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It was another night in the Brickhouse, a small, dark, crowded college town dive, but with cheap drinks were cheap and a friendly and unpretentious crowd. I had a shitload of projects and studying to do, as my senior year of engineering was very intense, but it was Friday night after all, so I felt I had to do something a little social, even if it was only hitting a bar for a few drinks.

“Hey Ty, how are you?” It was an old next door neighbor Chad, and his girlfriend Tracy, with whom I had a had a great fling one night.

“Chad, Tracy, it’s good to see you, how are you all doing?”

“It’s Tracy’s 21st birthday tonight, so I’m taking her around to the various bars.”

“Cool! Tracy, what are you drinking?” She asked for a rum and coke, so I pushed my way to the bar to get her a rum and coke.

When I came back, Tracy was whispering into Chad’s ear. Chad then stood up, and lean close to shout in my ear. “I’ll be right back, ” he said, “have to hit the john.”

I set the drink in front of Tracy and say across the sticky table from her. “Thanks, George,” she said,leaning close to me, “we had fun that night, how come we never hooked up again?”

I had to lean in close to her ear to be heard, close enough to smell her perfume, and her hair. “Yeah, we did have fun, all night long. I guess I wasn’t sure about your relationship with Chad, I didn’t want to jeopardize anything for you.”

“Oh, Chad’s not the jealous type, you didn’t have to worry.”

“Darn, now I know.” Hmm, why didn’t I learn this a few years back, when I lived next door to Chad. “So, how is your birthday going, did all your birthday wishes come true?”

Tracy smiled at me, “Well, almost all my birthday wishes. My one birthday wish is a little hard to get.”

“Oh, what is it? Maybe I can help out.”

“It’s kind of kinky, you might find it too weird.” I love when a blond girl blushes, it was dark, but not too dark in the bar to see Tracy’s face turn red.

“Well, tell me.”

“I want to have two men make love to me all night long. Chad can do me all night long, and I know you can.”

I grinned, remembering, we didn’t sleep at all that night. “Hmm, well, that is kind of kinky, I’ve never done anything like that.” No surprise, I was still a relative sexual novice.

“Oh, yeah, a lot of people freak when they hear that, so I guess I’m gonna wonder a while longer.’ Tracy leaned back and looked into the crowd. She stirred her drink, and took another sip.

I leaned back across the table to shout into Tracy’s ear. “Well, it does sound kinky, and maybe even a little fun.” It had been a long dry spell for me, and I would really like another chance at Tracy.

Tracy brightened a little, “So you’d do it, do it with me and Chad?”

“Yeah, I guess, I don’t have to do anything with Chad, though, right?” I liked Chad, but I wasn’t really curious about playing on the other team.

“No, no, you two will just be my toys, that’s all.” Tracy stood up and waved her hand, and Chad quickly came over. Tracy grabbed my hand, and Escort Çankaya pulled me over to Chad. She shouted into his ear. “We’re ready Chad, remember, my big birthday wish? George wants to help.”

Chad put out his hand, “Well George, are you up for it? If you remember, Tracy is a wild woman! No sense in hanging around here anymore, let’s head back to our apartment.”

We walked through the cold night a little quicker than usual, hurrying and anticipating the fun at the destination. Tracy and Chad walked holding hands, and soon Tracy reached out for my hand. I took her hand, it was warm and damp.

At their apartment, Tracy turned up the heat as we took of our coats and boots. “No sense being cold at first, we don’t need any shrinkage.” She got three beers from the refrigerator, then led us into their bedroom, and hopped up on the bed. “Now, let me see what kind of presents you two are bringing to your queen.”

“Huh?” Chad asked.

“Get undressed, you two, I want to see you both naked.” Tracy then laid back on the bed against a stack of pillows, eyes gleaming.

I turned away from Chad and pulled off my shirt, then my pants and socks. Finally, I pulled down my jockey shorts, letting my cock spring free. It was still a little cold in the apartment, but I didn’t have to worry about any shrinkage.

I turned back towards Tracy, and saw Chad out of the corner of my eye. He was naked too, and his erection was as big as mine. Tracy was lying back on the pillows, I could see her nipples standing up under her sweater.

“Now, get up on the bed, and slowly undress me. I like the way you two look.”

We both climbed up on the bed, Chad on Tracy’s right, me on her left. Chad started, as I was still a little uncertain about the situation. “Lean forward a bit baby,” he said, as he pulled her sweater over her head. I leaned in, yes, she was wearing a front snap bra again. I unsnapped it, letting her breasts out, then helped Tracy slide the bra off her arms.

“Okay baby, lift up a little,” cooed Chad, as he eased Tracy’s jeans off.

After her jeans were off, I pulled off her socks, rubbing and kneading each foot a little. Tracy looked as good as I remember, shoulder length blond hair framing her face, nice sized breasts with nipples sticking in the air, and enough curves to look like a woman.

Chad went to grab her underwear, but Tracy stopped him, “No, use your mouth, both of you.” Chad knelt next to Tracy, and bit her underwear, pulling the band down to her mid hip. I followed Chad’s lead, putting my face up against Tracy’s hip, and pulling her panties down on my side.

Chad then went a little farther. He knelt over Tracy, head over her belly, and grabbed the front of her waistband with his teeth. He pulled her panties down to just over her sparse blond pubic hair.

I was getting bolder. I moved between Tracy’s spread legs, lips over her pantie covered pussy, inhaling deeply, smelling her excitement. I stuck my tongue out, slid it under her panties, the tip just brushing against her Ankara Escort labia, causing Tracy to shiver and moan. I sucked in and pulled back my tongue, getting a mouthful of Tracy’s damp panties into my mouth. I held them in my lips, and pulled them down between her legs. Tracy lifted her legs to allow me to pull them all the way off, and I sucked them for a second, tasting her juices, before tossing them to the side of the bed.

I sat back for a moment and looked at Tracy lying nude in on the bed, she was a fantastic sight. Her nipples were standing straight up, her pussy lips were parted slightly and glistening.

“Hmm, I think our guest should go first, don’t you, Chad?” Tracy got on her knees and pushed me back onto the bed, and then straddled me. She rocked back and forth a few times, my cock pressed up tight against my belly, her pussy hot against it, her lips opening a little around it. The Tracy rose up a little, and she grabbed my cock with her hand, and eased it into her pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto me.

I let the feeling of my cock nestled in her warm pussy wash over me for a moment, and then I put my hands on her hips and started to thrust into her pussy. Tracy matched my movements, and then some, she started sliding back and forth on my hips, too.

Her nipples were too delicious to pass up, I put my hands on her back and pulled her closer, my mouth straining for her right nipple. I sucked in her nipple greedily, rolling it around with my tongue. It got harder in my mouth, and Tracy gasped.

The feeling was getting too much, too intense. It had been almost a year since I had last had anything better than my hand, and I wasn’t going to last long. “Tracy, I’m gonna cum.”

Tracy moaned quietly, and started rocking back and forth on my cock faster and harder. She was sliding up and down, right and left, and I grabber her hips, afraid I would slide out of her before I came. I matched her movements a few more times and thrust into her before letting go, shooting my cum deep into her, thrusting again, feeling it leak onto my balls.

Tracy kept rocking back and forth, and my softening cock slid out of her slippery pussy. A shiver went up and down my spine as my cock slid out of her pussy. Tracy snuggled down onto me for a few seconds, and then Chad came up behind her, straddling my legs. He put his hands on either side of her hips, and pulled her hips up.

Chad positioned the tip of his cock against Tracy’s wet pussy, then slowly slid it in. Tracy and Chad started to get into a rhythm, sliding back and forth as Chad pumped into Tracy. I was enjoying the view from underneath Tracy, and started to slide back, under her breasts, under her belly, finally under her pussy. I watched entranced as Chad’s dick slid in and out of Tracy’s pussy, our juices all mixing into a white froth.

I leaned up on my elbows, mouth up to Tracy’s pussy, and started licking her clit. Tracy jumped and moaned when my tongue first licked her. I licked her clit, and wrapped my lips around it to suck on Sincan Escort it. Then I stretched out my tongue down the side of her pussy, accidentally licking Chad’s cock, too. I started licking around Chad’s cock, sliding my tongue into Tracy’s pussy, feeling the tip brush against Chad’s head, then slipping my tongue out and around Tracy’s clit.

Chad was picking up his tempo, slamming into Tracy faster and faster, his balls were swinging into my chin. Tracy was bucking back and forth, panting heavily. I kept licking Tracy’s clit, and sometimes flicking the head of Chad’s cock with my tongue.

“Ohh, ohh, Tracy, I’m gonna cum.” With that, Chad thrust deep into Tracy, with my tongue I could feel his cum spurting deep into her pussy. I licked her faster as she started to cum too.

Tracy and Chad rolled onto their side, still connected. I moved up next to them. We all lie panting next to each other for a few minutes.

Finally, Chad pulled out of Tracy to lie on his back, and Tracy rolled over onto her back.

“That was great guys, but as soon as you recover, I want to try something real kinky.”

“Sure baby, anything” Chad whispered, “do either of you want anything from the kitchen?”

“Sure Chad, how about a beer for George and I.” Chad went into the kitchen, and Tracy bent over me. She grabbed my cock in her hand, and started licking it. My cock got a little harder, and then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. It didn’t take too much of her soft lips and darting tongues to make me hard again.

“Aha, getting ready to go?” Chad had walked in with the beer.

Tracy giggled, “Oh, I though George might appreciate some head with his beer.” She leaned towards Chad’s cock, and started licking and caressing it. She sucked Chad’s cock into her mouth,and it began to grow again. “Oh good, you two are ready for something really kinky.”

Chad and I leaned closer as Tracy took a few sips of her beer. “I want you both in me at once.”

Tracy set her beer down, and then gently pushed me back on the bed, then lay down beside me with her back to me. She reached behind her and grabbed my stiff cock, and pulled it to her soaked pussy. We both shivered as she guided my cock into her pussy. I had never felt such a hot, slippery pussy before. I started to slowly pump into her, but she stopped me, “not yet.”

Chad lay down next to Tracy on the other side. Tracy then guided his cock into her pussy, it felt very strange brushing against mine.

We all lied still for a moment, and then Tracy slowly started grinding back and forth on our cocks. It felt strange and intense as I felt Chad’s cock slide back and forth against mine as Tracy moved her hips. I put my hand on Tracy’s waist, and then moved my fingers up to her breasts. Chad’s fingers were on Tracy’s hips, brushing up against my hips.

Tracy started moaning, and pumping her hips faster. I felt Chad start to cum, his cock throbbing and spurting next to mine. Chad thrust deep into Tracy, pushing her ass against my groin, and I soon followed, shooting my cum deep inside of Tracy. It felt strange, I could feel Chad’s cock pulsing in Tracy, and Tracy’s pussy contracting around both our cocks.

We lay motionless like that for a long time, and we slowly fell asleep with our bodies intertwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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