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Bonnie was lying in her bed and looked at me when she said: “Now Bobby I’m going to teach you all about a woman’s pussy, my pussy Bobby. And, you will please it for me. Do you like that idea?”

“Oh yes! I want to learn everything there is to please you Bonnie. Teach me everything I can do to please you and make you cum. If I do can we fuck again like before” I almost moaned the words to her?

She told me: “If we do it again Bobby, it will be my way this time and you will learn to make me cum with your tongue, fingers and your lovely young hard cock too.”

I promised to do my very best. I had learned my lesion about making sure a lady cums too if I wanted to be a good lover, which I did. I really did want to be Bonnie’s best and maybe only lover so she would want me back again and again. I promised to myself that I’d work as hard as I could to make her have many orgasms.

Then she said: “Good! Now all you have to do is follow my directions and learn what you are doing as you do it. After that, it’s practice and more practice Bobby that will make you better each day. By the end of summer you’ll be the best lover a woman can have if you try hard each time. And as young as you are, you’ll make many ladies very happy with your mouth tongue, fingers, hands and that young hard cock.”

Then she smiled at me and we moved together pressing our bodies against each other. God she felt so good.

I was on Bonnie’s bed with her in my arms something I had always dreamed of doing with her. But, now my dream woman was going to show me and teach me and let me make love to her pussy something I had fantasized about for months, hell for years and had so many cummings thinking of just that!!!

Her pussy! My brain was working over time, I would be kissing and licking and learning all about her pussy, my masturbation dream woman’s pussy. I move over Bonnie’s body and was her servant, guided by her words and her directions. I would do anything she told me to do. I only wanted to please her and make her feel what I had felt the other day when I fucked her and shot my load into her cunt. I wanted to please her even more that that and show her I was a man, her man. I wanted to show her I could make her happy and please her like she wanted from me.

She held me and kissed me and told me: “Now bobby, I want to feel that big cock of yours again deep inside my pussy. But, first you have to please me and get me worked up. That’s how it done properly. Foreplay and oral sex gets a woman’s body and brain ready for sex, ready for a good long fucking! Understand?”

I told her: “Yes, I’ll do whatever you tell me Bonnie.”

I did understand now and so as I got into position to start working on her she said: “Now to start with, show me what you have learned so far and then we’ll get your tongue working on my pussy. Then I’ll teach you more. Just do as I tell you, when I tell you and we’ll see if you can make me cum hard. If you do, we’ll fuck again, this time my way. Now Bobby ……time for you to get to work. Touch me Bobby, touch my breasts and nipples and my pussy and feel the heat I have for you.”

As Bonnie lay on her back, she had her knees bent and when she felt my hand moving over and then down between her thighs she spread her legs open more allowing me total access to her magnificent body and especially her pussy.

I could feel the heat coming off her pussy as I cupped it in my hand and held it and rubbed it lovingly and very gentle. I did it for a while until she stopped me by telling me, “No baby, always start with a woman’s breasts unless she tells you to go to her pussy. My breasts were the first thing I showed you how to stimulate and love. Now you show me what you have learned about them and what to do with them. You’ll have lots of time to touch and please my pussy I promise you. But, first my breasts.”

Sadly my hand moved out from between her open thighs and I began working on her magnificent breasts using my hands and fingers and mouth to work on her globes and those hard nipples. She held my head and whispered to me: “Slowly baby, work them and me slowly. I want to feel it building inside me, deep inside me.”

I did as she directed and a few minutes later I heard: “Yes, oh yes Bobby. That’s it, now flip your tongue over the nipple and tease it. Feel how hard you have made it? Good boy, you’re doing great. Keep going sweetie it feels very nice with both hands and your mouth on my tits.”

Her nipples were so hard and dark pink and they seemed to be waiting for my tongue and mouth to make them even harder, thicker and longer. She was fully nude and I love looking at her body, it was so beautiful.

Can you even imagine what it felt like for a young man who has masturbated to this woman and her imagine so often to have her now lying on the bed fully nude and letting me do whatever I wanted to her body. She was driving me wild with lust and need.

She has such wonderful nipples. I ran my tongue and mouth all over them again and again taking turns, going from right to left and then back to the right one again. My hands could feel the fullness of her breasts and how heavy they were. I used both hands on one tit squeezing it and as I did I made the nipple stick out and up even more. I suck and lick it even more making her moan softly. I loved to suck those big nipples.

After a while of tit and nipple stimulation and play she told me: “Now, lick down my body Bobby. Slowly!!”

I began to follow her guidance and moved down her body licking and kissing it. “Lick down further over my belly and hips. Yes that’s it. Slowly! Do it slowly Bobby, real slow! Tease me a little, it feels much better when you go slowly”, she told me

I moved around and licked and kissed her around the base of her breasts and down her rib cage. She sighed and said: “Very nice baby, now lick down to and around my pelvis. Yes, like that, oh that feels nice.”

Slowly I loved my mouth over her Venus mound and over to her thighs. She told me I was doing very well. “Now do that around my thighs too. Kiss me everywhere down there but not my pussy, not yet. Use your fingers to pinch my nipples as you begin to kiss my lower stomach and hips. That’s it, lower sweetie.”

My mouth moved over her rib cage and down over her belly. My tongue licked around the jewel in her belly button. I licked and kissed her stomach and used my hands to squeeze her tits and punch her nipples as I went down.

“Yes”, she sighed as she put both hands on my head now and pushed gently.

I moved further down, kissing and licking her pelvis and her hips and the bones sticking up. “Lower baby, kiss me lower Bobby. Kiss around the hair down there. Lower, a little more; move further down baby, more! That’s it now let me guide you with my hands. Let Bonnie show you were I want that sweet mouth and tongue”, she almost hissed it.

I let her guide my head and she pushed a little at a time allowing me to kiss her ‘landing strip’ and she rubbed my nose in her pussy hair. I could smell her sent now, it was musky and damp. She was getting wet. I licked and kissed around it and then down to her thighs.

She opened them wide and told me: “Now move your body around and keel between my legs “First I want you to kiss my inner thighs and lick down my leg a little and then and come back up towards my pussy”, she told me.

“Yes very nice Bobby. Again! Do it again and this time lick as close to my pussy as you can without touching it. Smell my pussy, tease me some more. Anticipation, Bobby, is wonderful for both people. Get closer and blow your breath on my wetness.” She instructed me.

I just did what she told me to do and loved every second of it. My face was so close to her pussy and I could see the wetness developing.

“Yes perfect Bobby. Now lift my legs up, and moved them over my head. Sort of bend me in half. Yes, just like that. Now, lick the back of my thighs and my ass cheeks. Lick me everywhere!”

I followed her directions as she said: “See both of my holds?”

I told her: “Oh God yes!! I see them Bonnie. You’re so beautiful.”

She said: “I’ll hold my legs up like this while you touch my holes. Touch both of them with your finger tips. Gently now, both are sensitive to a touch and especially a finger. Touch them with your fingers for me and rub them, back and forth. Oh yes Bobby, just like that! Now probe my ass and my pussy holes with the tips of your fingers. Yes! Oh very nice sweetie. You’re doing very well.”

She had her arms wrapped around her thighs holding them over her head as I used my fingers to touch and probe her two holes. I used my own brain and bent down and licked from the top of her slit to her ass hole and back up. I licked them both again and again! She sighed and said: “Very nice baby! Good job, be creative.”

After a long while Bonnie finally lowered her legs back on the bed and I sat between them. She spread her thighs wide and told me: “We’ll get back to doing more of that a little later. “You know what to do now don’t you” she asked?

I said: “Eat your pussy?”

She smiled at me and said: “Yes Bobby, but first I want to teach you about a spot inside my pussy called the “G” spot. I want you to learn how to find it and touch it as you lick and suck my clit. Then you can lick my hole and taste my cum for sure. OK?”

In a deep lustful voice she told me: “My ‘G’ and clit are the two places that will make me cum the fastest and hardest Bobby. Learn to please them and you’ll make any girl love your way of foreplay.”

I moved closer and she told me: “Now open my pussy using your fingers.”

I did as instructed and used my fingers to spread her outer lips and saw her pink cunt hole. As she told me, I pushed my middle finger into the hole slowly. It was wet inside. I pushed until I was fully inside. Then Bonnie told me again: “Slowly. Slow is so much better for this type of sexual play. Now turn your hand so the palm is facing up.”

I did it and she said: “Yes, that’s right. Now bend your finger up inside my hole a little and touch the top of my pussy wall. Oh yes just like that.”

Again I did as instructed. I could see her juices forming small wet spots on her outer lips. She said: “Now touch the top of my pussy wall until you feel a place that’s not smooth, sort of rough.”

I did it and found the place. I rubbed it and she moaned loudly! She smiled and said: “Good boy!! Congratulations baby, you have found my “G” spot. Most men have no idea where to even look for it. Now very gently rub your finger across it, back and forth for me. Yes, a little faster now, and a little harder! Oh fuck yes, just like that Bobby!! Oh that feels so good. Keep doing that, just like that baby! You’re making me feel so good”

She slowly rocked as I rubbed and she told me: “This is one place you could make me cum quickly Bobby. Now stop. I’m not ready yet and neither are you. We have more to teach you. Pull your finger out of my hole. See the wetness. You did that to me. It means I’m getting much more excited.”

My finger was almost dripping. She smiled and touched my cheek as she told me: “Now put it back in and see if you can find the “G” again. Touch it and show me.”

I did as she told and she let me rub it for a short time again. She moaned a few times and I could see her hips lifting and her belly heaving up and down as her excitement built. But before she had any orgasms she stopped me again and told me it was good and that I had done well.

We practice it again. I just love to see my finger going into her hole and her pussy lips around it. And, then when I pulled it out seeing it coming out again all wet and sticky was a real turn on. I tried it again and again and again until she was sure I knew how to do it and find the spot each time. I touched her ‘G’ every time and each time I put my finger into her cunt she let me play a little before saying: “Stop now Bobby! Stop! Stop!”

Shit, I so wanted to make her cum!! She had lust in her eyes and her smile was so sexual. She told me: “Now, look between my thighs again real close. Closer, let me feel your breath on my wetness again. Blow warm air on my wet cunt baby! That’s something else ladies like to feel your breath on our wetness. Oh yes, that feels wonderful. Blow again!! Yes, very good. Can you see the wetness?”

I told her I could and she said,” Now here’s another important step Bobby. Again, do what I tell you, when I tell you. I want you to spread my outer lips again for me.”

I loved doing that and as I did she asked: “Can you see the pink inside?”

I told her: “Yes.”

She said: “See how wet I am already? I’m almost ready for your mouth baby? Can you see that? If not move your face closer.”

I rested my head on her upper thigh and looked at her beautiful pussy. So lovely and yes it was wet. I moved in and saw the pink insides as my fingers spread her pussy lips wider and wider. She laid there and whispered: “Now Bobby. Can you see my clit hood? See how it stands out at the top of my slit?

I said: “Yes, I see it Bonnie.”

She said: “Good. Now use the palm of one of your hands and press down just above it and then push gently back on the top of the hood. That will expose my clit fully. Push, back a little more. Push….that’s it! See it Bobby? See how it beats and throbs just like the beat of my heart? “That’s the center point of a woman’s sex, that and her ‘G’. You need to stimulate them both. But easy and gently, they are super sensitive. Very, very sensitive, so let’s start with an easy kiss. Kiss the clit for me. Now Bobby. Put your lips over the clit and kiss it.”

I did as she told me and her body jumped and arched a little. “Now lick it gently baby! Lick it slowly and real gently.”

My tongue came out and I licked and licked as easy as I could. “Oh that feels so nice Bobby. More baby, more, lick it more.”

I did and she said: “Yes!! Oh yes Bobby. Very good. Now press the tip of your tongue directly on it. Ahhhhhh!!! That’s it Bobby! Very good. Oh GOD! Push more; try to move it with your tongue!! OH FUCK that feels so good bobby! Yes, yes! That’s it!!! You are learning baby!”

I did what she told me until she said: “OK! OK!! Stop, stop now please! Now kiss your way down the slit, and open the outer lips again for me with your fingers. Yes that’s it. How does it taste?”

I told her: “Wonderful, everything about your pussy is wonderful. You taste so good. Can I taste the wetness now from inside your pussy hole Bonnie? Can I push my tongue into the hole? Please”

She said: “Yes you can, but first lick down the entire slit and then back up. Work your tongue slowly down and then up my entire pussy slit. When you get to the top of my slit, suck my clit gently.”

I did it and she held my head. I did it again, and again, and again. After a few times, she told me: “Now stick your tongue into my hole as deep as you can get it Bobby. Do it!! Fuck my pussy with your tongue now.”

That was so sexual for me to hear her say fuck my hole with your tongue! I moved my tongue into her hole and began to fuck her with it. She said: “Oh fuck yes Bobby. Your warm tongue feels so good in my pussy!! Now Bobby, use your index finger and gently, very gently tap my clit, like one, two, three; one, two, three; one two three. That’s it. Now stick your tongue back into my hole and fuck me with your tongue, in and out! Do it Bobby I’m very close!”

I did exactly as she told me and I felt her begin to move her body with my touch. She was humping and fucking my face and fingers now. She didn’t say anything for a long time but her hips were rotating and she was lifting up each time I moved my finger off her clit for that split second before putting it back on that hard ‘little nut’ a she called it.

As I fucked her hole with my tongue she would lift up higher trying to get my tongue deeper. This was fucking wild!!

My cock was screaming and my brain was going wild as I licked and sucked her juices out of her cunt hole!! I was licking my dream woman and sucking her juices from her cunt!! UN-fucking-believable

Again and again my tongue licked into her body and I moved it all around while I was inside her hole. She moaned and moaned and told me: “Yes Bobby! So Good!! That’s very good… Oh yes Bobby faster lick and touch my clit faster. Oh I’m going to cum Bobby! You are going to do it baby! Lick me!”

I worked even faster and harder and she arched her back, gave a huge sigh, and began to fuck up and down as her hips hung in the air and she held my head and pressed her wet hot cunt it into my face. Her hips pumped and pumped and my mouth locked on to her hole as my head and fingers were held by her hands and I pushed hard against her clit!

She cried out: “Oh fuck yes Bobby! It’s soooooo good. So good. So good! I’m cumming Bobby can you taste it? Oh Bobby! It feels so good! Keep going don’t stop!!! YES cumming now! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

I had no idea of stopping. I would have stayed down there forever licking and sucking and finger fucking my dream woman and pleasing her. She kept my hand against her clit and I kept my mouth against her cunt hole. I licked and sucked and when I sucked she would cried out! “Yes!! Suck it!! Suck it Bobby! Suck, suck, suck. Fuck!!!!”

I licked and sucked and did whatever I could think of or what she told me and she came again, the second time. She pulled my hair and moved my face higher. She screamed out: “Suck my clit and finger fuck me!” Now NOWWWW Bobby!”

I moved my lips to her clit and sucked She held my head as I put two fingers into her hold and fucked it as hard and as fast as I could move my hand!! In and out I pumped my fingers and she fucked them back. “MY ‘G’ BOBBY! Rub my ‘G’ spot” she demanded!

I found it with little trouble and rubbed it as fast as my tongue was licking her clit. My lips were licked on her clit and she just kept saying: “Suck it!! Suck Bobby! Suck it. Suck it!”

I must have sucked to hard in my excitement because she yelled out: “Gently! Yes that’s it baby! Suck it baby! Suck it like I sucked your dick!! I’m going to cum again! Ohhhhh Bobby!!!”

She humped and humped and humped my face and fucked her cunt on my hand. I pushed a third finger into her wet throbbing open cunt hole and she held her hips up in the air and screamed: “HARD!! Fuck me hard baby!”

I did and she told me, and she came another time driving her ass up off the bed and her pussy actually squeezed my fingers. My lips were covered with her cum and my face was coated with it too. But as a good student I kept on sucking her clit and fingering her hole.

It went on and on until she finally pushed my face off of her clit and squeezed my fingers inside her hole and held them tight so I had trouble fucking her with them. She pulled me up and kissed me hard and fast as she held my fingers deep inside her.

Finally she began to relax and lowered her ass back on the bed. She told me: “Now very easy keep your fingers inside my pussy and make love to it for a while. Come up here and kiss me and let me hold my prize grade ‘A’ student! You did very good sweetie. Very good indeed. Yes, just like that baby, finger me easy and gently and let me calm down some. Oh Bobby you made me feel so good.”

I did as she told me and I loved to feel my fingers in her wet burning hot hole and seeing her body climax from my work was so lustful. But I loved how she kissed me and held me now and slowly rocked on my hand, fucking it and enjoying how I was making her feel.

Finally she looked me in the eyes and said: “Suck my tits baby! Easy and nice. NO! Keep your fingers in me. That’s it. Let me feel your lips on my nipples. Yes. Very good baby! Very, very good.”

As we made love she rolled us to the side and we lay face to face. We stayed like that for a little while. Her leg was over my thighs so her pussy was open for my fingers to keep working. What a wonderful feeling it was for me to have her nipple in my mouth, her hands holding my head against her breasts and my fingers deep inside her cunt. She reached for my cock and it felt so hard I was sure it throbbed in her hand. She just held it and let it lay in her hand. She whispered: “Mummm you feel so hard bobby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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