hair fell luxuriously down the back of his neck and it was all he could do to resist tossing it, the urge to prance near enough overwhelming as he snorted through the curved nostril breathing holes in the mask, nose moist against the interior. He could see just about through the eye holes too, although his range of vision was severely limited by a set of blinkers attached to the bridle that had gone on over the mask, bit clanking obnoxiously against his teeth as he tried to open his mouth in time.

A fake horse tail hung down over his own, hiding it from view, but he could not feel it lying against the backs of his thighs as he wriggled and pulled at the leather straps that kept him tethered to the wall, hooked into the harness, perhaps, at some point across his back. Chen had not seen that bondage being connected and knew Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort no more than that, his paws slipped into huge hooves that covered his paws up to the wrists, denying the use of his fingers even as he growled and champed eagerly at the bit, upper arms locked in against his torso only, so that he could use his forearms only. Not that that would have done him any good, of course, with a spreader bar between his knees anyway but the restrictive nature of his situation just made him want to be right there, where he was, on his knees all the more, moaning and trying not to let his cock throb out full and hard too soon. If there was one part of him that he didn’t want to get cold, it was that!

But the wolf was not destined to be left all out on his lonesome for too much longer, although it was not quite the equine that he expected who returned in a sharp clip-clop of hooves down the centre aisle. Chen caught his breath, ears trying to prick and swivel, folded into the shape of the latex horse ears of the mask itself, but could not see out of the straw-lined stable, the wooden door across the aisle not offering any more idea of what was to come than what his lust-addled mind could cook up for itself.

What would she do to him? Chen daydreamed as those hooves drew closer, light and ringing as if they wanted their presence to be known and heard ahead of time. Perhaps the strap-on again… Oh, she’d had such a good collection of dildos to use on him, his hole hadn’t felt the same for a week! Who cared about such things like sitting down comfortably when they could be fucked so hard and repeatedly, moaning out their pleasure over and over again after all?

Groaning, the wolf tried to roll his head from one shoulder to the other, shivering in the confines of the suit, the very tip of his red shaft poking from the latex sheath. No! He had to think of something else, anything else. He just needed to calm down a bit and not spill his load right there and then, steady his breathing, think sensible thoughts, non-sexy thoughts.

“My, my, my… Now, aren’t you a cutie?”

Chen jumped and would have wagged his tail to be so addressed – hey, he was pretty cute, he had to say – but the base was too tightly trapped in latex, forced through a hole that had been cut for the natural tail of an anthro without forcing it down against their rump, forming an unsightly shape. The hair of the false equine tail shivered a little, however, paying homage to the play he’d volunteered for, although he had not quite expected to be trussed up and bound in a stall, waiting on her attention.

She was a bay mare – he knew that term, after some lecturing – with a coat of brown hair and black stockings on her bare legs, something about the fact that she was dressed in jean-shorts on such a cold, snowy day telling a tale that she’d been expecting him. Why else would she be dressed so skimpily as he rolled his head, trying to get a glimpse of just what lay higher up but all he could see was a crop-top tied below what he hoped was a very lovely pair of breasts. Hey, a werewolf could only hope!

“Such a fine pony,” she murmured, dropping a tangle of leather strapping beside him. “Are you all lonely here? I’m sure you are! You wouldn’t mind the company of lil’ ol’ me now, would you?”

She put the drawl on thick and tipped his head up to hers, a pair of brilliant blue eyes locking onto his, a mealy muzzle with lips quirking up cutely at the corners filling his line of sight. Chen whimpered and moaned within the mask, although the sound came out muffled even as he sought to make himself heard, the wolf but a toy to be used as the mare commanded. And she had big plans for him indeed.

“Hey, Sal, get your tail over here!” She trilled, meeting his eyes as he swung his head to face her, blinkers framing the edges of his vision. “We’ve got a newbie here for a little company…”

Sal? Who was Sal? And who was she?

“Jessie? What’s going on here? You know I’m busy. Oh… Oh. I see now!”

The stallion loomed over the mare, thus named as Jessie, a paw braced on the frame of the doorway, lips pulled up in a smile that perhaps didn’t promise what Chen may have expected. And, oh, the stallion was divine, dressed more appropriately for the weather in jeans and boots and a coat that was swiftly shed from a shirt-clad chest and bare forearms rippling with muscle. Chen couldn’t hold himself back as the stud himself slipped his shirt off too, revealing a broad chest that was simply desperate for the lap of a tongue, his palomino coat golden and shining radiantly even beneath the overhead lighting strips which, to be fair, were perhaps not the most flattering at the best of times as they buzzed away.

“A fine new filly, I see, for the barn… You’ll do well here, if you behave yourself and are trainable. Quite a big filly though, you are…aren’t you?”


Chen grunted against the gag, cursing his lack of speech even as Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort he submissively tried to tuck his tail down, ears folding back within the suit. He wasn’t a filly! But, oh, he’d be a filly any day for that stallion, his heart pounding and blood pumping harder than ever as Sal pressed his lips to the latex ones of the suit and forced his tongue aside.

The werewolf could not have honestly said that he’d never been kissed in such a mask before but the sensation was purely exotic as his mouth was dominated, the wolf barely able to use his eager tongue, in turn, to kiss the equine back as his head was forcibly held in place. Chen wasn’t about to go anywhere, however, not even with the bondage ensuring that that was well and truly out of the question, his cock hard and throbbing and the tip glistening with an alluring bead of pre-cum.

“He’s ready,” she whispered huskily, slipping her tongue back out to play it across that finger as if she thought she might just have missed a taste on the digit. “So ready… Amethyst really does find the best toys for us. How lucky are we?”

Sal rolled his eyes and snorted heavily, flicking his white forelock out of his eyes as he unlocked Chen’s bonds from the wall of the stable; he wouldn’t need to be secured in place for what he had in mind.

“You call it luck… I consider it a work bonus.”

Jessie giggled and darted out of the stable as Sal took control, gripping the back of the harness and grunting as he hefted up the werewolf’s weight. He was not a light load, although it was mostly muscle beneath the thick, fluffy coat of fur, and neither was the stallion built like one of the draft types, able to haul truly magnificent loads. Sal managed well enough, however, and Chen’s vision swung about to show the centre aisle of the barn, the doors open just a little at the far end to look out onto the snow-covered fields and Jessie flashing across his line of sight with a bale of straw hefted up with two paws.


She grunted as she dropped it just in time for Sal to plop the wolf onto it, the pony-boi tipping forward as his nose threatened to smush itself right into the straw. But the stallion was there to hold him up, controlling the situation even as Chen wriggled, just to feel and enjoy how helpless he was. It was hardly as if he would have needed the bondage to enjoy just what any stallion had in store for him, if he was honest, but it just added that exquisite little edge when he thought he didn’t have a say, that he couldn’t get out if he wanted to and was just a toy for them to pass around and use as they willed.

The stallion grunted and eased down the zip of his jeans, Chen’s eyes locking onto that bulge in intricate detail as he held his breath. Balanced on his knees as Sal supported him, he could have tipped forward or off the straw bale at any moment, although he wasn’t thinking of that in the heat of the moment. No, all he was thinking about was getting that glorious hunk of stallion-meat into his muzzle, tongue pushing anxiously against the bit as it was revealed, a mottled pink and grey shaft firming up hard and proud before his muzzle.

Whining, the wolf clamoured for it, twisting and bucking his hips to no avail, his own shaft drooling a near clear string of pre-cum. If he’d been free, he simply wouldn’t have been able to hold himself back but, as it was, he could not even get the bit out from between his teeth to free up his jaws for that cock.

“Aw, let me, pony, I got you…”

And then Jessie’s paws were there, somehow knowing which buckles had to be undone to free that bit from his mouth, although he almost lamented its absence after the cold metal of a snaffle had warmed up to his mouth. He groaned as he was relieved from it, barely taking a moment in which to work his jaw as Sal hooked his thumb into the corner of his mouth, tucked into the side of the mask, and forced him to yield, that cock looming closer and closer.

“Open wide.”

He would have taken the cock into his mouth of his own free will but then Sal’s paws were gone, his cock shoved between the latex lips of the mask and past the very soft and real ones of Chen, the werewolf moaning luxuriously around that fat cock as it disappeared right up into the back of his throat. His gag reflex kicked in, causing his chest to convulse even if the bulk of his body could not afford such a range of motion, the werewolf forcing himself to relax as the stallion reset himself and found a better angle.

“Better take it all, pony, or they’re going to have to put you through more training…”

Oh, but he wouldn’t have minded more training – not if it involved that cock! It slid down over his tongue, hard and spurting already, and he groaned around it, gulping reflexively to ensure that he could take as much as possible. His wolf-like muzzle was long enough to take most with ease but it was the fatter base past the throb of the medial ring that was the most difficult, Chen Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort grunting as he tried to push his head down, supported solely, for the moment, by that fat cock alone.

“Such a little cock-hungry pony,” Sal mocked him, running his paws down Chen’s back as if to toy with the harness, the latex suit defining his muscle clearly. “You needed this, didn’t you? That’s why you were waiting there for us, all gagged and bound and pretty in your suit?”

Of course, Chen could not answer but he didn’t have to answer when the stud stallion was there to take him as he pleased, holding the wolf up to ram into his mouth, fucking it as if it was just another hole to be filled. And the wolf languished in the feeling of being reduced to that, allowing the equine to use him as he willed and only pressing his tongue up to the underside of that cock, vision filled with a golden, ripped stomach and muscle on muscle that seemed to go on and on. He may not have been a draft horse but the stallion was packing, for sure, and his cock was crammed into the very best place it could have possibly found, a wet and warm muzzle welcoming him in as Chen pressed his tongue up to the underside, content to simply be used even as his own hard shaft was left completely and utterly unaddressed.

Set further back from the scene, however, was a certain chestnut mare watching from the hayloft, arms folded and her eyebrows raised. Unbeknownst to those who had fallen, so sweetly, into her little trap, she leaned back comfortably, watching the charge that she’d brought into the stables be enjoyed as only a good pony should. And he had not yet earned that right.

“Well, well, well,” Amethyst murmured to herself, drumming her fingers across her bare forearm as she leaned back against a small rectangle of hay, ready to be tossed down into one of the waiting stalls. “Who knew that a wolf could be so easily swayed into the pony ways?”

Of course, it was not as if Chen had been given much choice or say in the matter as she licked her lips and merely enjoyed the show, a whip loosely held in one of her paws. It was a fine whip too, a schooling whip with a little extra reach on it than either a jumping or a standard riding crop. Most liked the schooling whip because it let them touch the hindquarters of their mount without taking their paws off the reins. She didn’t use it like that on a feral or on an anthro, however, gentler with those of the four-legged kind than she was of the two-legged pony bois in her stable.

Running her fingers down the leather to the tassel at the tip, she inhaled slowly and deeply, groaning deep in the back of her throat as he took that stallion’s cock straight down his throat, helpless to resist and, truly in the set of his body, not seeming to want to resist either. Ever the voyeur, she watched and licked her lips, a paw slipping between her thighs as she let the scene she’d set up play out before her, the mare grinding up against his backside as if she too believed herself a stallion best suited to mounting and fucking him good and hard. The chestnut mare drew in a breath, nostrils fluttering as her eyes hardened, lips pulling up on just the one side into a devious smirk.

That newest pony needed a taste of that whip.

There was no stopping the course of action even as she slowly made her way down from the hayloft, taking her time as she knew that they would be waiting for her right where they were. It did not matter that Jessie had her jean-shorts off and was looking to get next go; the mare herself was not quite dominant enough in heart to take control, even though she had been the one to find Chen first, which had been her plan. And Sal, of course, was not to be stopped as he grunted and huffed and slammed into the wolf’s muzzle, taking his pleasure forcibly from a willing mouth.

Chen groaned around him, ignorant to the fact that at least the first part of his play was about to come to an abrupt stop, bare hooves ringing out hollowly on the steps down from the hayloft. No one cared and no one had the sense of mind to pause and think as Jessie found the opening in the back of his suit, just beneath his tail, and teased a finger into his anal passage without even the help of any lube. His lust and the fact that she was so very gentle with him eased its passage at least a little, however, Chen even trying to roll his hips back at her as the stallion ramped up urgently.

“Fuck,” he swore, holding Chen’s head firmly in place as he rammed into the full length of his muzzle, the latex nose of the mask nearly pressed up into his crotch – but not quite. “I’m gonna…”

But everyone knew what that utterance meant without needing to complete it and the stallion spent himself into the wolf’s muzzle, the werewolf swallowing rapidly just to keep up with him. That thought, however, even though it was one of self-preservation and not wanting to drown in a stream of cum, was forced from even his mind as orgasm washed over him, the sheer eroticism and helplessness of being taken forcing him over the edge right then and there. The finger, joined by a second, penetrating his tail hole so sweetly, however, and curling up against his prostate could have had something to do with it too but Chen wasn’t thinking about that as he tried to howl out his ecstasy around the fat hunk of stallion-meat holding his mouth open.

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