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The three were a unique and special breed. They shared a common history, a common world view, a common patriotism, a common commitment, a common professionalism. Although originally from the same region of the country, their paths did not cross until they shared their singular accomplishment. They were among the elite few (less than one percent) of those who rise through the enlisted ranks of the United States Navy to earn a commission. And fewer still, they were submariners.

Yes, they knew each other but only by that common network that exists among those who are truly special and unique. Their reputations preceded them. And then by luck and circumstance, they found themselves on the same base, at the same time, in similar assignments but at different commands. And that is when they became who they became.

They were known as “The Triumvirate,” “The Three Musketeers” or simply “The Three.” Lieutenant Commanders all, they wielded power and authority, collectively and individually, far exceeding their rank. And for 3 years, if anyone, regardless of rank or position, wanted anything of importance done on the Base, he or she included one of ‘The Three’ or it didn’t get done. A simple phone call would spur to action the most moribund of processes; a spoken word in person would rearrange the priorities of the most senior of officers; nothing was beyond their reach. And it was all good. Great things were accomplished and the Base and all its commands were the beneficiaries.

Their legion professional accomplishments were only exceeded by their off-duty reputations and the reputations were well earned. And women, younger women in particular, uniformed and civilian, were drawn to The Three — collectively and individually. No, The Three did not lack for special friends.

Anne was a young lieutenant who was particularly taken with the influence that The Three brought to bear on the many commands of the Base. One evening at an after-hours semi-official function she was seated next to one of The Three, Tim, and, after a few drinks and some conversation Tim asked her what her plans were for the rest of the evening. She responded, whispering in Tim’s ear, ‘I want to give you a blowjob.’ (It seems our Anne had a particular yen for older men).

Now our Anne may seem a bit forward and more than a little graphic but in actuality that was not ulus escort at all that unusual when it came to The Three. An example: One evening after a social function a young woman lieutenant (not Anne) found herself more than a little tipsy. Fortunately, she did have the presence of mind to realize that she should not get behind the wheel and asked one of The Three, Buck, to drive her home. Of course, he obliged and his intentions were to get her home safely and nothing more. However, after opening the door for her and assisting her with the seat belt he got behind the wheel and, after leaving the base, she unbuckled the seat belt and before Buck knew what was happening she had his cock in her mouth. Now what’s a guy to do in that situation? Just an example.

Returning now to the good Lieutenant Anne. She ended up spending the night with Tim. One thing should be added here is a complication – she worked directly for him. Not the best situation. She and Tim discussed the matter and opted to put things on hold for the time being. But, Tim offered, there was nothing to stop Anne from spending some quality time with the other ‘members’ of The Three — Fred and Buck.

Ever the flexible spirit, Anne enjoyed the individual company and intimate attention of Fred and then was bestowed the ultimate honor of the often-intense attention of Buck. Our Anne did not lack for mature company. In fact, it actually reached the point where it seems that she just couldn’t get enough of The Three. Occasional dalliance being one thing, reckless behavior quite the other and so The Three conferred and discretion reigned.

Ah, but then our Anne transferred to another Naval activity about an hour away and the circumstances changed. And, lo and behold, as luck would have it, her new job entailed periodic travel to the Base for coordination meetings, the Base where dwelled The Three.

After hours following one of those meetings the good Lieutenant joined The Three and other attendees at the Officers Club for a beverage or two. Anne, who actually was quite stunning, drew the attention of several male Naval officers of her age during the mixer but somehow none offered the allure of The Three. And Anne found herself inexorably drawn to The Three at their end of the bar. And the drinks flowed and the conversation became yenimahalle escort more personal and intimate. And our dear sweet very special Anne with alcohol in her system and lust in her loins shared the fantasy that had moistened her knickers for months. And so The Three plus Anne retired to her room to attend to that which must be attended.

The Three were of one mind on so many things and one, to be sure, was that some things simply cannot and should not be rushed. Similarly, often it is best to allow matters to unfold rather than forced to go in a particular direction. And, given Anne’s self-disclosed fantasy, each of The Three seated themselves across from Anne, relaxed and listened as she chatted away about missing the Base and the people and the area and The Three in particular and it was so nice to see them again and she missed each of them — a lot. And the more sweet Anne talked, the more she squirmed in her chair.

After some time had passed our Anne excused herself to use the facilities. As The Three awaited Anne’s return they discussed certain eventualities and contingencies and protocols to be followed. But when Anne returned it appeared that many of those protocols were unnecessary. You see, The Three noted that something had happened to her clothes – they were all gone. And there she stood before them wearing nothing but a mildly intoxicated but most assuredly wanton smile.

Ever flexible, The Three responded to that which was immediately before them. Tim and Fred took station on either side of the bed while Buck took sweet Anne by the hand and planted a well placed slap on her ass – hard. And immediately Anne dropped to her knees and begged The Three to take her.

In turn, each of The Three took her in his arms, kissed her passionately and fondled her perfect little ass. Last of The Three to take her in his arms, Buck released her from his embrace, took each of her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and, looking deep in her eyes, gave them a firm and lingering squeeze. Her moans in response were clearly more from arousal than expressions of discomfort. Buck leaned forward and whispered in her ear: ‘Such a good girl.’

Buck released her nipples, led her by the hand to the bed and again whispered in her ear. Anne crawled onto the bed and presented herself on all fours. Tim and Fred, now also missing their clothes presented on each side of the bed, Tim by her head and Fred from behind. And then Tim’s cock was in her mouth and Fred’s cock was in her drenched cunt.

Anne was enthusiastically sucking Tim’s cock while rhythmically meeting Fred’s thrusts deep within her. Buck, now also missing his clothes, made certain that her tits did not go unattended and gave her nipples an occasional tweak. Tim and Fred periodically changed places and it was very clear that the Lieutenant was truly enjoying herself because every few minutes she would squeal and her body would shake with mounting intensity in orgasm. And with each orgasm her enthusiasm became more apparent in her sucking and pressing back and with increasingly audible mews and moans.

Buck, now seated on the bed next to Anne, whispered softly in her ear and it was clear that Anne was responding to him as her sucking became even more enthusiastic while pumping her ass back to meet the thrusts. And then Fred, who was now fucking Anne, began to curse and then he moaned loudly as he shot his load deep in Anne’s hungry cunt. And then Tim growled and shot his load in Anne’s mouth. Anne held Tim’s load in her mouth looked up to him and then turned to Fred and then to Buck, and while holding her gaze on Buck, swallowed.

‘you are a very special girl, sweet Anne, and we are proud of you’ said Buck. Anne smiled and stretched out on the bed while Tim and Fred washed up.

Tim and Fred left and as soon as the door shut behind them, Anne rolled off the bed, crawled across the floor to Buck and begged and pleaded with him to let her suck his cock. Buck asked her if she was going to be a good girl and pay his cock and balls the respect they deserved. And, as tears rolled down her cheeks, she pleaded “Oh God, Jesus, fuck, yes, please, sir.’ And Buck thought ‘Now how could I possibly refuse such a polite request from a girl who clearly knew her place?’

She worshipped Buck’s cock and balls and then pleaded with him to fuck her. And fuck her he did. And he spent the night and before the morning came he had fucked her four times. And before Buck left Anne whispered in his ear that she loved him. And Buck replied ‘Is it me you love, sweet Anne, or is it that you love what we did to you? But have no fear, special girl, we will do it again whenever you’re here.’

Anne visited The Three several times over the coming year before she met the man she would eventually marry and settle down. They were to have 5 children together.

And The Three remained The Three and did what The Three always did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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