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Carla smiled politely at the young concierge as she walked past him, she just caught him staring at her, on her way to another benefit dinner where her husband was the guest of honor. Carla was quite bored at going to these kinds of functions. She felt as though that she was merely being displayed by her husband as somewhat like a trophy or a conquest, and she hated the man for that. But now it seems that she has to endure another one of his speeches and try to look happy and beautiful for the cameras. Being the wife of a politician was not what she wanted her life to be, she just wanted to marry her high school sweetheart, have kids and settle down. But her husband had ambition and those aspirations carried him to the most powerful job in the whole world….the Presidency of the United States of America.

At age 54, Carla Page was still a very attractive woman. Being the wife of Mr. Richard Page, President of the U.S. of A, she had to keep herself attractive for everybody. As her husband once told her

“The people will not vote for a president who has a wife that looks like a donkey!”

Those words stuck irrepressibly on her mind as she painstakingly engineered her whole persona to what her husband wanted her to be. After hours and hours in the gym everyday Carla, despite having a 19 year-old son and a an 18 year old daughter ,still maintained her fabulous figure. A figure that would make her spouse the envy of any hot-blooded male in America. Her breasts were still firm and filled the 34C bras she wore perfectly. Her waist remained a tidy twenty-four inches and her hips retained the same thirty-three inch measurement they’d had in college. Working out almost everyday, Carla was gifted with a pair of firm well-toned legs, which carried proudly her soft curvaceous ass. Her delicious figure coupled with a very engaging personality made her the icon of all the women and the fantasy of all the warm-blooded males in America. But unfortunately her husband was too busy and too uninterested in her to notice these. Although she projected a happy image to everyone else but deep inside her she was unhappy and very lonely, her marriage was floundering and even though they were still sleeping on the same bed together, her husband has not made love to her for a long time, so long in fact she couldn’t remember the last time they had sex. To keep herself sane she just occupied herself by attending to all her charities and had her occasional masturbation sessions so as to forget the frustrations of her domestic life.

As the night wore on, Carla pondered on her situation.

“There must be something that would change all this and probably make me, for a change, happy?” She asked herself as her husband babbled along with his speech.

After her husband’s speech, Carla excused herself from the benefit citing a nagging headache for her abrupt departure. But the truth was, she couldn’t stand the people there, to her they were all like her husband. People so obsessed with power that they have neglected the simpler things in life, and she didn’t want to hang around with this people any longer than necessary. So she bade her host goodbye with the promise to make it up next time then her entourage, including Mrs. Farnsworth and Agent Smith, went back to the White House.

Arriving at the White House, Carla hurriedly disembarked from the limo and went straight inside. The reason being was that she was holding her pee since they left the hotel.

“Damnit, I can’t hold it any longer!” she cursed herself as she raced to the direction of the guest rooms.

Entering one room, Carla hastily went inside the toilet and unloaded her pee. Just as she was about to finish, she heard people come inside the room. She heard two voices talking.

“Oh….Joey I really missed you today?” She recognized the voice of her personal assistant Mrs. Farnsworth.

“I missed you too, Sonia. All day I’ve dreaming to making love to you again.” Carla was shocked with what she heard, she knew that Mrs. Farnsworth was married and that her husband’s name was not Joey.

She listened intently, and was intrigued by what she was hearing. But instead of hearing some more conversation all she heard were moans and groans of pleasure coming from the two individuals.

Captivated by what was happening outside, Carla quietly peeked through the bathroom door. To her amazement she saw Mrs. Farnsworth sitting atop the bedroom dresser, her skirt bundled up to the waist and her legs spread wide apart comfortably resting on the broad shoulders of a black man, who she recognized as the new agent assigned to her, hungrily devouring her pussy.

“Oh…my! What should I do?”she asked herself as she witnessed this licentious act.

Carla wanted to close to the door and let them finish what they started but her body wouldn’t cooperate with her, her body wanted to see more. Peeking at the slight xhamster porno crack of the door, Carla felt a tingle forming in between her thighs, as her body began to react to what it was witnessing. She slowly began to run her hand down her skirt and lifted it up to her waist and she started stroking her burning vagina, through her soaked panties.

“Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmhhhhh……….”she quietly moaned as delightful sensations began to trickle inside her.

But not yet satisfied with just that, Carla set her panties aside and began to move her fingers up and down her dripping cunt just as the young man started to ram his youthful cock in and out of Mrs. Farnsworth’s pussy.

Joey relished the wonderful sensations as he plunged into Mrs. Farnsworth. He pushed her up against the dresser mirror as his young black cock impaled her hairy vagina. She was squeezing her ample breasts in her hands, pulling at the nipples as her body shook with the force of his plunging hips.

“Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!” Sonia screamed. Each movement of his embedded cock drew another cry of delight from her.

Joey used every bit of self-control he had to keep from coming. He wasn’t finished with her yet. He pulled out of her shivering pussy, lifted her down the table ,turned her back towards him and slammed his throbbing organ into her again.

“Yesssssssssssss!!!” Sonia cried, her hands reaching for his hips, her bottom squirming and thrusting up to meet his thrusts.

“Give me more, Joey!!! Fuck me more!!!!! More!!!!!!!”

Joey lunged into her as hard as he could, unmindful of whether he bruised her or not. She wanted more, so he’d give her more!

“Now, Joeyyyyyyyy!!! Now!!!” she cried, her grip on his hips becoming almost painful.

“One more time!!! One…more…time!!!” Sonia screamed, unrelenting spasms of pure joy exploded inside her ripened body as she rode the exquisite journey of her own orgasm.

Seeing Mrs. Farnsworth convulsing with delight triggered Carla’s own climax as delightful sensations coursed through her.

“Haaaaaaahhhhhhh…….” She tried to stifle her cries.

But Joey’s trained senses caught her barely audible cry, he looked to the direction of the sound while still hungrily ramming his inflamed member into Mrs. Farnsworth’s pussy. To his surprise he could see the First Lady, from the small opening of the toilet door. But what caught his attention was that the First Lady was actually fingering her swollen vagina while watching him and Mrs. Farnsworth fuck.

He could not believe what he was seeing, the wife of the most powerful man in the world was actually pleasuring herself while she watches him ram his black cock in to her personal assistant’s vagina. These thoughts in fact brought him to his fiery climax.

“Oh, Mrs. Farnsworth! Take…it!!! Take itttttttt!!!” Joey yelled, hosing her seasoned vagina with his hot juices.

“Wow, Mrs. Farnsworth, that was incredible!” Joey finally exclaimed breathlessly after their passion finally cooled. They were snuggled together, her svelte form nestled against him.

“You are wonderful, Joey…..simply wonderful.”she proclaimed as she turned to him and kissed him passionately.

But Joey had other things on his mind, mainly that the First Lady was hiding inside the bathroom. He wanted also to taste the President’s wife and he knew that she too wanted to have him, but how would he get her to fuck him. He wrestled with the thought as Mrs. Farnsworth started getting dressed.

“Joey are you still not getting dressed?”

“No…not yet, I’ll just take it easy in her for a while.” Joey told her, trying to get her out of the room.

“Oh.. Well I’ve got some reports to file early tomorrow morning. So I guess I’ll be going home early….”

“Well if you’re such in a hurry….I’ll just call you when I get home…Alright?”

“Okay, Joey but promise me you’d call me.” Sonia made him swear as she went out the door.

As soon as Mrs. Farnsworth went out Joey immediately locked the door, his heart was pounding rapidly. He didn’t know what to do with the First Lady he wasn’t sure how this will play out, the only thing he was certain was that he wanted to fuck the President’s wife. So with good reasoning out of the window Joey, naked and all, opened the bathroom door.

“Mrs. Page……did you like what you saw earlier?” Joey tried to be unnerved.

“Well I….I….” Carla stammered, she grew nervous seeing the young man’s beautiful black cock staring at her face.

Judging from her reaction, Joey grew confident of what he was about to do, so he gently got hold of the First Lady’s hand and then guided her to the bed. He sat her on the edge and gently stroked her long blonde hair.

“I know what you want…Mrs. Page…and I’m here to give to you.” Joey whispered in to her ear.

Carla erotik porno didn’t respond, she was too nervous and didn’t know what to do. Here she was the First Lady of the United States of America alone with a naked black man almost half her age.

“What if somebody catches us here?” she thought to herself.

Joey moved closer to her, Carla could feel the warmness emanating from his ebony colored body. He looked at her. He could see confusion in her eyes, but underneath it there was longing.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Page…I’ll take good care of you.”

But before Carla could muster a reply he covered her lips with his, slid his arms around her, and pulled her against him.

When the young man’s lips touched hers, Carla instinctively reacted without thinking. She slid her arms around him and pulled him against her. Her lips parted and her tongue slid into his mouth, seeking and probing. It was met, delightfully, by his. Longing grew, and began to take control of her.

“No!!! I can’t let this happen…this boy is just old enough to be my son” she thought desperately. But the forbidden feelings came roaring to life inside her was taking over.

When Joey began releasing the buttons down the front of her blouse, Carla found herself powerless to resist. When all of the buttons were opened and he began to push the now-opened blouse down over her shoulders, she shrugged and the blouse whispered to the floor.

“You’re so beautiful, Mrs. Page!” the young man said respectfully. His hands caressed her breasts through her bra.

Carla, quivering with the delightful sensations induced by the young man’s touch, was aware that if she didn’t stop him right now, she would be compounding the trouble she was already in.

“Please, Joey!” she begged

His fingers brushed her erect nipples and ravenous sensations shook her. Her legs went weak.

“Ohhhh!!!” she moaned. She wanted him and she didn’t care anymore!

Carla laid down while Joey removed her bra and his hand slid over her delicious bare breasts, exhilarating her. His hands and lips worked on her breasts until she was shaking with lust. He undid her skirt and pulled them, together with her underwear, off of her as she lifted her gorgeous behind to make it easier for Joey to get them off.

His hand slid between her quivering legs and began exploring her rapidly moistening vagina. Her hips bucked upwards as her body sought his touch. His rough black fingers slid between the puffy, soft lips, and shock waves of hunger ripped through her.

”Oh….Ooooooooooohhhhhh….Joey!!!!!”Carla cried, experiencing a level of pleasure she had not experienced before.

“Oh..Agent Smith…please fuck me……please!!!”

Joey rolled between her legs, raised his hips, and grasped his erection. Guiding it with his hand, he thrust downward and felt his inflamed organ sink into the First Lady’s warm, snug opening.

“Yesssss!!!!” Carla hissed as the young man’s thick club invaded her and filled her with delight.

“That’s it, Joey! Make love to me!” She basked in the sensations young agent’s swollen member induced in her lust-drenched body as it plunged in and out. Each movement sent her higher up the mountain of passion.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh……….. hhhhaaaaahhhhhh… Joey!” she groaned, clutching his pounding buttocks.

“I need you!! Baby, I need you!!!” Then, suddenly, gloriously, an orgasm burst through her. “

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh………….. Joeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!”Carla screamed as incredibly powerful sensations ripped through her body, spasm after spasms of wonderful feelings journeyed through her.

“Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Joey groaned, his hips banging against the First Lady’s supple body, his penis exploding his hot, creamy sauce into her. Their bodies strained as they shared the wonders of their orgasms.

After savoring all the pleasure they muster from their union, the lovers lay locked in each other’s arms. Carla clutched Joey into her and planted short delightful kisses all over his face.

“Oh….Agent Smith…that was incredible.” Carla cooed in shear satisfaction.

“That was unbelievable Mrs. Page….”

“You don’t know how much you’ve made me happy, I really needed that Agent Smith.”

“You know Mrs. Page I have a confession to make, I’ve had this crush on you since your husband was still governor Memphis. I usually drool at your pictures when they come out in the papers and I’d sometimes jerk off just by looking at them.” He confessed to her as he ran his black fingers up and down her white body.

“You really did that?”

“Yes, in fact I had several fantasies about you. We would be making love in your home, in your office.”

“What was your favorite fantasy about me, Joey?” Carla asked him as she snuggled up to him and kissed him on the lips.

“Well, probably the best milf porno was when you are sucking my cock.”

“Do you still want me to suck it, baby?” she asked him her eyes staring hungrily at him.

“Would you do that Mrs. Page?”

“I’ll be glad to do it if you ask me.” Carla tried to tease the young man, he would finally have his fantasy come true.

“Will you suck my cock, Mrs. Page…please.” Joey begged her like a school boy.

Without saying a word Carla slid her hand across his chest, found his nipples, and teased them to straining points. She heard him gasp and felt him tremble and loved the way he was responding to her caresses. She took one of his rigid nipples in her mouth.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!” Joey groaned.

“Do you like that, Joey?” Carla asked.

“Ohhhh, yesssss!!!” he replied.

Carla’s lips left a burning path over the black agent’s body, and as they did Joey rolled onto his back to make it easier for her. As she worked on the young man, Carla saw that his cock had begun to rise again. She took hold of it, feeling the warmth, the growing firmness, and the sticky remnants of their union earlier. She kissed across his belly, through his pubic hair, to the base of the rigid pole. Then, she lowered her head a little more, then she experienced a rush of exhilaration when the bulbous tip of the young agent’s swollen member grazed her lips.screwing up all her courage, she clasped her lips around the stiffening rod and began moving her head slowly up and down. She’d never had a man in her mouth before. Richard had begged her to do it to him for years, but she refused, thinking it was dirty. But now, more than anything, she wanted to feel the swollen veins along the side of Joey’s erection against her lips. Sucking the young man’s penis gave her surprisingly delightful sensations as her lips slid down the veined surface of the young agent’s swollen rod.

Joey caressed the First Lady’s back, her dangling breasts, her lovely ass, and her legs. His hand glided lovingly over her smooth skin while her lips slid up and down his throbbing cock.

“Oh, God, Mrs. Page, I’m so close!” he gasped. His hips, moving of their own desire,made love to the First Lady’s mouth.

Hearing of his impending orgasm, Carla released his manhood from the warm confines of her mouth and gently stroked his throbbing member.

“Mrs. Page I want to cum in your mouth…please..” Joey prodded the older woman.

With much hesitation, Carla returned his swollen in to her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down his black veined member.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh……I’m cummmmmmmmiiingggggg!!!!!” Joey screamed as he felt his insides twisting and twisting until something broke and his hot sticky juices flooded the First Lady’s mouth.

Carla felt the penis in her mouth begin to pulsate and realized what was going to happen, but before she could decide what to do, Joey’s hot, sticky fluids were squirting into her mouth. At first she was afraid she’d choke but then, acting on pure instinct, she swallowed. It was too much. Joey continued to groan and erupt, his hot fluids oozed out of her mouth and trickled down her chin. While the young agent writhed in the ecstasy of his orgasm, a delightful shudder ran through Carla’s body and she realized she’d come, too.

Wiping the last remnants of the young agent’s semen off her succulent lips, Carla snuggled up into young Joey’s muscular arms and planted short delightful kisses on his sweat drenched face while her hand gently got hold of his limp organ and began playing with it.

“Thank you Mrs. Page that was incredible, you’ve made my dream come true.” Joey praised the older woman.

“I’m glad you liked it Joey.” Carla affectionately replied as she looked at her watch.

“Oh my… we better get dressed’s getting late and Richard might be coming home any time soon.” Carla hastily got up and got dressed while his young lover watched her admiringly.

“What are you doing? Are you not getting dressed?”

“No I’m just relishing the moment, I just made love to the First Lady of the United States of America the most beautiful woman in America.”

“Oooohh… Stop it Joey you’re making blush, Now hurry up and get dressed.” Carla giggled as she threw the young agent’s clothes to him.

After getting dressed, Joey snuggled up to Mrs. Page and

“When can we do this again?” Joey asked her while planting light kisses on the back of her neck.

“Anytime you like Joey, anytime you like….but promise me Joey this will stay our little secret.” Carla assured him as she reached out for his cock to find out that it was showing signs of life again.

“I promise you ma’m.”

And with that Carla left the room first and Joey followed suite the two of them going in separate directions, Carla went to her room while Joey went straight to the parking lot to get his car. Sitting in his car he couldn’t believe what just happened he actually made love to the President’s wife and even made her to suck his young black cock. He smiled to himself he couldn’t wait for tomorrow where he could see his two lover’s, Mrs. Farnsworth and the First Lady Mrs. Carla Page, again.

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