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If I thought my wild birthday weekend had brought the old Bella back, I was sadly mistaken. Come the following Monday, she went right back to her long hard nights of study, once again sequestering herself behind locked doors. Like before, it promised to be another long boring week for me if she kept this up, not to mention frustrating!

At least on the weekend she semi re-emerged once again, spending most of that Saturday afternoon frolicking around in bed together. But even then, it was less wild and crazy the way it had been. Not that I was complaining mind you, it was passionate and intimate. Almost too much so. She left with a face looking melancholy rather than satisfied, though I certainly knew she had been. Her multiple orgasms proof enough of that, but I was again not invited to spend the entire night with her in bed. Another week of the same, and then two…and I was beginning to wonder if Bella wasn’t seriously going off the deep end here with all the effort she was putting into school. Particularly when we were invited to attend another wild party over at Tracy and Derricks place again. Something I thought we’d both been looking forward to. To my total and complete surprise, Bella declined going, stating that she had an important paper to finish and couldn’t afford the time in going…needing to complete it. She also reminded me she still had her project she’d been working on, and needed to put some time into completing that. Subtle reminder perhaps that my cock wasn’t the only one she was interested in. She still had a quota to fulfill like it or not. But, it was the first time she’d blown an entire weekend on schoolwork rather than having any real fun, with me at least.

Frustrated and angry even, I went alone. I stayed long enough for a blowjob, though couldn’t get into it. Being a single guy at a couple’s party, even though I was invited to stay anyway, didn’t seem appropriate. And though our new found friends urged me to do so, I didn’t want my shitty mood spoiling their fun-filled evening. I was home by ten. Bella’s door was open as I walked by, but she wasn’t inside. Going back downstairs I ran into mom, asked her if she knew where Bella was. She said that Bella had left shortly after I did, stating she had some research to do, and would be at the library in town.

She never came home that night.

Whatever was going on…whatever she was going through mentally and emotionally, I damn well knew wasn’t entirely about her sudden studious nature. Time was drawing short, closer and closer with each passing day. I began to feel that what Bella was doing, was trying to place some distance between us at this point. Whenever we did run into one another after that, she was of course still friendly, a bit flirtatious at times, which was even more frustrating and confusing. But she seemed to be pushing me away more and more as the days progressed.

Even the night when she didn’t come home, telling me later that she had decided to stay in town, rent a room with it being so late, didn’t sit well with me. I found I was jealous, wondering if she wasn’t secretly meeting someone else, and began to suspect just that as she and I hadn’t even done anything in nearly two weeks at this point. Bella appearing disinterested in sex simply didn’t make any sense. For her, it would be like holding your breath. You could only do that for so long. And yet, so far she had. Or so it appeared anyway.

Another week passed. More of the same, and I finally said “fuck it!” I figured I would give her one more chance at showing me she was no longer interested, something concrete that would prove to me one way or another that there was no longer anything there. I waited until Saturday morning, the first Saturday I had in fact not actually slept in. The one thing that hadn’t changed and remained a constant, was Bella going out for her morning run. I heard her door open, bright and early as usual, knew she was up and heard her feet on the steps heading downstairs going out. She was usually gone a little over an hour, so I settled back in bed anxiously waiting with my door open. I sat slowly pleasuring myself, stroking my cock almost mindlessly in fact, which made keeping it hard and erect somewhat of a chore. Though I did hope upon her return, seeing my door open, she might drop by, look in…at least say good morning. Perhaps seeing me laying there with a nice solid hard erection, which I now needed to work at maintaining, might interest her into doing something. If not…then I was ready to throw in the towel and let her go her own way if that’s what this was really all about.

Well over an hour later I finally heard footsteps coming back up the stairs. By now I had at least managed to work my cock into a somewhat believable arousal, resorting to fantasies, some pretty wicked ones in fact, along with reliving some of the various adventures we had had, and enjoyed together. I now heard those same steps coming down the hallway towards my room. I saw movement, and then saw Doreen as she began passing by carrying a load of clean linen with her on her way to the storage Bostancı Grup Escort room. Quite naturally she stopped upon seeing me laying there like that, dick in hand, pumping it up and down. She smiled. I smiled back.

“Would you…like any help with that?” She asked.

“As a matter of fact…I would!” I told her making up my mind in that brief instant that if Bella was no longer really interested, Doreen sure as hell was!

She came into my room starting to close the door behind her when she did.

“No…leave it open,” I told her. Maybe she knew why I said that, I honestly don’t know, but she did, placing her load of linen on a nearby chair. Walking over towards me, even then reaching up, undoing the buttons on her service uniform, though I was more than pleased to see she wasn’t wearing anything on underneath it. One more interesting change that had taken place, and which I for one was very supportive of. Mom and dad’s new uninhibited way of thinking these days. And their obvious sexual involvement with Doreen and Andy, which I also knew had continued…was the reason behind that. Dad loved being able to watch Doreen go about her work, especially when she bent over not wearing any panties. Or in the afternoon when it got a bit warmer, she’d purposely undo several buttons, thus allowing both mom and dad an intimate naughty look at her nearly exposed breasts. It kept the “ole juices” constantly flowing as he’d said one afternoon while the two of us sat sharing a drink together while Doreen went about dusting the den, which didn’t need dusting by the way. I had left when mom eventually came downstairs to join us, seeing Doreen dressed, or almost undressed as she was, and undoing several buttons on her own blouse.

It was time for me to leave, hearing some heated giggles only a short time later as I went out another door to swim a few laps and work off my frustrations. It seemed like everyone else was getting it, and having a good time…but me!

So again…”fuck it!” I thought as I sat there watching Doreen take everything off just before climbing into bed with me.

“What would you like?” She asked.

“Come sit on my cock, fuck me slowly…for a very, very long time,” I told her. “And then after we do that…I’m going to eat and suck that amazingly hard, big clit of yours until you can’t stand it anymore. And then…when you’re almost ready to come, I’m going to rub it with my dick until I squirt on you as you do come. That’s what I’d like,” I informed her.

She had a big fucking smile on her face upon hearing that, and then proceeded to do exactly what I had asked of her. Already wet…which as I understood it, she was for much of the time now, according to dad, I slid easily inside her as she sat astride my cock and began to slowly work herself up and down my shaft while I in turn entertained myself, playing with her tits, and pulling on those rock hard nipples of hers. I actually got so engrossed in doing that, that it took a moment to even realize we were being watched.

I just happened to catch movement out of the corner of my eye, just behind where Doreen was sitting on me, not making a real point or obvious effort to acknowledge that I had either. Only looking, glancing over more directly as Doreen’s natural body movement allowed me to do. When I did…I saw Bella standing in the doorway, though still mostly in the hall…watching us. She was actually dressed, though wearing a comfortable, easy to get out of pair of flannel shorts with one of those elastic waistbands, along with a matching tee shirt that even from here I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath. She said nothing, just silently standing there watching Doreen and I. I said nothing as well, though perhaps moaning a bit more, a bit louder as Doreen’s sweet slick pussy worked its magic up and down my shaft. I watched as she slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her shorts, knowing as she did, she began fingering herself. Likewise, lifting up one side of her shirt, confirming and proving to me what I had already guessed, that she too had been braless. I know for a fact that Doreen wasn’t even aware of her standing there behind us, too involved in her own pleasures, and in pleasuring me to notice, though I certainly did. Now getting a bit of a twisted kick out of fucking Doreen, watching Bella as she masturbated herself, watching the two of us.

It was a bitter sweet moment, watching Bella’s face contort up in obvious ecstasy and pleasure a she came, quietly oddly enough…and then stepping back out of the doorway just as quietly heading back to her own room. I never even heard the door close, though at that very moment…Doreen was crying out in her own pleasured orgasmic release.

I squirted copiously inside her moments after that…the entire time wishing that I was doing so inside Bella’s cunt…and not Doreen’s.

But I felt now…I had my answer, which was a short time later, likewise confirmed.


After my morning fuck-fest with Doreen, I was quite naturally hungry, heading downstairs for something Bostancı Manken Escort to eat, surprised to actually run into Bella just as she was finishing up with her own breakfast. To my surprise, she was in the process of writing me a little note, though I noticed she hadn’t included one of her normal erotic, naughty little smiley cartoons that she usually left me whenever she did that.

“Oh, was just leaving you a note…but since you’re here now, Elizabeth called a few minutes ago. She was wondering if you had any plans for this evening. Told her I didn’t think so…but said you’d probably call her back and let her know if you did. She left you a number where she could be reached,” Bella stated handing me the note she’d just finished writing, which basically said verbatim just what she’d told me. Bella had signed it simply, “B”…that’s it. Which to me said it all.

“Thanks,” I said taking the note sticking it in the pocket of my robe. “I think I will call her,” I said and then walked over pouring myself a cup of much needed coffee.

“You probably should,” Bella added, and then turned leaving the room before I could respond back to that.

If I didn’t have my answer before, I had it now. My time with Bella had come to an end.


I wasn’t hungry any more either, going back upstairs to dress and make a phone call. The morning passed as I spent much of it upstairs in my room. Elizabeth had been excited to get my return call though, which had let to an interesting conversation. After some obvious nervous chitchat, she must have gotten bold enough to come right out and ask me a question.

“So, do you and ah…Bella have a special relationship going then, or what?”

“Not really,” I responded back. “Knowing her has been interesting yes, as you saw at the party,” I reminded her. “So in that regard it’s been special yes, I’ve enjoyed doing things because of her that I never imagined ever doing before.”

“I know what you mean,” she giggled over the phone. I could almost see her blushing when she said that. “Who’d have thought I’d have done what I did? Especially with Sandra. Ever since the party, we’ve been hanging around together. I really like having her as a friend.”

“Just a friend?” I inquired, my curiosity intrigued. Especially if I could still somehow work this out to my advantage. Yeah, I know…I was being a cad, but at the moment I really didn’t care if I was.

She again laughed a bit shyly, “Yeah, who’d have thought we’d end up doing something like that huh?” She replied evading my question to some extent.

“So you two just friends then? Or do you two still enjoy getting together and licking one another’s cunts?” I asked obscenely not really caring how vulgar that sounded at the moment. I figured that if getting right to the point wasn’t something she was comfortable with in doing, especially after everything that had happened, I wasn’t going to waste too much time on her…or Sandra for that matter.

“Wow, you have changed haven’t you?” She said though my tone of voice and use of obscene words seemed to have unlocked a door of some sort. “I like it though,” she said almost breathlessly. “Makes me feel…you know, sort of naughty.”

“As in the two of you sucking my dick, or two of us licking some pussy together sort of naughty? That maybe what you had in mind?”

She nervously laughed at that, but that edge was certainly there as she almost whispered. “Would you like that?” She asked sounding quite excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of actually doing that.

“I’ll say this…if you both decide to come. I’ll book us a room at the Marriott again for this evening, provided your both willing to spend the night and do whatever I ask you to do. If you’re up for it…meet me there around eight. I’ll leave word at the desk to send you both up when you arrive. Just be prepared to get as wickedly decadent as you’ve ever imagined. If you are…then I am sure the three of us will have one hell of a good time.”

To my surprise, she agreed. “Let me call Sandra right now,” she told me. “If you don’t hear back from me within the hour, you’ll know we’ll be there,” she promised.

I hung up then, pleased with myself at setting up a situation outside of the house, as far away from Bella as possible. I also knew if she asked me about it, I’d tell her. Two could play at that game. Now feeling pleased with myself, I was both hungry again, and wanting to work off a little unexpected energy, so I decided to take a quick swim first, grab a bite to eat, and hopefully an hour from now, call and see about booking a room for the night. Even if I had to book a suite in the event they didn’t have any other available rooms…I’d do so, and fuck the cost.

I went out for a swim, was just heading towards the den afterwards when the sliding glass doors opened surprising me a little. Dad walked out first, followed by three of his golf buddies I had once met before. Not all that surprising as they’d come over in the past for drinks with dad just like it looked they Bostancı Masöz Escort were about to do now. But then Bella stepped out right behind them, writing in her ledger as she did.

“And that makes one thousand,” she said more to herself than to anyone, making a last entry perhaps, only then looking up seeing me as I crossed the yard heading towards them. Dad’s friends, each one looking a bit sheepish, but smiling however. Bella only then looking up acknowledging me as I approached, intending to pass by on my way into the room. She had on the same shorts I’d seen her wearing earlier when she stood in the doorway of my bedroom fingering herself, but the top was certainly different. It was cut off so short that the bottom slopes of her breasts were clearly visible, even as she stood there. One motion of her hands up even briefly would no doubt fully disclose both of them, let alone bending over.

“I take it you finished your study then,” I said just as I began to pass.

“Finally…yes,” she smiled almost demurely. “You call Elizabeth back?” She then asked changing the subject. I stopped, turning back around facing her.

“I did yes. I’m meeting her AND Sandra a little later,” I offered with perhaps a leer on my face having said that.

“Good for you,” Bella said actually smiling, looking as though she meant it, and was excited that I had. “You really should see if you could get something going with one of them again anyway. I think they both like you…a lot. And who knows, maybe they’ll even be willing to share you.”

“Yeah, I could get used to something like that,” I responded, “Especially since it appears you no longer want to.”

She opened her mouth, but then closed it apparently changing her mind about saying anything though she smiled again.

“Well, have fun then,” she said instead, and then headed off towards the pool, shedding her clothes as she did, giving dad and his three buddies an eyeful as she slipped past the table they were now sitting at, her delectable ass waving at the four of them as she then dove into the water.

I turned walking inside without looking back again, and headed upstairs to my room to make another phone call. Even if the girls didn’t come, I was damned if I was spending another night here around Bella.


I had managed to get a nice double room so at least I hadn’t had to put out for a suite. But I was still in a bit of a foul mood too when I finally heard the tentative knock on my door. I walked over, naked as a jaybird, not giving a rat’s ass who was there when I answered it. Though fortunately perhaps, it was the girls. They seemed a little surprised to find me standing there naked at the door, not even sporting a hard-on yet. I figured that was their job to give me one…not mine.

They both looked great, if not more than just a bit slutty. Obviously then had spent the afternoon primping themselves as well, no doubt teasing one another if not more in anticipation of this. Unfortunately, seeing them in their sexy clothes wasn’t on my personal menu. Like I said, I was still being a bit of a shit after they came inside.

“Undress one another, and then we’re going into the bathroom. I want to see the two of you pee on one another.”

Sandra didn’t really flinch at hearing that, though Elizabeth seemed to. This was obviously one she hadn’t quite decided to test the waters with quite yet, though Sandra obviously had, and by the previous experience…enjoyed it too. Once again, I didn’t really care. This was a bit of a test perhaps, knowing she hadn’t…and proving my point about requiring the two of them to do whatever the hell it was I asked, or wanted them to. She hesitated momentarily, I could see by the look on her face she was hovering on the word no. I then forced the issue with them both.

“You agreed…whatever I wanted. If that’s not the case, we best end this right here and now then. Totally up to you…but you need to decide now before I get all worked up,” I said grabbing my own cock, shaking it back and forth a bit, letting it actually grow a little as I stood there doing that.

They began removing one another’s clothes as I sat down on the edge of the bed watching them, smiling. “Maybe this won’t be quite so bad after all,” I said to myself.


The moment they were naked, I stood up however moving towards the bathroom, letting it be known I was serious here. They followed me inside, Elizabeth quite nervous, as was Sandra perhaps, hell…not like she was experienced at doing this either, though she had seemingly enjoyed it the first time she had.

“What…what do you want us to do?” Liz said nervously, which I began calling her again, as that’s the name I’d used for her when we dated during high school. She even smiled a little more comfortably hearing me say that.

“Well Liz, Sandy…” I said using my pet name for her as well. “What I’d like is for the two of you to get nice and close…cunt to cunt, fingering one another of course…and then just start peeing, as soon as you can do so. When you do…when I can see that you are, then I’m going to aim my own cock at the two of you, and piss all over your tits. So whenever you two are ready,” I said turning on the shower, getting it warm enough at least to stand in, and perhaps work as a motivator in getting the girls to finally let go while standing beneath it.

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