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They had been playing the same game for two months now. Each time was bliss and agony all at once. Neither of them could stop now. They’d both gotten in too deep to just let it go.

So, as he did once a week and sometimes twice, he traveled down the hallway to her apartment. Once he got there, he looked up and down the hall, making sure no one was watching. He had to be careful. If someone caught them, there would be Hell to pay. Of course, in the back of his mind, that made the game more appealing. Not that it needed anything extra to make it more appealing. Having his hands on her soft flesh did that all on its own.

It took him no time at all to walk inside then made his way to her bedroom. As always, she lay in the bed wearing her terrycloth robe. She rested on her side, legs partially tucked up to her stomach with her eyes closed as though sleeping. He knew that all she wore underneath her clothes was her panties, as part of their rules. The mere thought had a heat spread all through him, but centering the slowly rising organ between his legs.

The young man walked over to the bed, kneeling down beside her. Her back brushed against his knee as he slipped in next to her. One of his hands reached to her shoulder, gently taking it in his arm, then he leisurely moved the hand down her shoulder, down her torso, over her hip. She made no movement, as usual. She just continued to sleep, accepting his touch.

A slow smile spread on his lips while he watched his hand move down her. Every part of her luscious and curvy body secretly waited for him. He couldn’t wait to oblige.

He curled up next to her, tucking his legs under hers. A hand draped over her waist to pull her closer to him, then lowered his face into her hair. He took a long smell of the luxurious black curling locks. She smelled like a mixture of strawberry and raspberry which he found intoxicating. He closed his eyes and savored the scent of her while his hand roamed her body again, this time more urgently.

Without hesitation, he pressed himself against her rear to tell her what she did to him. Of course, she knew this already, but xslot she appreciated the proof. The woman sucked in a hard breath that she let out with a quivering sigh while her bottom tensed slightly. Still, she pretended to sleep. That didn’t stop him before, and that wouldn’t stop him now. Instead, he undid the tie of her thick floral robe, resting his open palm on her belly.

His hand moved upward, going back to his slow, teasing pace. Eventually, his hand stopped just beneath her breast. They were full and round, perfect in every sense. His thumb gently stroked the underside of it while his hand captured the feel of her breathing. Though, he didn’t stay there long. His hand moved further up until it cupped her full breast, kneading it lightly. Inside his palm he felt her nipple hardened as his hand played.

His breath started to strain in his chest, but still gave enough to breathe heavily against her ear and neck. She liked the sound of him, the pants and the moans that always came from him when they were this close. So he continued to let the air out of his lungs right next to her to make sure she heard every little bit of it.

He let the breast go, taking a look at the hard, pea sized nipple standing firm from the soft mound. He licked his lips, hungrily. How he would have loved to take the little treat into his mouth and suckle it, to lap it up with his tongue, but he couldn’t. Hell, he couldn’t so much as kiss her, thanks to the game. It didn’t matter. Soon enough, he’d get his. It might not be exactly what he longed for, but it would be something to relieve the pressure growing in his loins.

The young man’s hand slipped back down her body. His fingers teased the skin along the waist of her panties. He couldn’t dip inside, a fact that killed him every time they decided to play. So he did what he could. Anxious fingers grabbed onto the robe, pulling it up the woman’s body until her complete leg was exposed. He ran his fingers down her leg to the knee then lifted it just enough to slip his knee in between. He pressed upward and back, spreading her legs with the support of his.

When xslot Giriş he found a comfortable spot to keep his foot balanced, he dipped his hand into her cloth-covered heat. A soft groan escaped his lips when he found the material damp when his finger touched it. She sucked in another breath, still keeping the ruse that she was asleep. That was fine by him. His fingers continued to touch her, pushing the crotch of the panties into her lips so that he could play within. As soon as he found the small stiff button, he traced it with a circle, slowly.

Her body shook once against him–a full body jerk that had her bottom jolting against his stiffness. His pants rubbed his aching member which in turn caused him to jerk. That didn’t stop him. He continued to fondle her with all the knowledge he knew to drive her insane. Judging by her now ragged breath, he was doing a fine job.

He dipped, stroked, and circled, alternating between slow and fast. Sometimes he’d stop touching just which caused her to practically growl at him. But he never left her hanging. A moment later, he was back in the moist center of her giving her everything she needed. And he gave until she shook against him. He gave until he felt her body stiffen and the area between her legs spasmed against his fingers as she gave him one little moan of release.

By that point, he was very alive with lust. The feel of her orgasm and the sound of her pleasure always did him in. Still holding her leg up with his own, he unfastened his pants, finally freeing his manhood from its confine. His hand slipped between them, grabbing the stiffness with the hand that had so thoroughly took the woman still shivering beside him. He stroked himself quickly, almost at a blur. The entire bed rattled as he gave his throbbing cock some much needed attention. Each movement had him brushing against the seat of her soft, satiny pink undies which only heightened the sensation.

It didn’t take him long to get near the edge. He closed his eyes tightly and imagined what it would feel like being inside of her. He’d felt those powerful quivers of xslot Güncel Giriş hers by his fingers, but he longed to know what it would feel like being wrapped up in those quaking hot wet walls. It wasn’t fair, but this was what he agreed to . . .

Unable to hold back the pleasure, a deep throated groan that started deep in his chest made its way to his lips. His warm seed spilled onto her panties as he came with enough force that he thought he might be able to touch the sky if aimed properly. That didn’t matter. Not right now.

It must have taken at least ten minutes for him to get a hold of himself and have the pleasure filled shaking stopped. He slipped his leg further between her legs, resting it on top of the one along the bed. He pulled her in close with his arm. She felt so good against him. So perfect. He didn’t want to let her go. He NEVER wanted to let her go. But there was no choice. This was the way their game went. After taking another deep smell of her hair and molding his body to hers for just a moment longer, he moved away. With a sigh, he stood and fixed his pants. Nothing was said. She just continued to lie there, her face turned from him.

If this was all she could give him, he’d take it. It didn’t mean he couldn’t long for more. And he always did.

Once he took another look at her peaceful form and grabbed a random book from the bookshelf, he left the apartment, eagerly waiting for next time.


Once she was sure he was gone and she did away with her panties, she sat up in bed, holding a hand to her chest. It had been a few months since they’d started this. It was a bad idea and she knew it. He was barely eighteen and she was pushing thirty. His mother would kill her if she knew what was going on with them. For all she knew, the boy came by to borrow a book to read.

Of course, she remained smart about it. He never touched her with more than his hand. And he never got into her undies, just over them. Nothing more. She decided it was healthy for a young man to want to know a woman’s body.

Still, this little game they were playing was getting to her. She’d have to end it soon.

She flopped back into the bed, allowing herself a blushing smile. He had a way with his hands despite his youth. Everything still tingled between her legs and beyond. And though she knew there shouldn’t be a next time, she knew there would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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