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I had been traveling a lot for business lately. And a friend was staying at my house watching the house and plants when I was away. I was gone so often that he was staying there all the time, so I had company when I was home.

Unfortunately, just company, nothing more. I was starting to get pretty frustrated sexually. I would find often that my pussy would get wet in the evening as we watched TV. And I would have tiny orgasms in the shower. Or wake up as I came in my dreams.

I was just not into masturbation though. I had been from time to time. But lately, I really wanted a nice hard cock. Thinking about it is enough to make my pussy start to drip and my nipples tingle. Thinking about it parting my lips and thrusting deep enough to make my pussy start to throb and inspire me to start flexing my pussy, straining to feel the walls brush each other.

But, I digress. What I wanted to tell you about is this…what I did on my last trip. It was a long drive from home to the hotel. I was going for a couple weeks, so I had a hotel with a suite. When I got there, I unpacked the car and then headed out to the grocery to stock up.

There was a gorgeous guy at the lobby desk as I checked in. We chatted a little. I was a little embarrassed at how aroused I got. My nipples were clearly outlined by my t-shirt and it was obvious that he noticed.

So, I wandered off to the grocery store and it seemed that there were men everywhere. My nipples stayed hard and my pussy got all achy as I shopped.

In the produce department, I even caressed the cucumbers and zucchini, thinking Escort about buying something special. I picked up a few apples and they brushed my breasts as I held them. The pressure was enough for a small orgasm to rush through me. I was flustered and moved on to the first aisle of the groceries. As I walked through the store, I could feel wetness soak my panties.

I thought about heading to the rest room and stripping off my jeans and panties. I desperately wanted to rub my aching clit and slam my fingers deep into my pussy. But, then I got distracted. I started thinking that I should just go back to the hotel and order some sex toys. I had some a long time ago that I used with the most adventurous of my past lovers. But I threw them away when we parted.

I started thinking about a nice thick jelly dong to spread me wide. I love the sensation of a nice hard thick hot cock filling me. Spreading me wide and filling all the empty spaces. I love flexing hard against it and feeling the head flatten against my walls.

And I wanted a nice slim toy to slip up my ass. There is something so hot about being full in both holes. Though I have never had a double penetration with cocks. I am not sure about the logistics, but I love the idea.

As I walked around, my ass was starting to flex too. And my pussy continued to drip.

As I walked around and found aisles empty, I would quickly and subtly pinch a nipple hard. Every time that I touched myself I had a small orgasm. I wondered if anyone could smell the sex juice on me. If anyone noticed the hard nipples or the dilated eyes.

I got to the freezer aisle and bought some veggies, the cold pressure on my nipples sent me over the edge again. And I walked a bit dazed, thinking about my last lover and how he loved to fuck me with ice. Melting ice over my nipples and then over my clit and pussy lips. Until he finally filled my pussy with a couple ice cubes and licked and sucked my clit until enough was melted that he could fuck me. I loved the sensation of the ice water flowing around his cock deep inside me.

So, I was a bit delirious and through all the aisles, so I went to the hotel. I distractedly put the groceries away. I was feeling a bit disappointed that I had not bought the cucumbers and zucchini afterall.

I stripped and laid on the bed. I let the cold air blow over my wet pussy. My hard nipples puckered a bit more in the cold. I finally took some wetness from my pussy and painted my nipples. Coming immediately as the cold air washed over me again. Then I reached down and ruthlessly rubbed my clit, coming again quickly. Then I just kept on, thrusting first one and then two fingers deep in my pussy. I quickly came twice more.

I rested for a bit, but was totally unsatisfied. It was maddening, since I had come more times that I could remember. But my pussy throbbed for a nice big cock.

I got a bit desperate and started looking for a toy. I thought about wrapping some paper towels around a stick, It hought about going back to the store.

Then I saw it and I am embarrased to even mention it now. But when I did it, I thought about telling the story later and it made me come so much harder. So, I hate to tell. As I type this, my panties are soaked. And I am thinking about repeating it all soon.

I took my tube of toothpaste and my tooth brush and crawled back onto the bed. I gather some wetness with the brush and lightly rubbed the brush against my nipples. It hurt a little since they were so sensitive, but it was so good.

Then I took the tube and ran it up and down my slit, getting it nice and wet. I laid it lengthwise holding my slit open. And the shifted and slid the non-bristle end of the brush into my ass. I pressed until it slipped inside. I thrust it in and out. And swirled it around in a circle. It was making me crazy.

I shifted again and pushed the tube into position. I pushed and swirled and pushed until the tube slipped into my pussy an inch or so. It was so wide that it would not go any deeper. I could feel it pressing against the brush in my ass.

I stopped and pinched and twisted my nipples and then rubbed my clit until I came again. I slid the brush back out until just the tip was holding my ass open. The extra wetness from my pussy was enough to push the tube deep into my pussy, bumping against my cervix. I flexed hard against it. Then I shifted and thrust the brush back in, deeper this time. Feeling the brush and tube rub against each other inside my ass and pussy at the same time drove me wild. I alternated rubbing my pussy, fucking my pussy and fucking my ass until I came hard three more times.

I am wondering now if I need to buy any toys or are my travel supplies good enough mates for a nice hard fucking and endless orgasms. Though I really would love a nice hard cock or two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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