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It was a warm, Summer day and you were serving your master, the Black Night when he called you to him. He told you that there was to be a special meeting of his friends that evening and he wished to present you. You would wear only a soft, thin, flowing dress and your contented smile. He sent you to prepare.

When you returned he took your hand and guided you to a mirror where he stood behind you and you saw the pride in his eyes as he admired the reflection.

“Are you mine to command?” he asked.

You replied simply “Yes, Sire”.

He took a black silk square from his pocket and wrapped it over your eyes, making a small knot at the back of your head. Then he whispered that he was going to show his friends what a sensual lover you were and that you would feel things you had never felt before.

As he clapped his hands twice you heard the giggle of other maidens as they entered the room, them the murmuring of deep voices as unknown men approached close.

You felt a moment of hesitation but were reassured when you heard your Knights voice, clearly in charge and giving instructions.

You were taken gerçek porno by the wrist and gently pulled. The girls and men were talking with each other and commenting on your beauty and the sweet fragrance of your body as they brushed close against you.

They laid you down on a bed – but it was not a bed that you knew. Though it was soft and covered in fine linen it had straps which soon bound you – at the wrists and ankles and at your neck.

You felt yourself tremble and your knight spoke again to calm you, but you were not afraid. The reactions flowing through your body were those of excitement and anticipation.

Immediately, you felt a caress. The first touch was at your neck and as the fingertips moved to your face you guessed that this was the gentle touch of a woman. Then another touch – this time at your ankle and moving slowly up your calf. Soon your whole body was alive to the sensations of hands exploring.

Then came the first kiss. You breathed the perfume of a woman as soft lips brushed your cheek. They lingered there for only a few seconds before moving to your genç porno izle lips. At the same time the hands that were lower on your body were lifting the material of your dress and exposed your body to the cooling air. Suddenly you realised that the kiss on your lips was becoming passionate and the small, soft tip of a tongue was probing your own lips. Without thinking you realised that your lips were parting and you were welcoming the exploration with an eager mouth.

Other mouths were on you too – joining hands in the total control of your body’s sensations – and your body gave no resistance . Indeed you were eager for it all. Whatever happened you knew that your knight had given permission for your pleasure and was instructing the men and woman who seemed to have no desire other than to cover every inch of you with touches and kisses.

Your bottom was lifted from the bed and soft cushions slid under you. You felt as if your body was raised in offering. Then you felt the soft hair of a woman on the inside of your thighs.

You knew what was to come – your Knight had talked to you of hdx porno the soft, tender feeling of a woman’s mouth at your most sensitive places. Now you were to experience it yourself.

Gentle fingers spread your swollen flesh and slid in and out between folds of sensitive, slippery skin. You felt the warm breath as the mouth grew closer to you. By now the excitement filled your body, your hips twitched upwards and your cunt ached to feel the contact.

Then you felt it. For the first time the pleasure your Knight had told you to expect. Soft, smooth lips pressing lightly on you .. a small, wet tongue delicately probing you. The feelings were so intense and new that you had no time to doubt, no second thoughts or hesitation.

Every nerve in your body was now totally alive and the centre of it all was the incredible things that were happening to your throbbing sex.

The Knight was now at your shoulder and you felt him lean close .. you heard his voice giving you permission “Yes, Jane – take pleasure in your body.”

You breathed deeply, you gasped .. and you cried out with joy as the orgasm started. It was as strong as any you had ever felt.

Your body shook and shuddered with each new wave of pleasure as HER tongue rubbed and teased your flesh, HER lips sucked you.

“You are mine to command” he said “and SHE is to be your mistress.”

You replied simply “Yes, Sire”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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