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This is part three and you really should read the first two parts to understand how our heroine came to be here.


I ran out of Jack’s office heading towards my first job as a fully nude maid. Of course by now I had realized that the cleaning part was the least important of my duties. Looking pretty and posing topless while men jerked off was the most important part of my new job.

The address on the card was about a 10 minute drive away to a very nice part of town. It was the name that threw me a little. Ed and Connie Westbrook. Was I really going to do my first fully nude “cleaning” for a couple? It seemed relatively easy to strip for the men but if this was a man and a woman together that might be somewhat awkward.

Sure enough I was greeted by a petite woman about my own age who introduced herself as Connie.

“Ed the maid is here,” she shouted, “I’ll show her upstairs.”

And with that she pointed to a very nice spiral staircase and I started up the stairs. Connie made small talk about something or other but I was still trying to figure out what they might want as she followed me up the stairs.

“Do you do ironing?”

“Yes of course.” I said, glad to have some semblance of maid services to do.

Connie led me into what must have been a guest bedroom, with an ironing board set up and a basket of clothes nearby.

“Ed hurry up or you will miss her getting naked.” “You can put your clothes on the bed behind you but wait for Ed okay?”

No sooner had Connie finished the sentence when Ed came into the room smiling.

“Hi, I’m Ed and I see you have met Connie. You look great. This is going to be fun.”

With that they both sat down on the end of the bed and just looked at me. It was time to “put on my uniform” and I began to undress, standing behind the ironing board and putting my clothes carefully on a chair. Finally I stood in front of them in my panties, making sure to jiggle my big breasts for their pleasure.

“We paid for fully nude didn’t we Ed?”

“Yes of course,” I said and tugged my panties down to my ankles picking them up with one foot. A move I am sure gave them both a spread view of my pussy.”

“Oh wonderful,” Connie said, “Before you start the ironing can we get a good close up look? Could you sit on the bed here and spread yourself open for us to see?”

I just stared and moved towards the bed. I guess they had paid for fully nude and wanted to make sure they got the full show before I started to do their ironing. I moved to the bed and sat back pulling my legs up to spread my pussy as far as I could. I leaned back even farther in case they were interested in my asshole as well. Might as well get it done with. They both took turns coming as close as possible and giving grunts of approval. After some time Connie motioned me to close my legs and move to the ironing board.

Connie took my place on the bed and while Ed was still standing, began to undo his belt and pants. Connie pulled out a very nice cock and then turned to me.

“Oh sorry, let me show you how it works.”

And with that she hopped up and turned the dials on the iron to get it heated up. Ed just stood there with his cock dangling out of his pants.

I grabbed a shirt from the pile and still waiting for the iron to heat up, watched Connie go back to work on Ed’s cock. With his pants at his knees and his shirt fully unbuttoned, Connie played with Eds cock and balls while looking at me mostly. When she was sure she had my attention, she started to lick Ed’s balls and cock shaft and then finally taking his cock head and shaft into her mouth.

Ed stared directly at my tits while getting his cock sucked by Connie, so I started to iron a shirt making sure to jiggle them as much as possible. Soon Connie had sucked Ed to full hardness and was taking off her own clothes without removing her mouth from Ed’s cock. Connie revealed small firm breasts with pointy pink nipples and a perfect triangle of hair covering her pussy.

I was only on my second shirt when Connie lay back and spread her legs. Ed laid Üsküdar Escort back next to her and with their genitals just a few feet in front of me, they started masturbating each other. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to watch this nice couple have sex and my pussy was just about as wet as Connie’s.

One more shirt ironed and Connie was on her hands and knees on the bed in front of me with Ed positioning his cock to enter her from behind. Connie turned a bit away from me so that I would be able to see Ed’s cock as it entered her wet pussy. It slid right in and I could see her cunt lips stretched around the thickness of Ed’s cock. Ed pounded into her and his balls swayed with the effort.

At one point they quickly changed to a 69 position with Connie on the bottom taking all of Ed’s cock into her mouth until his balls rested on her face.

At this point I had stopped ironing and was just watching.

Taking the cock out of her mouth Connie said, “Feel free to play with yourself”

My hand when directly to my pussy lips, massaging the outer lips and grazing over my clitoris. On the bed, Ed and Connie switched positions. Connie got on all fours facing me with her face now at the level of my breasts and Ed got behind her in a classic doggie position. I could see in Connie’s face a bit of pain and realized that Ed was trying to insert his cock into her asshole. The mixed emotions on Connie’s face were extremely erotic, pleasure mixed with pain, until Ed’s hips met Connie’s ass and he was fully inside her back hole.

With a howl of pleasure Connie bucked into orgasm for a full thirty seconds. Ed had trouble hanging on and finally pulled out and presented his cock to Connie’s lips. Connie licked him from balls to cock head and then looked directly at me.

“You clean up his cum right?” I just nodded and grabbed a towel from the pile of laundry.

Connie sucked Ed’s cock with force until Ed pulled out and jerked himself off, shooting cum all over Connie from face to tits. Six or seven hot jets of cum squirted over Connie and dripped down her chest to her belly and legs. I stood there with my fingers still working my own pussy as they began to relax.

Connie motioned towards the towel in my hand and I moved to her gently cleaning the cum off of her face, then moving down to clean her small breasts and hard nipples. Connie leaned back and allowed me access to her belly and her legs. I cleaned the cum off of them and even wiped some off of her engorged pussy lips.

She pointed to Ed’s cock and I obediently wiped the remaining cum from his cock and reached down to wipe his balls even thought I saw no cum there.

After just a moment, Connie stood up.

“Thank you, that was wonderful.”

Ed left the room and Connie began to dress, so I used the towel in my hand to wipe up some wetness from my still swollen pussy and dressed silently. In another 2 minutes I was back in my car wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. This was the easiest job and the most fun you would have while making money. There was one drawback. I was still horny as hell.

I headed straight back to the office to see Jack in hopes that I could pick up another “maid” job for the afternoon. I was horny as hell now and could use the money too. At the very least I might just be able to masturbate with Jack like a few of us had the day before. When I got back to the office, Jack was on the phone as usual booking his maids. I stripped naked to my “uniform” and sat in the chair across from Jack.

“How did it go?” he asked.

“Great! Do you have anything for this afternoon? As you can see I’m ready to do topless or fully nude.”

“No nothing for this afternoon, it’s been a little slow, in fact two of our girls from this morning didn’t even get to work. It looks like Ed and Connie got you going. Go ahead, feel free to relieve yourself. I might just join you.”

With that said, I openly fingered my pussy in front of Jack while he worked on the computer and answered a few more phone calls.

Just as Jack pulled Üsküdar Escort Bayan his penis out to masturbate with me, the phone rang again. It was obviously a friend of his and not a client with work for me so I concentrated on working my clit a little. Jack was telling the guy – apparently named Rudy – that he had no girls for the job. At that, I looked up at Jack and he just shook his head no”

Jack hung up and looked at me. “You don’t want that job.” And began to stroke his cock a little.

I gave Jack a quizzical look and he went on to explain, that a friend of his was in the party business and needs a girl to perform at a bachelor party on Saturday night. The job included stripping, getting felt up by the whole group, fucking the bachelor and then giving a few blow jobs.

“As you know I have strict rules for my maid business and that does NOT include sex. I’m no pimp and I really do not want to end up in pimp jail. He is a good friend and I have sent one or two girls his way from time to time but I really don’t need to be in that business.”

As I stroked my pussy, the thought of fucking a young stud was actually pretty appealing.

“How much does it pay?”

“I guess it depends he said, but I think it’s around $600 to $1,000 a night.”

Of course I was horny as hell at the time and that was a whole week’s pay for me.

“Janice, trust me you really don’t need this, you are far too nice a girl.”

I stood and walked to Jack taking his hands and putting them on my tits. Then I reached for his cock and stroked his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other.

“Maybe I don’t want to be nice.” I said and kneeled in front of him.

I grabbed Jack’s cock and stuffed as much of it into my mouth as I could, he was hard and I needed no hands to hold his dick, which was good because I needed one to fuck my pussy while I sucked him. I gave a great blowjob and looked Jack straight in the eye. I know how men love to see their cocks in my mouth and me sucking on it like a whore.

After about 5 minutes I sensed Jack might cum so I stood and took a few steps back to give him a chance to cool down. I let him watch me play with my cunt for a minute and then I bent over his desk with my ass in the air and my tits pressed against the top.

“Fuck me”

When Jack did not immediately enter me, I looked back to see him stripping out of his pants and then moving to lock the door. With a full erection Jack stood behind me and in one stroke fully entered my cunt. I knew he wouldn’t last long after I had given him such a nice blow job but I made sure impress upon him my whorish nature, in hopes of making some real money on Saturday night. I reached back and grabbed his balls as he fucked me and turned to look him in the eye as he slid his cock in and out of my slit.

When Jack was about to cum I hopped up and knelt in front of him taking his cock as far into my mouth as I could. Just in time too as Jack sent hot jets of cum into my mouth and throat. I swallowed quickly and kept his cock in my mouth until he was finished cumming, then gently licked his shaft and balls as they began to soften.

“I’ll give Rudy a call back and let him know I have a candidate for the position.” Jack said with a smile and then went to the phone. After he hung up he said, “Rudy works on the other side of the shopping center at the party store, so he will be here in about 5 minutes to meet you.”

Then it dawned on me. The only person I knew named Rudy was my 12 year old son’s soccer coach who owned the party story across the way. I hadn’t put it together before, but who would make that assumption. The fear must have shown on my face.

“Maybe you should be dressed when he gets here.” Jack said.

All of a sudden I was embarrassed to be naked and quickly began to dress thinking not that I should be dressed when Rudy got there but that I should be in another county when he got there. The taste of Jack’s cum was still in my mouth and I was about to be introduced to my son’s soccer coach as his next party Escort Üsküdar whore. Within a few minutes there was a knock at the door and Jack moved to unlock it.

Rudy Jackson, my son’s soccer coach was a stocky black man about 50 years old with salt and pepper hair graying in patches. He was one of the nicest men in town and a very well-liked coach. I could not believe that he would be involved in this, but then again I don’t imagine he would think that I would be involved either.

“Mrs. Egan?” he said surprised. I just stood there frozen.

“You two know each other?” Jack said, and Rudy went on to explain how we knew each other through my son’s soccer team. Jack then explained that I was one of his topless maids and was even fairly new to it. By way of explanation, Rudy talked about how running a party store, he often got requests for entertainers and sometimes that meant bachelor party girls.

“Do you understand what is required Mrs. Egan?”

“Janice.” I said and nodded. “I think so.”

“Well I need to know for sure. Can you strip for us now?”

I had just put my clothes back on but I nodded yes and started to unbutton my blouse. Taking off my bra I made sure to fondle my large breasts and casually jiggle them to show off how heavy and full they are as well as to make my nipples perk up.

As I stripped off my panties, I could tell that Rudy was surprised to see my shaved pussy and I made no effort to cover myself.

Rudy spoke slowly, “You will be asked to strip and then you will have to let all the men feel your tits and ass. Then you will be asked to suck the cocks of strangers and probably fuck the bachelor, sometimes in private and sometimes in front of the whole party. Can you do that?”

Again I just nodded yes.

Rudy stepped forward and took handfuls of my tits, squeezing them and playfully toying with them. Then he reached down and ran a big black finger along my cunt slit until finally he pushed it inside me.

“Well you certainly have the body for it.”

I smiled

“Take my cock out and suck it.”

I knelt before the coach and had his pants at his ankles in seconds. The bulge in his underwear was promising and when I pulled them down I was hit in the head by his cock. I had never seen a black cock in person before. It was thick. Very thick, and about 7 inches long I would guess. Rudy also had very large balls. Patches of short curly black and gray hair surrounded his cock and covered his balls.

I examined it carefully before licking his balls and then smiling up at him teasing just a bit. I licked his shaft and then ran my tongue around the ridge of his circumcised cock head. Jack looked on as I teased Rudy’s cock but both of us knew I wanted badly to suck on it. I took his cock head in my mouth and could only get about 3 or 4 inches of the shaft into my mouth but I pumped it in and out. In the meantime Rudy was stepping out of his pants.

For the second time in an hour I was bent over Jack’s desk ready to get fucked. Rudy placed his cock head at the entrance to my cunt and teased it in and out a little and up and down my slit rubbing it over my clit. The tables had turned and Rudy was teasing me now. I was pushing my ass back trying to capture his cock in my pussy and finally succeeding to get some of his cock up my cunt. I had never been filled like this and from what I could tell Rudy’s cock was only half way in.

He was gentle but eventually got all of his cock inside me. It hurt a little bit, but a good hurt. Just as Rudy got into a rhythm in my cunt, I was once again presented with Jack’s cock in my face. I took it all. After a few minutes, they switched positions and I once again forced as much of Rudy’s black cock in my mouth while Jack fucked my pussy and fingered my ass.

With a series of grunts, both men were cumming. Rudy didn’t so much shoot cum but leak copious thick semen into my mouth. Jack was shooting into my cunt but I barely noticed as I tried to keep Rudy’s thick cum in my mouth. Rudy pulled out quickly and began to stroke his shaft in my face and his cum leaked out of my mouth and dripped down my naked body. Rudy shot one more small load onto my face and then wiped his cock on my lips with the last remaining drops.

We got dressed silently.

“I’ll pick you up for the party at nine o’clock on Saturday.” Rudy said before leaving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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