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(All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)


When the twins awoke I made sure that I was the first person they saw. I didn’t want them to be alone. I knew they would most likely be out for at least a couple of hours, and so I had opted to sit on the edge of their beds and monitor their conditions. I kept both bedroom doors open and alternated between being with both of them. I also cleaned their rooms up for them and made sure they were as comfortable as they could possibly be while they were out.

The first twin that awoke was in the room opposite to the one I was in, and I immediately got up and headed over to her where I knelt by the edge of her bed. I knew she was most likely experiencing a headache, slight fever, lightheadedness, and other symptoms…but I couldn’t help but admire her as she stirred herself awake. Even though she was undoubtedly feeling horrible health-wise she was still a stunningly beautiful sight to behold. Watching her awaken from down on my knees really put her on a pedestal in my mind; a true-to-life sleeping beauty. There was a part of me that wanted to serve her as if she was royalty, but I was almost certain that would create conflicts of sorts and decided it was much better for them to continue serving me.

“Mmhhhhg…uhhhhhh…” she moaned out in an annoyed tone.

She attempted to lift her head up from the pillow I rested her on, but I abruptly stopped her.

“Stop, babygirl.” I told her. “You need to keep yourself rested.”

She turned her head and looked at me with groggy eyes.

“D-daddy…” she said. “My head hurts…”

I took the glass of water I had placed on the night stand and handed it to her.

“You’re dehydrated.” I told her. “Drink.”

She nodded and did as I suggested. After she was finished drinking I took the glass and brought her hand to her head.

“Daddy…what happened? Why do I feel so sick?” she asked.

I leaned into her and kissed her forehead.

“Daddy got a little out of control. I’m so, so very sorry sweetheart. We don’t have to talk about it now, but I’ll understand if you and your sister want nothing more to do with me.”

Her eyes suddenly went wide.

“What??!” she said. “Why would you say that, Daddy! We could never not want to be with you! We wanna be with you always and forever and ever!”

“Even after what Daddy did? Making you sick, making you pass out…”

“You made me pass out?” she said. Her eyes lit up as she remembered. “Oh yeah! You did! Daddy that was so great! I came and came and came so so much!”

“Are you sure you aren’t upset with Daddy?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

“Ow!” she exclaimed. “It hurts to nod my head…”

“Stay here and rest, sweetheart. Doctor’s orders. I’m gonna go check on your sister.” I told her.

“Okay, Daddy.” She said.

It was a while longer before the other twin awoke, but when she did I made sure to give her the exact same treatment. They offered to call home and tell Wendell and Stephanie that they’d be staying at a friend’s house that night, but I expressed thoughts that they had been spending too much time away from home as it is and I didn’t want to set off any unnecessary alarms. Aside from that I wanted their parents to see that they were sick and excuse them from school the following day.

I drove them home myself to ensure their safe passage, and then got an Uber on the way back. I then waited an hour and called Wendell under the pretense that I was calling to say hi, and casually asked how the twins were. I then offered my professional advice and recommended they stay home from school for two days and take it easy for the rest of the week. It would be almost an entire week before I would have the opportunity to see the twins again, but I saw their health and general well-being as a higher priority than my own desires. Besides…I wanted them to be in good health the next time we had sex.

Over the next few days communication between myself and the twins was noticeably different. The twins were not their usual chirpy selves and often kept their responses to me limited in terms of word count. When they told me that they had been feeling better and I playfully suggested that I give them a check-up they finally showed some perk, but also mentioned that they’d had other commitments they had to honor. When they informed me that they wanted to spend time with their parents over the weekend…that’s when I started to panic.

Not that it’s a bad thing for them to want to spend time with their own family.

But I knew the twins…and they just weren’t acting like themselves. At least, not like the twins they had shown me repeatedly since that night at the restaurant, anyway. That weekend left me feeling lonely and sad. I just knew I had blown it with the twins and I even became distant with them in retaliation for being distant with me. By the time Monday rolled around I was so distraught that I decided to take a personal day and stay home from work. On top Keçiören Escort Bayan of all this it had been raining on and off, and in my depressed state I had done absolutely nothing around the house for nearly a week. I felt that the inner appearance of my home accurately reflected my own inner state.

I was sprawled out on the couch in my living room watching television in my pajamas when suddenly the door opened. I heard the familiar chatter of the twins’ voices and various other sounds as they entered; such as the outpour of rain hitting the ground outside. I sat up, confused, and watched as the twins stepped inside carrying several grocery bags. They were wearing the same thing, as per usual: skin tight denim jeans and white t-shirts with black bras underneath. Around their entire forms were beige raincoats, and the hoods of those coats were draped over their foreheads. The coats seemed to be a size too big for them, and I thought they looked especially cute and adorable in them.

I stood up as the twins turned around. They saw me and their eyes grew wide in surprise. They seemed almost flabbergasted as the door shut behind them.

For a moment they said nothing, and then…

“Daddy?!” one of them said.

I didn’t know how to respond. I felt angry, but at the same time I knew that it was my anger which had driven them away. I tried my best to stay calm, but it wasn’t just anger that was ailing me. There was also the sadness of losing them, and the happiness of seeing them here and hearing them call me Daddy again. All in all I was struggling to fight back tears.

“Daddy?” I responded. “So…I’m your Daddy again?”

“Of course!” the other twin responded. “Why would you think otherwise?”

I looked at them standing by my front door; their hands and arms draped by plastic grocery bags.

“You tell me.” I said, trying to hide my emotions from them. “You’ve been so distant ever since…”

“Ever since you fucked us so hard that we passed out?” one of them said.

I didn’t say anything in response. I just tilted my head down.

In response the twins dropped their grocery bags on the floor and began walking to me. I saw their abdomens and lower bodies before anything else as they approached because I still had my head tilted down and I refused to look at them. I refused to let them see how hurt I was.

I felt a soft hand on my chin as one of the twins tilted my head upward so I could look at them.

“Hey…” she said. “Look at us.”

Hesitantly, I managed to lock gazes with both twins; and after a few moments of looking into their eyes they both burst into tears and hugged me.

“Oh! Daddy!” they sobbed.

“Wha-??” I said, genuinely surprised and confused.

“We’re so sorry!” they said. “We didn’t want to stay away from you or leave you alone…but we had to!”

“You had to?” I asked. “What do you mean you had to?”

The twins stayed silent, and so I took the tops of their hoods in my hands and brought them down over the backs of their blonde heads. I stroked their hair and gently brought my hands down over their necks and around to their heads; mimicking what they had just done with me.

They looked up at me with teary eyes.

“What do you mean you ‘had’ to?” I asked again.

The twins sniffled before answering.

“We just…we needed to do some things…for you…” they said.

“For me?” I asked. “What kinds of things? We’ve barely even spoken.”

“We…we can’t tell you…” they said.

“What do you mean you can’t tell me?” I asked.

“We just…we just can’t…”

“I know I’m not in any position here to make demands, so I won’t force you to tell me. But I will say this. And you can take this however you want. I’m not sure that us being together is for the best.”

At this the twins looked up at me and exclaimed.

“NO! Don’t say that!” they said. “Daddy, we didn’t mean to leave you alone…honest! It’s just…just…”

“I’m…sorry.” I said. “I’m really sorry, girls. For what I did to you. I know you said you were okay with it but you obviously aren’t…and it’s all my fault. I should have never taken my anger out on you. I just…I can’t control myself when I’m around you. That’s why it’s for the best if we just…just not see each other anymore.”

“Daddy…don’t. Please, don’t!” they said.

“Girls, I’m sorry but this isn’t up to you.” I responded.

“Don’t do this, Daddy!” they pleaded.

“It’s for the best.” I said.

“Daddy…no!” they cried.

“I promise I’ll always cherish the time we’ve sh-”

“Synchronize us!” they shouted.

Their eyes were shut tight and they were shivering slightly. They were obviously regretting saying what they had just said.

“That’s cute.” I responded. “I’ll always love you girls, I promise.”

“Daddy…” the twins said as they slowly looked up at me. There was desperation in their eyes. “Please…just synchronize us.”

“Wait…” I said, as a thought Escort Eryaman suddenly entered my mind. “Were you two practicing your synchronization this past week? Is that why you refused to talk to me?”

“Daddy…” the twins said, with their heads tilted down. “We didn’t refuse you…we could NEVER refuse you. Everything we do is for you. We just wanted to…”

“To…what?” I asked, dying to know the answer.

The twins shook their heads, and their blonde hair flung around their faces before settling around them.

“Please just synchronize us…please…” they said.

I sighed; partly because I was exhausted from all the flailing emotions that were being thrown about and partly because I’d grown frustrated again and needed to let off some steam.

“Fine.” I said. “Three become one.”

Upon hearing the words exit my mouth the twins shook their heads and then reached up to fix their hair in exactly the same fashion, and in perfect synchronization. They then rubbed their eyes before tilting their heads up, looking at me briefly, and then flashing me a smile of excitement. They had gone from crying to completely joyous in nothing flat. The twins then proceeded to skip by me on either side. Once past me they continued to skip to the groceries on the floor by the front door. They then hummed merrily in precise timing with one another as they picked up the grocery bags and carried them into the dining room.

Confused, I followed them as they made their way to the kitchen. I watched as they began placing grocery items in their proper locations; all the while never breaking their synchronization. It seemed that they had, indeed, been practicing. But why try and hide it from me? And why try to perfect it at all? Was this really just because they thought I would find it excitable?

“Girls?” I said, in a commanding tone.

[u] “Hmm?” they said as they both turned to me and walked up to me in perfect unison. There was also some slight confusion in their tone and gestures. “Yes, Daddy?”

“You…aren’t crying anymore…” I said.

The twins furrowed their brows.

[u] “What do you mean?”

“You were crying a few moments ago, but now you’re happy?” I asked of them, practically demanding an answer.

[u] “Daddy I’m always happy with you!”

Once they said that I noticed that their synchronization technique had definitely gone through some changes. Their actions were less deliberate and more casual. They were actually synchronizing casually. And when they spoke it wasn’t just that they said the same thing at the same time; they now spoke in exactly the same volume and tone of voice. It was like the twins had not only refined their synchronization…but actually perfected it.

After realizing this I decided that I would play along with their roleplay to see how all this would play out. But I was definitely going to have some questions for the twins once I desynched them.

“Continue.” I said to them.

The twins smiled and went about the chore of putting groceries away. I noticed, however, that they were leaving groceries out. I realized that they were going to prepare a meal.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.

[u] “Sloppy joes!” they said, beaming at me briefly before continuing with their business.

I stepped forward.

“Sloppy joes?” I asked. “That’s one of my favorite foods…”

[u] “I know, Daddy!” they said. “It’s one of my favorites too!”

“I fuck you both til you pass out, you get angry with me, and then you make me one of my favorite foods? You two don’t even like to eat sloppy joes, and I practically had to beg you to let me eat them last time. Didn’t you say they were bad for me?”

[u] “Daddy you’re so silly! I love sloppy joes! We eat them all the time!”

“No you don’t…” I said.

[u] “Of course I do, Daddy!”

I shook the thought out of my head.

“Alright, whatever. So, your synchronization has gotten a lot better. Is that what you wanted to show me?”

The twins looked at me with obvious and genuine confusion on their faces.

[u] “What do you mean, Daddy?” they asked.

“I can tell.” I said. “And you keep referring to yourself as ‘I’ rather than ‘we.’ That’s cute, I like that.”

[u] “Daddy…what are you talking about?” they asked.

“Nothing.” I said. “I think I get it. This is your way of offering me reassurance?”

[u] “Do you feel reassured?”

I rubbed my forehead and sighed as I tilted my head down.

“I don’t know.” I said. “I know that right now you mean well and I have no right to feel the way that I do…but…I still feel hurt. I just…I don’t know how to process this. This has never really happened to me before. For the first time in my life I’m not really sure how to proceed.”

I sat back down and sighed again. The twins responded Sincan Escort Bayan to me and walked over. They stood in front of me with the same comforting look on their faces.

[u] “What can I do to help, Daddy?”

I let out a long breath and looked up at them.

“You’ll still do whatever I ask of you?”

[u] “Yes, Daddy!” they said.

“And if I ask you some questions you’ll tell me the truth?”

[u] “Of course, Daddy!” they answered.

“One become three.” I said.

The twins shook their heads as I continued to speak.

“Girls, I’m going to ask some questions while you blow me. And I want you to tell me the truth; no matter what. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy! We understand!” one of them said.

“Good. Now, let’s get started.”

Both girls then knelt down to their knees in front of me. I leaned back slightly as four feminine hands tugged at my pajama bottoms and pulled them down. My hard dick sprang free in front of them and they tentatively reached out to grasp it. I held back a breath as I felt a hand from each twin take hold of my shaft. The twin to my left leaned her face in, and my cock started to throb in anticipation of her oral onslaught.

She started by flicking the tip of my flared cockhead with her tongue. She lavished the entire head with kisses as she brought her mouth down over it. Then she swirled her tongue around it several times before finally letting me enter her mouth as she looked up at me. I leaned back and let out a breath as I enjoyed the familiar sensation of her hot mouth around me.

“Okay…” I said. “First question…is there another man in your lives besides me?”

“Of course not, Daddy!” her twin answered.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned as the twin sucking my cock went down a little further down my aching rod. “Second question…have you been with anyone else while you were away from me?”

“No, Daddy!” the same twin answered.

“Switch.” I said.

The girl sucking on my dick now let me out of her mouth as her sister next to her took me in her hand and had me in her mouth in seconds. She bobbed up and down for several moments, and then tongued my cockhead before letting me out from between her lips. She then ran her lips down and back up my column repeatedly.

“Aaahhh fuck…” I moaned out, very audibly. “Next question…have you two ever been with anyone besides me?”

“No, Daddy! We haven’t!” she answered. Meanwhile, the twin that had her lips on my cock finally stopped jerking me off with them and took to suckling on my cockhead once more.

“Mmm…” I moaned. “What did you two do this past week? Why were you so distant?”

At this the twin giving the answers looked away for a moment, while the twin sucking my cock took to sucking me harder and longer as she slid her lips further down my length. It felt like she was trying to fuck me with her throat.

“We were thinking…” one of them said.

I relaxed a bit, and the twin with my cock in her mouth could sense it. She took to blowing my pole a bit more calmly, as though trying to give my mind peace with a blowjob.

“What were you two thinking about?” I asked.

“The only thing we ever think about: you.” She said before turning her head back and looking me in the eyes.

“Mmmhm…” the twin below me moaned as she continued to blow me.

“What about me?” I asked.

The twin not sucking my cock looked me in the eye when she answered next.

“We’re scared…” she said.

Upon hearing her say that I think I actually felt my brain sending the signal down to my cock to go limp, but the busty girl with her mouth wrapped around me had other plans. She continued to suck me despite the fact that I was noticeably feeling pangs of regret, and as a result there was a somewhat awkward silence between the three of us for several minutes.

“I-I’m sorry that I’ve scared you.” I said, sadness in my voice. “I knew that it would be a possibility, of course, but that was not my intention. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I can apologize and apologize and apologize, but I know it will never be enough. You two are everything to me, and I c-”

“We’re scared of losing you!” she shouted.

I looked down to see her with her eyes shut tight and breathing heavy. I thought it was cute that the twins always had that same expression on their faces whenever they had an outburst such as the one she’d just had. It was their way of emphasizing the importance of what they had to say, and it worked.

“Losing me?” I asked, confused. “First of all, you could never lose me – I love you both. Second of all…why do you think you’re going to lose me at all?”

After hearing me the twin sucking my cock slowly lifted her face off my dick. She looked at her sister and handed it over to her. Her sister slowly took me into her hand and then eagerly began to suck me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was a way for them to comfort each other. The twin I had been speaking with was showing physical signs of emotional stress, and so her sister was offering her my dick as a means of comforting her; the way one might calm a crying baby with a pacifier. Needless to say, she was more than willing to accept her sister’s gesture.

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