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It’s time to wake up.

You open your eyes. You are in the bed in your bedroom at your Mistresses house. She crawls in and lays on her back.

You’re going to get so many of your dirty dreams today, but first you’re going to have to impress me. Eat my pussy. I want to cum three times. Say “Thank you.”

Yes Mistress. Thank you.

She spreads her legs wide as you get on your hands and knees and slowly bring your face to her fragrant cunt. You reach out slowly with your tongue and gingerly taste her pussy lips.

Mmmmm. Good boy. Warm me up slow.

You slowly tongue her warm slit as you work your way to her clit. You gently swirl around it and she arches her back and moans. She reaches up with her left hand to play with her nipple. You start gently sucking her clit while you continue flicking it with your tongue. You intensify as she wraps her hands around the back of your head and pushes you into her pussy while she starts grinding in rhythm against your face. Her face changes shades and she begins lightly shaking.

I’m cumming! Ughhhh! That’s one. Don’t stop.

You relax your pace a bit and begin to build again. You reach up with your right hand and slowly curl your right middle and ring finger inside of her cunt and gently massage her G spot while you continue to suck and lick her clit. After a few minutes her face is again red and her whole body shudders as she presses into you.

Ohhh god, yes! I’m cumming! Good boy! That’s two. Don’t disappoint me.

You again slow your pace. You angle your head slightly and lick her clit from an angle, and increase the pressure of your suction. You slowly increase the speed and pressure on her G spot. As she ramps up she is frantically grinding into your face. Both of her hands are now desperately squeezing and pulling her nipples. Her juices are thick and mucousy on your tongue. Your tongue and hand are cramping hard as you frantically maintain your pace, but your dick is so hard it hurts. You don’t dare stop. You watch as her face turns bright red and she begins to shake.

I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fffffffuuuck!

You apply a bit more pressure to her G spot as she convulses, her orgasm draws out longer and her eyes roll back in her head. You are both panting as you come to rest.

You are a good little fuckboy aren’t you? We’ll see about rewarding you for such an impressive performance. For now, make me breakfast. I want two eggs over easy, two pieces of lightly toasted whole wheat bread, and coffee. You’ll find everything you need in the kitchen. I’ll be in my room.

Yes Mistress.

You make your way to the kitchen and make her breakfast. You take extreme care. The eggs are firm, but with runny yolks. The coffee is steeped for the perfect amount of time. The toast is a bit browned, but not charred. You collect everything she will need to enjoy her breakfast on a tray. You deliver it to her and she looks pleased.

A slave of many talents I see. This looks very good.

Thank Bostancı Sınırsız Escort you Mistress. It is my joy to please you.

I see that. Your cock reveals you. You’ve been such a good fuckboy this morning. I do think you’ll be getting everything you want. I just hope you can handle it. Leave me while I enjoy my breakfast. Go into the bathroom and wait. I want you naked and on your back.

A devilish grin crosses her face. A wicked look in her eye betrays that she’ll be enjoying your reward as well. You blush and smile as you back out of the room.

Yes Mistress. Thank you.

You walk back down to your room and disrobe. You shiver with anticipation. This isn’t the first time you’ve serviced your Mistress in this way, but it is your favorite. You love to be her submissive toilet. Deep in your soul, and in your loins, you know this is your purpose. Nothing makes you feel more alive.

You walk to the bathroom and lay down on your back. This is Mistresses special bathroom. There is no toilet. There is a leather headrest where one would be. This is where you rest your head. There are handles on either side just about squatting height. You wait for what feels like forever. Your body is pressed against the cold tile of the floor, but your arousal has not wained. Imagining Mistress entering any moment and using you has sent your imagination spinning.

Finally she enters. She slowly removes a silk robe and drops it to the floor. Naked she straddles over you, holding on to the two metal bars on either side of your head to squat directly over your face. Her asshole hovers about two inches above you.

You’re a disgusting little fuckboy aren’t you?

Yes Mistress.

And this is why you wanted to be in my service isn’t it? You heard this is how I punish disobedient slaves? How I shame them for being such disgusting perverts?

Yes Mistress. I know what you like to do to your slaves.

But you’re a different kind of fuckboy. This is what you want. What you crave. This is your reward for a job well done. You love to worship my pussy and my ass. You love to consume my waste. Tell me what you are.

I’m a toilet.

Yes. You’re my disgusting toilet boy. How do you feel about that?

I love it.

I know you do. How disgusting. What would your family say? Your friends? If they knew you sold all of your earthly possessions and gave all of your money to me, so that you could live in my house and serve me? What would they think if they knew you spend most of your day wishing I would squat over your face and shit into your mouth? That your cock is so hard all the time thinking about my shit that it looks like it might pop?

They would think I’m disgusting

They would KNOW you are disgusting. They would throw up thinking about all the things you like to do. Smell my ass hole.

You shudder hard as you inhale deeply. You didn’t Bostancı Suriyeli Escort think you could be more aroused, but as the shit smell of your Mistresses ass hole files your nose you ascend even closer to total bliss.

How does that smell?

It smells like fresh shit.

And you love it don’t you?

Yes Mistress. Thank you.

Smell me again and tell me what you are.

You inhale deep.

I’m a toilet

Good boy. Tell me what you want.

Your ass is driving me crazy Mistress. Please let me taste it.

Lick my asshole fuckboy. Slow. I want to feel every taste bud rub against it.

She presses down onto your mouth. You start to lick her asshole and you are in heaven. As you lick the taste of her dirty ass fills your mouth. She giggles a bit knowing how much you are enjoying yourself.

How does my asshole taste toilet?

It tastes like a sewer and I love it. Thank you Mistress.

Good boy. Tell me what you want.

Please make me your toilet! I want to be covered in your filth!

Good boy. Open your mouth.

You obey and she bears down a bit. A slow stream of her piss flows out of her and directly into your mouth. She stops the stream as your mouth is completely full.

Swallow my piss toilet boy.

You swallow the putrid liquid in one gulp.

Good boy

She continues pissing, but pushes as she angles and sprays it all over your body.

Look at how filthy you are. You love to be covered in my mess don’t you toilet boy?

Yes Mistress. Thank you.

You know what comes next. don’t you?

Yes Mistress.

Beg me for it.

Please shit on me Mistress. Shit in my mouth. Make me your toilet boy. Please. It’s all I want. All I’ve ever wanted is to be a slave to your ass. Please shit on me!

Good boy. Open wide.

She bears down and a loud fart erupts in your face. She laughs at you as the smell and taste collide into your senses. You see a giant brown turd emerge from her ass. It crackles and pops while it pushes slowly into your eager waiting mouth. It fills your mouth with some to spare. It’s bitter and disgusting, but you love it. It sits in the back of your throat while the rest pours out of her. The main turd finishes about six inches out of your mouth. It’s firm enough that it sticks up straight in the air. A few smaller turds follow out of her asshole and bounce off of your face before rolling to the floor. She presses into the turd with her ass. Sitting her ass down on your face, taking the remainder of the shit that was sticking out of your mouth with it. She starts to grind the filthy mess into your face.

Eat my shit toilet boy.

You start to chew and swallow Bostancı İranlı Escort the long turd in your mouth. You have to push some out to really start chewing. The whole time she grinds into your face. Caking shit all over her perfact ass and smearing it all over your face.

Just think if everyone knew how much of a disgusting fuckboy toilet slave you are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so turned on eating my shit before. What if they all found out that this thing that makes them wretch is your ultimate sexual desire? What if they knew how hard you tried to get me off this morning? How precise and delicate you were preparing my breakfast? Hoping to please me. To please me so I would shit in your disgusting fuckboy mouth.

She grinds her ass up and down on your face. You’ve chewed and swallowed the main piece of shit, and now you frantically lick her ass as she drags it across your face.

Good boy. Lick me clean. If you do a good job maybe I’ll jerk you off with my shit.

She intensifies with every swing. You moan louder and louder as she presses harder into you.

How fucking filthy. You wish this would last forever don’t you?

Yes Mistress. I wish I could lick shit out of your ass forever.

Good boy. Keep it up and you just might. You’re so eager. I wonder how far I could push you? I wonder how far I would have to go to make this reward into a punishment? I guess we’ll find out. I’d better be fucking clean when you’re done.

She’s keeps swinging her hips. Grinding her ass into your face. It feels like forever, but you can never get enough. Eventually her ass hole is completely clean. She wipes to check, then deposits the toilet paper into your mouth as well. You chew it hungrily and swallow.

What a good little fuckboy. I think you even deserve to cum. Should I jerk you off with my shit?

Please Mistress. Please let me feel your hot shit on my dick!

She picks up the two turds that fell to the ground and rolls them into her hands, then reaches up to spread the filthy mess all over your throbbing cock. She jerks you off with her hands covered in shit.

What a disgusting fuckboy toilet pig you are. Now you’re going to cum aren’t you? You’re going to cum so hard. It would scare people to find out what a freak pervert you are. People wouldn’t let you near their children. They would avoid your eyes on the street.

She keeps jerking with one had and reaches back with the other to rub her shit all over your face.

Cum for me right now pig.

You push over the top. Your orgasm washes over you and you writhe and shake while jets of hot cum fly up into the air and land on Mistresses hand grasped around your pulsing cock. After a few waves you lie there panting filled with total ecstasy.

What a good little fuckboy you are. Lick these clean too.

She presents her shit covered had to you and you lick it clean. You savor every little taste of her shit. Then she presents the hand she jerked you off with. You suck and lick every morsel of shit and cum off of her hand.

Good boy. You did such a good job servicing your Mistress this morning. Keep this up and you’ll always have a place in my service. Say “Thank you.”

Thank you Mistress.

Good boy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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