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Chapter 3: Housekeeping

I woke up in between my new married lovers, the scent of sex hung like a dense fog in the hotel room. I quietly made my way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. As I got under the streaming hot water, my clit contracted and my nipples went hard in remembrance of the hot night before. I barely had time to shampoo my hair when Veronica and Miles made their way into the bathroom.

Veronica got into the shower; while Miles simply stuck his cock past the shower curtain as some kind of offering. Veronica said she was crabby in the morning so I should listen to her carefully and not waste her time. This was a much more intense, dominating side of her that I hadn’t seen the day before. I was a little nervous and very excited by her tone. She ordered me to kneel on the floor of the shower. I did so and found myself eye level with her pussy.

Little droplets of water were hanging from her bush and I went to lick it with my tongue but she snapped, “Did I tell you to do that?” I shook my head no. She then grabbed the detachable showerhead and put one leg on the side of the tub.

She said, “Alexandra, I want you to suck Mile’s cock until I say stop and I want you to watch me get off while you’re sucking.” I didn’t risk saying anything; I was just excited to get my lips around that hard cock.

Miles wasted no time getting into the spirit; he immediately began pumping his thick member deeper and deeper into my mouth. His hands on the back of my head made it difficult to watch Veronica but I could see her out of the corner of my eye. She was watching me suck off her husband, I was watching her massage her clit with pulsing water and Miles had one hand on my right nipple and his other hand on Veronica’s left. Veronica then instructed Miles to tit fuck me, saying she wanted to see him come all over my tits. He positioned himself with his cock in between my heaving breasts and started to pump as I held my tits together for him.

I licked a little precum of the head of his cock and Veronica snapped, “Look at me, Alexandra.” I returned to watching her. She was now rocking her hips back and forth and had used two fingers to spread Escort her pussy lips as wide as they could go. I watched as her engorged clit emerged from its hood and the water pressure sent her into a trance. She was thrashing her head around now, whispering, “oh, fuuuuck… ooohhhh…shit, ohmygawd…oooh… ooh..uh huh u huh, yess..C’mon fuck my little clitty, oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhaaaaaaahh.” She lost herself in her orgasm for a moment and then contracted forward when the intensity was too much to handle. She opened her eyes and looked at us as though she had forgotten where she was. She licked her lips and looked toward the door when her eyes got wide. Miles and I looked at each other and then turned our heads to see two maids standing with fresh towels and toiletries for the room.

I moved to cover myself, but Veronica began to laugh and make her way out of the shower, walking toward the maids. As I waited to see their reaction, I noticed that these women were complete knockouts. One was Asian, early twenties, with long black hair tied up in a bun. She seemed shy despite the situation. She was about 5”3 with perky little tits and big, full lips. She looked at the floor as though she was ashamed of being excited by this erotic scene. The other was a bit older, about 35 and she looked to be Middle Eastern. She had long, silky black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. She was a bit taller than the other with big round breasts that forced her to leave the top two buttons of her uniform open. Despite the steam in the bathroom, her nipples jutted out like little clits waiting to be sucked.

I don’t know how or why Veronica did what she did next, but it worked so I am not complaining. She went to the meeker, Asian girl and took the towels out of her hands. She then ran her hand over her right nipple and grazed downward to her apron. The girl continued to look down but didn’t stop Veronica. Just then, the older maid got their cart out of the hallway, bringing it in and bolting the door. That was all it took for Miles to lead both maids into the bedroom.

Veronica came over to me, still kneeling in the tub and got right in my face. “This will be fun…I Escort bayan promise.” She said seductively as she helped me out of the tub. In the bedroom, Miles introduced us to the ladies.

The Asian lady was Lin and the other was Lucy. Miles shrugged his shoulders having not gotten any more information, as neither spoke English. At this point, no one seemed to care. Miles walked over to Lin and carefully undid every button on her uniform. It hung open, exposing her bare little titties and pale pink panties through which her pussy was visible. It appeared that she was shaved clean. Veronica moved to her and gently pulled down the panties.

Lin covered her hands in her face from embarrassment. Veronica then peeled off what was left of her uniform leaving her totally naked. She started to finger her bare pussy while she was standing there, while we were all standing there. Lin let out a soft moan and closed her eyes.

She started pinching her nipples and moaning louder with Veronica’s coaching, “Come on baby, that’s right…you got it. Good girl, pinch those, yeah.” Lin was now moaning louder and gyrating her hips to the thrusts of Veronica’s hand on her clit and in her wet pussy. My clit was aching at this point, needing release like never before. I sat on the bed and played with my own pussy while watching the scene unfold. Miles sat on the floor, his cock straight up in the air just asking to be fucked.

I walked over, still watching Lin get fingered and straddled my hot dripping cunt onto Mile’s rock hard shaft. We both grunted when I slid down on his hot cock and he then began pumping into me, holding onto my hips, guiding me up and down so fast. On the floor, we could both still watch the Lin/Veronica scene unfold which only made us fuck harder and faster. Lin was close to coming now and Veronica helped her to the edge of the bed so she could finish her off by eating her out. With her legs wide open and Veronica’s head buried in her cunt, Lin began bucking and moaning to the same beat as our fucking. Suddenly, Lin squirted come all over Veronica while her whole body shuddered from the intensity.

Where was Lucy?

I looked Bayan Escort around the room to find Lucy hoisted on a dresser, pumping the head of our empty wine bottle in and out of her, the bottle glistening with her juices while on its way out. She was watching all four of us and frigging her clitty while fucking herself with a wine bottle.

It was almost funny but too erotic to laugh. She was making little peeps and moans while furiously rubbing her clit. Her clit was huge; it looked like a big, juicy red Blow Pop and was so exposed and raw and wet. Veronica was now watching her. She licked her lips and left Lin in a puddle of her own girl come to attend to Lucy. She grabbed the bottle and slowed the momentum…in…out…in…out, all the while pulling back the sheath of her clit in preparation.

When her fat clit popped out of its hood, Veronica licked her lips and pulled the bottle out setting it down. She stuck her tongue out and lightly touched the bud and pulled away. Lucy jerked and grabbed the sides of the dresser with her hands. Veronica went down again, this time up and down the shaft of this mini cock. Lucy stifled her screams, “ung..ohgghh..ah.ah.i.i.i.” Veronica then dove face first into Lucy’s pussy, clamping on her clit and shaking her head back and forth with the clit in her mouth. Lucy’s body convulsed and she screamed her orgasm, flooding the top of the dresser with her juices.

Looking around the room for her next victim, Veronica spotted Miles and me. She walks over to us, pulls me off his cock and lays me down on the bed. She instructs Miles to fuck me missionary as she lowers herself onto my face and leans forward to eat me out. Being fucked and in sixty-nine was bliss. I cried out and came almost immediately. Veronica pulled her face up and humped my tongue while her husband fucked me. She was moaning and talking, “lick my pussy, oh, yeah, sooo wet…lick my clit, make me come little slut…fuck my clit…oh,oh,oh,oh,sshitt…I’m coming…I’m coommmmiinaaaaaaaaah.” This brought Miles to orgasm and he pulled out and spurted all over his wife and me.

We lay there panting and totally spent until we fell asleep.

The phone woke us; it was the airlines with flight information. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room.

There was no sign of Lin and Lucy. The place was spotless. I went to the bathroom and noticed that we needed fresh towels. Huh??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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