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It started like any normal relationship. I had dated my owner for several weeks now. He was not my owner yet, at the time he was just my boy friend. He was older than me, I was only twenty four and he was in his forties. A bit older than I had ever dated before, but he seemed nice and I didn’t have any other pursuers so I gave him a chance.

We had met online. Being a transwoman I had learned early on in my transition that it was best to let potential partners know that I had been born male sooner rather than later. The easiest way to do this was online, and it was less dangerous. I had several guys who did not know my secret, and were quite furious when they found out. Though I had yet to be endangered from it, I didn’t want to risk it.

That night we went out to a club and had some drinks. My owner paid for everything. I was broke because I had been laid off from my job several months earlier, and in the economy could not find any position that I was not over or under qualified for. Due to this I had moved back in with my parents. When I told my owner this, he was not upset at all. In fact he seemed happy about it, which I found odd because it would be a deal breaker for most guys.

After the club I was quite buzzed. My owner was going to drop me off at home, but he asked if I would like to come over. Since we had been on several dates and I felt that I could trust him, I agreed. With that we drove to his home, a very large house. Not as large as a mansion, but quite a bit larger than my parents house. I was impressed.

Once we were inside he motioned for me to sit on the couch next to him. I did. He put my arm around me, and started kissing me. His tongue in my mouth, lips pressing against mine. He was a great kisser and I started to feel more and more aroused. His hand moved down to my small and still developing breast and caressed it. This turned me on even more and I instinctively moved my hand down to his crotch, at which point he stopped.

“How about we move this into the bedroom?” he asked. I nodded, my body excited in every way. He took my hand and led me to another room. However, there was no bed in it like I expected. Instead there was a cage. It was larger than a regular pet cage, two meters long and a meter high.

I stopped, “What is this?” I asked somewhat worried. Was I wrong in trusting him?

He smiled, “Oh you needn’t worry. I just thought I would show you where you will be staying.” I started to panic and started to leave. He grabbed my arm, “Bad girl.”

I struggled for a moment but he was much too strong. “Please, no,” I cried, tears starting to well up in my eyes.

Master petted my cheek with his strong hands, “It’s okay my pet. I will take good care of you.”

I tried again to escape, realizing that once I was in the cage I was under his complete control. Once again he was too strong and started to drag me towards the cage. I couldn’t get away, no matter how hard I tried. Then I was shoved inside, almost hitting my head on the top as he forced me down. With that the cage door was slammed behind me. I turned and crawled over to it and pleaded with him, “Please don’t do this. Let me out, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Yes,” master told me. “You will do whatever I want from here on out.”

“Why me?”

“You were the perfect candidate. Young, pretty, no bills or job to go to. Not to mention the fact that I never have to worry about getting you pregnant. I would have been stupid to pass up this chance.”

“So, I’m just locked in here forever except when you need me for sex?” I asked upset. I could not believe this was happening. My heart was beating a thousand miles a minute, and I felt like I was going to faint.

“No, of course not my kitten. I am just going to keep you in there until you learn to become a good kitten and obedient to your owner.”

“Why do you keep on calling me kitten?”

He chuckled, “Because from now on you will be my kitten. I will train you. You will no longer be a human. Humans go to work and make money. You were not doing that. You were acting like a kitten, playing games and lounging around, so I am just granting your wish.”

“I really was trying to find a job!” I objected, yelling.

“Do not raise your voice at me!” Master warned, “And from now on you will address me as master and only speak when spoken to. You are lucky I let you speak at all. Kittens do not speak. Do you understand?”

“And what happens if I don’t?”

Master looked angry. He walked over to the closet, but I could not see what he was getting. He came back and opened the cage door, “Come out here kitten, I am going to show you what happens to bad kitties.”

I tried to rush out and make a run for it. But, he was expecting this. He grabbed me as I did and slammed me face first into the carpet. Before I could do anything he was kneeling on my back and hand cuffing my hands together. Now I was stuck. I couldn’t move my arms to fight back or even lift myself up. Then a ball gag was inserted into my mouth, it hurt with how wide my jaw had to stretch to get around it, and then I was muffled unable to speak.

“See, what happens when kittens speak when they are not supposed to?” I nodded helplessly. “Good, I do not want to hurt my kitten.”

Master held what appeared to be a large black collar in front of me, complete with a little bell on it. He smiled at me, “This is yours now. You will wear it always, even when you are allowed to leave and go to public. I am your owner now, and you are my pet, and I want to make sure you and everyone else knows it.”

With that he strapped it around my neck. It was tight, but I was still able to breathe fine. He then held a leash up in front of me, “This is your new leash. Until you are trained so that I know that you will not try to run away, you will only be allowed out of your cage when I have it on you.”

Master put the leash on my collar, and subsequently undid my hand cuffs so that I could lift myself up. I went to stand up but he pushed me back down to my knees, “No, no kitty. Once you know you are a kitten you are allowed to walk again. Until you learn that lesson you have to crawl on your knees.”

By now I was completely humiliated, but the humiliation was turning me on. I had always known I was submissive, but I was quite surprised. Although I was still terrified of what was happening, I was also beginning to grow hard. That was cut short when Master lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties he flicked my ball really hard making me wince and my erection disappeared.

“You are a girl, something that I think we can both agree on. I know you do not like your penis, so you will not be using it again. Which is why I bought you this,” he pulled out a chrome device. I did not recognize it at first but then realized it was a chastity device. He was right, I did hate having a penis, it was a reminder of my Y chromosome that kept me from complete womanhood, and I had planned to get sexual reassignment surgery anyway, still part of me was afraid. Though I had stopped touching myself down there as often since I had started taking women’s hormones, I still had a twinge of regret for not doing it one last time. It was cold as he put it on and locked it. “I think it will probably feel strange at first I’m sure, but you will get used to it.”

The next item he pulled from the bag he had was a pair of cat ears. They were the same color as my hair, brown. He placed them on my head and smiled in approval, “These are your new ears. You will wear them all the time except for when you shower or I say otherwise.”

Finally he pulled one last item out of the bag. It was a cat tail, quite long, almost a meter and the same brown hue as my new ears. On the end of it was a strange appendage that had a similar shape to a butt plug, and I quickly realized that is what it was. He tugged on my leash so that I would stand up and turned me around over the top of the cage and bent me over. At this point I saw no point in resisting.

“You look tight, let’s see if we can fix that,” he said as he spread my smooth cheeks. “Mmmm you have such a beautiful ass.” That was true. I had always prided myself on my ass. It was round and feminine even before I started hormones, and hormones had made it more so.

I felt him put lube onto my ass hole and stuck his finger in. I was becoming horny again. Part of me wanted to cry rape, but part of me wanted nothing more than my master to fuck me. I felt him put in another finger and then his penis. It was huge. I had just glimpsed it’s outline through his pants before, and could already tell it was big. It had to be at least 8 inches and thick. With that he pressed against my ass until it’s head went in. I whimpered. It hurt badly as I had not been fucked in several months and my toys were not this large.

He pushed the whole thing in until his groin was against me, which made me whimper more, but once it was in it didn’t hurt so much. Slowly he began thrusting. The first few were painful, but then I started to enjoy it. Sensations raged through my body as he increased speed, pounding me, slapping me with his balls as he went in and out. My lower body was going crazy. And before I knew it I was enjoying it. Then he stopped.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” Master said pulling out of me, my ass wanted more. The next thing I knew I felt the end of the tail being forced inside of me. It was not as big as Master’s cock, so it didn’t hurt. “There, all dressed up like the kitten you are. Doesn’t it feel good to be a kitten?”

“Yes,” I replied.

He slapped me hard on my ass sending a jolt of paint through it, “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Master,” as the words escaped my mouth I knew I had been defeated.

“Good, kitten,” he said and petted me softly as he would a cat. “For that you get a treat, kittens like cream, right?”

“Yes, Master.”

He put me back down on my hands and knees, I opened my mouth to take his cock but he shook his head. He started stroking himself with one hand while holding my leash in the other. At this point I was so turned on that I could not wait for his cum. Finally it came, spurting out in large globs. Instead of aiming for my mouth or face like I thought he would he jizzed all over the floor making a puddle of cum.

“When you are a good kitten I will cum in your mouth, but when you are bad you have to lick it off the floor. Well?”

I knew there was no point in protesting. I knelt down and started licking the puddle. It was sweet and salty, and I started lapping it up. This was by far the most humiliating thing I had done in my life. As I lapped I heard a camera shot and glanced up to see that he was taking pictures of me with his cell phone, “This is just a precaution. If you continue to disobey me or run away I will release these pictures.”

Finally it was all gone. Master petted my jaw with his hand, and led me with the leash back into my cage. The first thing I noticed was along the back of the cage was a mirror. I had not noticed it before when I was trying to escape. I looked at it curiously, but I was afraid to ask in case I would be punished again for speaking out of turn. I did not want to spend the night gagged.

Still, he noticed my curiosity, “Ah, you’re wondering about the mirror. I put it in there so that you can do make up and groom yourself. I will let you the bathroom mirror for that once I know you can be trusted. In the mean time I will allow you to shower, under my supervision, as I will not have my pet be dirty. But, until you’ve learned your place as my pet I can not have you be wandering about on your own.

“The other purpose is because I want you to be reminded every time that you look in the mirror that you are a kitten now, not a human. That is part of the reason why you must always wear your tail and ears, except for when I allow you not to. If you remove any of them at other times and I catch you, you will be punished. I am sorry to do this to you kitten, but until you realize what you are now, you must always be reminded.”

With that he locked me in the cage, “I have put a bed in for you. It’s just a large cat bed, custom made, but you are a kitten after all, so you should enjoy it. Good night my kitten, I will be in first thing in the morning to bring you your food and water.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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