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Author’s Note: This story stands alone, but contains characters from another story of mine, “The Fiance And The Fitness Instructor”. Inspiration for this story came from another called “Kimmie’s Conversion” by Loadjunkie.

“All you have to do is wear this every night for a month,” said Dr Conger.

Trisha reached out and took the device. It was pretty simple, a small headband with electrodes attached. “You really think this will work?”

“In theory. As you know it’s experimental. It should bombard your subconcious mind with images of working out and eating right. We recorded the images from a woman just like you who used to be overweight, but became somewhat fanatical about working out. Having these images bombard your brain every night for a month should make working out become a habit. I hope to see results within days of your wearing it.”

A before picture of the woman sat on the doctor’s desk. She had been even fatter then Trish was now. Her new picture showed her in a scandalously small bikini and Trisha had trouble believing it was the same woman. “All I have to do is wear this while I sleep and you will pay me $1000?” The doctor smiled and nodded. Trisha really had nothing to lose, even if it didn’t work she’d get the money, she and her husband were struggling their way through college.

Trisha had found the doctor’s ad in a local magazine in a strategically placed spot in her apartment. She was sure George had left it out for her to find. Trisha was about 50 pounds heavier now then when she had started college her freshman year when she had met and married George. Her fit, young body was gone, probably forever as she hated exercising and loved food.

Trisha was very aware that her husband was no longer sexually attracted to her. They had known each other four years, been married three, and gone from sex four times a week to hardly ever. True, they were both always tired between classes and work, but she was sure it was because of her weight problem more then anything.

Trisha returned to her classes and went to work at the diner where she waited tables and her husband worked the grill. She got off before George and she went home, changing into bulky sweats. Her big rear and saggy breasts jiggled as she walked to the bedroom with the headband in her hand. She put it on, finding it barely noticable and went to sleep.


Michelle put the headband on and let her hair fall over it so that it wasn’t noticable. Tyrone had called her into his office and she was disapointed to see the two doctors there, assuming the giant black man had wanted a blow job or a piece of her ass, she hadn’t expected to see he had company.

Tyrone stood. “These men wanted a girl with a positive workout ethic, who excercises her entire body and eats right. I immediately thought of my favorite student.” Michelle examined the headband as Tyrone continued. “It records your biorythms or something.”

Dr Conger said, “If it works, it will record your workout ethic and we hope to impart your love of excercise to others to help them lose weight. It takes a while to warm up so you need to wear it from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave the gym. Plus, it’s experimental and a prototype so we need you to keep it locked up when you’re not here. Mr Douglas tells us you are here about three times a week and we need you to wear it every time for a month. Plus, be sure you only eat healthy food when wearing it.”

Michelle thought of all the things she could do with the thousand dollars. She could buy some new lingerie to wear for Tyrone. She might even get them a motel room so they could fuck in a bed for a change. Her husband wouldn’t even have to know about the extra money. “I’d be glad to help.” She smiled at the doctor and winked at Tyrone.

Michelle went about her excercises wearing the special headband instead of her usual sweatband along with a skimpy workout outfit. She did some weight training, rode the excercise bike, and that was only her warm up. Tyrone was busy so she ended up teaching his combination workout/boxing class. She smirked at the disappointed look on many of the women’s faces. Tyrone was fucking many of them and the rest enjoyed staring at the muscular black man while he worked out. Michelle was his favorite and if he was busy, he would probably be grabbing her to service him as she was usually one of the last to leave his gym. She was right.

Michelle kneeled between Tyrone’s legs lovingly licking around his cock head. Tyrone had a huge foot long cock, the biggest, fattest pussy pleaser she had ever experienced. She loved her husband, but she was a slave to Tyrone’s big cock. There was nothing she liked better then kneeling before him with his huge black cock filling her mouth with several wads of sperm.


Trisha woke up feeling very horny. The dream was rapidly fading, but it must have been pretty hot. Her vagina was soaked and her nipples were so hard they scraped against her sweatshirt. George was already gone to his early class bonus veren siteler or she might have tried to initiate sex. She sighed and got up to start her monotonous day.

Three days later, Trisha returned from working out. It was actually becoming bearable and she had lost three pounds. She wasn’t sure if it was the headband, but she did seem to have a greater desire to workout. She had even started eatting a salad for lunch every day instead of pizza or a cheeseburger. She had also been horny every day.

Trisha showered and walked into the bedroom wrapped in a towel, where her husband was studying in bed. Trisha was feeling unusually comfortable with her body and made to drop the towel. She was hurt when her husband reached to turn the light off before she was naked. He didn’t want to see her ugly body. Trisha climbed in bed and hoping for some satisfaction, she reached down under the covers and grabbed his penis. She tugged on it, but it only remained semi hard. She just didnt turn him on anymore and it hurt her deeply. Trisha had an idea, something she wanted to try. She crawled under the covers and took her husband’s penis in her mouth. It turned hard instantly and George jumped in surprise.

George’s entire penis easily fit in her mouth, the tip just pushing into her throat. George didn’t last long and Trisha found it unrewarding. His ejaculate wasn’t even enough to wet her appetite. She found herself using her lips to tightly squeeze the base of his penis and sucking upwards to get every last drop.

Trisha was surprised with herself, she hadn’t planned on swallowing his semen. It had just come natural to her. She jumped up to go brush her teeth and wash her mouth out, though it hadn’t really tasted all that bad.

“Thanks hon,” said George when she came back. “That was wonderful. I’ve always wanted a blow job.”

“I’ve been really horny since working out.” Trisha crawled in bed beside him and started caressing his penis again. Odd, but it stayed limp, like he needed longer to recharge. Trisha didn’t know what she was thinking, but she had expected him to be ready to go again. She sighed when he kissed her on the cheek and rolled over.

A few days later. “You’re wearing that to the game!” George couldn’t believe his wife would wear something so unflattering. It was now a week since she started excercising and she had lost ten pounds. Trish had even started dieting.

“Sure why?” She was wearing a short shirt that showed off her bare midriff. Her big belly hung down over her belt. She was also wearing shorts for the first time in years and her pudgy legs jiggled as she walked. She was becoming more comfortable with her body, though her body was still overweight.

“Nothing,” said George.

Trish and George walked the short distance to the stadium and sat in the bleachers. Trish stared at the football players. Most were black men, the sunlight glistening off their muscular bodies.

She sat next to the quarterback in one class. He was a dumb lout, here on a sports scholarship. Trisha found him arrogant and obnoxious, but there was something beautiful about the way he moved on the field, something animalistic, powerful, sexy even…

“You starting to enjoy football?” asked George that night when they got in bed.

“Not really. Why?”

“You were very intent watching the game.”

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed.” Trisha thought about sucking his cock…she giggled…his penis, but it wasnt really worth it. Instead, she kissed him good night and put the headband on.


Michelle covered the headband with a swim cap. She headed out to the pool watching the men turn to stare at her. She loved showing off her body since losing the weight. She dove in and swam some laps before getting out and walking around the pool. She always wore a white bikini that turned see-thru when it got wet and she loved how it made her many admirers eyes bulge out.

Feeling limber from the swim, Michelle changed and worked out some more. She was headed for the showers when Hans motioned her over to one of the hot tub rooms. She smiled, knowing what he wanted and followed him in. Michelle entered the room and saw Hans had already removed his shorts and was sitting on the rim. His penis was rock hard with anticipation.

Michelle undid her string bikini and let it fall to the floor. She sighed with pleasure as her big boobs sprang free. She would walk around naked everywhere if it were legal. Michelle climbed into the hot tub and kneeled down in the water taking Hans’ cock in her mouth.

Hans had a long, nine inch cock that was skinny, but still thicker then her husband’s. Tyrone had invited Han’s and his buddy Steve to join him the first time the big black man had fucked Michelle. The three studs did everything possible three big cocks could do to a woman that night. She loved their big white cocks, but it was Tyrone’s black one that enslaved her.

Michelle was deep throating Hans when a pair of hands grabbed her hips and pulled her bahis ass up, just before Steve’s familiar thick, eight inch cock entered her pussy from behind.

Later, Michelle was sitting in Steve’s lap while Hans pushed his cock up her ass. Steve asked, “Poor little slut, still not getting satisfied at home?”

“I love my husband, but he’ll never satisfy me. His little wiener is just too pathetic.”


Trisha woke up feeling the now familiar wetness between her legs and her ass itched. It was now two weeks since she had started wearing the headband and she had lost twentyfive pounds, half way there. She got out of bed, looking at how hard her nipples were. Trisha noticed a little bulge under the covers around George’s crotch and pulled the bedspread back. Her husband had a morning stiffy. She frowned at how small it looked, just about six inches, but she wanted a dick in her pussy this minute and she mounted him, sighing as he easily slid inside her. It felt good, but she wanted him deeper.

There was also the matter of an itch she felt deep in her ass. She wished George had two cocks so that she could shove one up her ass. The itch really needed satisfying and she slid off his cock, grabbing and pushing it back towards her ass. She winced in pain as his cockhead slid into her ass, lubricated by her juices. She quickly grew accustomed to it and the pain didn’t last long at all.

“What are you do…oh, so tight,” moaned George. “I’m cumming.”

Trisha was diddling her clit wishing he had two cocks, bigger ones to fuck her pussy and ass with. He came too quickly and she moaned in frustration. George took it as a moan of pleasure and he beamed at her. Pathetic!

Trisha climbed off him and threw on her now loose sweats to go jogging. She didn’t even bother cleaning up. Her street passed by a basketball court usually filled with black drop-outs. They often yelled comments at her as she jogged by like, “shake that big booty mama.”, so she always crossed the street before reaching the court. Her head turned to stare at the shirtless black men as she passed.

Later, she headed over to mainstreet to buy some new clothes that fit her and shocked herself by buying a bikini. She had never worn a bikini even when thin, and didn’t know where this sudden desire was coming from. She was still too fat and didn’t look good in it at all, but decided to use it as incentive to lose more weight. She headed over to the diner to get a salad before reporting to the doctor in an hour.

Later, at the doctor’s office. “Let the top of your robe slip off,” said Dr Conger. Trisha didn’t hesitate and let her hospital gown fall off. “Your doing wonderful,” said the doctor. Your breasts are lifting and firming up. You look great. Anything to report?”

“I’m looking forward to working out now and I actually enjoy eatting right. My habits are changing.”

“Wonderful. Anything else to report?”

The doctor had said to tell him anything unusual that was going on to make sure there weren’t any side effects. “Well, to be honest, I’ve been very…well, horny lately.”

“Oh…that’s nothing unusual. People who work out usually have a higher sex drive, it goes with the excercise as well as the self confidence they feel.

“I have been feeling more self confident.”

“Good. Then it’s nothing you’re concerned about?”

“No, actually I’m pretty pleased with how things are going. I should be paying you.”


“Talk bitch,” growled Tyrone smacking her ass. Michelle was bent over his desk getting fucked from behind.

“Fuck me Tyrone. Gimme that big black cock. I wish my husband could fuck like this. Your cock is so big, it makes me cum every time.”

“Fuckin slut. You got a body built for black cock.”

“I love black cock. I don’t even like fucking my husband any more, his white prick doesn’t do anything for me. I’ll do anything you want, my body belongs to you.”

“You remember when you said, you can never get enough black cock?”

“Yes, yes, god yes, getting close baby.”

“Well, I got a surprise coming for you next week Michelle.”



“Well, I got a surprise coming for you next week Trisha.”


Trisha woke up from the dream, a dumb grin on her face, her body tingling from the orgasm. Damn, a dream could make her cum, but George’s little worm could never do it. He was so pathetic.

Trisha went jogging. She was still overwieght, but her midriff didn’t hang out over her sweats and her ass jiggled now instead of shaking like an earthquake was hitting.

“Yo yo, how ya doin baby?”

Trisha looked up. She had been trying to remember the dream and forgotten to cross the street to get away from the blacks. It was early and there were only two playing a little one on one. She stopped, breathing heavily, and walked up to the fence. One whistled at her, checking out her body and she said, “You don’t think I’m too fat?”

“No baby, I like some meat on my women.”

“Yeah deneme bonusu bro, more cushion for the pushin,” said the other. “I’d do anything for a sexy white woman like you. Why don’t you come in here and let us check you out better?”

“Ok.” The blacks grinned and high fived as she walked over to the gate. They were kids, probably seniors in high school, but then they should be in school now, so were probably drop outs. Both were tall, over six feet, wiry, with lean muscular bodies. Both men had negroid features, big lips, flat nose, were very dark skinned, and resembled each other enough to be brothers. Both had shaved heads, but one had a large mustache like an upside down horseshoe. One wore a tank top, the other had his shirt off. Their baggy shorts had holes in them and they were covered in sweat and dirt. They were two of the hottest men she had ever seen.

“I’m Lee, this is my brother Grant.” They circled her like vultures. “Why’d you come in here?”

“I-I don’t know. I just lost a lot of weight and it’s been so long since anyone’s paid attention to me.”

“Aren’t you nervous being with two black men?”

Trisha thought about it. She should have been terrified, but instead found it exciting. “No.”

“You’re looking good baby.” It was Grant talking now. “I’d sure like to see more of your body.”

“I’d show you more if we weren’t out in the open.” Trisha shivered, this was a dream come true. She loved showing off her body but up to now no one wanted to see it.

“We can go in that alley over there,” said Lee.

Two buildings jutted out behind the court creating a little alley not visible from the road. The alley was filled with trash, mostly beer cans, fast food wrappers, with the occasional used condom or needle. The walls were covered with graffiti. “I’ll show you more if you really want to see it.”

“Oh we do baby, we do,” grinned Lee taking her hand and pulling her to the alley. “You ever been with a black man?”

“No, I’m married. I’m only doing this to show you my body. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. You guys ever been with a white girl?”

“Not yet, but I can’t wait,” said Lee.

“Me neither,” said Grant.

They entered the alley. “Now remember, you boys can look, but no touching,” said Trisha.

“Just show us what ya got.” Lee leaned back against the wall.

Trisha pulled her top over her head. What the hell was she doing stripping for a couple of black boys? Exactly what she liked doing, showing off her body and soon her body would be attracting the stares of more then just a couple of horny teenagers. She then wiggled out of her baggy sweats and was soon standing there in her large thong and a sports bra that had a tight grip on her huge breasts.

“Looking good mama,” said Lee.

“Let me help you with that,” volunteered Grant pulling her sports bra off, his large black fingers touching the sides of her breasts.

“No touching,” she reminded him, but holding her arms up so he could pull the bra off.

“Awe come on baby,” begged Grant, “at least let me play with them titties.”

“Ok, just my breasts, but my panties are staying on, my pussy is off limits.”

“Alright.” Grant reached out and cupped Trisha’s breasts. “Girl, you got some big ass melons.” Grant’s hands were unskilled, but his enthusiasm made up for it and Trisha felt her nipples growing under his rough tugs.

“Shit, if you aint gonna let us fuck you, let us take our cocks out and jerk off looking at you.”

Trisha nodded, she wanted to see their cocks. Her pussy spasmed as soon as Grant pushed his baggy shorts down and fished his cock out. It was semi-hard and growing as he tugged on it. “Waddaya think sexy mama?”

“It’s beautiful,” she said sighing as she exhaled. She hadn’t realized, she’d been holding her breath. Grants cock was about eight inches long and very plump. Lee joined his brother, dropping his shorts and plling out a slightly shorter, but thicker cock. “They’re both beautiful.”

“Bigger then hubbies?” asked Lee.

Trisha snorted as she thought of George. “Yeah they’re bigger. I knew they would be. They’re a least a couple inches bigger then my husband’s.”

“Here touch it,” said Grant already walking over to her and grabbing her hand. “Might be your only chance.” Her hand automatically closed around the shaft, then started stroking it. “Ya ever felt a black man’s cock before?”

“No, but I wished I tried one before I was married.”

“Ya never sucked on one then either?”

“No, and I like sucking cock. Ooohh.” Trisha cooed as Grant’s cock spasmed when she said that.

“Why don’t you try it out mama,” said Grant putting some pressure on her shoulders.

“But, my husband?” Trisha was already giving in, lowering herself to her knees in the dirty alley.

“He ain’t here mama, just you and two black cocks a lot bigger then his. Besides, sucking ain’t cheating. Don’t let the white boy hold you back from trying dark meat.”

“You’re right,” she said licking around the head of his cock a sense of contentment permeating her body when she touched it to her lips. Grant moaned as she started bobbing her head over the end. Lee came up and poked his cock against her cheek until she brought her hand up and began fisting him slowly.

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