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As I lay in bed, I think of you. It is not long before I am rather horny. Yes, I am sick but we both know that being sick does not keep me from being horny. Since my being alone in the house is a rarity now, I decide to take advantage of this fact. I slip out of the bed, take my glass dildo from the drawer, remove my red tank top, and peel off my black panties. It has been so long since we were together, but each time I close my eyes, I am in your arms again; it is you touching my body instead of me. As I slip back into the bed, I close my eyes remembering how it felt to climb naked into the bed and wait for you to join me. Remembering your sexy naked body and the look in your eyes, that look made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

I run my hands slowly down my body. My hands linger on my breasts, I begin to play with my nipples, pinching, twisting and pulling them. All the while, keeping my eyes closed remembering the feel of your hands. Since there is no one home, I can talk to you as I do this. I gasp, and cry out, “Oh yes Baby, that feels so good. Suck my tits! Make me cum!”

By this time, my pussy is begging for attention. I pick up my glass dildo, and trail it from my tits to my pussy. I begin rubbing it up and down my pussy, never entering my pussy but collecting the wetness from my pussy and Ankara escort rubbing it along my clit. As I continue to rub the dildo along my clit, I long to have you rub your hard cock back and forth on my clit. Thinking of this makes me cum very quickly. This surprises me, I had not expected to cum from just rubbing the dildo along my clit. As I am cumming I think about you telling me to slap my clit. I begin slapping my clit with the dildo, still imagining that it is your cock, that you are slapping my clit with your hard cock. I cry out, “Yes, slap me with your cock. Harder Baby, slap my clit harder. Please Baby make me cum.” This orgasm is more intense than the last and I cry out in pleasure.

After these two orgasms, my pussy is dripping wet; the wetness is running down my ass. I barely slip the dildo into my pussy and then remove it, just as I mentioned doing to you, slipping your cock just inside my pussy and teasing you until you are begging me to fuck you. I continue doing this until my pussy is aching to be filled. Then I plunge the dildo deep inside my pussy, as deep as it will go. Because of the prolonged teasing, I cum immediately when I plunge the dildo into my pussy. Again, I cry out in pleasure. I begin fucking my pussy with the dildo, begging you to fuck me harder. I am panting, and moaning saying, “Oh yes, fuck Ankara escort bayan me Baby. Fill my pussy with your cum.” I fuck my pussy even harder with the dildo. My body convulses and shakes with pleasure. I cum two more times from this, all the while thinking about having you fuck my pussy and fill my pussy with your sweet cum.

My pussy is still contracting around the dildo. It is squeezing the dildo so tightly, that I cannot move the dildo inside my pussy. I leave it buried deep inside my pussy and begin rubbing my clit. I try rubbing it with my thumb, trying desperately to rub it the way that you did. I just cannot do it. I cannot make it feel as good as it felt when you were rubbing my clit. Nevertheless, I feel another orgasm begin to rip through my body. By this point, I am crying out in pleasure and babbling incoherently, my head if tossing from one side to the other. The pleasure I am feeling is incredible, it is flowing through my entire body. My eyes are closed and I am imagining you kneeling on the bed with your cock buried deep inside of me, my legs wrapped around your hips pulling you deeper inside of me, you playing with my clit and telling me to cum for you, calling me your cum slut.

Although I have come many times already, I know I still have a couple more in me. I am still not utterly spent. Escort Ankara The dildo is still deep inside my pussy. I begin slapping my clit. I am still talking to you. “Oh yes Baby, slap my clit. I have been a bad, bad girl. Slap it Baby, slap it.” The more I talk to you, the close I am to cumming. As I cum, I am yelling in pleasure. I am convinced that if we were in a hotel, someone would be banging on the wall or calling the manager to complain.

I slowly begin to remove the dildo. I believe that I am through cumming. But as I trail the dildo up my pussy and over my clit, it swells again instantly. I try to rub my clit but this does nothing but frustrate me. I consider stopping and just dealing with the soreness that I know will follow. (Yes, women can get what equates to blue ball. Or at least I do.) In frustration, I slap my clit, rather hard. This prompts an immediate response from my body, a jolt of pleasure runs through my body. I moan, “Oh yes Baby, spank my clit. Punish me for being a bad girl. Punish me cumming without your permission.” I am slapping my clit hard all this time. The orgasm that follows is probably the most intense of the day. As I cum, all I can do is pant, “Oh yes, Oh Baby, yes, yes, yes, yyyyyeeeeessssss!” All the while my body is trembling, shaking, my eyes are wide open, I can see you looking deep into my eyes as I cum.

After that I fall back onto the pillow in exhaustion. I quickly fall asleep, imagining you pulling me back against you. The two of us snuggled together and dozing off, needing sleep to regain our strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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