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My job, well it may seem boring but it has it’s perk’s. I am a mail clerk at a very well to do company and they have some of the finest and hottest female employees. Several are very self centered and would not give a “mail clerk” the time of day, but they are still hot and I love to see them in my duties.

Then there are the hot flirtatious ones. I love to stop by and drop mail to them, it was more like a game of sorts, but nothing ever came of it, until I met Helen.

Helen was like no other at the office. She was not one of the young, nieve, self-centered girls that worked there looking to further their career by flirting with the executives. She was well defined and hot as hell and knew what she wanted. She always wore outfits that accented her body very well, and there was something about her hose that caught my eye.

I dropped the mail off at her desk several times during the week. She was a knock out beautiful brunette with an ample set of tits of which she always displayed well. She was one of the sexiest dressed women in the office. She was well proportioned and wore tight short skirts and tops to enhance her boobs. But what really caught my eye were her stockings, she wore them everyday. It took a few days before I noticed that they were not a plan-Jane hose, there were patterns. Very subtle but I began to make it out, some looked like boobs, some cocks, and even pussy’s. I thought I was seeing things until a buddy of mine said he saw the same thing.

Weeks passed by with the same day to day routine, I dropped the mail and ogled the babes. Helen did not notice me, as it seemed.

The holidays came quickly and it was time for the company office party, our company always had a great party. I went to the party alone knowing there would be ample opportunity for some fun. Even though most of the hot chicks were either with their husbands or boyfriends they still flirted with the execs but not as much as the single ones. I mingled and had a few drinks and was enjoying myself and that was when I spotted Helen, she was on the dance floor swaying to the music with a group of girls.

I did not even realize I was staring at her until a man walked up, bumped into me and said something. I did not even hear him I was so into watching Helen. I felt a nudge on my shoulder and that broke my trance.

When I turned the man smiled and said, “She’s hot isn’t she?”

I stood and looked at him with a blank stare not knowing what to think. I did not know this guy. With that he said, “I am Bill.”

I shook his hand and said, “I am Mike, nice to meet you.”

He looked at me and smiled then said, “Helen, she’s hot, don’t you think?”

I would have been lying if I said no and I knew he would be able to tell, so I just gave a quick nod to approve.

He laughed then said, “Oh come on you know you want to fuck her, don’t you?”

He could see the shock on my face, I knew she was married and feared that he was her husband.

“You know she wants your cock in her don’t you?”

I did not know what to think or say at that point I stood looking at him in disbelief not knowing what to think or do, that was when Helen wrapped her arms around me. I had not even seen her leave the dance floor. She gave me a big hug then looked at the man next to me and said, “See honey, I told you he was the cutest!”

I knew then he was her husband. Helen grabbed my hand and turned toward the dance floor saying, “Let’s dance!” Then she pulled me away to the floor.

I was grateful in a way because she pulled me away from her husband, and then Helen started to dance. I think I started to dance also I’m not sure, all I recall seeing were Helen’s boobs in her low cut dress swaying before me. I was so into Helen I did not even now there were others in the room at this point I was even unaware of the growing bulge in my pants. But Helen was aware of it and turned up the heat by rubbing up against me making my cock grow even harder. Her hands rubbed along my body as she swayed back and fourth slipping down to brush along the front of my slacks feeling my stiffness.

Helen took my hand pulling me from the dance floor thought the hallway to the girl’s bathroom pulling me into one of the stalls. I tried to speak but she placed a finger on my lips then to hers and shushed me. Helen was a woman that knew what she wanted and one that took it when she could. She unzipped my pants whipping out my cock as she gave it a few tugs then sank to the floor on her knees and stuffed into her mouth. Helen sucked, tongue whipped, ball licked and slurped me so fast and hard I could not help but to blast my load, and she slurped it all down sucking and stroking me till she had milked every drop from my cock. As she tucked me back into my pants she looked up, she had the biggest smile on her face.

We walked out of the bathroom together ignoring the look from the others. Just be fore we got to the main hall Helen turned to me giving me a deep kiss as she pulled back she said, “I will see you later.” Then she was Escort bayan gone in a flash.

I would have thought it was all a dream but the pleasurable ache in my balls said different. I made my way back to the main party looking for Helen or even her husband they were no where in sight, they had left. But not all was lost I did hook up with one of the girl’s that saw Helen and I slip out of the bathroom, but that’s a different story.

The next week it was work as usual, same attitudes from all and even the one I took home after the party. But that did not bother me, what did was I did not see Helen. What I did not know was she had the week off on vacation. Every night that week I masturbated thinking of Helen.

Helen was back at her desk the following week but something seemed different, she did not flirt with me as she did before what was worst she did not even know I was there. She even seemed to dress down from the style I was used to seeing. Several weeks passed until I saw the change, Helen was back to the sexy outfits and stockings. I felt the same urge come over me again. My lust for her grew. Helen was back being the sexy woman I knew, winking and flirting as before. Her dress attire was back to the sexy style also, tight skirts, tight blouses unbuttoned to show her cleavage and even some lace at times, and those sexy stockings.

I craved the thought of her squatting on my face with those stockings, I would lick her though them till she begged me to rip them open and eat her hot wet pussy.

The following Monday as I dropped mail at Helen’s desk she was on the phone, before I walked away she stopped me, handing me a regular size envelope, not company mail, I did not think much of it and really did not look, but she did not let go until I saw it was addressed to me. I could not help but smile, and she winked as I stuffed it into my pants. I could not wait to finish my rounds to find time to open the letter. When I was finally alone I had a chance to read the note.

The note read: “I would like to invite you to join us on Friday for dinner at our place at 8 pm. Dress comfortable, and plan to spend the night. Helen.”

My mind was on fire as well as my balls, a night with Helen is what I dreamed of, but then there was the part about “us” in the letter. I assumed it meant her husband. I was unsure about it at first, but I wanted Helen so much that I decided to go for it. Helen flirted with me all week and even grabbed my butt cheek one day.

On Thursday I slipped a note at her as I made my mail rounds. It read; “I will be there, but I will admit I am nervous about the “us” part.”

Helen read the note before I left her desk, a smile grew on her face then she looked into my eyes as she brushed her hand across her breast making her nipples stand out and whispered with a wink, “Trust me!”

On Friday I was a bag of nerves all day while I made my rounds and they got worst when I neared Helen’s desk only to find that she had taken the day off. I completed my deliveries for the day and since I had some time coming to me I left work two hours early. On the way home I decided to stop off and buy some wine so I was not showing up empty handed tonight. Not knowing much about wine I had the sales person help me, her name tag read Kim and she was a very hot red head. She really knew her wine, or just how to sell it I was not sure. I told her I was having dinner with some new friends and wanted something classy to take. She asks if I knew what was being served and my mind went straight to Helen’s tits, I blush which made Kim giggle. I just shook my head no.

Kim said, with a smile on her face, “I think I know just what you need.” As she walked down one of the back isles I could not help myself from checking out her butt and it was so hot. When she stopped suddenly then backed up a step I bumped into her grabbing her shoulders. I quickly let go and backed off apologizing as I blushed again. Kim smiled then picked out two bottles of wine, one red and one white handing them to me saying that would cover all the bases. As she rang me out she handed me a business card and on the back she had written her cell number of which I found later.

Kim thanked me and said as I left, “If your friends don’t like the wine just call me, I will help you drink it.” As she gave me a quick wink as I headed toward the door.

It was not until I got to the car that I noticed her cell number on the back of the card, I just smiled and began to think I was dreaming, these things just don’t happen to me, today they were and it felt good. I rushed home to clean up for dinner and downed a few beers just to relax before I showered. Finally it was time for me to go to Helen and Bill’s house and had mapped out how to get to their house so it was easy to find.

As I held one bottle of wine and tucked the other under my arm I rang the bell feeling very nervous, the door opened and there stood Bill.

“Well hello there, come on in!” greeting me like an old friend. As I handed him the wine he said, Bayan escort “Well thank you, but that was not necessary.”

“It was the least I could do, I hope it’s good.” I said.

Bill looked at the label and nodded in approval. At that point Helen walked in and time stood still for me, she was wearing a shear see through blouse with a half bra showing her nipples, tight mini skirt, and dark lace hose. I thought I would cum in my pants. Helen walked up to me and gave me a huge hug and kissed me, her lips lingered on mine for what seemed a long time, I instinctively reached up and rubbed her tits.

Helen stepped back slowly and said, “I can see you’re ready!” The smile on her face told me that was a good thing.

She took me by the hand and led me into kitchen to find Bill popping the cork on the wine just as we walked in. Helen kissed Bill then picked up the tray with four glasses and said, “Bring the wine I’ll take the glasses.”

All the time Helen never let go of my hand. She led me into the living room and to my surprise there was Kim. We both stared at each other then began to laugh. Helen looked puzzled then asked, “Do you know each other?”

Kim giggled and said, “He stopped by the shop today to buy wine for his friend’s dinner party, so I helped him.” “So do you like the wine?”

The girls giggled and Bill just laughed and nodded. I was confused. We all drank wine and talked until dinner was ready. After dinner everyone helped to clean up and the wine kept flowing, it seemed they had a good supplier.

We made our way back to their living room and the girls put on some music. I was very relaxed with everyone by now and asked Helen to dance. As we swayed to the music my hands began to wonder over her body making her nipples hard poking out through the thin fabric over her bra. As she began to moan I knew I was on the right track.

I was completely unaware of Bill and Kim at that point, all my lust was there with Helen. We began undressing each other, my shirt, her blouse, kissing and rubbing each other. Then Helen stopped, looking into my eyes she turned my head toward the large El shaped couch, there on one end was Kim sucking Bill’s cock.

Helen looked at me as if possessed and said, “Suck my pussy!”

I pushed her back to the other end forcing her down pushing her skirt up to expose her pussy covered by her pantyhose. I could see they were wet and I dove in to suck her through them. She was as sweet as the summer rain, I licked her thought her hose until she begged for more. I went to pull the hose down but she stopped me as she looked into my eyes then gestured that I just rip them to get her pussy, so I grabbed the thin fabric ripping it open to expose her sweet pussy lips and ass. This excited her even more and when my lips touched hers she was so wet, I pressed harder and darting my tongue around her lips making her moan. I pressed a finger into her hole and the juices flowed out to my waiting mouth. I worked on her pussy for sometime avoiding her plump clit, with out warning I wrapped my lips around her pearl and sucked hard making her scream and cum hard and wet. I was soaked with her cream as she thrashed about. As I came up for air I saw Bill and Kim watching us and by now they were both naked. Kim crawled along the couch to me and cat like licked Helen’s pussy cream from my face then went back to Bill and kissed him very deeply sharing Helen’s cream, I was so hot by now I wanted more.

Helen had calmed by now and saw the pussy juice exchange then looked at me and asked, “Are you ready for more?”

I had a huge smile on my face as well as a huge bulge in my pants Helen sat up on the edge of the couch standing me before her as she slowly undid my pants dropping them to the floor. My cock made a tent in my boxers and Helen did something no other woman has even done to me, she started to stroke and sucks my cock through my shorts. When she pulled back we could see the pre-cum oozing through my boxers using her finger Helen touched the wet spot and as she lifted her finger, cum clung to her finger as she brought it to her lips and applied it like lip gloss.

Helen slowly pulled my boxers down catching on my cock until it sprang back up and slapped my belly which made her giggle. But that soon stopped when she gulped my cock down her throat as she began to suck me fast and hard. I knew if she kept that pace up I would not last long and tried to slow her, but I think that was just what she wanted.

Looking up at me she pulled off my cock long enough to say, “Cum for me, cum in my mouth, I need to taste your cum!”

Sucking me back down pumping me hard I could not hold back, I erupted in her mouth again and again as she milked me until I was done. Helen looked up at me and smile opening her mouth to show me all the cum. She then stood and walked toward Kim and Bill who was busy eating her pussy. Helen still holding cum in her mouth kissed Kim feeding it to her, then she reached down lifting Bills head sharing the rest with him, and Escort then he went back to eating Kim’s pussy.

Helen came back to me kissing me deeply letting me taste a mix of cum from both myself and Kim. Helen then sat up and poured us more wine. Kim and Bill also sat up to take a break and have some more wine. Kim got up to go to the bathroom and as she walked away I could not help but look at her tight ass.

Helen gave a quick laugh then said, “She has a great ass, don’t you think?”

I did not hold back I said, “Yes, she is very sexy!”

Helen smiled then said, “You can have later, but tonight your mine!”

Bill move over closer to us and Helen started to stroke his cock of which had gone soft, it soon began to rise as Kim walked in and my cock began to grow also.

Kim stood in front of us and declared, “I think it’s time we move this upstairs so we can get our fuck on!”

“I like the way you think girl!” said Helen.

The girls got up and ran off up the stairs together tits and ass bouncing. That left Bill and I still sitting on the couch, naked. Bill stood and began to pick up the empty wine bottles and glasses so I helped. We did not speak as we entered the kitchen, we sat the things down and Bill got clean glasses out and two more bottles of wine with ice buckets. Bill pulled an open bottle of wine from the fridge emptying it filling all four glasses that sat on the tray.

He turned to me and said, “Why don’t you take this upstairs and keep the girls company.” I nodded taking the tray and made my way upstairs.

Not knowing their house it took me a bit to find the girl’s in the master bedroom and when I did I found them in a 69 position with Kim on top, I almost dropped the tray. There were candles lit all over the room and the overhead lights were dimmed making their bodies gleamed against the background, it was a sight to behold! I walked in quietly sitting the tray on the closest dresser then stood there to watch the show. As I stood there watching them eat each others pussies I got a raging hard on.

It was then I heard Bill nearing the bedroom from the clanking of the metal wine chillers. I picked up one of the glasses of wine and stepped to the corner to keep watching the show. Bill walked in and the sound of the chilling buckets clinking got the girls attention. Looking up they both smiled then went right back to work on each other.

Bill picked up a glass as he looked me in the eye and said, “Let’s go have fun, follow my lead if you like.” With that he took a large gulp of wine, set the glass aside and headed toward the bed, I did the same. Bill positioned himself behind Kim and I took position behind Helen. Bill looked up at me and I saw him wet his finger then pushed it into Kim’s tight asshole, I proceeded to do the same to Helen, instinctively she rolled her hips to allow me easy access to her tight asshole.

It did not take the girls long to catch on, they stopped sucking pussy and began to suck cock, Helen on Bill and Kim on me. After soaking our cocks with their spit they each guided our cocks into each others tight assholes.

Helen rolled her hips more as Kim helped to spread her open to allow me to pump deep in her ass, but Bill had easy access to Kim’s ass being that she was on top of Helen. We both plowed away into them as the girls licked each others clits until Bill and I erupted into their dark tunnel setting the girls off on an orgasmic eruption of their own. As Bill and I rolled off the girls the girls also rolled only to suck our cocks clean, however Helen rolled to Bill and Kim rolled to me, taking our cocks into their mouths sucking us clean of each other, which surprised me.

Kim was very good at giving head and if I had not just cum I knew I would have blasted in her mouth quick she had me hard and ready to go in no time. However Kim knew that I was Helen’s for the night so she eased up and then stopped. The girls decided to take a break and have some wine. Bill handed the full glasses to the girls and refilled ours before walking to the glass double doors and opening them to the night air stepping out. Helen and Kim took me hand in hand leading me out the doors.

The view was not what I expected it was fabulous, a huge fenced in back yard with a full sized pool with a slide, a Jacuzzi tub that looked big enough for eight, a large patio with a huge grill pit and bar, hedges and plants all around made it look like a small jungle. It was awesome. I thought about asking to go play in the pool but decided not too.

The four of us stood there naked on the balcony sipping wine enjoying the cool night air on our naked bodies talking about things in general, talking about nothing.

Bill turned to me and said, “This is really great wine!”

“Thanks,” I said adding, “I was helped by the best in it picking out.” Then give a nod toward Kim.

Helen pulled Kim to her and said, “She is the best at many things!”

And it was on they embraced in a deep tongue battling kiss, caressing, pinching nipples and pussy grinding. I though they were going to drop to the floor of the deck and go for it, of which would be fine for me, I would love to watch. They soon settled down but not before I had a raging boner and so did Bill.

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